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  1. Leave the GP unconfigured , ESET should be able to close Defender and replace it.
  2. Buy through ESET , it will redirect you to a partner/shop and then you will buy it from there , online and you will receive a license key and through that key you activate your product , it's optional for you to create an account in 'my eset'
  3. If it's original and un-used , then it's different , Marcos will be able to help you.
  4. I believe here is a different issue it's not about that you owned the license and bought it It's about sharing it with another person which is not accepted by ESET EULA , And as IRAN is being sanctioned from all countries in the world because they are trying to build a nuclear energy as the same as other countries in the world , it's all politics here , but nevermind. I believe the server recognizes that the license is running in different countries and blocks the weird one , I believe his best bet is to buy from Middle East ESET website.
  5. That's some nice souvenir here , corrupted souvenir
  6. Web filtering if it's possible (Categories based blocking) Application Control RDP Users overview (Logs of connections and status)
  7. Do you get a specific error message when you try to access your university website?
  8. Make sure your router is safe , and your LAN network is also safe (meaning that devices are up-to-date and not infected) , scan your PC with ESET to make sure you don't have anything hidden in your PC Other than that you should be fine.
  9. If you had a green checkmark after the update , then I believe the update was run successfuly , why do you think it didn't update? because it didn't restart? it could be an already updated version obtained from ESET servers when you've downloaded it and you only took small signature update.
  10. ESET Nod32 V4 doesn't include a firewall , you can use it as a scanner and then use ufw along with it But V4 is a legacy product and have some troubles with AppArmor but it should work fine , but it cannot access some areas because AppArmor denies access. There should be a v7 coming to consumer products , but I don't know how much time that will take , v7 is already available for endpoint , but sadly for me it failed to run I'm still with v4 , same as you described with ufw.
  11. That's a smart kid you have , it's quite a good thing , he is cheating your security measures , another version of you. You can lock the software with an AppLocker , but that won't prevent him from booting to safe mode again and remove it , you can close your bootloader/recovery , so he cannot do hard reset.
  12. Yea but he is saying that when he started the scanner , it started to download the updates and then failed to continue.
  13. I once tried python elevation exploit , it worked so fine , no alerts from Windows / Windows Defender / ESET An elevation exploit can do much damage , but how so can these AVs detect them if they are not doing anything malicious yet. And it seems that AVs have problems with Python scripts and Archieve softwares most probably as you said before because AVs designate them as SAFE
  14. Try to switch the Suspicious to Balanced or Cautios again Was your computer without internet connection when these detections has occured?
  15. That seems to be different than Archive WinZIP , I don't trust these software where they just look for drivers and download for you, Microsoft update can do the same , and for GPU , from the control panel of your GPU , you can update your drivers from there also. If I were you I would just get rid of that software.
  16. I believe so too changing the machine learning and real-time protection settings might help in your case Still so , Windows 7 should be evaded by now.
  17. Sometimes failures happen you know , it could be by any software that includes or excludes ESET it doesn't matter , all devices have a life-time , so they will fail eventually one day, if not then the companies will close. ESET can't help without specific logs that needed by them which I don't know what specifically , but they can't say that their software destroyed your SSD because many other users use the same SSD as yours and doesn't experience the same experience as yours. If they don't have evidence , they won't look at it , all companies are the same.
  18. The installer or the GUI won't tell that it's a trial version , but it will warn you that it will expire soon but it might be the license issued to it , is a trial one , once activated , it starts counting , 30 days.
  19. The best you could do for now , is run for a deep scan and check if there are any kind of malicious software or un-needed software that might cause this confusion
  20. I am trying to find 2FA in the forum but I can't find it , it is not enabled right? Is it possible to enable it for usage? so we can secure accounts more.
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