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  2. Same thing happened to me. BSOD System Service Exception eamonm.sys during boot after Windows 10 20h1 (2004) upgrade. Using ESET Smart Security 7.2 2055 x64 and Dell Precision 7510 laptop. I also have file c:\windows\system32\DRIVERS\stdcfltn.sys from October 7th 2016 version Good thing that I tested Windows 10 2004 upgrade on my computer first, as we have other 30 users with this combination of computer type and ESET SW and would be 'fun' if they the all upgraded to Win10 20004. I resolved it by using ESET Uninstaller in Safe Mode and now I have installed ESET Smart Security 7.3. I'll be updating now ESET sw on all computers via ESET Security Management Center. I would apreciate it if ESET would some day integrate auto-update of ESET SW like other vendors have it so we won't have to bother with this anymre.
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  4. Hello, I am facing issue with MAMP Pro Apache. When my eset firewall is on, localhost is not opening. But when I disable the firewall, every thing works good. I tried adding rule for mamp pro, still not work. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Issue is not with the Protocol Filtering but there is something within the ESET itself which is causing the issue that I can confirm. Because, I have tried Windows Defender and KasperSky. None of them have been causing the issue as ESET is.
  6. Greetings! Listed as fixed in 7.3 "An on-demand scan launched from the ESMC console could shut down the computer even if this post-scan action was not selected" is exactly what started happening after I've upgraded Endpoint clients to 7.3. Never happened before. The process C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\ekrn.exe (WKST-VRN-BKP01) has initiated the power off of computer WKST-VRN-BKP01 on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the following reason: Other (Planned) Reason Code: 0x80000000 Shutdown Type: power off Comment: Computer scan completed That comes from scheduled scan policy (daily on-demand scan with post-scan action set to "no action"). All upgraded endpoint clients have been shutdown after this scan. Fix it please!
  7. A vast amount of new players are playing GTA V online now because it was given away for free 2 weeks ago on Epic Games Store. So, if the issue is related to ESET's protocol filtering then it must be fixed ASAP.
  8. The latest version of ESET products is compatible with the latest released version of Mac OS.
  9. Hey everyone: UPDATE: I stand corrected, it was because of my ISP messing up my freaking net again. I am sorry I though it was to do with the software. But I have had a go at them and now they have fixed it. So everyone, if you AV doesn't want to update and you know that nothing else was wrong with your PC or connection normally, then get on the blower to you ISP and get them to refresh your line and see if that works.
  10. Hey guys, I upgraded to 20H1 and now I cannot update Eset: Time;Component;Event;User 30 May 2020 3:00:52 PM;Update;Server not found.;SYSTEM That is what I get now.
  11. Hey guys, Hey I just updated to 20H1 and its out of beta too, and I have found that it works but I cannot seem to get IS to update now.
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  13. Only other thing I can think of if the last thing doesn't work is to disable as much setting wise as possible and launch the game. If the game does launch and has no issues start enabling each setting individually and testing the game and seeing if it still works. This might be more time consuming but at least it could help identify which setting is causing the issue
  14. Michalj, thanks for your response - Oliver already contacted me but here is the link/page that confused me: maybe I am reading this wrong https://www.eset.com/au/business/security-packs/ It states Security packs contain .... Remote Management: then list 3 options/features I suppose if we go with the suggested Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud for 20 seats, we can easily increase that in increments if we need more seats?
  15. Disabling the plug-in seems extememly risky. Is there any work on a solution? Would a posible work around be "Do not run Outlook and the Gmail Web interface at the same time"
  16. ESET's plug-in writes to emails as they are scanned which may cause sync issues by design if emails are modified on the mail server at the same time. V7.3 uses the same Outlook plug-in as the previous versions of Endpoint v7.
  17. Hello, I provide support for dozens of G Suite users running Older vesions of EAV and EES. Has version 7.3.2032.0 been tested and confirmed to resolve issues? I installed the latest ESS on a non-production PC and Google is still sending warnings about the plugin. Dear G Suite Sync user, G Suite Sync has scanned your Microsoft Outlook® profile and detected some add-ins that could cause synchronization problems: ESET Outlook Add-in Please be advised that the listed add-ins should not be used in conjunction with G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook®, as we have received reports of synchronization issues when they are used together. Learn how to disable add-ins. The G Suite Sync Team
  18. Okay. Give me sometime, I will report you back once I'm done testing with it.
  19. Yes, I know. I will do the SSL/TLS Protocol Scanning Exclusion and let you know. @Marcos It was your questions: Here is the answer to that: (Your answer is below the quote of @itman)
  20. So disabling protocol filtering didn't help in your case which is in contrary with the findings in the Steam community forum. Disabling SSL filtering will not make any difference either then. I'd recommend starting Windows in safe mode and: - renaming "C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\Drivers" to Drivers_bak - renaming the following drivers, one at a time: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\eamonm.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ehdrv.sys Let us know renaming which of the drivers resolved the issue.
  21. Note that a real-time scan exclusion is not the same as a SSL/TLS Protocol scanning exclusion.
  22. This answers your question @Marcos: I'll try this one and let you know. Please make sure you have read the answer to your question.
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