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  1. I think that is related only to the GUI then , it's a problem it doesn't detect it with Chromium it seems that it's doing somekind of sandbox and prevents ESET from scanning what it is doing.
  2. Try to test it with EICAR and Firefox , see if it detects or it doesn't work at all in version 20
  3. Is that Security Service running in realtime in the same time with ESET ?
  4. Detects fine with Firefox 81 , but not with Chromium 85 Could be something related to AppArmor or Chromium protects it self. I'm talking about EICAR downloaded as TXT through HTTP
  5. You can activate it easily from the GUI manually it's activated automatically once you go into a full-screen application.
  6. Flickering can be resolved by disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome/Chromium settings.
  7. Most Linux distributions uses AppArmor or SELinux.
  8. Clicking Clean will have ESET clean your miner , you would need to ignore it and exclude it from detection.
  9. AppArmor prevents ESET from entering protected areas that are supposed to be accessible only by specific processes ESET didn't configure v4 to work with AppArmor , it's better that you re-configure the logs options to remove faster because it will keep generating logs , because that error will be generated every a bit , also with the cannot read from socket I believe it's safer to keep V4 blocked from accessing sensitive areas as that's is more safe that to let it access because v4 isn't being updated like it's Windows / Mac brothers.
  10. Doc/ in detections means Document in that case which is the TEXT File
  11. I am not sure but could be possible the apps are crashing because google play services has updated, Android version is quite old anyhow , try to disable real-time scanning and get Google Play Services to update and replicate the same thing see if it does make it crash or not.
  12. Probably that will help you without Firewall blocking https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10
  13. His password is probably found from some dump in the internet which post compromised websites passwords so you can check them with your email to know if your account is hacked in specific website, so which is your password is known to lists These emails will use passwords from these dumps and send you the password that was found there in order to scare you to press another link which can cause more harm , or black mail you. All you need to do is remove the email , don't open any attachments , reset your passwords and if possible secure them with 2FA.
  14. You are still protected by NOD32 AV even without the network features , but they are worth having , but still your PC have the Windows Firewall , when you install IS it will be replaced by ESET Firewall , The detections from Malwarebytes are probably some kind of toolbars or unwanted programs PUP stands for Possibly Unwanted Program if I am not mistaken.
  15. If your router is compromised then the person inside can hijack your router to redirect your browsing to his desired pages , or have some mining operation on your router or some BOT , can be several things to do after hacking a router Installing Internet Security can show you if there are some kind of attacks that is coming from inside the network , same also you can reset your router and update it to the latest version (most probably you won't find an update because router companies just don't make that much update for their routers so you buy the newer one)
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