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  1. I get the need to get people back online as soon as possible. But just reissuing the same routers again makes me wonder if there was more to this story than is being reported. Possibly that the ISP knew what was happening but calculated it would be cheaper to just issue new routers than make any ransom payments. What's to stop the people behind this trying again a few weeks later and bricking all the new routers again?
  2. I think you need to review your security policies. Why are you allowing users to install random pieces of software? If they require specific software then they should be requesting it. You should also remind people if their computers are found to have unauthorised software then they will face whatever punishment your company deems necessary. The same goes for computers being locked when they are not present. Your policy should require that if a user steps away from their computer then they are responsible for locking it. If the computer won't lock then they need to report it so that it can be fixed. Relying on a screensaver to lock a computer is a last line of defence. An auditor would very likely ask you why users don't lock computers themselves.
  3. You are basically being asked to confirm if what you have been told is correct. If this screen pops up every hour then uninstall ESET and wait 3 - 4 hours to see if it happens again. If it doesn't happen again you can install ESET and see if the problem shows up. If it does show up again then you have confirmed your problem is with ESET. If it doesn't show up again or appears after you've uninstalled ESET you know the problem is related to something else.
  4. This looks to me like the thunderbird profile is corrupted. You've excluded the problem being ESET. It's not a Thunderbird issue as it doesn't affect other accounts on the same computer. When you moved the profile somewhere else the error continued happening. I would back up the profile to somewhere safe. Then delete that profile from thunderbird and build it from scratch again and see if that resolves the issue. Depending on your settings for retention on the email server this will pull down your old emails again. So it should be relatively quick to go back to an old email to check if the issue still remains.
  5. It is obviously a change for marketing reasons. While I can see where they were going with the new design it just isn't very relatable. Layered protection doesn't really mean much to the majority of people. But mention AI or Android and that's instantly a lot more recognisable. I would prefer the Android over the new logo.
  6. I can confirm this and it also happened when i tried to type this reply. I had to type the message out in notepad and copy paste to get it to work. Except i can predict what is going to be typed. It is basically running through the keyboard from top to bottom. 1 to = and then qwerty etc. Turning off keyboard protection as mentioned fixes the issue.
  7. I could be wrong about this but I believe it is what Marcos means in simpler terms. Many places when you login take a fingerprint of you. Your location and likely a few other details are recorded. If the system sees you logging in from another country then it automatically sends you an email asking whether you just tried to login from another country. If it wasn't you then it advise you to change your password. So my guess is that the reason you have not received an email yet is because nobody has attempted to use your details to attempt to access your ESET account.
  8. The question is why don't you want an American license? Other countries don't get any additional benefits that I'm aware of. I've also seen that buying licenses from countries you are not residing can cause the license to not activate. You are just setting yourself up for having problems in the future.
  9. This sounds like the words subscription and automatic renewal are getting mixed up. From what you are describing this is the ability to cancel automatic renewals will be made easier. I have a subscription to Netflix I pay monthly but I don't have a subscription to my car insurance that I pay yearly. I believe this is what is confusing people.
  10. When i go to renewal ESET claims the regular price for 2 devices for 1 year is £44.90. But loyalty discount is £38.17 while just buying a new license is £34.90. So there is a special offer for renewing but it will be worse than just buying a new license.
  11. Depends on the complexity of the exploit and if the attacker chooses to share it with other attackers. But it is entirely possible for something to go undiscovered for years. I'm no expert on the matter but my understanding is this would be more likely to be a state backed finding. Which again would really only be interested in high level people.
  12. If a new virus uses the same techniques as a previous virus, then there is a good chance that it will be detected. If the people who made the virus discover a new exploit, then it wouldn't be detected. But at the same time, they are not going to waste that on attacking a random person's computer. They'll save that for attacking a high-level person's computer e.g., a politician or CEO. As once the anti-virus companies pick up on this then the exploit becomes worthless. For regular people this isn't something you will have to worry about.
  13. Is there a reason why you want to use such an old version? As Marcos pointed out it won't receive any updates. An antivirus without regular updates will be as effective as a paperweight.
  14. Why don't you just uninstall it? You are getting no benefit from leaving it installed and it will just be wasting system resources.
  15. I'm not sure it is a simple case of just telling them to stop using the name even if they wanted to. Normally it would be a legal matter and you would have the weight of the legal system behind you. But given the circumstances I doubt the legal system would go after their own people for the benefit of western countries.
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