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  2. Ditto here also since I never had any issues accessing the web site in IE11 using ver. 10.1.210.
  3. If you want to have v10.1 asap, download and run the installer from ESET's website. Upgrading v10.0 users to v10.1 will take some time and will probably not happen before the option to pause protection is brought back to the tray icon menu.
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  5. I have 6 licences. Some PCs are stuck at 10.0.390.0 and will not update. My main PC updated to a good 2 weeks ago and the previous version is the latest available on the eset site.
  6. Did you use the built in updater? It's often behind. The live installer is usually the best way to make sure tou have the latest version but if you use the disable option I'd wait
  7. Thanks. What caused this and do you know roughly when it will be sorted so i can let the sites admin know
  8. You can follow this issue on the Firefox Forum and likely the Blog (currently Topic 1 on 2nd link below) ... hxxp://
  9. it turned out to be Windows Defender related problem, it made computer unusable in this case, it went away when i manually disabled windows defender, but we're having multiple reports of unresponsive machines after deploying EEA, raging from 32bit windows 7 to 64bit windows 10
  10. Hi, i need some logging for firewall notifications (blocked IPs and Websites). With webcontroll i can see all logs on ERAS but firewall logs / activities do not reach the ERAS. (local i see the log entries correct) I activate "log" for the blogged sites. But no sending to ERAS I want to use the "firewall threat" reports on ERAS. The Agent is configured: Report non-ESET-installed applications, Report network firewall issues is active Trace log verbosity = warning) HSW
  11. Hi Marcus - just found another copy of my original file and managed to get Eset to ignore the path it was in so I could zip it up. Sent via PM as originally requested. Hopefully you can now tell me for sure it's a false positive!
  12. Hi, you can use Ignored lists to exclude some (irrelevant) information from classification. This is useful in more cases, e.g.: False positive - If you receive email from some provider that got to cloud blacklist, all email from this provider will be marked as spam. You can add IP/domain to ignored list to ignore this piece of information but still evaluate antispam. Exclude IP addresses of servers that are part of your infrastructure. IP address of your server may become whitelisted causing all mail coming from this server marked as ham. * we will fix the KB article
  13. Hi Marcos I have tried for one server, it appears to be working for it. When the opportunity arises I will restart more. Since there are production servers, it is difficult to do this
  14. Hello Jim, sure, so the EEA installation binaries (with AVRemover) especially for you :-) Regards, P.R.
  15. Hello Jim, the upgrade should preserve the ESET applications (current versions), but apparently there is some issue with it. The Windows upgrade logs would help us to look into it. Regards, P.R.
  16. Hello guys, the issue has been identified as a bug on our side, will be fixed in Internet protection module, expected version 1307. thank you once again for the report. Regards, P.R.
  17. hello MartinK, thank you for help. finnaly success migrate ova 6.4 to 6.5 here what i do: 1. deploy era 6.5 ova 2. pull database from era 6.4 ova 3. configure era appliance 6.5 ova, just setup the password. 4. and finallly, here the result.
  18. I wonder why they didn't update me to the latest build.
  19. I figured it out and got Eset on my laptop. I had all of the information from my purchase. Thank you for your help.
  20. I'm pretty sure the issue started in the 10.1.x release I recently did a reinstall and 10.390.0 installed. I don't remember how long it took but Eset automatically updated to the latest release.
  21. I'm using Chrome and got the 'untrusted' certificate warning (it expired yesterday) when trying to logon to Outlook (Hotmail) account. Before clicking on "Block", I clicked on the "Remember action for this certificate" radio button. Of course, now I can't logon to Outlook! (duh!) I there any way to reverse this decision (Remember Blocking)? I'd like to be able to check my email. Thanks. \km
  22. V9 users will receive the mentioned module soon. I'd recommend downloading the ESET installer from and installing it over v9. In case of any issues, uninstall v10 and install it from scratch.
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  24. Hello Marcos, Yes, I still have the problem. After you mention a new release: ESET shows me that my installed version 9.0.408.0 is up to date. I still don't know what to do.
  25. ESET does not use the string "saturation computer" so I'm not sure where you see it. Many legitimate applications utilize ICMP in a non-standard way to send some data so it might not have been an actual attack that was detected and the problems with emails are likely caused by something else.
  26. Microsoft has recently had a problem with expired certificated used for OCSP response. Allegedly they have already fixed it. Are you still having issues? In the mean time, we have also released version 1010 of the Cryptographic protocol support module for v10 users which falls back to CRL if certificate validation via OCSP fails.
  27. Can someone please help? I don't know what to do. I tried to sign in my Hotmail account (like always). First I got this message: An application on this computer is trying to communicate over a channel with an untrusted certificate Then I did install the certificate (now valid until 2018) but now I get this message: Corrupted Content Error - The site at has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired. The page you are trying to view cannot be shown be shown because an error in the data transmission was detected. Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem
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