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  3. I wish you well peteyt on your new endeavor. I'll have to take a look at it.
  4. Thanks for the info PetraS., looking forward to it-keep us posted.
  5. Couldn't it be that you have the temp / tmp variables set to point to other than the system volume? If it points to C: (typically C:\Windows\temp), the issue should not occur. This problem will be addressed in future versions.
  6. Already announced here:
  7. 10.1.219 Released Info and Change Log: hxxp://
  8. 10.1.219 is now an official release. Info and Change log: hxxp://
  9. I have the same problem, only solution I have is to manually reinstall NO32 after every produkt update. Extremly annoying. either that or living with ahalf workin produkt?? Because there is no way to move slider and reenable the antivirus protection, i have tried resetting all settings etc to no avail. So reinstall, and if this keeps happening every time, uninstall and switch to a secure solution that actually is enabled after updates. //Anders
  10. Interesting. Glad to see it is something that could become a possibility
  11. update

    I second this. I believe this current Eset HIPS behavior stated in ver. 9 when the Metro GUI was introduced much to many dislike of it. In ver. 8 as I recollect, the HIPS did remember what the last selected directory was in rule creation and auto navigated to it when adding a new application.
  12. Hi Huain, for troubleshooting, you can start with looking into Agent logs But if there is really problem with certificate, I would suggest you to export Agent Certificate and a CA from your ERA Server (such a CA which was used to sign the Server Certificate which is in use on ERA Server) and use those in the Repair installation of the Agent. Of course, use current IP address of ERA Server during the repair installation as hostname. PS: Dont you use ERA Proxy?
  13. Hi, the problem is the "localhost" - most likely agents are trying to connect to your ERA Server under wrong IP. Unknown status is caused by inability of Agents to connect to the server. How did you install Agents? What address did you use? More information on Agent installation you can find here:
  14. update

    Another suggestion, I was using Emsisoft Anti-Malware for a while and I love how easy it is to whitelist/exclude files with it. The reason it's easier in EAM is because once you exclude a certain file or folder, the next time you open the exclude button, it automatically navigates to the last folder you were in. so let's say I went to C:\Program Files, then selected a folder to exclude, the next time I open exclusions to browse for the file/folder I want to exclude, it automatically starts the navigation in C:\Program Files making it very easy to whitelist the folders of programs I definitely want to exclude rather than having to start navigating from the beginning and going to C:, then expanding it, then again expanding Program Files. Takes a lot of time when one has a lot of stuff he wants to exclude. Another way we can do it is to have a checkbox selection in the exclude window so one can exclude multiple folders and/or files at the same time
  15. Hello, We are definitely looking into this idea as we can see our competitors are already releasing actual devices this year ( e.g. Norton Core, Bitdefender, Luma, Cujo, Dojo and others) From our initial analyses we can see that this product does make sense and it's viable in targeted markets. You raised some good point in this thread and we are aware of them and take them into consideration. If you have any suggestions (e.g. vendors, possible features, demand from customers), improvements or things we should be aware of please don’t hesitate to comment. This is a complex project with many difficult issues we will have to tackle, that we don’t have much expertise in like hardware for example or proper regional certifications. But these obstacles don’t deter us from delivering this kind of product.
  16. product update ver since i restored it , i just have restore info . it shows which version i had update was from 10.0.390.0 to deleted system file error : Firefox . IE . Telegram . online game
  17. I have install ERA on a server , but all computers are unknown " status" When i go on logs " C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Logs" , i see that : Error: CReplicationModule [Thread 1488]: CReplicationManager: Replication (network) connection to 'host: "localhost" port: 2222' failed with: Connection closed by remote peer for session id 1 id 1 to 20603.
  18. I have ESET Mobile Security on my tablet. Everything works except AntiTheft. I choose Web Portal and I'm asked to sign in. I try to sign in and I get Problem with association 20512000 error. I tried reseting the password but it doesn't help. I tried quitting the app and reopening and it doesn't help either. I should note that I reset my tablet to factory settings and reinstalled ESET from the device's backup. And since then it doesn't work, it worked before. What to do with this problem?
