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  1. Hi Marcos, We've made a lot of exclusion, but since the screen connect - need to download whenever the client need the support. Once they open this site https://happen.screenconnect.com/ - from the end user they will received an email about the code then the code should be input from screensconnect then it will give them the installer of screen connect so that the technician will be able to connect to the machine. We do a lot of exclusion but it didn't work, however I'm just checking from ESET Online help about Potentially unsafe application: Source : https://help.eset.com/glossary/en-US/unwanted_application.html#:~:text=A Potentially Unsafe Application is,unwanted app outweigh the risks. I just want to make sure, if is that possible to turn off the PUA ?
  2. Hi Marcos, We Already tried that, but when we are tying that rule the DETECTION NAME is different : Screenconnect.remote.A Screenconnect.remote.C ETC And we tried the above action problem still exist.
  3. Hi ESET Team, I would like to ask how to resolve this case? Action that we have taken 1. We've tried to exclude the application from detections engine, but it didn't work- since the screen connect automatically change the HASH - once you downloaded it 2. We've tried to make an exclusion from submitted file using ESET protect and restore and exclude from quarantine- but since the hash automatically change once our client download the app. 3. we also tried to disable ssl - but there's no make any difference 4. We disable 'Potentially unsafe application and it worked - we tried some exclusion from console but it didn't work Again the hash has been changing once you downloaded it .
  4. Thank you Marcos, thank you for your response, i will share it to our client Cheers, Gil
  5. Hi ESET Team, Can you send me the part where we can see the criteria part? so we can share it to our client Cheers, Gil
  6. Hi ESET Team, I just want to ask the below question of our client : Does the Browser Privacy & Security extension scan browser add-ons/extensions? My Response : ESET scans add-ons/extensions like any other files on a disk. Note : if the extension is synchronized with the cloud account of the client and keeps reappearing in the browser then the client would have to disable the sync before removing I used the above response, since i saw it from ESET Forum, Now our client have a clarification: Client question "Good morning, Thank you for this I have found the ‘files’ that correlate with the extensions in Firefox (My main browser) at AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox. I wanted to enquire about what criteria determines whether these are a threat or not and if you could provide a few examples of extensions that have been detected and removed by ESET." Can you help us what would be the best response from his question Cheers
  7. Thank you Marcos i will forward it our client and i will let you know if he still have a question
  8. Hi ESET Team, Please give us any feedback on this scenario thank you Cheers, Gil
  9. Hi ESET Team, We handling one of support from our client, the problem has been resolved, but the our client still want to ask - for checking for your reference kindly see the attached file for your reference, this would be the email trail during the support - the issue would be 'ESET Management Agent installer, currently they are using ESET PROTECT -Onprem using a Linux environments, however when he run the agent script from the targted machine it will appear an error 'Critical error' ,he is asking about the policy - you can see the whole history of this from the attachment. New Reply Received - RE ESET Management Agent install issues.zip
  10. You can leave this case
  11. Brilliant thanks @D. Höfer | hcsystem- I can confirm i have run this now on thousands of EPs without the need to update any installers etc. Upgraded from Entry On-Prem to Entry.
  12. Hi ESET Team, Does Eset Protect cloud have option to setup SSO with Azure AD?
  13. Thank you Marcos, i will send the above information to our client Thanks for help
  14. Hi ESET Team, Thank you for your response, see the below question from our client : As per attached, I would like to know more information on what programs should be allowed through and which should not. Do you have any documentation or recommendations on how to deal with these? The example attached has internal ip’s, which I am comfortable with, however what about the external ip’s and the ip’s written as letters and numbers… are they safe because there is a 5 star rating for example? I guess more importantly, what should I definitely not allow through… any advice in this area would be very helpful. Thanks.
  15. Hi ESET Team, Can you check the below question of one our client: Can you help us what would be the best recommendation , they are using ESET Business product Cheers, Gil
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