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  1. i have got same issue, eset block another website and get issue ssl revoke, i try exclude this website include the certificate, clear cache browser, this method not effect on me, this website stay block with ssl revoke issue.
  2. any update about this issue, i got same problem on version 8.1.2209.0 ESET PROTECT.
  3. Hello Sir, thanks for your hint, i appreciate this, it helps me. regards
  4. I want to forward access to the MDC/MDM server so that it can be accessed on a public network, I found a problem when I continue to access the MDC/MDM enrolment using HAproxy or Nginx. while in some services the same or similar can be done with these tools, does the MDM/MDC server allow continued access using the HAproxy or Nginx tools and represent SSL with these tools? and if possible, is there a clue to be able to forward access to the MDM/MDC server? sorry my bad english, thank you.
  5. hello, ok thank you sir for respons and information. regards, gwin
  6. i have using solaris os 11 on my system, i wanna ask about ESET File Security Aplication, is it a possible ESET File Security install on my solaris os system ? thank you.
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