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  2. Thank you for your response. Is it possible to manually delete this number of detected networks? Edit; Hum ok I see all the networks. The name of the Wifi network has a smiley face, is that what could cause the bug? The first time I encountered this bug I was also on a wifi network with a smiley face. I can't change the name of the network where I connect to, this prevents the PS4 from connecting to the WIFI.
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  4. Thank You Itman for all the information. I found this on Microsoft Docs about Schannel. I'm assuming that I don't need to worry about this because it say under user action is to safely ignore this message. Event ID 36871: A Fatal Error Occurred While Creating An SSL (client or server) Credential This behavior is caused by the SMTP service processing an incoming EHLO command if no certificate is assigned to an SMTP site. This message is logged twice, once when the SMTP service starts, and once when the first EHLO command is received. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) controls h
  5. Now this article: https://kb.eventtracker.com/evtpass/evtPages/EventId_36871_Schannel_45297.asp is fairly specific in stating it is SSL SMTP; i.e. e-mail, related. SMTP is used by most e-mail providers to receive e-mail.
  6. This gist of this error is a mismatch of cypher suites being deployed: This posting relates to SSL issues but that same can happen in TLS: https://teridon73.blogspot.com/2018/08/windows-schannel-error-event-id-36871.html Tracking down the source in your case will take some effort.
  7. As I wrote, ESET doesn't leverage Schannel so I assume that you would get the error even with ESET uninstalled.
  8. I was not to sure if is Microsoft issue or an Eset Issue?
  9. Have you considered to use "Pull database" mechanisms offered by recent version of ESMC appliance to perform migration? In this case, whole process is automatized and only SSH access to original ERA/ESMC appliance. I would just recommend to backup whole old appliance before procedure is started, even that this procedure does not modify original appliance in any way, as just export of database is performed via SSH connection.
  10. Do you have any reason to think that it's ESET related? The thing is ESET uses OpenSSL and not the system Schannel.
  11. When I turn my computer on in the morning and boots up in event viewer I get a fatal error occurred while creating a TLS client credential. My computer is not on a server it is a home computer. I seem to be alright connecting to the internet and things. Just wondering if there is anything to worry about this? I have looked this stuff up but I don't understand what is it saying. So I just was wondering if anyone can explain this and if there is a need to worry about this? Thank you
  12. I've tested it and the column width in the firewall rule editor was preserved. I'd recommend opening a ticket with your local support for further troubleshooting.
  13. Guys you completely broken display of firewall settings in EES 7.3.2044.0. xml file does not save the position of the tabs and I have to restore it manually every time now. This is not ok. Please restore it as it was before. [URL=hxxp://piccy.info/view3/14047724/9d130375cceef11417fa6ac9c7a6a889/][IMG]hxxp://i.piccy.info/i9/0d5a29c13ac933962f65b45ef1de3b4a/1604158220/11165/1403220/eset_240.jpg[/IMG][/URL][URL=hxxp://i.piccy.info/a3c/2020-10-31-15-30/i9-14047724/204x240-r][IMG]hxxp://i.piccy.info/a3/2020-10-31-15-30/i9-14047724/204x240-r/i.gif[/IMG][/URL] PS: Black bars it`s not
  14. Hello, The goal of this message thread is to provide ESET with specific feedback on changes and new features you would like to see in future versions of ESET Cloud Office Security. Please use the following format when providing feedback: Description: A very-specific one-line description of your feedback. Detail: A more detailed explanation of your feedback. Please feel free to make this any length, but be sure to use terms everyone can understand. If your suggestion is an extension or update to an existing discussion, please include a link to it in your message.
  15. Most likely the issue is caused by an enormous number of networks detected (51267). You can delete the dump on the server. Will keep you posted.
  16. I’ve updated ESET to latest on another PC (win7) and this was never the issue before, but while I was reading on how to generate dump file on that win 7 PC that I just updated it BSOD on me so it seem to be related to ESET. I will first generate dump file on my main PC that I initially spoke about getting BSOD after BSOD and upload somewhere and PM you, I might do that later today. If this happens on this PC again I will do that as well, but do it one at the time. I will drop that off sometimes today. Thank you
  17. Actually, Win 8.1/10 fast startup feature only applies when the PC was previously shutdown. When a Win 8.1/10 restart is performed via Start menu option or via program directive as done after select Win Updates, Eset product upgrade processing, etc., Win normal startup processing is performed. The fast startup feature is bypassed in this instance.
  18. Yes, ECA will be migrated automatically to the new version. It should be released in Q4/20.
  19. Nice to know. Will be existing clients wirh ECA migrated automatically to new solution when released? Any ETA?
  20. Yes i have this version. A send u a pm. Thanks.
  21. Do you have EIS v14.0.22? Please generate a dump of ekrn via the advanced setup -> Tools -> Diagnostics -> click Create. Then collect logs with ESET Log Collector, upload the generated zip file to a safe location and drop me a private message with a download link.
  22. Hello, I have been using your product for almost 10 years now and have always been satisfied. However, for the past few months I have been having memory problems with ekrnl, about 6 of them. It quickly goes up in memory and it can reach up to 9go of consumption. I formatted my computer the first time, thinking that the problem was my own, but it's happening again today. I have noticed that every time I observe this behaviour I get a popup telling me that my system is not protected but after clicking on the antivirus everything is green. I make a complete du
  23. Unfortunately it's not clear what you are referring to. Collecting logs with ESET Log Collector takes a few minutes at maximum.
  24. Please provide the trace.log. It is not clear what version of the ODBC driver you have installed. Also I'd recommend checking with Wireshark if the server successfully connects to the repository after restarting the ESMC server service.
  25. Since I was unable to find any license registered with your forum email address, please provide your public license ID.
  26. Correct, there is no AV for iOS. For business users we provide an option to manage iOS policies, however:
  27. Please carry on as follow: - in the advanced setup -> tools -> diagnostics, click Create to generate a dump of ekrn - collect logs with ESET Log Collector - upload the generated archive to a safe location and provide me with a download link in a private message.
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