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  1. Hello, Anyone know how to change webconsole url from to just type then redirect to Thank you,
  2. Thank you Marcos for mail box counting information User said they have 2000 mailbox but, because pandemi they only will buy 700 seat. I read this and found https://support.eset.com/en/kb3110-licensed-number-of-mailboxes-exceeded-for-eset-mail-security-for-ibm-domino-server "If after 42 days additional licenses have not been entered to cover the unprotected mailboxes, your Protection status will change to RED. You will receive a notification that your protection has been disabled. If you receive the notification shown below, immediately contact your sales representative to purcha
  3. Hello, What happen when we have 2000 mailbox, but only purchase ESET Mail Security for 700 seat? Will it scan all 2000 mailbox? Thank you,
  4. Hello Peter, I would like to test this linux beta version. Thank you,
  5. how different scan with amsi enable or disable is eset cannot detect windows script attact when amsi disable?
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