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  1. I just wanted to say that I've upgraded my clients from EEA 7.0.2100.4 to EEA 7.1.2045.5 by pushing out the .msi file that I downloaded from https://www.eset.com/ie/download-business/ and I didn't have any problems. Each upgrade took about 2 minutes. I didn't have to update EMA since v7.0.577.0 was already installed.
  2. @Palps, Thank you for sharing this information. In my case, I already had HIPS disabled in the client policy and I had the application status disabled as well. I'm not sure why using the Security Management Center Components Upgrade task was still hit and miss. As @tmuster2k pointed out, I got all my clients updated by downloading the .msi files for EEA and ERA and then using my patch management software to deploy. At least it is working for you though and you are able to get your clients updated. Thanks again for the information!
  3. @tmuster2k I downloaded the agent and antivirus .msi files from ESET's website and I first tried to deploy the agent through my patch management software and it failed. I looked at the log file and I had several of these messages with a different .exe listed. So I tried deploying the .msi for the antivirus and it worked. I then tried the agent .msi again and it worked! Thank you for the suggestion! From now on, I'll use an AIO installer for new installs and then just download the .msi for upgrades. Thank you again!! Info 1603. The file C:\Program Files\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\ERAAgent.exe is being held in use by the following process: Name: ERAAgent, Id: 3176, Window Title: '(not determined yet)'. Close that application and retry.
  4. Hello. I had the log file previously attached but I did not hear anything back from MartinK, so I removed it. I re-attached the log file from an AIO upgrade package that I created in ESMC. I'm also using an AIO package to do an upgrade instead of creating a client task because when I use ESMC to upgrade, I first have to wait for the client to communicate with the server to receive the task and when it does, it just seems to take forever to start the upgrade and finish. When I create an AIO upgrade file, I can deploy it and know it is running immediately. This works better in my environment because I have a specific installation window on some devices and I can't be waiting for the client to communicate back to ESMC to get the upgrade task and then continue to wait for it to start and finish. According to this KB article, I should be able to create an AIO upgrade installation package and deploy it silently, which is what I'm trying to do. I know in the past, I've created AIO packages to do minor upgrades to EEA v6 and it worked fine. https://support.eset.com/kb6820/#Silent_Install As far as the AIO upgrade package goes, I've created it with agent and security product configurations and without any but it still fails at the same step. liveinstaller_20190313120600_eraa.log
  5. I've tried additional troubleshooting with very inconsistent results. If I remove the setup password from EEA, it sometimes upgrades, but most of the time, it fails. The only thing that seems to work is uninstalling the old product manually and then my AIO package installs without any problems. Even that has issues because the uninstall for EEA sometimes hangs and I have to kill the ekrn.exe process for the uninstall to finish. I've reached out to ESET support and they suggested that try I try the Remote Deployment Tool but that doesn't work either. It shows that the upgrade is complete but when I check the system, it is still on v6. I keep being told to use ESMC to do the upgrade but when an ESET tech tried to do an upgrade yesterday, it never finished. I waited for over an hour but nothing happened so I deleted the task. Why is it that nobody from ESET can tell me why I can't use AIO packages or their Remote Deployment Tool to do these upgrades? I think when my license expires next year, I'm moving to a different A/V product.
  6. There were several log files in %temp%\eset\ so I grabbed the largest one. Before I started the install, I cleared out the entire directory so the log file should only have one installation attempt. I'm trying to install v7.0.577.0 of the ESET Management Agent and v7.0.2100.4 of ESET Endpoint Antivirus. I created a new AIO installer package in ESMC to include the product + agent with no license, since one is already on the PC, and with an agent configuration and product configuration that I'm currently using for my v6 clients. During the install, I unchecked the option for LiveGrid and clicked the option to disable detection of potentially unwanted applications. The install failed during the agent installation. The log file that is attached is from this installation attempt. I then modified this new AIO package to not include any configurations and it failed at the same step. Let me know if you need any additional log files. Thanks!
  7. Hello. I'm trying to upgrade all of my clients that are running ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.6.2068.0 and ESET Remote Administrator Agent 6.5.522.0 using an AIO installer that I created in ESET Security Management Center. The AIO installer is configured to use ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.0.2100.4. I first tried running ESMC_Installer_x64_en_US.exe --silent --accepteula but it failed. So I ran ESMC_Installer_x64_en_US.exe and it gets to the point where it is installing the ESET Management Agent and it fails with a message that the system is infected and I should run a specialized cleaner. The error code is MSI.8257588. I found this KB article with my exact problem. However, the last post from an ESET staff member said that uninstalling the old product should not be required and disabling password protection should not be required either. I have not uninstalled the old antivirus and agent since I was hoping there is a solution that doesn't involve doing this. Is there an update as to why I can't perform an upgrade of EEA v6 to v7 without uninstalling the old version first?
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