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    EFS 7.0.12014.0 - MSSQL ERROR

    Hi All, I am getting windows server 2016 event log error as "SQL Server Native Client 11.0: Unable to load sqlnclir11.rll due to either missing file or version mismatch. The application cannot continue." after update from ESET File Security 6 to 7. Environment as : Windows Server 2016 EFS 7.0.12014.0 MSSQL Server 2014 Any one have a solutions for this? Thanks.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    To the ESET Mods, staff, forum members and visitors who celebrate it, I wish a Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful for what you have as others have much less. Regards, Tom
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    ESET corrupted file

    This is an example of how Fortinet corrupts files. In the left pane you can see data being replaces with zeroes: Usually at offset 1MB (including HTTP header), a 73-byte section is zeroed. This problem occurs with large files like em002_32_l0.dll.nup, em002_64_l0.dll.nup, em002_64_l1.dll.nup, em023_64_l0.dll.nup, em023_64_l1.dll.nup. Not sure if creating an exception will be enough, please try.
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    ESMC parent/child architecture

    Hello @Dom Prevost In V6 architecture, you are able to have the usecase achieved just with one single server. We have actually lot of companies / MSPs doing it in a way, that they do give "access rights" for specific sub-admins only to a sub-portion of a tree. You can do it by creating a new native user, with a home group set to "group with the set of machines you want them to manage". Then you create a permission set, which will have write permissions to the tasks / actions mapped to the "group with the set of machine you want them to manage". In order to let them use pre-defined notifications / reports / dashboards, you can either give them read only access to the group where those objects are located (by default group All, but in this case you risk they will see also other computers). You can create a group "Shared", move the accessible objects (reports / tasks / ...) there, and then give him read only access to this group. I will instruct documentation team, to create a KB article, covering this use-case.
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    Please name only those that do not have support in browser add-ons which is quite trivial to implement. We do the filtering deeper at the Windows Filtering Platform level which gives us the possibility to be browser-independent and filter the http(s) communication of any application, not just browsers' communication.
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    Hello @Abdul Jabbar Dumrai, the Internet protection module supporting HTTP/2 is currently being tested and is available to the pre-release users. So if you want to evaluate it as well, just switch the update mode to pre-release,... Regards, P.R.
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    modules update failed

    To make sure that correct update servers are used, uninstall ESET, download the installer from www.eset.com and install it. Afterwards activate it (either with a paid license key or activate a trial version) and it should update instantly. Also make sure that the machine is connected directly and not through a proxy server.
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    ER 6.5 VA to ESMC 7.0 in-place-upgrade

    Thanks for the reply but which of the two options I've given is "recommended"? Here (https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/components_upgrade.html) it says "If you are using ERA Virtual Appliance, the recommended upgrade procedure is to pull the database to a new appliance to keep your OS up to date." Many of the links in the documents contradict each other, for example the above is talking about migrating/upgrading from ERA to ESMC but the "upgrade" link takes me to a page which describes pulling the database from the old ESMC server (which I don't have; it's ERA). I'm sure there must be many admins looking to migrate/upgrade from ERA 6.5 to ESMC 7.0 but I don't see a clear path to carry out the process.
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    That's possible. We have also users with licenses for 5-20 machines who don't need to have ESET managed via ESMC/ECA and prefer using consumer products for whatever reason.
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    ESMC parent/child architecture

    @Dom Prevost As of now yes. We are working on an improvement of this behavior, where you will be able to divide license into pools and give access to individuals per each pool. As of now, you have to use either one big license or smaller ones.
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    Thanks @Gonzalo Alvarez and @MartinK Problem solved - create local storage for .msi and create two (32/64bit) dynamic groups and two different client tasks. I have feeling than eset public servers (who deploy installers) has a lag(s) or inaccessibility some times. But this is just a guess.
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    ESET behavior shield

    Eset has behavioral signatures that work very similar to YARA detection. You can read about YARA here: https://securityintelligence.com/signature-based-detection-with-yara/ . Basically select process behavior in the form of a rule is encoded in the signature. Additionally, Eset's HIPS also has predefined rules to monitor process activity against sensitive system areas such as the Windows directory and registry. Finally Eset has AMS, advanced memory scanning, that is monitoring a process's memory areas for malicious code that may be injected. Eset did very well in this test beating out Kaspersky in overall malware detection.
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    Product is not connected Error in V5

    The problem section is empty, as you have sorting by “problem detail” enabled. There is a bug, thst will be fixed in upcoming service release. If you remove the sorting, it should work OK.
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    NOD32 update

    You're welcome.
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    It´s a part of the Virtual appliance, but you have to explicitly enable it during the initial setup. If you have not done so, you can enable it afterwards according this settings: https://help.eset.com/esmc_deploy_va/70/en-US/?enable_apache_http_proxy.html Please note, that "out of the box policies" will not be created in this case, and you will have to configure your clients, to communicate via the HTTP Proxy. You should set proxy for both Agent (agent policy) and Endpoint / Security product (Endpoint Policy), within respective settings. https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/70/en-US/agent_settings.html https://help.eset.com/ees/7/en-US/idh_config_connection.html?zoom_highlightsub=HTTP+Proxy
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    So in that case, installing an Apache HTTP server, and then using it as proxy cache / forward proxy for the internet related services would be the best possible solution for you. Only the ESET services are whitelisted on the devices. It´s the most network efficient solution that also enables the ESET Live Grid and Licensing systems.
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    Hello @matol1. Couple of clarification questions: Will those clients be managed from ESET Remote Administrator / Security management center? Will it be possible to use ERA / ESMC as a proxy, for caching of updates, and forwarding ESET-related connections? Or is internet completely forbidden and you will need to update over local network? Based on that, you can either use update mirror for both repository creation and module update downloads, however that would be a bit of an overkill for 30 computers. If all of them are the same version, you can create a mirror from one of the clients, who will then serve the update. Recommended reading: https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/?apache_http_proxy.html https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/mirror_tool_windows.html
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    The behavior is correct. The version of the secure protocol can be determined without actually filtering the SSL/TLS communication which is also why blocking https sites partially work even with SSL/TLS filtering disabled. When narrowing down an issue , one should try disabling protocol filtering.
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    ESMC parent/child architecture

    Hello @Dom Prevost, you can find useful information in the Knowledgebase article on how to create a branch office structure in ERA/ESMC: https://support.eset.com/kb6321/ (ERA 6.5) https://support.eset.com/KB6881/ (ESMC 7)
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    I use ThunderBird and have the latest version 63 installed. I just opened it up and have no "Black Friday" folder being shown. I also have no Thunderbird spam settings enabled other than the default ones. I would direct your concerns to the Mozilla Thunderbird forum.
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    Personally I don't use Thunderbird but theoretically it could be that Thunderbird itself or the integrated spam filter has been updated and now moves Black friday-related emails to the special folder.
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    How do i turn off Program updates

    You can disable application updates in the advanced update setup. However, the program will never update unless you download a new version from the Internet and install it over. It is important to keep the program version always up to date since new versions bring fixes to known issues and features which are important to keep pace with malware makers. Program updates are released every 2-3 months so I don't think it's an issue if users are asked to restart the machine approximately 5 times a year.
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    Lost license key.

    The product was purchaed from Amazon. I doubt they'll know my license details...
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    Version 1.0.0


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    Eset Guard Protection

    Yes. Thats feature Ransomware Intelectual Engine-Humanoud . Thats is Heurestic block to robot engine , no Expert human detection. Thats feature Human-Robotic Engine -thats is strong robot humanoud block and threats 0.01 second search and add signature update . Thats is innovaion humanoud cybersecirity research.