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  1. It uploads data frequently, So long at the PC is connected to the lan and powered on it If i Wireshark it I see that the PC sends and receives data via telnet but incoming port or dst port is a different port to the normal port 23 , I use a 2 box set up with the modern using hacked fw, as they are locked down by default, this enables the GUI and the operation of it's 2nd lan port (which connects to my router ) for the stats only, the main lan port of the modem connects to my router using it's dedicated, Ewan port for the internet using PPPOE It also connects to an external IP for uploading and receiving data using port 80 and another for incoming packets so although telnet is open it isn't sending or receiving data outside of my lan
  2. It has a built in scheduler and also uploads the data to a web site, there isn't a way to only accept telnet from one IP in my router, eset firewall rules are outbound for the app that does the harvesting & uploading
  3. I use telnet to communicate with my modem and harvest the stats for my internet connection and have done so for years without a problem
  4. What about those who have server PC's on the one network?
  5. I would assume that Eset already detects & protects against this since wannacrypt?
  6. new ransomware Xdata in Ukraine

    Good to know
  7. xdata ransomware on a rampage in ukraine
  8. Massive Ransomware Attack

    Looks like someone has developed a tool to decrypt wannacry WannaCry has been decrypted if you follow the rules
  9. Massive Ransomware Attack

    Is there not yet a decrypter tool for users to recover their files?
  10. Did you perform an in-place upgrade from v9 to v 10 or did you uninstall v9 first and run the eset uninstall tool in safe mode, then download the offline ess v10 installer and install v10? I originally did the in-place upgrade through v9 and although everything appeared to work, it wasn't for some reason installed correctly GUI issue for me or parts missing iirc, i have included a screen grab of ESS V10 running on my W7 SP1 X64 based box Also, you do not need to install update win defender, and i certainly would not recommend downloading MS av essentials just select and hide those updates don't d/load or install them they are not needed I also run a tool that prevents win10 being downloaded and installed without your knowledge and some of the ms telemetry that they have been trying to force upon win 7 users in sneaky underhanded way even their quite useless MRT is now spying on you unless you stop the windows service it triggers or better still delete it from sys 32
  11. I recently updated from SS-V9 to V10 Whilst i haven't noticed anything too serious, apart from some amount of physical memory accumulation going on which become noticeably after several days of continuous uptime, there is a disappointing bug within the Home Network sub-menu, ie devices such as a smart TV and my router repeatedly showing amber ? and there being no issues recorded by Eset So why keep displaying a problem that doesn't exist? i have ESS V 10.0.390.0 installed on a Win7 SP1 X64 box Virus signature database: 15228 (20170409) Rapid Response module: 9829 (20170409) Update module: 1009 (20161205) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1515 (20170330) Advanced heuristics module: 1177 (20170220) Archive support module: 1261 (20170222) Cleaner module: 1132 (20170315) Anti-Stealth support module: 1108 (20170310) Firewall module: 1349.2 (20170313) ESET SysInspector module: 1266 (20161222) Translation support module: 1593 (20170323) HIPS support module: 1275 (20170327) Internet protection module: 1302 (20170316) Web content filter module: 1052 (20160620) Advanced antispam module: 5355 (20170409) Database module: 1088 (20170105) Configuration module (33): 1483.1 (20170301) LiveGrid communication module: 1022 (20160401) Specialized cleaner module: 1012 (20160405) Banking & payment protection module: 1099 (20170317) Rootkit detection and cleaning module: 1006 (20160715) Network protection module: 1407 (20170407) Router vulnerability scanner module: 1035 (20170330) Script scanner module: 1014 (20170315) Home Network Protection module: 1008 (20170207) Cryptographic protocol support module: 1016 (20170317)
  12. The silence from eset support on this issue is deafening what is the point in buying a paid security solution if the vendor doesn't fix issues like it loading around 20-30 secs after windows ect after a restart of the system, or has bugs so bad with a module like HIPS that the end user is forced to disable it in order to be able to use and enjoy using their computer , can anyone answer this question? Several years ago eset support was quite good ,but it gone down the toilet pan in recent times , now all they appear to care about is releasing a version every year , and it's this that causes these type of issues it's getting very tiresome eset
  13. Got to google and search for woody on windows or alternately you could check your installed updates within win7, or browse the link, he also is a very good source of info ,if you are wanting to aviodwin7 telemetry ect that ms use as a form of spyware but no 3rd party security vendor will even give their customers a choice to block hxxp://
  14. This problem started after the modules got updated , it has nothing to do with the o/s or programmes on it When i first installed eset it worked properly now it doesn't. Every time they release a new version it screws up older versions , even eset's gui is laggy in that you will get a delay in it opening a submenu or similar sometimes, even with HIPS disabled it comes up with the end of learning mode postpone ect ect, pop up box,??????????? it's disabled why ???