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  1. Live Grid Not Working

    Hello, ESET Knowledgebase Article # 332, "Ports and addresses required to use your ESET product with a third-party firewall" lists the fully-qualified domain names, IP addresses and ports used by ESET's software. Please make sure none of these are blocked by the other program. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  2. ESET's response to Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities

    Hello, I am building a master list of hardware, software and networking companies affected by Meltdown and Spectre in the We Live Security blog post mentioned, above. Here is a link a direct link to the table: Currently there are 62 150 vendors listed at the time of this posting editing. There's a revision history at the bottom of the blog post with each day's additions. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  3. ESET and KB4056892

    Hello, Microsoft rolls out big updates in stages, so you may have to wait a bit. You might want to check with Microsoft support to see if there are any additional prerequisites or blockers other than security software which might be affecting your deployment. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  4. How does ESET Nod 32 search for windows updates?

    Hello, I believe the information is obtained through WMI repository, which is local to the computer. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  5. Eset product compatibility with meltdown fix

    Hello, The module was released to all ESET users. As long as your clients are downloading updates they should have received it and be good to do. Here is an ESET knowledgebase article explaining how to check the versions of the various modules used in the software: Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  6. Hello, Please see the ESET's response to Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities thread for latest information. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  7. ESET and KB4056892

    Hello, I've just posted "ESET's response to Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities" so that everyone can keep track of ESET's responses. As for Microsoft's update to Windows, please keep in mind that Microsoft often rolls these out in stages. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  8. Hello, ESET released Antivirus and Antispyware module update 1533.3 yesterday (January 3, 2017, 22:45 [GMT-8]) to all customers to ensure compatibility with Microsoft's updates to the Windows operating systems. ESET is working alongside hardware and software vendors to mitigate the vulnerabilities posed by the Meltdown (CVE-2017-5753 and CVE-2017-5715) and Spectre (CVE-2017-5754) vulnerabilities. For additional information see: ESET Customer Advisory 2018-001: Spectre and Meltdown Vulnerabilities Discovered ESET Newsroom: Meltdown & Spectre: How to protect yourself from these CPU security flaws ESET Support Alert 6644: ESET can stop malware that in the future may use Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities ESET's We Live Security blog: Meltdown and Spectre CPU Vulnerabilities: What You Need to Know Please periodically check these articles as well as the ESET Security Forum for the additional information as it becomes available. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  9. A Holiday Message from ESET

    Greetings, On behalf of ESET, I’d like to wish each and every one of you holiday greetings. Whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Yule, something else, or simply best wishes, all of us wish you a joyous season and hope that 2018 brings you and your loved ones peace and prosperity in the forthcoming new year. On a more personal note, I just started my twelfth year at ESET a few weeks ago, and I have to say I am amazed at how much we've grown from being a small anti-virus company to a global security provider doing things like encryption and 2FA. One thing I'd like to think, though, is that we haven't forgotten our roots, and have continued to provide you with the high-performing protection that defines ESET. The reason for all that hard work is to protect you, our users, and I want all of you to know that we appreciate your trusting us, and that we'll continue to do our best in keeping your systems safe and secure in the weeks, months, years and decades ahead. Thank you for being a part of the ESET family. Best regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  10. Hello, You mentioned that the blue Ethernet cable goes into what sounds like a wall-mounted Ethernet jack, but also that it has a connection to a powerboard. Does the jack in the wall have a second cable coming out of it to get power from the powerboard? Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  11. Hello, Version was released a while ago, but I just noticed you had a question about UEFI and FAT32, which I'll try to explain: In a nutshell, the UEFI forum needed to select a file system for use by the EFI partition on the disk where additional files are stored (unlike BIOS, not all of the firmware has to be stored on an EEPROM; parts of it can reside on disk as well). Microsoft granted rights to the FAT32 file system for the purpose of developing and implementing EFI. I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing, though. FAT32 support is widely-understood in the industry and would be much easier to implement. Microsoft isn't the only UEFI Forum Promoter (the top level of membership) who has its own filesystem. For example, Apple has HFS, HFS+ and APFS, and IBM has HPFS, JFS, zFS (just to name a few), however all of these are more complex than FAT32 and would require far more work to implement. And that doesn't begin to account for testing, troubleshooting, system overhead, etc. It's relatively easy to repair a FAT32 partition if it is corrupt. And then there's licensing, which Microsoft was probably more than willing to provide on a royalty-free basis to the UEFI Forum. Anyways, that's my guess as to why FAT32 was selected. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  12. Hello, You mentioned that your computer is connected directly to NBN via a blue Ethernet cable. I'm guessing that NBN means Australia's National Broadband Network. Is that correct? I have seen it mentioned in the news here in the U.S., but am not tremendously familiar with it. There may be some ways to resolve this, but without having a better understanding of how things are wired together it is difficult to say for certain. So, my first question to you in order to figure out how this works is as follows: What's the blue ethernet cable plugged into at the opposite end from your Windows XP computer's Ethernet port? Does it go into some sort of device like a modem, or is just a receptacle in the wall similar to a power outlet? Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  13. Extremely New to ESET

    Hello, The "NOD32" name dates back to the Windows 95 days, when companies would add a "-32" suffix to a program to denote that it worked with 32-bit versions of Windows. This branding became so popular that for years more people recognized the NOD32 name than the ESET one, so it has stayed around. These days, though, it has lost that original meaning and there are both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of ESET NOD32 Antivirus available, as well as other programs like ESET Internet Security, ESET Smart Security Premium, etc. The 32-bit version of NOD32 will not install on a 64-bit version of Windows, or vice-versa, so you're not likely to run into any problems installing the "wrong" version of NOD32 on your computer. The ESET Knowledgebase has lots of articles about NOD32 at Also, there's a very big video library on YouTube (currently over 200). ESET is always adding more articles and videos, so be sure to check each frequently for the latest stuff. Once you have ESET NOD32 Antivirus installed, you can plug your USB flash drive into the computer. ESET NOD32 Antivirus will see it and prompt you to scan it. When it finds malware (malicious software), it will either remove it automatically or prompt you to remove it, depending upon how ESET NOD32 Antivirus was configured. If you need help over the phone, you can always contact tech support and they can walk you through the process. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  14. LiveGrid

    Hello, In addition to my colleague's excellent reply, please see the following: ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6 Online Help, ESET LiveGrid® ESET Knowledgebase Article #5552, Enable or Disable ESET LiveGrid® About ESET|Technology For the latter, specifically the sections on ESET's Cloud Malware Protection System and Reputation & Cache. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  15. Hello, Please contact ESET's Middle Eastern distributor for current status and further information: Regards, Aryeh Goretsky