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  1. It got stuck once for me , and took a while to notice that I left from one PC and trying to come from another It happened with v4 Linux , but these days it didn't happen to me again.
  2. Sometimes it used to happen to me that ESET servers will take a bit of time to notice that you have uninstalled and re-installed on somewhere else , when you get to use your license you will get that it's not possible , give it some time and use the license again it will work (once the servers refresh/update).
  3. Hello , I've downloaded a zip file to my internal storage , so I want to move it to the sdcard (external storage) , I press to move and then the status stays at 0% and then I get it has failed , and I go to see the sdcard , I can see the file size of 500MB/800MB moved So I thought the card is failing or I need to do something , I formatted the card and tried to move again and then it worked , so I didn't know what was it. I tried to do it again yesterday and then , I had the same problem , I formatted the card again , and tried to move the files , and no it didn't work , so I tried to disable real-time scanning , and then I was able to move the ZIP file without any trouble Any idea?
  4. On Windows 10, Automatic Maintenance is a feature that helps to keep your computer healthy and optimized by combining and running all maintenance tasks without impacting performance or energy efficiency. Usually, the automated system optimization happens once a day when you're not actively using your device. It is the same thing that is being done by these software. You are welcome , you can just allow the application to run by excluding it from detection.
  5. Did that appear after installing / upgrading ESET? Did you do anything to the machine when these errors showed up ? like maybe Windows Update?
  6. Windows 10 can now do all of the jobs these softwares used to do when we were using XP or Vista times , like to find drivers , clean registry or whatever they do , while in the same time Microsoft recommends to never clean registry or touch it , well you can make your crazy changes while having no problems if you know what you are doing , but I believe they know their system very well Same as drivers , it's better to take them from the manufacturer website or from Windows Update.
  7. Have you received a username & password after applying the trial form?
  8. I might be mistaken , but all these software are useless and they provide headache more than they provide calmness.
  9. Are you using the admin user? If yes then try the ESET uninstaller : https://support.eset.com/en/kb2289-uninstall-eset-manually-using-the-eset-uninstaller-tool Insufficient Privileges means that you are using a non-admin user , or probably it's bugged out if you are the admin.
  10. There should be JS reference in your code that is linking to another script from another place where your detection has triggered , or it's hosted in your website which means they can access and upload files to the server You should secure the server more , so you can make sure that they cannot inject a JS again.
  11. NoScript can assist with preventing malicious JS scripts from running , replace Adblock Plus with uBlock origin since it's lighter and better and then if you'd like something that is close to NoScript then go ahead for uMatrix , most of these scripts will be denied and won't be able to work , when you use the uMatrix , most of the websites will look broken untill you allow it's scripts to run , you will get used to it but it's so much helpful.
  12. Leave the GP unconfigured , ESET should be able to close Defender and replace it.
  13. Buy through ESET , it will redirect you to a partner/shop and then you will buy it from there , online and you will receive a license key and through that key you activate your product , it's optional for you to create an account in 'my eset'
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