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  1. Hello Peter, I would like to test this linux beta version. Thank you,
  2. Hi MichalJ, I send you private message Thank you for help, Regards
  3. Thank you itman for warning me. will be careful next time Is there any tool or a way that we can scan our computer vulnerability in network without run one by one in each computer
  4. Hello, We have problem with EBA load page. We want sort device with red status in EBA, but it took so long to load. More than 20 minutes and still not load Internet connection is good How to solve this problem? Thank You,
  5. Yes Eset have that, but it must run on client computer one by one This one can check all vulnerable computer remotely https://omerez.com/eternalblues/
  6. Thank you for remind me this vulnerability and yes when i scan our network with this tools there is some pc with vulnerability status YES https://omerez.com/eternalblues/
  7. Thank you guys fo response I use wireshark, procmon, process explorer and still hard to know where is infected pc.😅 So, i decide to create folder sharing with permission for everyone then watch Eset endpoint - tools - network connection. Finally found it when there is connection to this pc use 445 port. Find that infected pc then install Eset and now our network clean again. Thanks,
  8. Hello Marcos, I send you private message fo log collector link Thank you,
  9. Hello, We have Eset Endpoint Security installed in our network. Since January 30 It detected Win32/AutoRun.Agent.UD worm from folder sharing in PC and our WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra From dashboard - Firewall threat - Top sources of firewall detected events in last 7 days. only two IP appear, its our router and our WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra Can anyone know how to solved it by know who's pc was infected and spead it to our folder share in network Thank you,
  10. We use this command to backup and restore database, no need to repair esmc https://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/db_backup.html
  11. We will try this. all i know, it will download the installer from Eset server Installer will cache in http proxy? so other client will download installer from http proxy Or all client need to connect to internet and download installer one by one
  12. Thanks Marcos, For clarify, the error came when we try upgrade agent from 6.5 to 7.1 Endpoint upgrade run perfectly with run command task. Thank you,
  13. Hello, Yesterday we upgrade era to latest esmc, server upgrade run smoothly Then we want to upgrade agent 6.x and andpoint to our 1000 and more clients First, we try software install. It failed and say try manual instalation, we dont want manual installaiton. Then we try Run Command task, the task is run but agent still not upgrade, try the task to other machine and get same result We found out in event viewer that problem Error 1921 'Service ESET Remote Administrator Agent' (EraAgentSvc) could not stopped. Verify that you have sufficient priviledges to stop system services. Computer login with local administrator account, and era agent doesn't have password How to fix this, please help Thank you,
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