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  1. More in general, when you can't find an option inside all those menus, one thing you can do is 1) Access "Setup" 2) Click on any Tab 3) Inside the tab you decide to click on, left click on any "gear" icon and select "Configure" 4) Once inside any of those configuration windows, there is a search box (which i don't understand why ESET didn't put it in the main window to avoid all those clicks) 5) Insert any part of the definition of the setting you are looking for 6) The results found across all the menus and settings will appear.
  2. Same version on both machines. They received the update simultaneously in all cases except in this one. I am uploading the log here too. I uploaded on a similar thread by mistake. eis_logs.zip
  3. I didn't see my update either yet. One machine got it. My mobile got an update too. The other laptop saw nothing.
  4. Thanks Marcos. I clicked on the UPDATE button in EIS and got nothing. The other laptop notified me the update and it's now installed. The other machine didn't show any notification. I'll wait then. Not really urgent. Everything works really fine. Thanks Rick
  5. Good morning, I have ESET installed on 3 devices, including a mobile and 2 laptops. With focus on the laptops, one of them has received the latest update while the second machine doesn't seem to see it. Should i wait or there is a problem? I am assuming that updates might not come all together for a variety of reasons and thus i have to wait. I'd appreciate a confirmation. Thanks in advance for any help Rick
  6. That Reddit section is the same i checked into to see the suggestion to disable the SSL filtering too. As a matter of fact, disabling the SSL filtering makes things better but it doesn't solve them entirely. So i am now thinking that it might be both a problem of ESET and ISP. Any suggestion?
  7. Good morning, as per object. ESET (on old version, not latest update as i saw it only now), has taken on blocking a lot of websites with the "PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR". The only solution to date is to disable the SSL/TLS in the settings to make everything work again. The issue won't show on any other browser. Any clue on why this happens? More important, any solution to keep the filtering on and still be able to use FF? Thanks a lot. Rick
  8. Hi Itman, Thanks. As mentioned in the original message, no deferred updates or anything else. It's an already installed cumulative update. I'll check for the settings. Best Rick
  9. Fine gentlemen, One of the ESET installations on one of my machines keeps notifying Windows updates that have long been installed (i have checked and re-checked). Is there any chance to put an end to this? Thanks in advance.
  10. I think so. Last night worked for a while and this morning it was back to the usual. Thanks for the insights everyone.
  11. Yes, i get the blank gangnam style script. If I use TorBrowser instead of the usual Firefox the page opens and works regularly. Wondering whether i have been blacklisted by their firewall.
  12. Good morning, This morning i went to visit a website i check on relatively frequently and many links i clicked on displayed the download/open window attached. Eset doesn't detect anything (also because i didn't open anything) but i wonder whether this is normal. Any clues? The website is www.carscoops.com. I tried to contact them but when i click on "CONTACTS" the same window asking me to open that file appears (so happens in all other links). Thanks in advance for your advice. Rick
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