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  1. Awesome, I think those reports would actually cover what we need. If something comes up in what we need to see in reports, I'll come back and let you know. Thank you
  2. Are there ways I could have more visibility of these machines with EFDE in the console?
  3. Mr.Gains

    EFDE Policy

    In the EFDE policy we have total recovery password uses, and the recovery password reset when it reaches a number of uses left. The issue I see with this is that the user can reuse the same recovery password until they reach the auto-generate new password in policy, could we have this to where it could generate a new password after a number of use? For example in policy there's 20 recovery password uses, and it'll auto-generate a new recovery after every 2 recovery password used, and it'll warn the user when there's 4 total recovery password uses available before recovery data needs to be done. Another thing in entering incorrect password at the EFDE login screen, sometimes I get more attempts than I'm allowed and/or system reboot after 3 times. I'm thinking there's a bug in the password attempts, but it would nice for users to see how many more attempts until the current password is disabled. Thanks,
  4. I'm not sure if these things are in the works, but there's not really any visibility on EFDE in ESMC. Could we have some way of monitoring these clients with EFDE in the dashboard/reports such as password uses left on each machine, general information to show during audit? Thanks,
  5. I'm looking to perform a server migration using same IP (https://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/migrated_database_same_ip.html) while upgrading the server OS and ESMC version from 7.1 to the latest 7.2 . The current ESMC is on CentOS 7, and I was wondering if there's any issues if I go CentOS 8? Keep the ODBC driver v5.3.10 and MySQL v5.7, and is there any other recommendations? This is my first time performing this task.
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