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  1. That is very true , I still see places that run Windows XP , and Windows 7 and I believe it's easy to exploit them using metasploit.
  2. This rule that troubleshoot wizard has created , you can edit and remove the IP Address from there that will make it open from all areas to your FTP port ( I can't know what is the port ) , or for more secure access , only allow the IP addresses that should be allowed and the rest to be blocked , so you don't have some bots trying to brute-force you.
  3. Many system administrators are afraid of updates as they run customized code or some kind of software that might break with updates , or some servers have sleeping admins , or they might be lazy or have their own reasons that I don't know them , but I recommend against delaying updates This is why I like Linux , updates are sent in short time and not huge sizes , which won't take much time to update and restart , etc. security fixes are brought really fast and in small sizes , you don't need 2 hours of preparing to download the update.
  4. I am not talking about IT Personnel , for sure they should be kicked if that is the perspective , I am talking about normal home users that are not Gamers(because gamers will be forced to upgrade because of DirectX) , they won't bother to look for updates or upgrades , because all they use their computer is for that normal work/study or simple game or film.
  5. This is right , also you can limit the speed while Chrome/Firefox doesn't let you do this
  6. Download managers were useful back in the XP days when everyone had a bad internet that could get his/her download interrupted suddenly so a manager can keep it alive somehow , but I still don't like/trust these softwares especially there are no reason for them (for my usage)
  7. You can find it in the Settings of Deluge --- It's forbidden to discuss torrent websites here , nobody can give you recommendation about torrent websites in this forum , probably your post will be hidden also , you can save yourself the warning and hide it
  8. You were linked a download manager and not a torrent client Use Deluge/Qbittorrent as torrent client , and ditch download managers they are useless most of the times and can be adware more than a download manager.
  9. It's not safe to stay with Windows 7 even if you have an Internet Security product running as protection , because as Marcos said , by the time more vulnerabilities will be discovered and used against this operating system and Microsoft won't release anything for it because they have stopped the support , unless you pay for business support. I believe it's better for you to upgrade to Windows 10. , Or switch to Linux atleast you can still get updates and you can get your Ubuntu to look a bit like Windows 7. Even if you feel that your PC won't be able to run W10(It will be able) or that it's invading your privacy , etc whatever the reason is , it's safer and more stable to stay with a system that can get updated.
  10. I doubt that support for Linux will be dropped , as for endpoint v7 has been released , and a desktop version of v7 should be coming soon but I don't know exactly when
  11. Use ProtonVPN , it's good. I prefer the AV not to throw me an VPN like Kaspersky does.
  12. Try to shut them down all and try one by one enabling and see if the message will disappear Also try to clean your cache.
  13. Maybe it's one of your extensions in the browser or the browser is hijacked somehow?
  14. It would change as per activating a nod32 AV license key.
  15. If you get the APK from Google Play and have auto-update as enabled then you will have no troubles getting the latest versions , sometimes newer versions release in countries in a delayed way.
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