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  1. Use those instead : https://deluge-torrent.org/ https://www.qbittorrent.org/ Both are open-source and contain no toolbars and adware stuff etc...
  2. It will log to you what files has been scanned in these websites whether it's clean or not, I believe what you want is a log of what the endpoints are entering into.
  3. You could download HitmanPro as a second opinion scanner as it doesn't have a real-time protection module.
  4. Ah that's different problem then, I thought that might help in your case. Probably ESET has it's own reasons to detect it as a PUA , after that you might be able to remove these things inorder to be able to get it removed from PUA classification , but it needs ESET support to give reason for block. Usually these things are toolbars or data collection or some kind of fluffy actions the program might be coded to do.
  5. Using a VPN to go a country that is the same as his pre-paid card will get him the license and then I doubt ESET will close the license because it belongs to another country and is being used by another country , even though it's not allowed but they just won't close it , unless it's being used by hundreds.
  6. Click Advanced Download at your right area to see the version number https://www.eset.com/int/home/internet-security/download/
  7. Anyway MBAM has been scoring bad since the release of v3 , I believe their marketing way is just bad.
  8. As I've said I could have been mistaken , as I used to run MBAM alongside ESET , but once MBAM went to v3 , their engine was an AV and couldn't run alongside another AV because they would conflict trying to read at the same time , I've stopped using MBAM since v3 was released. even so their latest tests in AV-test.org was bad in comparison to another products. It was marketed as a replacement to your traditional AV , so it won't work alongside your AV.
  9. If I am not mistaken , also Malwarebytes before wasn't a real-time scanner, but maybe it had some protection from web access and that's it , and then they introduced the real-time scanner and also changed the naming to AV or beyond AV or unlike traditional AV
  10. Creating a policy is the same as configuring your endpoint locally on your computer , you just set up the settings that you want for your endpoints and can be possible to password them and deny changes and force the policy on the specified devices , and then you can apply that policy and set it for specific groups or specific computers. Adding computers , you can do that by sending a task to the computer , it will be able to do that using your AD permissions , if not then you need to do it locally somehow (like a USB device) And then the computers and groups it's all about how you want to manage your computers , each in what group.
  11. A rogue computer is just a device that is connected to the network and doesn't have ESET Agent / Endpoint installed. It is fine even if it shows you the rogue devices , it's fine , there could be an option to hide/ignore these.
  12. If he will travel to another country to obtain a license , then ESET should hire him.
  13. For RDP , It's simple you just need to add the addresses that should come to RDP port in remote addresses under Scope The rule is User Mode - Remote Desktop TCP and UDP Edit : I mean in Windows Firewall , same as for other ports/apps
  14. You need to find a gateway (store) that will accept your Mastercard If that's pre-paid money is bought as US Prepaid , you need to buy from US Store , If that's Mastercard prepaid is UK , you need to buy from UK
  15. But it is still the same as it used to be before , malware can just scan and pick all passwords that are stored in your browser , it only matters if they are encrypted and there should be a password for the decryption and to look at your password Password managers programs do that thing.
  16. That IP belongs to Cloudflare , you shouldn't see it inside your LAN network , You should check your router settings if it's all fine over there.
  17. You need to buy from a store that is the same as your Mastercard , like if your Master for example is Slovakian , you need to buy from Slovakian store , Prepaid cards will work normally as far as I know.
  18. But it is the machine learning that is triggering the detection , not the update database The way this program behaves is being triggered by AUGUR that is suspicious
  19. It is your suspicious application setting that is triggering this detection , you can add this software to exclusions if you trust it so it won't be detected anymore.
  20. Run a full system deep scan and see if ESET will detect more things or some leftovers by the EXE you have ran. Sometimes having some suspicious files you can just upload it to some places like those : https://virustotal.com/ https://hybrid-analysis.com/ https://app.any.run/
  21. Mobile Security needs some kind of permissions for Anti-Phishing to work properly , have you enabled that?
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