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  1. Even if you find a cracked Antivirus which will work , just don't use it , since it was possible to reverse engineer it and crack the activation method , malware developers have no issue to do the same to that antivirus to bypass it. These days unlike before you won't find a cracked AVs , you will find leaked licenses which will get banned by the time when they are found , which isn't good and it's illegal. best option is to buy ESET , otherwise if you want a free alternative , there are few on Google can be found or you can stick with Windows Defender which is also free.
  2. As far as I have seen that only GNOME can show you the GUI , others can't , I am with MATE and I can't launch the GUI.
  3. Reset passwords for everything related to your ESET account , including your email address , just to make sure you are not compromised in another places.
  4. It seems that when you tried to run the command the upgrade process in your Linux was already running If it's stuck like this , try to make a restart and also the command before your last post need to be run with sudo sudo apt-get install
  5. I believe so the v8 for Home edition will be released some time , but it would have a minimal GUI , I believe by the time the GUI will be better , but I think the Business part is more important to them as mostly that where most of their customers are in the Business part , but I believe after that when the Endpoint v8 for Linux Business get a proper GUI , it will be imported to Home edition and then released to Public , but I wonder when that will happen. As I also don't use ESET Protect but I need the Linux v8
  6. I remember it a lot! and I love this NOD32 I wish I can go back to these times , I kept trying lot of AVs that time , but normally I would use Norton but that time it was so heavy that I had to move to a light AV which was NOD32 and till this day I never moved again
  7. Here you can find most of the needed information about configurations : https://help.eset.com/eis/14/en-US/?beginner.html
  8. You should have your Terminal set to Desktop folder If it started for example in the Home folder you would need to make : cd Desktop , and then after the rest of the commands the guys gave you.
  9. sudo ./eea After that click Tab , it will auto-complete it for you.
  10. And new malware variants have advanced techniques in infecting or communicating or whatever etc.. older products doesn't have protection against those type of attacks I guess v4 doesn't have a Ransomware Shield for an example. It's better to run the latest ESET that can run on Windows 7
  11. You can switch it with an open source alternative like Qbittorrent or Deluge , they have a better reputation and no PUA detection.
  12. I can't understand honestly what you mean by Transcript , but from my own experience , ESET is better than Windows Defender in lot of places , and for the false-positive scoring , ESET always score good with FPs at minimum rate , while Defender has much higher FP rate In ESET you can configure it to not touch the PUA(Possibly Unwanted Applications) , torrents and miners will be mostly detected as PUA , unless the detected miner is a malicious one(runs without the user's knowledge/permission) you can switch to an open source torrent client , which can take off the PUA detection because the open source ones won't use toolbars or other bad things.
  13. Hello , I don't work for ESET so I cannot really know these information
  14. You are right , when there is a security issue or stability issue , ESET will just force the update to all most probably , but as Marcos said , if it's a feature update it can be delayed , deferred
  15. You can combine Server Security with Windows Firewall, or this isn't in your options? As Marcos mentioned that it's not tested on Windows Server and it could possibly make problems for your Windows Server , especially the Firewall part since it's not tested on Windows Server environments.
  16. This happens when ESET takes something from Firefox's hands, so that message will show up. Are you sure Firefox blocked it and not ESET?
  17. It happened to me also , you should be prompted for an Application Modified notification , you should press Keep Rules and remember action , it's because Chrome has updated , ESET has detected that something has changed. Is your HIPS set as Smart Mode by chance? Keep the GUI of the ESET opened , close Chrome completely and re-open it , Endpoint should prompt you with a notification that Chrome.exe has changed , if you want to keep it's rules as they are or disable them. Another browsers should have no issue to access the internet , Firefox , Edge etc.. I am sorry , I typed wrong , HIPS is not responsible for it , Firewall is , there is an option of enable detection of application modification This is what preventing the Chrome from starting because it's waiting for your choice.
  18. I am not familiar that much with this website but you can manage your devices that use your license from here https://my.eset.com/ And it doesn't have to stay , you can change to another devices , but you have to remove it in order to let another device take that seat.
  19. ESET can possible quarantine/remove the whole file and also can possibly try to clean it , but mostly when files get cleaned , they will eventually break somehow if I am not mistaken , anyway I don't like to install software on my devices that request to install other things like toolbars or another free softwares etc..
  20. A potentially unwanted application (PUA) is a program that contains adware, installs toolbars, or has other unclear objectives. There are some situations where a user may feel that the benefits of a potentially unwanted application outweigh the risks. https://support.eset.com/en/kb2629-what-is-a-potentially-unwanted-application-or-potentially-unwanted-content You can switch DivX with VLC Media Player , you would get rid of those detections , VLC is safe and without adwares/toolbars.
  21. I guess you have to configuure it because as Default it would just ask for an upgrade , it won't do it automatically.
  22. Here you need to send an email/form as instructed here : https://support.eset.com/en/kb141-submit-a-virus-website-or-potential-false-positive-sample-to-the-eset-lab
  23. Happened with me a while before , I sent the file again and Checkpoint came back , I did it now again , it seems not , but should be detecting it as they are using Kaspersky AV engine Should be detected as same name as Kaspersky naming.
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