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  1. Hallo I'm having trouble finding an expression to create dynamic groups from a computer using an offline license. Is there any info on how to create dynamic groups for offline licensing. Regards.
  2. I have problem micro update, success update use fully mode and no success update if weekly and Monthly micro update mode ( Server not found ). Any special settings for using micro updates in weekly and monthly mode? 1. Micro Update Full 2. Micro update via Weekly and Monthly regards,
  3. Thanks for respons, No we're not in the middle of deployment phase, we'd just disabling the diagnostic log, it used to be enable. Here's the capture of statics of logs received ( status.html full ) . And as you've just state, the DB size is growing rapidly , the size of the DB currently around 16GB. Regards,
  4. I have a problem like the following, I have tried to telnet ESMC port 2222 from the client side and it was successful, but for the last replication status the agent status is still error, is there a solution to solve this error? Server specifications used: Windows Server 2016 r2 Client : Windows 10 EV : ESET Endpoint Security Regards
  5. Thanks for the answer, I will try to contact ESET support.
  6. i have lost my EBA Account and i lost my backup code too. is there any other way to open my eba account ? - ESET Secure is uninstalled while refreshing the device
  7. Thank for reply I have sent the public id to DM, please check it Tq
  8. Hello, I have several Redhat servers and already use the same EFS and the same network but on this 1 server I have activation problems. Positions for the network can be accessed at httpps://edf.eset.com/edf I have a problem if the activation does not use the activation proxy failed the association, if the activation via proxy is successful, but it is not activated. Activation via command : Best regards
  9. Thanks for your answers, it can now block wifi connection.
  10. Hello, Our company want to make policy, that all PC/Laptops only allowed to connect with cable connection/LAN. is it possible for eset Endpoint Security to block someone for using wifi connection from any source, or in other words blocking wifi connection, or force to disable it, and how? Best Regards,
  11. Thank you for the answer, I have tried and succeeded in the Hobbies & Interest category for games, entertainment for Arts. regards.
  12. Hello, I want to try to block websites based on the entertainment and games category, but I can't find that category. Is that category included in another category ? The following lists the available categories : Best regards
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