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    MartinK gave kudos to Marcos in no files in qurantine   
    He has asked to cancel his account here. But yes, it's not normal that a user of a trial license would request a response within 1-2 hours 24x7 that is granted to VIP customers at an extra fee. Moreover, the problems with LiveGrid authentication suggesting an invalid username/password being used was highly suspicious too.
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    MartinK gave kudos to TomFace in no files in qurantine   
    As it is Sunday (most ESET staff is off)...and your OP was just 3 hours ago, why don't you try being realistic and reasonable with your expectations.
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    MartinK received kudos from MichalJ in ESET Cloud Administartor - Client Installer   
    Could you please provide logs located in directory %temp%\eset\ (i.e. in temporary directory of user that executed installer)? This specific error means that it was not possible to find installer matching requirements. Most commonly when in case:
    version of product is no longer available (if version was explicitly requested when configuring installer) operating system is not supported by selected product (desktop vs. server products) ESET repository servers (repository.eset.com) are not available. Access might be blocked by other security-related software, or HTTP proxy configuration might be required.
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    MartinK received kudos from Peter Randziak in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Unfortunately I am al so not sure how it was meant. We are officially declaring maximal number of managed clients to 10000 when using MySQL database, but it is not related to number of actually connecting clients, but rather limit is amount of data. ESMC installed over MySQL might have performance issues with processing larger amount of data and rendering larger datasets. As an result rendering of specific reports (threats for example) might be much slower, but in "clean" network even much larger environments can be managed with MySQL-based ESMC installation.
    Persistent connections as introduced in ESMC should actually significantly reduce load of ESMC server, especially in "dormant" state when no changes are made in management console. If properly configured on recommended HW, ESMC should handle hundreds of clients per second.
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