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    There is no such thing as a free lunch...there is always a price to pay. Regards, Tom
  5. Release Date: April 11, 2019 ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security version 7.1.2045.5 have been released and are available for download. Changelog Version 7.1.2045.X Added: Audit log Added: Security report Added: Custom repository server Added: Windows 10 Redstone 6 (19H1) compatibility Added: ESMC 7.0 compatibility Changed: PUA communication and term use throughout product (“Threat” has been replaced with “Detection” when PUA is detected) Changed: Product is Micro PCU "ready" (Program Component Update) Improved: Application notifications and statuses Improved: Optimized Real-time file system protection module Improved: Product update guidance Improved: Notifications of license expiration Improved: Licensing backend Fixed: Slow performance when cleaning archives with several hundreds of infected files Fixed: Changes to local lists in Override mode can become lost and replaced by ESMC policy rules Fixed: Override mode duration between version 7.0 and 7.1 Support Resources ESET provides support in the form of User Guides, fully localized application and online help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support. Deploy or upgrade ESET endpoint products using ESET Security Management Center (7.x) ESET endpoint products Online Help contains comprehensive reference information for system settings, configurations, installation scenarios and more. ESET Endpoint Security Online Help (user guide) ESET Endpoint Antivirus Online Help (user guide) Visit www.eset.com/us/support/contact/ to email ESET Technical Support
  6. I will also add, what Filtering mode do you have the HIPS set at? If its set to Auto(default) or Smart mode, what @Marcos posted is applicable; the HIPS should not be blocking anything in the directory you posted. If on the other hand the HIPS Filtering mode is set to Policy or Interactive mode, that's an entirely different issue.
  7. peteyt


    Oh some are probably okay but theres risks with a lot of them
  8. As already mentioned by TomFace, this forum is not a means for reporting blocks. Please read instructions how to report it to ESET. In your case, you should contact ESET Adaox and legalize selling of ESET products. Having said that, we'll draw this topic to a close.
  9. EDTD is not intended to recognize / block spam but malicious files in attachment or on a disk when speaking about ESET Mail Security products.
  10. You may want to review https://forum.eset.com/howtopost/ it has helpful information for what you are requesting.
  11. So, with EndPoint AntiVirus (not Mail Security for Exchange) installed and the ESET Dynamic Threat Defense enabled, even EDTD does not have the capability to prevent the this type of spam emails (screenshot examples) arrive into the Microsoft Outlook Inbox. I guess ESET cannot do anything in this case cause this is purely related to the sender who pretends to be someone legit and as long as there's no attachment in the spam/suspicious email, ESET product(s) won't be useful in this situation?
  12. Hello Sometime ago, my site was blocked by nod32 antivirus software because of a virus and security problems and users could not login to my site. But how many days have I cleared my site from all security and virus issues and now it has no security or viral issues? I posted this message on my site to block my site and they told me that I should email samples@eset.com to send my request and I have sent a message but after a few weeks this Email has not given any answers to me, please check out and guide me further. Thanks In the following, I will send you the image of your site blocking type. My Site Address: www.padra-tec.ir www.padra-tec.ir.rar
  13. Ferdin


    I can't agree with thoughts about free VPN, because have a successful experience in using such software. Of course, There are plenty of VPN solutions in the market nowadays and you have to look for the best one. I have chosen VeePN after some research and reading few reviews and I am totally satisfied with its quality. It covers all my needs in this field.
  14. Let's back up to this posting. I don't know how good McAfee is at detecting UEFI/BIOS malware. However, I do know Eset's AV scanner can detect the same. I suggest you uninstall McAfee. Reboot and install either NOD32 or Eset Internet Security in 30 day trial mode. Either one as part of the installation process with run an in-depth scan on all connected SDDs/HDDs; see below screen shot. This in-depth scan will include an UEFI/BIOS scan. Ref.: https://www.eset.com/int/home/free-trial/
  15. If you are really worried , you could flash your BIOS again with the latest BIOS update from ASUS , Format your PC and reinstall your Windows and see if there is any differences .
  16. Hi, Peter I also want to test the beta. We have a couple of Linux and unix environments to test on it. Regards Tom
  17. The license appears to be ok and I don't see any reason why you wouldn't have received your registration email. Anyways, I've re-sent it to your Gmail address. You could have also retrieved it through the form https://www.eset.com/int/support/lost-license/.
  18. im not paranoid I'm simply running out of ideas after resending to asus warranty twice the Motherboard.
  19. Hello GamblerK123. I believe you are referring to the Password settings in the ESET program (protecting your ESET Security settings...not the Password Manager in ESSP). I have had issues with the reset PW process in the past (see https://forum.eset.com/topic/18898-eis-password-protect/ ) If the process Marcos detailed doesn't work and you run into the same issues that I did, you can use the uninstaller tool (see https://support.eset.com/kb2289/ ) in safe mode. That will remove ESET and it's associated password. In my situation, that was the solution that ESET Support NA advised to use. I eventually was able to enter a new PW and all seems fine now. Regards, Tom
  20. Hi J.J, I try your configuration and it is working well. Thanks for your help. Axel
  21. Again if Sakri is not responding to your inquiries about this, you need to contact Technobind about the issue. As I posted above, it appears Technobind is Eset's authorized distributor for India. If Technobind informs you that Sakri is not affiliated with them in any way, then Sakri is the only source that can resolve this issue. If Sakri refuses to resolve the issue directly or indirectly by not responding to your inquires, it appears you have been a victim of a fraudulent purchase.
  22. To start off, please gather logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here. Only ESET staff will have access to it.
  23. Are you referring to the EsetUninstaller utility? If so, did you run in Windows Safe Mode? Do you have any other third party AV software installed; Avast, AVG, etc..? If so those should be uninstalled and their respective clean up utility run.
  24. Hello, I just found a clue, I did an ERA Server restart and after that the Tomcat7 service wont came up. I found that a newer version of java was installed with the windows updates and the path was changed. I changed the path to the Tomcat7 properties. After that the Tomcat7 service came up and the ERA agent installation was working again. I don't know if the ERA server agent installation task requires java and If this was the reason for not starting. Thanks, Peter
  25. Please carry on as follows: 1, Click Restore password 2, Enter your license registration email and click "Send code": 3, Check your email and copy the verification code: 4, Paste the verification code in the program. Also set a new password or leave it blank to remove password protection. Click Verify: 5, The password will be changed or removed:
  26. i received an email saying "payment success and I will receive an email with product activation code within 48 hours" but now it is 3 days and i am not seeing any email in my inbox and now I thinking i have wasted my money
  27. We are working with eShell, And afaik it can be done only domain by domain (last time I asked), Is there an option to import a list via eShell? "C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\eshell.exe" server as filtering add APPROVED-SENDERS domain.com
  28. But it's not that much recommended to disable AppArmor/SELinux , is that right?
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