  19. Do you mean update of modules or the program? If the former, there's a known issue with very old and already unsupported products (v3, v4) that may occur with a recent update of the Antivirus and antispyware module. If you mean update of the program itself, what version did you upgrade from? An older v10 or v9 or older? Also it's not clear what you mean by "a lots of deleted system files" as ESET would not detect files unless they are malicious. It could be that a detection for a virus (file infector) was added and the virus started to be detected on your system but without logs it's just a speculation.
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  21. Hi Kamiran, Maybe help : hxxp://
  22. They did not fix anything. They simply fixed it so that it did not become completely unreadable. Compare the font in the English version and Russian. In Russian version 10.0.390 the font was the same size as in English. All subsequent versions have had problematic fonts. Russian-speaking forums talk about this problem and the fact that you still have not fixed anything after so many months.
  23. My Android Samsung Galaxy S6 phone is getting old and thankfully eligible for an early upgrade the end of August. As the battery is getting old i often have to enable max power saving mode. After coming out of this mode an Eset alert appears. The alert says "Improve functionality. Review and adjust important device settings." Clicking it brings up a bit to allow anti phishing access to device permissions. Allowing this brings up the device accessibility area where the service eset uses for anti phising has been disabled. Each time i go into max power saving mode and then leave i have to enable the service. I have been wondering if this is an android feature rather than an issue with eset?
  24. Not sure if this would be classed as spam so sorry if it is and please feel free to delete it. I've used Disqus for a while and have just launched a tech support channel. My main aim is security thus why i thought I'd share it on here. I'm planning to use the channel as a way to share my knowledge with others, the aim being to help people get safe and secure online. Part of the way I'm planning to do this is with a set of simple super guides looking at different security aspects, with the first looking at passwords. I'm writing them in a way that should be easy for anyone to follow. Im no expert but i do have a lot of self taught knowlede that i would like to share. As well as all this there will be general Security, tech news etc. and general support.
  25. The PCU upgrade will work with 10.0.390, and should work now using the instructions here
  26. I'm brand new to the ESET business world and am having some difficulty with custom policies. I'm using the ERA 6.5 VA. I copied two of the built-in policies and modified them to my preferences. One policy is for the admin agent, and the other is for the endpoint software. I modified both policies to supply my HTTP proxy server information. I also modified the endpoint policy as follows: Enable the detection of potentially unwanted and unsafe applications. Disable the startup splash screen and sounds Disable ESET messages regarding Windows Update. Password protected the Advanced Setup controls. When I create the installer, I fill in the checkbox that accepts the EULA, as well as selecting the two policies previously mentioned. When I run the installer, I am still required to agree to the EULA and am also required to make a choice about enabling the application detection. We don't use Active Directory, so it's an all-in-one installer. I tracked down Knowledge Base article 6097, which outlines the command syntax used for a silent installer process. That method is successful, but is not truly silent. Contrary to that article's assertions, the progress windows still appears while the installation is running. More troublesome, however, is that some of the configuration settings of the policies are not implemented in the installation The HTTP proxy server settings, the password protection of advanced setup, and my preference not to include Windows Updates in the ESET status messages, are passed on, which would argue that the installer is processing at least some of the custom configuration properly. Other settings, like disabling the splash screen and sounds, are not passed on. My questions: 1) Am I missing some part of the process when creating the policies and integrating them into the installer? 2) If not, what is the point of being able to integrate policies into the installer package if the policies are not fully implemented and agreement to the EULA is not passed on without resorting to command line arguments?
  27. If it was a general issue that would affect all users of the Russian version, the Russian partner would have already reported it as urgent. The issue was fixed in v10.1.210 to my best knowledge and in case it persists, provide a Procmon boot log as well as screen shot of your ESET gui to the customer care. I assume that the font used in the main gui might be missing and therefore a different font was used.
  28. It updated automatically this time but there's no harm in doing it manually.
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