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  1. Not sure if what i experienced after upgrading the last 2 or 3 EIS versions /builds, Not sure if this is any way related ,But after rebooting to complete the upgrade The LAN icon and the window's firewall where showing that i was not connected to the internet although everything appeared to be working fine, the LAN icon/and the Network & sharing centre eventually changed to the correct state this however disappeared after a few more re starts this is on a PC running Win 7,
  2. U torrent is no longer trusted by many file sharers hasn't been for several years, the older versions are more secure as well
  3. I checked the url in virus total and it's clean , hxxps://www.cinemixtv.ga virus total eset alert is this https://www.virusradar.com/en/HTML_ScrInject.B/description
  4. 1028.2 works here too outlook 2010 , I also noticed a difference in page loading times using firefox in particular when loading you tube video's there yesterday was a slight delay, that is not there today after the module was reverted to the previous working version
  5. Your suggestion above made no difference still being blocked by the filtering, the e-mail server provider i use is namesco. names.co.uk the error is, If i disable the POP3 secure ssl filtering it works without issue, Also if i drill down further in the list of applications that are filtered by ssl if i set the outlook.exe to ignore from auto it also works with the POP secure enabled in eset
  6. For some reason today EIS has started blocking communication of POP3S in the Outlook email client ,(2010) I have disabled the POP3 secure checking within the eset Gui and i can then receive and check my e-mail, again, Strange that it has just started doing this the only thing that has changed is eset modules
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