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  2. i dont know if you guys did something but it works again xD... weird
  3. There is already a thread about this topic: Issue was re-introduced with the update to last week, with somewhat different symptoms. I posted a detailed account of the issue on the thread above. @Marcos @Peter Randziak
  4. @Marcos @Peter Randziak Late last week, ESET Mobile Security for Android was updated on my device to version With the update, this issue has returned with somewhat different symptoms, but it is easily reproducible: 1) While on my home network, no 'warnings' from ESET. 2) If I leave my home, keep WiFi on (but not connected, obviously), phone automatically switches to LTE, no issues. 3) RETURN home. Phone reconnects to home WiFi network. Now, ESET throws a warning that I am connected to an insecure network and I should disconnect. 4) Toggle WiFi off. Toggle WiFi on, issue 'resolves.' But obviously, it's a bit of an annoyance to have to toggle WiFi off and on again on my home network that is fully secured. Clearly, this is a bug. I am running the latest version of Android 10 (with both the system and 'play' October security patches) on a Pixel 3 running on Verizon wireless. Location setting for the app is to allow location access at all times. Please advise. Thank you!
  5. Weird. I never see any toolbar or bundle in the app. Is it try to stealth install them junks? May I ask where you find those files you listed? I am curious though because I used this tool in the past for more than a year and just reinstalled it on my secondary machine with ESET as well and got flagged too, but I don't see any toolbar or bundle in the installer app. Is it try to stealth install them junks?
  6. This is not currently supported. The icon is either visible to all or nobody. I have no clue if it'd be technically possible to display notifications and alerts in the session of several users / administrators. When you have any requirements, ideas, etc. I'd suggest reporting them via your local distributor who will subsequently pass them to ESET HQ for consideration.
  7. It works I can open the GUI but before it used to open a GUI icon and never disappear when I close , so it used to stay when I open as Administrator , now when I close it closes ( it works fine ) I want it to stay just for me the other question is it possible for multiple admins to receive the notification?
  8. I think this behavior has been already reported and probably fixed in the meantime. Maybe @Marcos will know more details of whether module responsible for scanning network has been updated in the meantime. It is also possible that update was canceled which might explain why only specific devices were affected.
  9. Haven't tested it myself but the help says: Terminal - No notifications or alerts will be displayed. GUI can only be started by the Administrator. The user interface should be set to Terminal if graphical elements slow the performance of your computer or cause other problems. You may also want to turn off the GUI on a Terminal server. For more information about ESET File Security installed on Terminal server, see Disable GUI on Terminal Server topic. That said, if gui cannot be started by administrators there must be some issue. It shouldn't be a global problem since this is something that should be covered by QA tests and other users would have already noticed and reported such bug. I'd recommend raising a support ticket with your local customer care.
  10. A dark option for app lock would be very helpful. I'm frequently in environments where the bright pop-up is annoying - airplanes, presentations, studio, etc. This need not be a whole new setting with user interface. It could just be an alternative skin that's set from the state of OS night mode (getNightMode). Totally understand how the cosmetic stuff can be difficult to resource. However some of these are still important, as both quality-of-life enhancements and to keep pace with the OS and general platform experience.
  11. What version of MS Outlook do you use? Do you receive email via MAPI from a MS Exchange server? Does temporarily disabling integration with MS Outlook makes a difference? If not, what about temporarily disabling protocol filtering?
  12. After Installing endpoint all in one package to one of domains user Outlook stops receiving emails.
  13. It's not a false positive: setup-lightshot.exe\INNO\{tmp}\downloader.exe Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Yandex potentially unsafe application Other files in the installer also show that there's a Yandex toolbar bundled: elements-eula-tr.rtf yandex_browser_setup_ru.bmp downloader.exe browser-page-ru.rtf yandex_logo_en.bmp elements-eula-ru.rtf browser-elements-eula-tr.rtf browser-page-tr.rtf setupupdater.exe yandex_logo_ru.bmp browser-elements-eula-ru.rtf browser-eula-tr.rtf browser-eula-ru.rtf yandex_browser_setup_tr.bmp PUsA detection is optional and is disabled by default. If one needs to use a particular application detected as PUsA, he or she should exclude it from detection by the detection name. As for the CPU-Z driver, it's not detected at VT because VT doesn't use real-time protection but on-demand scanners to scan files. In this particular case it makes a difference.
  14. I assume it's related to a javascript that downloads ads and PUAs like this
  15. Lightshot installer has somekind of a toolbar that I never encountered , so you get a false positive only on the installer not on the application itself.
  16. But VT on that CPU-Z file is clean, and even ESET confirmed clean on VT. What about the lightshot app from the web url detection? Is it a false positive?
  17. Hello since 2 weeks i cant download any files from zippyshare. I can use the website zippyshare.com but if the site contains a download file it doesnt work at all (blocked by eset) and the eset message HTML/ScrInject.B Trojaner shows up. I checked if even files i would upload would show this message when i go to the download link of zippyshare and indeed i get the same message... thx for your help in advance
  18. Hello , I switch the GUI to Terminal for the RDS Server , So no normal users would have the GUI , but for Administrators , there used to be a bug , a good bug but it stopped for now , that when I am in the Administrator user and I do open ESET as Administrator , it adds the GUI on the taskbar , now it doesn't , GUI Icon in taskbar is hidden if the software is set in Terminal mode Is there an option to restore the icon in the Terminal Mode only for Administrator (after running the app as administrator to open the GUI while in terminal mode)? Threat notifications where you put the name of the username , could it be multiple usernames to take the notification , should I separate the names with something? Thanks.
  19. Yesterday
  20. The detection is correct, the said drivers are detected as a potentially unsafe application which is an optional detection and is disabled by default. CPU-Z had vulnerable drivers.
  21. I haven't. I will look into how to do that. Thank you for the response
  22. Hello. I think these two detections are false positives. 1) the file attached below and VT here: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/53fc9866b51dfbc0516436a1d6cc0789749f83fcd8ae84d6205595e7e20e1370/detection It is file associate with CPU-Z app. New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip 2) The second is lightshot that I used in the past, and it is safe so why flagged as a threat now? I can't install lightshot app. Site VT here: https://app.prntscr.com/en/index.html
  23. It's weekend currently. It might be a bug but without discussing it with developers it's impossible to tell for sure. Have you already raised a support ticket and received a ticket ID?
  24. Does anyone have any ideas? It is a little frustrating, especially for a paid app.
  25. Suggestion for the Eset anti-spam filter: Mark mails as spam, based on own rules for individual X headers. Reason: My e-mail provider has decided no longer to add a note to the subject of e-mails classified as spam or to change the subject in any other way. Instead, spam mails are moved to a folder on the server that cannot be retrieved via POP3 (IMAP is not an alternative). However, I have created a rule on the server that moves all mails to the inbox that are not sorted out by other filters. Rules for X headers are not possible. Now, of course, I get the spam mails in my inbox, which are now only marked as spam in the mail header via "X-Spam-Flag: YES" and are not recognized as spam by Eset even with the extended antispam database.
  26. Have you upgraded to ESMC (v7) in the mean time and not using ERA v6.x?
  27. @MartinK I am not able to find the correct installer. Can you please send me the exact link or steps? I created Agent from ESET console but still the same error. I am using ERA Certificate.
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