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  1. you guys love these logs and nothing came out of it for me forget it too much work for a simple request
  2. No , i want to allow everything in my known networks
  3. i have added my subnet to the known network hoping the firewall will not block any service in it , but it blocking several services like VNC per example what did i miss ?
  4. i ended up reinstalling all users thank you
  5. hello i am trying to migrate the ESMC from one server to the second ( the first one was messed up completely as i am having issues with support ) i have the certificates and backed up the ERA.DB from sql studio , what are the steps to restore the old server data on the new ? if i used Eset remote installer and used the new server , can i replace the endpoints already installed remotely ?
  6. I have even reinstalled the server on a new 2016 vm..same issue Tried with no firewall same issue I am 99% sure it is a license issue as i can only see server endpoint version ! This is extremely unprofessional from ESET
  7. till now more than 8 days and i still dont have a solution even after reinstallation tens of logs , reinstallation , updates , etc but still the same - not was done on the database level though I need a refund for the 4 years license ASAP !
  8. hello all endpoints are still connected to the servers , per example today most show new update attached are the new logs I need urgent solution , the 3 servers have the same error and i am failing my audit - i want to solve before legal dep comes in your support replied a day ago and did not do anything yet ELC_logs.zip
  9. I removed all the proxy servers i could find in server settings and policies ..rebooted twice..same result
  10. Directly..i am able to download the meta file ( testing) Also I am.not able to see the status of my endpoints..i dont think it is internet related
  11. i did not understand , what i am having as a problem is on the eset admin server
  12. please note i have this issue on 3 different servers
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