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  1. Peace and love to you also my friend , that's how it is in life , some can be heard and some won't , it's not like someone have something against you , but when it comes to big companies , those who will make changes or decisions are upper people that almost no one talk to them, for us as users we can give our feedback or opinion but that's the best we can get , but don't put in your heart , all shall be good
  2. If you have ESET Feedback set as off then ESET shouldn't send requests for feedback from their servers ESET can read the javascript and block it from loading , I believe ESET is scanning through the browsers I don't think they will send your browsing history to the HQ office , but there is a blacklist which has to be checked whether the website you are visiting is on the list or not , to be blocked or allowed.
  3. Depending on what got updated , sometimes ESET asks for a restart but still have protection for system When ESET requests a restart , try to download an EICAR test file , it should catch it.
  4. I've tried to switch to one of these desktop environments but it makes me crazy , I reverted back to MATE and I'm getting more used for the commands , I'm using -h to get more commands because I can't find them in the documentation , sadly I cannot get this PC with Agent , so I will have to do it from terminal, but also looks nice
  5. I understand , MATE is not supported and probably those commands are made for GNOME/other supported interfaces.
  6. Hello, I have updated from v7 to v8 , but I am unable to start the GUI not from the menu and not from terminal this is what I get from terminal. error sending Activate message to application: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Process eset.eea exited with status 1 UPDATE: It's related to the gui of the system , with MATE it doesn't work , with GNOME it works fine , I tried to download missing files it could fix but it didn't , I've downloaded GNOME to the system , also it didn't work from MATE , switching to GNOME will show the GUI Any way to f
  7. It seems that Windscribe are making changes in the folder that is in Target: , ESET doesn't like it when something touch the hosts folder/file But as Macros said looks like a legitmate action by Windscribe But make sure it's obtained from official website.
  8. These are normal detections because this is what these tools are made for Depending on the usage it can be used for bad things or good things. But the image itself is safe and won't infect you or cause you problems.
  9. Probably you have detecting unsafe applications in ESET settings enabled Kali is not malicious and can be installed in a virtual machine , but probably has detections as peteyt said and can be used in malicious way , but as a system it is not malicious. List of tools are here : https://tools.kali.org/tools-listing
  10. Compress the file(s) into a .zip or .rar archive, and password protect it with the password “infected” (without quotes). It should prevent Google from detecting it and make you able to send it.
  11. It's recommended that you apply patches to unpatched Exchange Servers. Read here for more : https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/exchange-team-blog/released-march-2021-exchange-server-security-updates/ba-p/2175901
  12. Try to disable the battery optimizer from running , most of these software are just useless and all they do is automatically force close the applications which can interrupt them which what happened to ESET. You can look from Android settings about Battery usage and then after that you can ditch the applications that will eat your battery , but an optimizer I am almost sure that they are useless.
  13. Do you have proxy settings running in Firefox? If it's ESET blocking , then it should block Edge from running or the Web Protection part was stuck with Firefox and Firefox wasn't allowed to go to internet for somereason , it might have been after an update , Firefox refreshed settings or ESET has refreshed with the newer Firefox update But to determine if it was ESET the reason , you could disable it , try again , see if it's the reason or not.
  14. I wonder what Microsoft was doing all the time since January when the exploit was first reported , do they wait till all the world start exploiting and stealing data so they will start reacting ? Or is it part of the idea to let them do so ?
  15. You are right it is a browser feature , for searching the tabs. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/google/hands-on-with-google-chromes-new-tab-search-feature-rolling-out-now/
  16. The drives in one way and the another will keep writing/reading for lot of time and then after sometime it will be big data that crossed in and out of this drive which is a normal process so is the drive dying. Also it's more recommended to use the manufacturer software when needing to see health or status But could you show a screeshot from Task Manager about ESET process to see how the usage is. Your drive can go to these speeds according to Corsair : You shouldn't worry about that usage from ESET , but if you feel that is wrong and still using a lot of what it shoul
  17. This was posted when the accident happened : https://securelist.com/dropper-in-google-play/92496/ It explains a bit of what really happened with CamScanner
  18. Try to contact ESET support through GUI or contact form or your local ESET distributor They will help you faster than here and better.
  19. I don't have permissions to view the page you are trying to view , but mostly that's why you got Error 500 or you visited at a quick time of maintenance EDIT : I mistyped the link , it should direct you to page 3 of here ESET Internet Security & ESET Smart Security Premium , that's probably was a short maintenance time when you visited.
  20. Incase the detection is coming due to a reason that the browser is hijacked , removing it completely and re-installing will probably fix it But if this detection was coming from visiting specific website , then it will come back again as soon as you visit that website.
  21. In settings I can only find for displaying notifications not preventing it to send to management server I believe Let's wait for ESET Staff he can have more information than me.
  22. Your server is being attacked on ports 443 and 80 , probably as you have said it is DMZ so it's open to all the world.
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