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  1. Yes i followed your posts elsewhere and you explained this previously. That doesn't sound like a proper practice for a test, even when some readers point out that others AVs stopped the threat anyways.
  2. I agree. But the point is also that tests do not reflect the real settings most users use. They assume that everyone buys the suite and leaves it as is. This of course gives an advantage to the "Install and forget" suites over those that require manual fine tuning, often considered backward due to the lack of automation. To me the efficacy of an AV suite is proven when the software is set to it's max protection settings and tested in real life. In that respect, considering i live in a part of Asia that is rife with threats, i can't complain to date. Had i followed the tests made by others, today i'd be using something else (and i tried a top notch suite ending up very very unhappy in less than one week and the 6 months for free). PS: i went to check AV Comparatives (I check it regularly, out of curiosity) and ESET is still below standards according to them. They had a survey on and what i am suggesting is exactly the above. Test the products with all protections on and see the difference. That would make for an interesting change.
  3. Not too long ago we were here, in another thread, discussing about the previous test from this very same guy who gave ESET appalling scores with a major war of words ongoing on this place for weeks. That was when i joined the ESET family and this forum. Because while everyone was fighting based on the opinions of this guy, what i did was to download ESET, then set it up with maximum settings, including the HIPS rules which i added manually from an ESET guide and, that is my understanding, later on were added by ESET as standard in their product. The result was me leaving another product after over 15 years of non stop usage (they removed the spam protection to an extent) and buying a 3 years subscription for ESET with a special offer in my country of residence. I never had issues with the previous product. I had never issues with the current one, with only minor complaints related to small details. It might be to soon to be too positive. I don't know. However the bottom line is: Try things by yourself. Reviews are entertaining, they can be a rough guide to what you are looking for. But there is no substitute for your experience. ESET is working fine for me. I only consider their notifications an utter pain in the neck. I had to mute them. And some of their threats are not explained in the proper way. I am happy that i can change whatever i want and that i can set rules by myself if needed. It surely is not a suite for the lazy. But it is a good product, if one takes some time to learn how to use it and is not scared of asking questions. The support in the forum is overall good as well. The previous product had an appalling support. And did try many other products together with ESET. I threw all of them away. Some slowed down my PC, others had too much bloatware in them, some were oversimplified and didn't allow me to have a good control (no notifications at all in those...as opposed to ESET, with worse nightmares as you don't know what's going on underneath). Try things yourself! We'll be here in a few months with this guy giving ESET a lower score and more arguments arising, most probably.
  4. Dear Marcos, Here is mine. Sorry for the delay but things get busy here at times. It was collected on the same day then i forgot to upload it. eis_logs.zip
  5. A) My window does not resize in that way. That issue has been going on through multiple iterations of EIS. Not clear what the problem is. B) You are right on the second. I am on the move. I will post a log ASAP in this same thread. By today.
  6. Dear Marcos, Thanks for the prompt reply. A few clarifications. I clicked on the square icon (first thing one does) and nothing happened. If you noticed, I mentioned this problem also other times. I assume you'll suggest me to reinstall ESET on this. The issue showed up upon restarting the PC from suspension mode with two FF windows still open, none of which associated to compromised websites (even if I don't recall which ones but they were news related). Any session implying risky browsing is done on another separate browser, most of the times. Assuming this content was cached yesterday before suspension, i do not recall any exception to this rule. The log can't be attached because your platform only supports 100mb and the log is bigger. Furthermore, i set it up to only show the threats log rather than the full one. Please advise if you'd like to see the threat log sent through other methods. Rick
  7. As per object, I have been ranting about this since day one. The ESET popup window notifiying PUAs and threats is not resizable. As a consequence of this: - User can't see what the threat actually is - Can't see the actual path and origin of the threat (it would allow for manual inspection of folders and pages before determining what the threat is To add up - Apart from the 3 main actions suggested: - No further information or links explaining what the problem is. - In the case highlighted in the screenshot below, i couldn't find the events in the log window either. So at this point i don't know 1) What the threat was (except we know it was a script injection); 2) Where the threat originated; 3) Where it was residing; 4) How it ended up (cleaned? still present?). As i said other times, i am happy about the antivirus to date, after decades of Kaspersky. However fixing these details would surely help having a more granular control of what's going on in the machine. OR.....am i doing anything wrong? Any insights? Thanks
  8. Hi Marcos, I understand this and i do when possible. In this case, the notification started after the update. So user side, the question is whether Augur is now seeing things previous versions of ESET didn't see or whether that PUA is simply just another of those vaguely potential threats. As i said in my previous replies to other users, this creates a grey zone where the user does not know what to do. I removed uTorrent and did not install BitTorrent (also because ESET seemed to stop some part of the process, which is, again something i do not like). What ESET is missing in my opinion is a clear identification of threats as far as PUAs are concerned. Something either is a threat or it isn't. The other issue is how the window showing them is represented. Once again, the pop up window does not allow for a full visual of the threat and the path where it is located (you can't enlarge the window). Yet, ESET asks you which course of action you want to take. It is not a nice experience.
  9. I removed uTorrent just to have this stopping. As i said in my previous posts, i can't ignore a PUA if i do not have enough information on what it is doing on my machine and ESET does not help in that. I find this lack of explanatory power appalling because it generates a grey zone where the user does not know what to with all these PUAs.
  10. Now it is doing the same with my attempt to download and install Bit-Torrent
  11. Many do. Like they do with many websites, not always for good reasons. At times they do contain miners. But the problem here is not much the detection but the unbearable amount of notifications due to the lack of a simple option that does not remove the threat but rather simply mutes the specific warning. I swear it is unbearable. More in general, what i do not appreciate about this behavior is the fact that ESET is not telling me whether the threat is real or not. That would allow me to take action (remove the software or leave it and ignore). Same problem with Iobit software (Uninstaller and drive updater). It keeps notifying elements of those as PUAs without telling me whether there is a threat or not. Put simply, the data is not enough to take a decision and this forces me (and maybe other users) to keep these in a limbo. It is a problem i never had before.
  12. Both uTorrent and Hitman (the other software showing the issue) reside in user/appdata/roaming. I'll try to post a log tomorrow
  13. The reason why they do not get ignored resides in the fact that ESET does not specify whether they are threats or not and the PUA classification is not enough to make me want to ignore them. So i'd rather monitor them as they send outbound or receive inbound data. If the way ESET classifies these threats was clearer i'd have long ignored them.
  14. I have the same problem on two machines. I had to recreate the account
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