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  1. usually java problem. https://support.eset.com/en/kb6752-apache-tomcat-is-not-running-service-could-not-starthow-do-i-fix-this-problem-esmc-7x
  2. Thank you for help Marcos We want to know what kind web that user access, after that we will block it and turn off allowed policy Regards,
  3. Hello, Is there any setting so we can see web control log in client detail we have policy and can see log from report Thank you,
  4. Hello, Is there any setting in esmc so our esmc agent only report last connected and for apply policy we won't agent send threat, firewall or any logs to esmc Thank you,
  5. Hello Peter, I would like to test this linux beta version. Thank you,
  6. how different scan with amsi enable or disable is eset cannot detect windows script attact when amsi disable?
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