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  2. really? thank you for that! does that means that i might have something malicious in my network that changed those informations? Imma call my ISP tomorrow talking about this information.
  3. No, it is not a normal thing. It means the local subnet IP addresses are not being properly assigned by the router; most likely due to a DHCPv4 server issue on the router. Also Eset Networking does not handle APIPA IP address assignment well. This is most likely why your seeing the blocked Network Wizard connections.
  4. Will do... if it appears again. I closed the posted ESET message as soon as it showed up.
  5. Try to extract the URL associated with the "Learn More" tab in the alert w/o mouse clicking on it and post it in the forum.
  6. Sorry! Dont know why that wrote in Portuguese. So, about the 169.254.xxx ive seen a post that says that is a normal thing. Thank you for that! About DHCP, everything that i saw is that DHCP is a protocol that allows PC connect to each other in the same network. right? The thing is, this is my home network and besides the ISP devices, theres nothing else connected. Ive seen the DHCP option in the admin page of my router and everything that i saw was my Laptop and my Box. About the other logs (uPnP, Netbios, etc...) is this a dangerous problem? Im thinking about calling
  7. TY for your reply, itman. As I noted in my original post here, I have IN-PRODUCT MESSAGING (display marketing messaging) disabled.
  8. This in an English language forum. Use a web translator; e.g. https://translate.google.com/ , to convert to English prior to posting.
  9. Refer to the below screen shot as to how to disable Eset marketing messages:
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  11. Thanks @MartinK for those details! When the initial NAT policy didn't work I started adding all of the ports I found on a diagram in case they were related. I'll drop the other ones off as I don't want more open than necessary. The certificate being used is currently invalid, if that is critical for connection from outside network then I'll absolutely change it. I just thought since it is working for on-network machines I wouldn't need to get that working yet (we're still in implementation and only have a handful of test computers connected). @Lio We aren't deploying over AD, altho
  12. I always purchase ESET NOD32 from Newegg. Are they considered my "local ESET distributor"? In the 8 years that I have been using ESET NOD32, I have never been told to contact my local distributor when I have a problem with the program. Thank you.
  13. Obrigado pela sua atenção Senhor! Então, cerca de 169.254.xxx ive já vi um post que diz que é uma coisa normal, obrigado por isso também! Sobre o DHCP, tudo o que vi é que é um protocolo que permite que os computadores se conectem entre si (certo?) Acontece que esta é a minha rede doméstica e, além dos dispositivos ISP, não há mais nada conectado. Eu vi a opção DHCP na página de administração do meu roteador, tudo que eu vi é meu laptop e a caixa de TV. Podem ser eles tentando se conectar? Sobre os outros logs (uPnP , Netbios , etc...) este é um problema p
  14. Please contact your local ESET distributor since each partner defines messages and the message type themselves.
  15. our QA attempted to reproduce the issue, but they were not successful 😞. Please provide us with output from ESET Log Collector from the affected machine and also let us know how is the Secure boot configured so we can investigate it further. Thank you, Peter
  16. I have IN-PRODUCT MESSAGING (display marketing messaging) disabled, but this popped up a few minutes ago. Hope it was a one-off. NOD32 Antivirus
  17. Please proceed with standard connectivity troubleshooting (https://help.eset.com/protect_admin/80/en-US/fs_agent_connection_troubleshooting.html) which might helps in this case. There are multiple possibilities what could be wrong, from which most common in this case are: non-working DNS resolution in outside network misconfiguration of port redirection certificate not matching hostname/IP used for connection from outside network where status.html log on one of failing devices might be enough to diagnose. Also note, that for AGENTs connectivity, just port 2222 of your
  18. I assume this means Edge is your default Windows browser? Does B&PP open directly for you from Edge on a protected web site? If so, the issue then is restricted to only instances where Edge is not the Windows default browser.
  19. The key to determining the Eset Network Troubleshooter issues is the shown through use of 169.254.xxx.xxx IP address shown in the screen shot. If there is an issue with DHCPv4 initialization and resultant local network IP address assignment, Windows will default to assignment in the APIPA address range: https://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/apipa Simply put, there appears to be an issue with the DHCP server on your router. As for the rest of the blocks shown in the Network Troubleshooting screen shots, those all appear to be related to local nertwork traffic such as uPnP,
  20. That could of course have something to do with Itman, because the Edge is standard for me
  21. If you choose to create a rule you won't be asked about that communication again. If you create a rule for an application, I assume you won't be asked too many times since you probably don't have too many network-aware applications installed. At any rate, I'd recommend collecting logs as per https://support.eset.com/en/kb3404 and opening a support ticket with your local ESET distributor.
  22. Michael, thanks for your reply, but I am very confused now, I thought I had purchased the Cloud solution? Is "Entry" not a cloud based solution? Here is the line item from my invoice:
  23. If no on-demand or idle-state scan is running when ekrn causes CPU spikes, carry on as follows: - reproduce the issue - in the advanced setup -> tools -> diagnostics enable advanced oper. system logging - after 1-2 min. disable logging - collect logs with ESET Log Collector - upload the generated archive to a safe location and drop me a personal message with a download link.
  24. Ekrn.exe uses 95-99% of my CPU. My machine is very slow because of this. Is this a correct operation or error?
  25. Hi Chris, Are the endpoints in a domain? And which OS are they installed on? Did you reboot one of them to see? I had the same problem once
  26. I'm forwarding the following ports from the WAN to our ESET Protect server: TCP: 80, 443, 3128, 2221, 2222, 2223, 8883 UDP: 88, 8883 I can easily browse the ESET Server from external networks, but remote agents are not connecting to the ESET server, and I'm not able to push out profile updates. My live installer does use the FQDN for our server which is forwarded to the ESET Protect server and accessible from off-network. Do I need to do something else in ESET Protect to make it possible to manage clients that aren't on the same network as the Protect server?
  27. ps - it only pops up at troubleshooting when i connect to my network and i can keep using it that it doesnt shows up unless i disconnect and connect again.
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