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  1. Yeah that's what I meant , and as a marketing step , it has worked on me to want to upgrade to Smart Security
  2. But I guess that's the point of why they have added it to Smart Security only , to make users upgrade to that version.
  3. I would like also to use it in Internet Security , but I believe LiveGuard step worked on me for Smart Security , I started to want to upgrade , but I would wait more time since my license is newly renewed and still have time.
  4. Try to go into Safe-Mode inside Windows and attempt to delete the same folders and see if you will get blocked or not , probably not.
  5. I wonder what you guys meaning of all of this, LiveGuard was introduced probably because there was need for 0-day protection and also Smart Security lacked something special that differs it from Internet Security The complaint here is that LiveGuard does take 1-10 minutes inorder to process what has been sent to Cloud and with that time it's blocked till it gets approved by ESET, even also as been reported that Signed files are even reported and uploaded, Let's not forget that before a while there was an article about Microsoft signing drivers which in the end was a malware LiveGuard is a kind of sandbox analysis server that is available for Smart Security products, which is normal thing for a sandbox to take time to process and analyze and send back information, there was a complaint before that LiveGrid doesn't block/prevent because it didn't have an update for a kind of file/threat , now that what LiveGuard is doing , it's blocking a file that it never seen before , which what people requested in order to prevent never seen before Ransomware files For sure a new feature , it would contain bugs and need to be fixed and optimized more and so the servers are , even if one will go and have EDTD and one endpoint for it , it would take the same amount of time for analysis And probably LiveGuard is powered by EDTD so would be same same. LiveGuard is very nice addition by ESET , it can be fixed and optimized more for sure and I believe by the time passes it's database will be bigger and better, it's still the first public version for it , but for the question to use it or not , well Internet Security is still there if answer is not.
  6. Nightowl


    Make sure your PC is able to communicate to these ports and servers listed here in order for LiveGrid to function properly : https://support.eset.com/en/kb332-ports-and-addresses-required-to-use-your-eset-product-with-a-third-party-firewall
  7. Try to do that in Safe-Mode , it should delete normally.
  8. If ESET is running in terminal mode , then it won't show any notifications , but will have them logged to ESET Protect(Center) , incase you are not using that , then the notifications will still be logged to ESET , but not coming up to users in GUI mode if it's not coming up could be because the system has multiple users https://help.eset.com/ees/7/en-US/idh_config_ui_notifications.html?idh_config_ui_notifications.html Check first link and see if you have desktop notifications disabled And if you have multiple users , check this link : https://help.eset.com/ees/7/en-US/idh_config_ui_notifications_desktop.html
  9. https://support.eset.com/en/kb3204-configure-eset-products-to-detect-or-ignore-unwanted-unsafe-and-suspicious-applications Maybe this is what you are looking for?
  10. Download the source files for your website , let ESET scan it , it should pinpoint which files are having it, can make your search easier.
  11. Yea pre-release can be given to those who selected it , so ESET can make sure that they didn't make a mistake with those updates and it worked properly , then it would go to regular update channel So they can avoid mistakes happening in the Regular Channel so they don't impact million of users around the world , they'd rather test it with pre-release before.
  12. It seems that Microsoft went for NativeZone detection name - ESET went with This is for the Trojan naming , but for the Dropper and Downloader , I just can't find the naming in ESET This is how Microsoft has named it I could be wrong so , ESET Staff can have more accurate information than me , I used Google to get the naming.
  13. For me I would wait for it to be stable for LTSB / Enterprise version , anyway Microsoft did exclude lot of processors even from Generation 7 and 8 of processors because of their requirements , not like all people will rush to stores now to buy processors just to put a Windows 11 Even though that it's feels like a theme for Windows 10 that is made by MacOS designers, I don't see a reason for upgrading. For me if Linux had a better gaming side , then I would not touch a Windows again.
  14. You are getting this type of notification before disabling because before that recently there was a threat detected and ESET is telling you because of that. , usually you would get the same message that you saw in ESET v7.
  15. That's is more better , I will delay the upgrade as long as possible, but I hope Microsoft won't force it on us.
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