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  2. Unfortunately your post is not clear. I would recommend contacting your local ESET customer care. You also wrote "eset, avg & emsisoft installed" which is really bad. You should keep only 1 AV installed at a a time and the others use only as 2nd opinion scanners, ie. they must not have any drivers installed and running.
  3. and we go install eset drive security in all others sd, usb & micro usb disks, Thanks....
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  5. How do I import ESET's certificate? I can see it when I inspect Page Info, but the only option appears to be to download the pem file. And would this fix the broken websites like those in the BBC domain list?
  6. hi all, i'm back, android emulated on my Windows of my two computers on MEmu are infected by the malicious apps on/of that link: https://www.breakingnews.fr/technologie/supprimez-ces-applications-android-desagreables-qui-peuvent-se-connecter-a-vos-comptes-google-et-facebook-des-maintenant-220819.html which infected the two pc, memu, hijacked and hacked my gmail accounts, because of that infections &bbugs, camtasia/snagit freezes and crash, i have licenses of eset drive security installed on 3 usb disks: -the 4gb Kingston privacy datatraveller vault -the 40GB portableapps datashur -and my winsows to go workspace 64 Gb Kingston workspace with portabilized Windows (my 3RD pc) its partnership with clevx, only eset license i have is drivesecurity, this forums and disinfection here is accepted.possible for eset drivesecurity license detenders ? eset, avg & emsisoft installed have also two bugs on two others devices (ray) : the 64 GB SD Card & the Acer R1 Series Monitor: i have bug on acer r1 series monitor on desktop pc:if/when i turn on the screen it's takes between 10 minutes & 1 hour to turn on the screen (longtime black screen with at certains time a energy star logo) the 64 GB sd infected it's impossible to take with sony cybershot my important video the april 10Th:"database error" infected by badrabbit, thanks...
  7. Yes, I tried that multiple times in past, yesterday included. Tried it now, tried also downloading new EOS and it still doesnt work, same thing happens again 😕 ESETOnlineScanner.zip I uploaded the folder here. I do not even have any subfolders there.
  8. Thank you very much for the files, they helped a lot. Please erase the entire content with the subfolders "c:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\ESET\ESETOnlineScanner" and afterwards start the new EOS v3.3.3. It should work as it was started first time on an empty PC. If not, please send again the above mentioned folder content - with newly created EOS data.
  9. As of Internet protection module 1395, this won't be true any more.
  10. Please enable advanced protocol filtering logging in the advanced setup -> tools -> diagnostics, start logging with Wireshark, reproduce the problem, disable logging and then collect logs with ESET Log Collector. Then disable protocol filtering, start logging with Wireshark, reproduce the same steps and then stop logging. Upload logs from each step in separate archives here.
  11. When you click on the switcher there is a dialog where you choose if you want to pause it for some time this way it should always get to Snoozed state. Only way how to get Defender to kick in is if you uncheck Enable Real-time file system protection in Advanced setup. Either way if one of those actions is reflected in Windows Security Center UI, there might be a possible workaround around this error.
  12. Same version on both machines. They received the update simultaneously in all cases except in this one. I am uploading the log here too. I uploaded on a similar thread by mistake. eis_logs.zip
  13. I resolved my issue. I configured from this page: https://help.eset.com/ems_linux/4/en-US/setting_esets_postfix.html and I just had my content filter wrong. Thanks
  14. I've searched high and low on how to disable the footer message that is automatically attached to each incoming mail, ie: __________ Information from ESET Mail Security, version of virus signature database 21103 (20200402) __________ The message was checked by ESET Mail Security. hxxp://www.eset.com I've dug through the policies, local config, google etc. Please help...
  15. Yesterday
  16. Hi, I've noticed that Nod32 modifies our Javascript resources and appends some garbage characters to the end (see attached screenshot) which causes Javascript syntax error and our web app does not start because of it. The resource could be downloaded from https://web-board.budgetbakers.com/3.board-669dedc0633412a24830.js but the link might be broken on next release so I've attached the file as well. Nod32 does not warn about some threat, if I submit the file manually it passeess the test. We have also web app on https://web.budgetbakers.com and some test environment domains but the issue is only on the production domain https://web-board.budgetbakers.com. The issue has random behavior on different releases (different Javascript bundles), sometimes it works fine, affected module changes and the garbage changes. Whitelisting our domain does not work. I have to pause Internet protection to make our web app work but it is unacceptable. So what's wrong and how to fix it? Where could I report this? 3.board-669dedc0633412a24830.js.txt
  17. OK service is running, and only way to restart service (after "traceAll") is to reboot computer, I'll post most recent entries of log when server come back up. See attached part of trace log since reboot and status html in zip. NB name of domain has been replaced by "organisation" Hope the attachments help diagnose the error. regards Roga sample-trace.log status.zip
  18. Eset's certificate should have been added to FireFox's Authorities root CA store automatically:
  19. If you are referring to what is displayed when you mouse click on the lock symbol per the below screen shot, this is normal behavior. This wording indicates that Eset's certificate is intercepting SSL/TLS communication:
  20. Thanks Marcos, I notice that I have already created this value, and set it to 'true' - I can't remember when I did this, but it may have been early last year. But this problem still remains
  21. https://support.umbrella.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000669728-Configuring-Firefox-to-use-the-Windows-Certificate-Store In Firefox, type 'about:config' in the address bar If prompted, accept any warnings Right-click to create a new boolean value, and enter 'security.enterprise_roots.enabled' as the Name Set the value to 'true'
  22. I would recommend to start by checking AGENT logs, as described in connectivity troubleshooting section of help. Please also verify that AGENT service is actually running.
  23. I am finding that Firefox 74.0 64bit (& some earlier versions too), do not recognise the certificate issued by ESET & this seems to cause broken websites in, e.g. the BBC Channels & pages domain. I wondered whether others are having this problem, and whether ESET has submitted its certificates to Mozilla yet. BBC.com etc., usually hides images in particular, but also video links. I have granted the websites all the necessary permissions, but I get "Connection verified by a certificate issuer that is not recognised by Mozilla." Any ideas?
  24. No. The message "Eset Security is snoozed" in Windows Security Center is only displayed when "Pause protection" is selected via right button mouse click on the Eset desktop toolbar icon. When Eset real-time protection is disabled via: This permanently disables Eset's real-time protection causing Windows Defender to startup, register itself in Windows Security Center, and become the active real-time protection. This is per Win 10 design in the event currently installed third part AV solution malfunctions, is disabled by malware, or the like.
  25. Please provide: 1, logs collected with ESET Log Collector 2, a Procmon boot log created as per https://support.eset.com/en/kb6308-using-process-monitor-to-create-log-files
  26. Hellò , i have a problem with real time file system protection, it doesn't works, i'm unable to change the switch position on check PC in real time. After the install every things works fine, then it bercome red and i can do nothing. My PC has Win 10 home 1909 install and i have Eset internet security valid until 25/03/2021 last update 02/04/20 I have send the system report e use the assistent form from eset internet security. but at the moment nothing Anyone have an idea how to solve it? Thanks
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