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  1. one day .. still no reply how sad are your support ?!
  2. hello i have a vnc internal server inside my trusted zone i allowed the 2 ports 5900 and 5800 and added all my local subnets to the trusted zone but vnc is still blocked i cannot use learning mode as i am using ERA ( if i do i get hundreds of failed to add policy errors ) what should i check ?
  3. all this did not work the file was quarantined from the user's computer but it was located on another computer shared folder no restore , only upload ... and nothing worked
  4. Hello I need to install Eset endpoint security on a laptop that will be used outside the company and occasionally connects by vpn to my network what is the procedure ?!
  5. it is a regular pdf that the user quarantined by mistake there is no detection name and the location is a shared folder : \\\sharedfolder
  6. there is no restore to , the only 2 options are : delete and upload
  7. hello i have a quarantined file i am trying to restore , the restore option is greyed out but the upload is active I used several shared folders in this model : \\\sharedfolder and used the administrator account and pass ( domain\administrator ) but it keeps failing i even trying shared folders without any credentials on my nas , same .. I dont know what is the error as nothing shows in the log what to do ?!
  8. you guys love these logs and nothing came out of it for me forget it too much work for a simple request
  9. No , i want to allow everything in my known networks
  10. i have added my subnet to the known network hoping the firewall will not block any service in it , but it blocking several services like VNC per example what did i miss ?
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