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  1. Hi Itman, Auto. If i move to interactive it drives me mad repeating the same notification hundreds of times even if i tell the app to keep the settings. This happened after the last but one update. It was all fine. I also blocked two specific IPs Wireshark and an IP check marked as unsafe, with a lot of interesting reactions. However, the issue shows also when i disable them.
  2. As per subject, ESET firewall has started to block a number of legit apps. I unblock them and the next day it's blocked again. Is this normal? I am attaching a screenshot of it on a good day. On a bad day things are worse. It also blocks firefox and several other apps which seem to work anyways but not the MS Store. Thanks,
  3. Nope. What might have happened is that i installed ESET mobile to test it, including parental control, and then removed it. In that period i was removing the old AV and experimenting. In the process i might have used different emails. At the moment, the sole one is the one i posted you with, to the best of my knowledge. But what you say makes sense. I should be safe. Things are a bit "hectic" in terms of threats here. From phone scammers, to phishing and else. So i wondered why i got that email exactly minutes after i had opened that trekking route on a Gmap link which then self-imported on my mobile and persisted. I removed it but Google never told me checking those would create a semi-permanent overlay on my personal GMAP with someone else's POIs. Thanks a lot. Rick
  4. So, i got an email from noreply@orders.eset.com telling me "I am now using Freemium" on Eset Mobile Security. Point is, my license appears in good order and expiring in 2022 as usual. What worries me is whether someone else is installing a freemium version on a cloned account. I didn't receive any such notification and i changed my password on the account connected to the mobile. The reason why i am doing this is that i imported a trekking map from a trekking article in Taiwan and all those location points from a third user now show on my GMAPs on the mobile so i am thinking, far fetched, that some exploit might be connected to it. I repeat, i had no signs of any violation whatsoever apart from ESET email telling me i am on a Freemium licence when all of my licenses expire in 2022. Any clues? Thanks in advance Rick
  5. Memory dump can't be created. What i mean by this is that the process completes but there is not a MEMORY.DMP file once it's done. Any ideas?
  6. So, as per title. The PC was doing well, i was working on another machine, i switched it off, restarted it, ESET notified me that Antiphishing was disabled and each time i tried to re-enable it i got the message "Do you want to disable it permanentlly". Then then machine slowed to a crawl for a while and all what i have on eset is Eset command line interface Eset service 15 minutes later, Eset seems to be working ok but the machine is still slow. Any clues?
  7. Hi Marcos, thanks for the insight. It looks all good and fine there and very few apps excluded from the list too. I never exclude key programs from the detection. This means AV software comes first in line, then productivity suites (Office 365 comes to mind), then connectivity (browsers and connections) and the rest, including multimedia etc. It just popped up and it was the first time. It did not help that the pop up message was showing something similar to EQUI.EXE rather than EGUI.EXE due to the fact that the text box did not show the final part of the letter "g".
  8. Yes, a few days ago and got no notification at that time. It popped up this morning.
  9. So, as per title, Is the below normal? Lots of stuff happening in Taiwan and i do not want to take chances. As usual, thanks a lot.
  10. I agree. Also, for the average user, when he clicks "Cancel" and the infected message pops up in his inbox, expect lots of queries in the tone of "Oh...the message was downloaded, am i infected now?". Addressing this in a clear, unequivocal way will actually avoid a lot of queries.
  11. Thanks for this Marcos, very insightful On this: "The downside of this is you won't know who sent the e-mail unless it is not correspondingly deleted on your e-mail provider server" That is a no go. It is important to see who is sending what. In this case, it is a shipping company i work with and their mails have always been clean (to my knowledge). This specific company is now in a blacklist. If i can't see who sends what, it is hard to adopt granular policies. I hope ESET finds a way to allow us to avoid the threat but see where it's coming from and what the threat is. Thanks a lot for your time and the very clear answer.
  12. I did not need to do anything. When the error message upon my attempt to delete the infected mail appeared, this time i clicked "Cancel" instead of "Retry". At that point, the infected message was instantly downloaded in my inbox and i could delete it. Still, it is not a very optimal process. PS: I do not even know where that option is in the AV UI. As we all know, it's quite a trip to get into all those menus and submenus so i do the job once, save the settings and reimport them on all my machines.
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