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  1. It is obviously a change for marketing reasons. While I can see where they were going with the new design it just isn't very relatable. Layered protection doesn't really mean much to the majority of people. But mention AI or Android and that's instantly a lot more recognisable. I would prefer the Android over the new logo.
  2. I can confirm this and it also happened when i tried to type this reply. I had to type the message out in notepad and copy paste to get it to work. Except i can predict what is going to be typed. It is basically running through the keyboard from top to bottom. 1 to = and then qwerty etc. Turning off keyboard protection as mentioned fixes the issue.
  3. I could be wrong about this but I believe it is what Marcos means in simpler terms. Many places when you login take a fingerprint of you. Your location and likely a few other details are recorded. If the system sees you logging in from another country then it automatically sends you an email asking whether you just tried to login from another country. If it wasn't you then it advise you to change your password. So my guess is that the reason you have not received an email yet is because nobody has attempted to use your details to attempt to access your ESET account.
  4. The question is why don't you want an American license? Other countries don't get any additional benefits that I'm aware of. I've also seen that buying licenses from countries you are not residing can cause the license to not activate. You are just setting yourself up for having problems in the future.
  5. This sounds like the words subscription and automatic renewal are getting mixed up. From what you are describing this is the ability to cancel automatic renewals will be made easier. I have a subscription to Netflix I pay monthly but I don't have a subscription to my car insurance that I pay yearly. I believe this is what is confusing people.
  6. When i go to renewal ESET claims the regular price for 2 devices for 1 year is £44.90. But loyalty discount is £38.17 while just buying a new license is £34.90. So there is a special offer for renewing but it will be worse than just buying a new license.
  7. Depends on the complexity of the exploit and if the attacker chooses to share it with other attackers. But it is entirely possible for something to go undiscovered for years. I'm no expert on the matter but my understanding is this would be more likely to be a state backed finding. Which again would really only be interested in high level people.
  8. If a new virus uses the same techniques as a previous virus, then there is a good chance that it will be detected. If the people who made the virus discover a new exploit, then it wouldn't be detected. But at the same time, they are not going to waste that on attacking a random person's computer. They'll save that for attacking a high-level person's computer e.g., a politician or CEO. As once the anti-virus companies pick up on this then the exploit becomes worthless. For regular people this isn't something you will have to worry about.
  9. Is there a reason why you want to use such an old version? As Marcos pointed out it won't receive any updates. An antivirus without regular updates will be as effective as a paperweight.
  10. Why don't you just uninstall it? You are getting no benefit from leaving it installed and it will just be wasting system resources.
  11. I'm not sure it is a simple case of just telling them to stop using the name even if they wanted to. Normally it would be a legal matter and you would have the weight of the legal system behind you. But given the circumstances I doubt the legal system would go after their own people for the benefit of western countries.
  12. You don't need a fancy pc if all you want to do is test malware. You can pick up some cheap old computer off of places like eBay. The problem with virtual machines and sandboxing is that some malware can be aware that it is running within them. So it won't expose its real real intentions if it thinks it is within one of those environments. Where as having a cheap disposable pc you can see the full effect of what the malware is doing with no risk. Then you can just wipe the system when you are done with testing.
  13. If you mean could someone go to a shop and buy a wireless dongle and plug it in and it would automatically be blocked then no, You would need to apply a group policy to block USB devices that you haven't approved.
  14. ESET Home will make managing your license easier. For example if your computer dies and you buy a new one to put ESET on the new one you would either require buying a new license or contacting support to deactivate your old broken computer. With ESET home you would just login to your account and click deactivate on your old computer. Which is much quicker than having to call support to do it for you. Renew license will take you to the ESET renewal page and show you the cost to renew for another year. When I choose this method I'm offered a discount. Activate product is for when you've chosen to buy ESET from somewhere else. So you'll be prompted for the activation key that the retailer will have provided you with. Both do exactly the same thing but it is much easier to just renew with ESET directly.
  15. If you only use the laptop for banking and accessing important documents it might sound overkill but that is definitely the laptop you want the better security on. It doesn't matter if you only access it for 1 hour every month. The cost of that laptop being compromised will far outweigh the cost of an ESET License. Ideally, you should get the best you can afford for both. But at least with your other device, it will only be non-critical data and some time you would lose by reinstalling everything. But even having the lowest level ESET product should ensure that your device is fine as well.
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