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  2. Since the software was created by Piriform , its really down to them to release any type of advice as to what to do "After" installing the offending product. They have already released this .........
  3. Interesting Samples

    Kaspersky has a "System Watcher" feature that monitors for ransomware and exploit activities. It additionally does auto file backup to directories ransomware attacks. Believe its only available in the Endpoint ver. and is not enabled by default due to the alerts it generates. I do believe "you're beating a dead horse" in regards to Eset ever deploying like feature. They just don't buy into the concept of user decision via alert. Eset allows the user to create manual HIPS rules to do the same if the user so desires. They also have recommended rules for their endpoint users for ransomware protection and the like. I use them but have added additional processes to them in regards to child process startup and the like as ransomware attacks evolve.
  4. hi i have read it but i would like to know what Eset knows about it , at least some advises ,or confirm that only 32bit os system affected i trust about eset , i will never take in consideration to buy avast or use ccleaner or other products like recuva can we have a confirmation from Eset ? thanks
  5. I have the same problem - any help appreciated.
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  7. Introduce yourself

    Well, greetings David and welcome aboard. You have the start of some very good credentials and I wish you well. My name is Joe and I don't have anything to brag about. I'm just an 83 year old grandfather living with my 5 computers and my Basset Hound Fred in Sunny California. Enjoy your stay here and we wish you the very best.
  8. My phone has been miraculously online. but when i request a code to send by email...i get nothing...
  9. Would be helpful if Eset published an article on recommended mitigation to anyone affected this. Cisco already publically stated restore prior to Aug. 15 or reinstall. I agree. Avast in my opinion is spreading FUD by their statement that the second stage of the backdoor never activated therefore no actual malware payload was downloaded. My statement is a backdoor is a backdoor. Once activated not only can the original hacker use it but so can anyone else. Case in point was the EternalBlue set backdoor and later delivered malware that used that backdoor and closed it so no one else could use it. There are currently a lot of users, based on posted comments in the security forums, who believe they are now safe since security solutions are detecting and removing the original backdoor. The reality of the situation is no one knows for sure what system modification occurred through use of the backdoor in the month or more it was resident on one's device.
  10. Interesting Samples

    ransom SHA256: b3901e5a23ea0ce6d0b05533959ecd5446178680ab969edb4e3085a9f1c00683 Seems it is doing some antidebug tricks? (like parent process detection?). Anyway, ESET missed the sample Again, "next-gen" vendors (regardless of their potentially higher FP and less user base) catch this kind of sample first. Some "traditional" vendors block it by behavior blocking layer.
  11. Latest update broke Win 7 x64 Pro

    This is by design. We had to change the way egui starts in order to comply with Microsoft certification.
  12. Hi, contact your local reseller to get help... regards
  13. Does temporarily disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup make a difference? If not, what about renaming "C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\ekrnEpfw.dll" in safe mode?
  14. Try this topic I had internet issues and then total computer failure.
  15. Introduction

    Hey everyone I am new to this forum with a background of Digital Marketing, will be needing your guidance if necessary. Feel free to introduce yourself here so that we can know each other well enough.
  16. Latest update broke Win 7 x64 Pro

    Also received this exact issue. Contacted ESET support and received no response I rolled back to version and have not updated since. I won't update till I get confirmation from ESET that the new update won't cause the same issue.
  17. HIPS and Anti-Stealth not working

    Try uninstalling ESET, removing all possible remnants in safe mode using the ESET Uninstall tool and install the latest v10.1 from scratch. Let us know if that resolved the issue.
  18. Introduce yourself

    Hey everyone! I'm David Michaels. I started out working as DIgital Marketing Trainee but now working as a Digital Marketing Executive from last 1 Year. I have been very active on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). At work I have one main laptop I use running Win10. Apart from all this I am a crazy lover of Cattle Farming,
  19. I get the error regarding hips, "communication with driver failed. hips is inactive". The main page of the antivirus tells me anti-stealth is non-functional, and on the setup>computer protection page it says host intrusion prevention system is disable however when I click on it to try and enable it, it says it's already enabled. I have also occasionally received the error "user rules file contains invalid data". I have read the post here: (hxxp:// and followed the steps but everything is still the same. I don't know what else I can do.
  20. As stated in the blog by Avast: As only two smaller distribution products (the 32 bit and cloud versions, Windows only) were compromised, the actual number of users affected by this incident was 2.27M.
  21. E-mails with alerts.

    Thank You very much for respond. Yes i got 6,5 version. But I'm not a head admin, we got some Administrator above us, and like i was thinking when I try to find it on my own, we need more access right to this consol. Thank You for help, and have a great day
  22. Tray Icon Disappear after Upgrade to 6.6.2046

    Right now the Icon is present in all of affected computers and I'm not able to repeat the problem. Thank you for your help.
  23. Is there anyone who will answer me? How do I unlock my phone?
  24. This site is only available to Middle Eastern countries. It's not illegal.
  25. Btw. this site "" gets blocked by my ESET-AV so I guess it's not legit ;-)
  26. Please delete these files - you just posted your license key on a public forum.
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