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  1. Yes you should find the malicious files in Quarantine.
  2. It's related to AppArmor denying ESET to access some places.
  3. You can upload them to places like OneDrive or Google Drive or any other file hosting websites.
  4. I don't understand your question , but once your license is due to expire , you will receive an email to remind you most likely from the place that you bought the license from Also ESET Gui will send you multiple notifications about it.
  5. Could be easier if you switch that Admin user to normal windows user , then it would need your admin password for any installation , that way only the portable anydesk will be able to run.
  6. It's better to isolate the computers that have the Worm so it can stop spreading , after that you need an up-to-date antivirus that will run a deep scan for these computers so it can take the worm out Maybe in your case where you cannot update for some reason and cannot select directly from ESET Update servers , try to see what you can do with ESET Online Scanner : https://www.eset.com/us/home/online-scanner/?intcmp=intrw
  7. Should probably come but will take more time as far as I believe because server product is more sensitive than the others.
  8. What happens when you try to update your ESET? Is it set to take updates from different mirror/server? if it's set as this , try to remove that and let it update normally from ESET Servers After the update try to run a deep full scan to your computer Worms will try to spread through the network , having a firewall would help you also and it could be coming from another devices in your network.
  9. I wonder why people open RDP to all , when sometimes it's companies that do that.. and even though you are opening it to all and still using a password like Running unpatched systems that are open to all with weak passwords, that is really bad. And if it had to be open to all , some products need to be used for protection , like an IPS or some NGFW and a looooong and complicated password is also needed , I wonder what kind of logic is this Firewalls are crying in the corner..
  10. Most of the times Pico is taken for "Very Small"
  11. If you have ESET Feedback set as off then ESET shouldn't send requests for feedback from their servers ESET can read the javascript and block it from loading , I believe ESET is scanning through the browsers I don't think they will send your browsing history to the HQ office , but there is a blacklist which has to be checked whether the website you are visiting is on the list or not , to be blocked or allowed.
  12. Depending on what got updated , sometimes ESET asks for a restart but still have protection for system When ESET requests a restart , try to download an EICAR test file , it should catch it.
  13. I've tried to switch to one of these desktop environments but it makes me crazy , I reverted back to MATE and I'm getting more used for the commands , I'm using -h to get more commands because I can't find them in the documentation , sadly I cannot get this PC with Agent , so I will have to do it from terminal, but also looks nice
  14. I understand , MATE is not supported and probably those commands are made for GNOME/other supported interfaces.
  15. Hello, I have updated from v7 to v8 , but I am unable to start the GUI not from the menu and not from terminal this is what I get from terminal. error sending Activate message to application: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Process eset.eea exited with status 1 UPDATE: It's related to the gui of the system , with MATE it doesn't work , with GNOME it works fine , I tried to download missing files it could fix but it didn't , I've downloaded GNOME to the system , also it didn't work from MATE , switching to GNOME will show the GUI Any way to f
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