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  1. hi @Nightowl @Marcos thank you for the response is there the only way is uninstall? is it possible to delete without uninstall? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello i have a problem when deleting update file, and i've been following this article for deleting https://support.eset.com/en/kb7269-error-downloading-update-file-in-eset-endpoint-security-or-eset-endpoint-antivirus-7x I've disable hips and self-defense on endpoint configuration but when I delete its showing that file is open in another program Is there a step missing for deleting update file? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello, I have an EP running on centos7 and for technical reason, the database move in another (new) machine, I backup and restore the database into that new machine. eraserver, tomcat, and database running well and i can login into EP console but when i checked trace.log it shows this Error: CDataMinersModule [Thread 7fb0d9889700]: CClientTasksAggregateDataMiner: Failed with: CSqlScanOp::GetNext(): Data types of column status are different (sql-type: 4, table-type: INT64) Is it error from database? how to fix it?
  4. Hello, I have an EP here, and i see the trace.log showing this Error: NetworkModule [Thread 7fca81585700]: Receive: NodSslWriteEncryptedData: Internal error in the underlying implementations., ResolvedIpAddress:x.x.x.x, ResolvedHostname:x.x.x.x, ResolvedPort:57112 Error: NetworkModule [Thread 7fca81585700]: Protocol failure for session id 6110, error:Receive: NodSslWriteEncryptedData: Internal error in the underlying implementations. has anyone experienced something similar? this error indicates whats wrong with the EP? thank you in advanced
  5. hello @MichalJ, thanks for your response. after a few days and we check again the problem is solved
  6. sorry, i mean unable to add any new data field table columns to a report template, either create new report template or edit existing data to add new data field
  7. hello, Has anyone experienced on the ESET Protect report template (in the data section) is missing after upgrade from ESMC? My ESET Protect running on centos is there any suggestions to troubleshot it?
  8. hello guys, is it possible block communication anydesk or teamviewer on firewall rule ESET Endpoint Security?
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