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  1. As per title, eset doesn't open the redirect banking protection tab when you visit banking sites since this Firefox update, but i can manually launch a protected Firefox browser tab input the web address into it and it loads the login page and works fine, but it no longer automatically opened the banking protection redirect tab, is this up to Mozilla to fix ?
  2. According to the article they have implemented it, but to get around it make sure the PC is not connected to the net when you install win10, and follow the offline prompts and it will give you the option to create a local account, if you already have a local account this won't change ,
  3. Are they nuts ? https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-wants-to-do-away-with-windows-10-local-accounts/
  4. Much like myself i have also avoided all ms telemetry patches and the useless MRT that likes to phone home too, MS have lost the plot IMO they no longer have any respect for what personal computer means, it means i have full control of what updates i want to install and when they are installed not some o/s interrupting me, also ms no longer is selling you an O/S it's selling you a service in win 10, at the moment for those who upgraded it's free , but they could at some points move to a subscription model
  5. I doubt they will, now that Mozilla has released a minor update that fixes this issue
  6. This was what i thought it meant and after how sneaky MS was at 1st trying to force win10 on win7 machines without the users consent, trust in MS is at a low
  7. Firefox is now loading the banking protection service again since the minor update 73.0.1 x 64 bit Win 7
  8. But why Are ESET nagging us about it, we who still use win7 know it's out of support unless we are paying for extended support and some companies are BTW , what happens if the user clicks on the stay protected box? does it link to MS upgrade to win 10 web page or does it try to initiate assimilation to the unwanted o/s , was my concern in my initial what is this about ,which still hasn't been answered, or confirmed what clicking on the stay protected box does, what is it's purpose ?
  9. It was a pop up type notification but a bit bigger , that had 2 options stay protected, or Postpone, it confused me to, i 1st thought is was a eset product upgrade nag, but it wasn't because it said WIN 7 o/s was no longer supported by Microsoft then below it had to boxes the left-hand side was blue (stay protected) and the Right-hand side was white and said postpone i used the close x in the top right corner and it disappeared , I just wondered why eset would be trying to push people into upgrading to WIN 10, what would the stay protected option do, link to the MS Win10 page or the win10 upgrade site? If i ever was going to upgrade the o/s on any pc i wouldn't be doing an in o/s upgrade clean install every time Win7 is as safe as win10 it's down to how it is used , but until M/S stops issuing patches that break more than they fix, and changes their update choices so the END user has control over what gets installled on THEIR machine i won't be going to win 10,
  10. Why is Eset nagging us about using win7 because Microsoft no longer support it? what's the options on the nag , stay protected or postpone about ?
  11. I restored mine by using the about:profiles and then selecting my older profile that was in use prior to downgrading , and then reverting to 73 again,
  12. Having the same issue win 7 x64 and ff, i downgraded to the previous version and it still didn't work,
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