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  1. Working ok for me here win 7 x64 ,same browsers /version and module
  2. It according to the event viewer log is during shutdown, i get 2 similar entries each time i reboot or shut down, other than that nothing
  3. Is this the cause of a brief delay when i restart or power off the PC ?
  4. Yes 1st thing i checked , Tried switching off, and rebooting , and then back to on, rebooting , problem unchanged
  5. Since updating to version, the splash screen no longer shows at windows start up following a system restart or power off, I have tried un /Re installing it It worked a couple of times then stopped , i tried a repair it, worked the 1st time after it re loaded everything, but following a restart it didn't work again , everything else appears to be working as intended is this a bug ?
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