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    MartinK received kudos from Yercoca in Error in Repository Creation   
    Just to let you know: please contact me privately (PM) in case you have interest in receiving "new" and not yet published version of MirrorTool which resolves this issue.
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    MartinK received kudos from mathisbilgi in ESMC Web Console Errors   
    Could you please instruct customer to configure Apache Tomcat to configure underlying Java to use en_US locale? It should look like this in Tomcat's configuration tool:

    where relevant parameters are -Duser.country=US and -Duser.language=en.
    This problem seems to affect only customers hosting ESMC Webconsole on Turkish Windowses. If this is the case, reconfiguration and Apache Tomcat service restart should be sufficient to resolve this issue.
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    MartinK received kudos from j-gray in Proxy Error from multiple clients   
    In case you are using ESET Apache HTTP proxy, it is probable that connections to port 8883 are blocked but it is not clear whether this is the issue. Could you verify configuration of:
    AllowCONNECT 443 563 2222 in httpd.conf? It is possible that enabling this port 8883 will helps AGENT to connect successfully.
    In case direct connection to EPNS servers is not possible, multiple alternatives, including port variants (443,8883) are tried to ensure that connection is made even when configuration is not possible.
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    MartinK received kudos from Mitazi in Error in Repository Creation   
    Unfortunately there is fatal problem in downloading metadata3 which results in this issue. I expect there will be new version available at least for testing during upcoming week.
    Only possible workaround for now is to download metadata3 files manually - there should be one for each application and it is identical to file available on ESET servers = it is digitally signed. Great help would be output you already provided with list of metadata3 files downloaded by ESMC - only files for applications you are actually using is required to simplify things.
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    MartinK received kudos from MichalJ in Mixed environment: which is the best way to manage?   
    My recommendation is to check ports usage documentation: https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/71/en-US/ports_used.html
    Technically ESMC + Webconsole (tomcat) are listening on following ports:
    2222 (can be changed, for example to 443 to reduce possible firewall issues): this port is used by ESMC Agents to connect to ESMC. This one has to be open for client devices. It could possibly be limited to specific IP addresses if possible, but that could possibly block roaming devices 2223: port is used for (my recommendation is to not open this port from outside of server) for Webconsole-to-ESMC communication. If webconsole will be installed on the same machine (= default scenario), there is no need to expose this port for console to work correctly second use is for ESMC Agent installers in case of "Server assisted installation". I would strongly recommend to omit this functionality, it is deprecated in favor of all-in-one installers which are much more suitable for MSP scenario. 443: standard port for access to ESMC Webconsole via browser. Port has to be opened for ESMC users to access console. My recommendation is to enable access to this port only for known IP addresses if possible. There is also possibility to perform additional hardening of Apache Tomcat configuration to enable only most secure TLS ciphers, you just have to be sure your browser will support it. Also make sure that when installing ESMC, so called "Advanced security mode" is enabled in it's configuration. It will prevent connections of older ERA Agents but should work for ESMC 7.1 Agents installed even on oldest supported systems (Windows XP).
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    MartinK gave kudos to Marcos in ESMC 7.1 sorting in GUI   
    For me sorting by status works. Make sure there is no number next to the arrow. As of ESMC 7.1, you can define primary, secondary and tertiary sorting which is indicated by numbers 1,2,3 respectively.

    In such case, click the column title until the number disappears and records are sorted by the Status column:

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    MartinK received kudos from Peter Randziak in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Unfortunately I am al so not sure how it was meant. We are officially declaring maximal number of managed clients to 10000 when using MySQL database, but it is not related to number of actually connecting clients, but rather limit is amount of data. ESMC installed over MySQL might have performance issues with processing larger amount of data and rendering larger datasets. As an result rendering of specific reports (threats for example) might be much slower, but in "clean" network even much larger environments can be managed with MySQL-based ESMC installation.
    Persistent connections as introduced in ESMC should actually significantly reduce load of ESMC server, especially in "dormant" state when no changes are made in management console. If properly configured on recommended HW, ESMC should handle hundreds of clients per second.
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