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  2. Just tried it with and with /en and still the same problem.
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  4. Have you heard anything back about this?
  5. I get the same error in IE11. I just used the Geocerts web site to validate my bank web site and it had no problems with certificate pining. Appears there is interestingly, an issue with Eset SSL protocol scanning ignoring its own web site although it uses an EV certificate - or worse - there is a problem with certificate pinning on the Eset web site. BTW - the root cert. the Eset web site uses is issued by Thawte Primary Root CA - G3 and has nothing to do with the Eset root cert. used for SSL protocol scanning. -EDIT- Figured it out. When you connect to Eset, you connect to a country specific domain name. For me it's So, is not a valid URL.
  6. Hallo Marcos I hav install ESS v 9, this works fine for me, thanks for helping.
  7. up, no one can help??
  8. Also found this using Geocerts SSL Checker by adding into the box and pressing check SSL Certificate Chain Complete? A valid Root CA Certificate could not be located, the certificate will likely display browser warnings. Is this a problem or nothing to worry about. Certainly having browser problems.
  9. I still have a locking problem on startup of Ubuntu 16.04.2 with ESET NOD32 for LINUX
  10. You can theoretically create also "allow" rules in ESET Endpoint Security WebControl, but the rules should have logging severity set to "Warning". The create a report template in ESET Remote Administrator. Please note that web control creates excessive ammounts of data that could affect server performance, so it is not recommended during longer time frames (or shorter database cleanups should be used). How large is your network?
  11. Each of the rules you want to see in the Remote Administrator console needs to have logging severity set to "warning". Then you can create a ner report template using "webcontrol" symbols in the selection dislog when sdding new columns on the report template.
  12. Hi, I want know Ubuntu Desktop and server agent link and installation procedure of eset application. Manikandan
  13. I'll wait until the year 2060 for Malwarebytes v25 before i think of using my lifetime licence again!
  14. You can maybe use the lifetime license on previous versions. Looks like they are trying to fix the issues anyways. I didn't think they had any lifetime licenses left.
  15. In the main ESET gui, navigate to Setup -> Network -> Troubleshooting wizard.
  16. It's required for Anti-Theft to locate your phone in case it goes missing.
  17. Hi, IMHO Malwarebytes v3 is the absolute antithesis of ESET Smart Security. Whilst ESET SS is one of (if not the) lightest security products around, MB v3 is a severe memory/system resources hog, is full of bugs galore and feels like you're using a product from the 1980's. As an example, my Thinkpad X220 notebook with intel i7 processor, running with Win 7 64 bit and 16gb ram only uses ~ 60mb of system memory for ESET SS yet when i installed the bloatware known as Malwarebytes v3.05 it used ~300mb of system memory, made my notebook fan spin almost constantly and worst of all, was making my notebook battery last less than 5 hours when i got at least 6 hrs with no MB bloatware installed. On the plus side, I didn't find any conflicting issues between the 2 softwares but I removed MB v3.05 almost immediately. The other day i re-installed MB v3.06 of MB and the same performance issues were still there and when i asked the forum mods why they aren't fixed in v3.06 i was told MB has always worked this way!!! Needless to say I won't be going back to MB v3 anytime soon even though I was foolish enough to buy a lifetime licence on ebay....
  18. I've updated to the Beta however the last few days I didn't notice any issues although the issues with parts of it's protection turning off seemed to happen at random. So far so good though. It feels like version 3 came out of Beta too soon as it's been very buggy. However as a lifetime license user I'm happy that they are still honouring the lifetime license and that the lifetime license includes the ransomware and exploit stuff as previously you had to pay for the exploit stuff separately. I thought I was probably going to have to pay extra for it so was quite surprised.
  19. I revied app permisions today and saw that eset software have access to localisation. I removed that and now i can see notification about this. First question is why eset product can't work properly without localisation? And second question is how can i disable that notification in administration console?
  20. where i can download this Firewall troubleshooting wizard
  21. Does temporarily disabling the firewall make a difference? If so, I'd suggest running the Firewall troubleshooting wizard to get a list of recently blocked communications. The wizard enables you to allow particular desired communication with one or two clicks.
  22. Hello I have carried out an update of ESS v9 for ESS 10. Unfortunately, ESS 10 has no Internet access, activation and update do not function. I use Win 10 and a programme VPN with name Astrill. V ESS 9 had Internet access and ran without problems. If Somebody has a solution what has changed with ESS 10 in relation of the programme VPN. Thank you very much
  23. Currently we don't have a product for Chrome OS. Maybe in the future we will support it but no preliminary dates have been set yet.
  24. Hello Eset Team Tired of using windows, I created a vitual environment and downloaded this version of ESET antivirus for LINUX UBUNTU 16.04.2 and to my surprise the antivirus does not validate the 30 days for testing. See pictures below. Someone can help me solve this problem since the other antivirus I downloaded I did not like using them in Ubuntu 16.04.2. I Eset AV is crashing the OS at startup of Ubuntu and during navigation. thank you for your attention ! Serial. With
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  26. Looking at Chromebook as a cheap and light travel device. Google says virus protection is embedded but not much more information. Will ESET ever release a Chromebook product?
  27. I use EEK from time to time over the past 3-4 years (it's always on my desktop and gets updated) and I have never seen the screen you show
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