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  1. It's working OK on my WIN7 pc, although there maybe a small memory leak that accumulates as my pc is always on apart from maintenance or if i'm away for a long period
  2. Yes it only would occur when i launched the steam client eset would give a notification, and also log it, in the event log in ESET GUI, but connectivity for life grid was still working, or it appeared to be in, then after steam closed it would re-establish it's self
  3. Using Pre release modules Direct Cloud communication module 1118.2 no notifications shown after opening steam client or connectivity errors in the logs, so far ,so appears this new module will resolve the issue
  4. Ok Just reproduced the issue with both logs enabled Peter Randziak has a PM with logs
  5. I shall do if i remember to enable logging 1st what logs are needed , networking?
  6. I gave it 14 mins before i cancelled the scan, and de selected the WMI option scan completed in 9 mins without issue, previous scans with WMI scanning enabled have taken 9 -10mins when working normally,
  7. If i do a advanced scan of my system drive which is a 970 NVMe ssd and i selected WMI the scan stalls during scanning this at name spaces , This is the 1st time i have had such issues So SOMETHING ESET DID BROKE This for me module updates i'm guessing Care to fix what you broke ESET?
  8. I still get this issue, it seems to be linked to the steam browser that advertises offers of games when steam is 1st loaded , if i close it soon after restores its self, and i open steam again it doesn't repeat
  9. Marcus Which logging options are relevant in the log collector, to keep the file size low just the eset related logging?
  10. It only has occurred 1 time so far, and has updated after that appearing in the logs , so i'll wait and see if it happens again,
  11. What is this Error from the update module ? Undocumented serious error (210a)
  12. When i open the steam client a short time later within 1 min i see the above error notification , Full connectivity is restored a short time after closing the application why would it do this , using the same port as eset?
  13. I restarted the eset process and it now is working, must have been a module not loading properly following an update or something like that because it had been working after the last reboot, until yesterday, also i have an odd occurrence following a reboot where my LAN driver didn't load so not internet not sure if that was eset related i just rebooted again and fixed it's self
  14. Running processes reputation (unavailable ) for all processes
  15. Yes it's detected i have excluded the c cleaner file from detection
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