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  1. Since reinstalling v i have found that the in-depth scan is a lot slower than it was a few months ago, it also now pauses, the timer stops along with the file scanned count for ages after scanning memory seems to have an issue scanning the boot (bios)? although it does boot using uefi mode
  2. Including the mess that it causes should you need to uninstall it (Version needing to disarm it(hips self-protect) stop the eset service starting after a reboot, and then deleting the drivers manually from the registry, then running the uninstall tool with the nosafemode cmd to ensure all it's driver entries where removed, so the PC can boot into windows again normally, not to mention the remanents still left behind that prevent eset firewall working when it's reinstalled again, ? none of which should be happening because it should fully and cleanly uninstall without issues IMO it was very sloppy of eset
  3. I decided to ring support, who after me explaining things to them, removed eset broken version, By manually stopping eset and using a prog to delete all the necessary reg entries and then running the uninstaller tool in none safe mode and i was FREE from it, Upon installing the version the firewall module was not working, because a driver failed to instal correctly, so some more remnants of the broken version or other versions along with reg entries and then uninstalled with normal installer this time, re installed again, now working
  4. The BSOD i got both times was HDD related suggesting i ran ckdisk
  5. I think we are getting wires crossed, i was just reporting on what reg entries i see with eset still installed for comparison, I'll try uninstalling using the uninstaller tool tomorrow/later today,
  6. I have no ESETCleanersDriver at this location in the reg , but i do have a EpfwLWF driver the others are present
  7. I have tried uninstalling this .... normally and ended up with a pc that won't boot into windows even safe mode, the only thing i am able to do uninstalling from windows is to restore my pc to before i tried uninstalling it, as a result, the version has rolled back to the bugged version it does appear that eset is not unregistering this driver/service properly but deleting the actual file causing the BSOD at boot , I may try this method next just uninstall in safe mode using the eset uninstal tool hopefully that will unregister these drivers/services properly, is there any way i can check it has before restarting ? so i can confirm
  8. Just tried uninstalling again same result unbootable PC this time i used the option in the ESET menu after pressing start all programs, So i have a borked product on my machine that i cannot cleanly remove and it renders my pc unbootable, why is reset releasing such problematic software I found this on another web site :
  9. I had to use system restore to restore my PC in order for it to boot into windows again, the BSOD was saying some bs about corruption on the disk and to run chdisk,lol, i was unable to perform a start up repair due in part to it being a z170 board running win 7, no keyboard control to be able to select it, so i'm back to the unworking prior to the nonscanning version that was pushed by eset servers what i want to know is this how can i uninstall this borked version without losing the use of my PC or having to re install win7 ? BTW the PC shutdown normally before initiating a restart, so ???? and i uninstalled via the windows control panel, as i have done with previous versions I also requested a link to the version that worked why have eset removed this from their website, it's either this broken version offered or version 10/ 9
  10. Ok seeing as the version i updated to V11.1.47.0 Wasn't working correctly i thought i would completely uninstall it and start again, after uninstalling using windows uninstaller i was going to then boot into safe mode, and use the uninstaller tool but it would not boot into safe mode or normal mode, I attempted a startup repair but the z170 chipset and Win7 usb, no keyboard or mouse to be able to select and excute it, so i opted to use system restore , and it was bootable again, (blue screens signified data corruption on the HDD ?????) what is going on eset? I currently have version which is not activated, last time i do an in-place upgrade , so what i want to know is the best way of removing this non working version without rendering my pc unbootable again????????????????????????
  11. Version installed, As for the gaming mode not working, even if I tab (alt tab) out of a game stream video to my TV which is my second monitor, there is no sign of it working, previous version 11.059.9 i would see the icon change colour as well as the GUI from amber to green (normal colour) when reverting from watching a video on my pc monitor in full-screen mode, and whilst streaming to the tv it used to activate gaming mode ie turn GUI amber not doing this now, and why is it still checking for definition updates ? all that is suppost to stop when gaming mode is active, But i am unable to pin any obvvious issues with games on Eset smart mode not working, but there again i do have performance hardware so it wouldn't be as obvious to me as perhaps with someone on a budget gaming pc with lower end hardware PS , the delay that you can set in the gamer mode, didn't that used to keep gaming mode switched on after you exited the full-screen app for the lenght of time you specified?
  12. I recently discovered that Gaming mode is no longer working, the eset tray icon used to change colour when gaming mode was active, i have even set a delay and no changing of colour, and also the logging of updates and sending annon stats stops, the checking for updates in the main GUI window indicates that eset is still checking hourly for updates , i thought that gaming mode when active suppressed all alerts and checking for updates ?
  13. Firefox latest version, or Opera, if i use MS Insecure IE11 i get this error 499 Token required after it tries to open the banking protection window
  14. Is there any way of getting the PayPal login to be included in banking protection, i have manually added it but eset does not open the protected window in the browser
  15. After a restart /reboot of PC or program scans work as intended or appear to , what I was seeing is that after several hours the scan would hang in GUI sometimes continue scanning the disk, or GUI would hang and scanning would stop, the first time it was a single.exe then folders with multiple file types within them in the past 24hrs it hasn't repeated, in that it stopped but the GUI during scanning files is still buggy micro freezing ie the timer stops and briefly and then jumps to the correct duration of the scan, but the delay at the start of the scan seems to of disapeared The other thing is this if i drag and drop a folder to the scan box, the scan completes but does not list any of the files scanned and does not fully scan the folder ,where as if i use the right click, contextscan method it does list all files scanned ???