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    it could be that you're experiencing temporary network outages as it's highly unlikely the problem would be with ESET's servers. Turn on diagnostic logging in the advanced setup and then monitor the event log to find out how often the failures occur. Install Wireshark and capture the network communication at the time when the error occurs. When done, save the pcap log and compress it. Run ELC, collect logs and upload both the Wireshark log and ELC logs to a safe location and pm me download links.
  3. Testing again. What causing the WFP Compatibility to be shown again and again after a while is the Maintain inactive TCP connections . What does it actually do ? what program it can affect ? Can I keep it disabled for performance or compatibility ?
  4. livegrid

    hello it does not have the same problem because i am connected to the internet i also have a vpn can be ?
  5. livegrid

    francis de lorraine You may want to review this thread.
  6. Hopefully this feature will be improved on the future ESET releases
  7. Linux Desktop: .
  8. livegrid

    i have the firewall comodo but i did the test with the same windows result ,mystery
  9. livegrid

    i am under windows 10 1709
  10. livegrid

    hello Marcos, no but it's variable it never lasts fore more or less 1 min
  11. livegrid

    Is the error reported only shortly after starting the OS?
  12. livegrid

    bonjour forum, j'ai parfois un message que livegrid est hors ligne cause serveur bas ou connexion réseau pourquoi cela se produit plusieurs fois par jour avec eset nod 32 antivirus?
  13. More about Quarantine

    You did not understand me. What I was saying is , there is no need to have the option "Quarantine" when I click on a file already in "Quarantine". The only options available should be : Restore, Restore and exclude from scanning, Restore to..., Delete from quarantine, Submit for analysis The option to manually add a file to Quarantine is already there , on "Scan with ESET / Advanced options
  14. Is Not Over!! WannaCry??

    Thanks for your information itman . Yes, protection is needed for this attack but how to detect the first offender of this ransomware attack?
  15. I did't received my trial username and password and how i can purchase linux version only and how much dose it cost i never seen it at store
  16. Is Not Over!! WannaCry??

    The WannaCry incident was as serious as it was because all that was needed was one endpoint in the network to be unpatched and it was "game over." And the unpatched device did not have to be a PC but any device that had a version of Windows that was vulnerable to the EternalBlue and DoublePulsar exploits WannaCry used. I believe in the U.K. NHS incident, the WannaCry targets were traced to lab devices that were running unpatched Win XP. Additonally, latter examination of the incident showed that WannaCry was "in the wild" for a while prior to Microsoft offering the patches to it for Win 7 and subsequently Win XP. Bottom line - your best protection against incidents like this is to apply all Windows patches immediately as soon as they are offered.
  17. Last week
  18. Check the Filtered websites log or Detected threats log for information about the application that accessed the blocked url.
  19. Hi, My Eset occassionally blocks a few websites from opening, etc. I don't recognize them and I wouldn't want to go them but what concerns me is that I'm not sure WHAT on my computer is trying to open these pages. The pop up from ESET Internet Security doesn't seem to have any more details for me. Is there any way I can get more information and get a better idea of what is causing this to try and open in the first place?
  20. On the ESET Middle East site, I can renew OR increase the license size. Now I've recommended NOD32 to a friend who's in the USA and he bought a 2 user license for 2 years. He just bought his daughter a computer so he wants to add another seat rather than get her a separate license. We couldn't find a way to increase the license size on the ESET US website. There was only renew license and when he enters his license there, it says his license is not eligible for renewal. Probably because his license is still valid for another year. so how does one add to the PC count of his license? why isn't it as easy as it is on the ESET Middle East Site?
  21. Thanks for the feedback cyberhash. I had verified and re-verified all of the mail client settings both with comcast and with microsoft prior to posting my problem at this forum. I'm certain they are correct because all that's required to get email downloaded to the client is disable the the eset email client protocol filtering. Once that's done mail from comcast and gmail flood in. I have provided the logs that Marcos requested, so we'll see if anything is discovered there.
  22. Marcos,

    I enabled pre-release updates in advanced setup and I still have the email IMAP sync problem, so I enabled and collected the requested logs (attached).

  23. I restarted Windows 7 in Safe mode and used the esetuninstaller.exe application. It went by relatively quickly. Over about as soon as I answered any prompts. Then I restarted my computer and once back with Windows 7 operating normally, I attempted to use the default live installer that we can download off the website. This time I was not being blocked by a previous installation and was able to swiftly reinstall the application and - since I had my license key on hand - activated it without a problem. Once the Nod32 antivirus application came back online, there was a 10-step patching process and all seemed to go through. It now shows that my last update is on 18/11/2017. It is currently in the process of doing its first scan after installation. Which I intended to do anyways to cover for the days my computer was essentially accessing the web with its pants down. ... So this appears to resolve my problem with the "Update information is not consistent" message that has plagued me ever since Nod32 tried to auto-update itself to Version 11. If anyone encounters the same problem and searches for the issue here, hopefully this thread will come in handy for them. Thank you for your time and attention, Marcos. I greatly appeciate that you were willing to get back to me, especially considering it's the weekend.
  24. I was able to reproduce the detection as per the instructions above and submitted the detected file to ESET's Security Research Lab. The author of the signature (it's from 2011) will look into it on Monday at earliest.
  25. Please uninstall ESET in safe mode using the ESET Uninstall tool as per the KB
  26. You me need to open a support ticket
  27. Thanks for getting back to me. I wasn't sure I'd hear from you until Monday. It was probably version 10? In the years I've had Nod32, I usually let it do its thing. Sometimes it asks me to upgrade it and I just go through with it. Never had any issue before with that until v11. It was only later that I employed the Live Installer to try to force the application to be up to date if it wasn't. I did an uninstall of Nod32 from the Control Panel\Program and Features, filled in with the survey stuff and completed the uninstallation. Then I rebooted. Using the Live Installer, I tried to download Nod32 Antivirus again, but now it tells me the latest version of Nod32 is still installed. I tried using Iobit's Advance System Care to run a sweep to clean up my registry entries and then rebooted, but only to the same result afterwards. I also attempted to obtain the eav_nt64.exe file to try installing from that - still did not work. So, right now, I'm utterly unable to reinstall Nod32. Still troubleshooting. edit: -Tried installing v10 instead. Same thing.
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