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  1. It uploads data frequently, So long at the PC is connected to the lan and powered on it If i Wireshark it I see that the PC sends and receives data via telnet but incoming port or dst port is a different port to the normal port 23 , I use a 2 box set up with the modern using hacked fw, as they are locked down by default, this enables the GUI and the operation of it's 2nd lan port (which connects to my router ) for the stats only, the main lan port of the modem connects to my router using it's dedicated, Ewan port for the internet using PPPOE It also connects to an external IP for uploading and receiving data using port 80 and another for incoming packets so although telnet is open it isn't sending or receiving data outside of my lan
  2. It has a built in scheduler and also uploads the data to a web site, there isn't a way to only accept telnet from one IP in my router, eset firewall rules are outbound for the app that does the harvesting & uploading
  3. I use telnet to communicate with my modem and harvest the stats for my internet connection and have done so for years without a problem