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  1. i was about to post this , i ended up adding the intermediate certificates to the intermediate certificate store in windows works like a charm
  2. but why does it work normally on pc without eset ?
  3. What about chrome? BCE yold me chrome is the chosen browser
  4. there is nothing of value to be stolen , maximum they know the location of my trucks
  5. i can work normally without ESET , the problem is only present on computers with ESET endpoint i also have bitdefender on some computers and the website is working normally ( on chrome and firefox )
  6. under Help and support -> Details for technical support enable advanced logging -- server side ? the eset log collector on endpoint ?
  7. i added all the certificates and chain certificates but still it is not working now even firefox is blocked , my work is halted and my only solution is to remove ESET!
  8. How is it possible to download this certificate to be added for the exclusion?
  9. What about chrome? I cannot install forefox for an entire department juat cause my endpoint solution has no workaround for this It should be my decision what is blocked and what is not
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