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  1. But as it's coming from Steam there shouldn't be any indication of cracks because it's not a pirated copy or cracked one. Augur is not active on VT , it uses the database.
  2. Support should be able to help you in this case , while you provide them some logs and they will provide back a fix through modules updates that will prevent future bsod Staying up-to-date with ESET products is important , so you can get the latest of updates/features they develope
  3. It's not a problem for me , thank you , I can wait ESET File Server updates normally if that helps. (but that is in different location , that might be using a different servers , that's why)
  4. 08/04/20 09:04:21 ESET Daemon Error updating Antivirus modules: An error occurred while downloading update files. This is the first attempt to update but got this , but till now I noticed that it's not updating because it changed color to yellow as it needs attention Never had any troubles with updates using this system and nothing changed in my network. If you need my license username I can supply it to you , but I can't find the public cd-key most probably because it's v4.
  5. Yes , I've checked the router if it's blocking ESET servers or the firewall in the linux , but no blocks are logged
  6. Use google , and try to search for un-released games , people do search for cracks/cd-keys for un-released games , so what do you expect? , same as films that are still in theaters , people search for it over the internet.. well , it's still in theater you can't find it on internet The most important part in Security is the person sitting infront of the monitor, not the AV.
  7. I can't update also, 08/04/20 11:06:25 ESET Daemon Error updating Antivirus modules: An error occurred while downloading update files. But this is the linux version , it seems that it cannot reach the servers
  8. There shouldn't be any problems with newer versions , it should bring you new features and bug fixes and more protection layers.
  9. You need to configure it manually , which Ubuntu and I think so Debian have manuals for this in AppArmor , but for me I haven't applied it , I prefer AppArmor to keep it's lock , while ESET stays and scans whatever that it can touch , but the rest to be locked by AppArmor.
  10. Reading the comments on the YouTube , you can see that most of the people believe what they see and also request another tests for another AVs If you are aware where you access and don't open suspicious files and don't go into suspicious websites , most likely your AV won't detect anything in that time unless something bad happened in your normal websites or you got yourself directed to somewhere bad , it happens sometimes. But for me I never had ESET fail me , it can fail me I know that it's possible because nothing is 100% sure , but still even if it fails me one time I don't think that I would go on hating-mode , it's ok , I can format and resurrect again. More important than AntiVirus is that the user who are sitting behind the monitor understands what he is doing on the computer. There are videos that ESET got worse while they show another AVs they got 100% like Kaspersky , but still doesn't drive me to take Kaspersky , It's still a personal choice after all , I just can't get out of my mind that Kaspersky and Norton one day slowed your computer to the maximum , even now if they claim super fast programs , I still believe in the same program that was programmed to be light in the first place.
  11. I believe it would be easier to use an extension instead of a service in your PC to filter out the ads. Like uBlock Origin for example , but it depends on your usage I don't know.
  12. If they are installed in Program Files , you can make a policy for all endpoints to block Anydesk/Teamviewer EXE in the firewall. If they have different locations on each endpoint, Block like this : *.net.anydesk.com TCP-Ports 80, 443 and 6568 ----- TeamViewer *teamviewer.com -------- You can also make web filter to block access to them or DNS access Just be careful not to block access to 80 443 for everything because that will get the endpoints with no internet , not HTTP and not HTTPS
  13. Could be ESET Augur ? , but Augur detection should come with Augur name before the detection , maybe they have corrected the FP
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