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  1. itman

    Game downloader false positive?

    What is downloaded from the link you posted is an .exe file; not any .zip file. Also Eset detects it as malicious per the below screen shot. What is most interesting is first, detection took a few seconds after download was completed. Perhaps indicative of a LiveGrid upload? Next note that the file was detected and deleted from IE11's cache and also my download directory. However, an entry still exists in the download directory but its file size is 0 bytes.
  2. Also make sure you have the HIPS "Filtering mode" set to the default setting of "Automatic" or optionally, "Smart" mode. In either of these modes, you should receive HIPS alerts "once in a blue moon" at best. I am also assuming that you haven't created any HIPS user rules?
  3. Check your Win 7 page file size. Make it 4 GB; i.e. 2 x installed memory size. See if that helps.
  4. itman

    User ID and Password

    Check your e-mail spam folder. It might have ended up in there.
  5. itman

    User ID and Password

    All this info should be contained within the e-mail Eset sent after activation. The e-mail contains: "Subject: Important Eset xxxxxxxxxx license information"
  6. Ref.: https://support.eset.com/kb141/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US
  7. Don't believe you can. Also, I believe you can't submit files to Eset for analysis directly from the Online Scanner. As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for." Ref.: https://support.eset.com/kb2915/
  8. When you installed Eset Internet Security, was it on top of your previous Smart Security installation?
  9. You can submit the file from quarantine. Per the below screen shot, right mouse click on the file and select "Submit for analysis"
  10. From the article, appear to be 100% Wi-Fi based. I assume that means anything Ethernet based is not monitored.
  11. Interesting. I had something very similar happen to me a few years back the very first time I tried to install Eset on Win 7. I believe it was Eset Smart Security ver. 8 at the time. I also was running a dual boot Win XP and Win 7 configuration at the time. So this combo for some reason in very limited install instances might be the problem. Also in my case Win XP and 7 were installed on different HDDs. The BSOD stuck in a loop business didn't manifest till the first cold boot the day or two after Eset was installed. Never could figure out what caused it. I just restored Win 7 from an drive image backup prior to the Eset installation. Then with trepidation reinstalled Eset. This issue never occurred again and I am now on Win 10 1803 and the latest ver. of Eset Internet Security.
  12. itman

    website bug?

    Are you using an ad blocker in FireFox 61?
  13. Based on what @camelia has posted recently, it appears to me that something is "borked" with her Eset default periodic scheduled update task highlighted in the below screen shot. This task is supposed to run every 60 minutes to check for Eset updates. Note that she is receiving Eset updates at boot time. This activity is controlled by a different default Eset scheduled update task also shown in the screen shot named "Automatic update after user logon." @camelia what you can do to attempt to fix this is to select the above highlighted schedule update task and then click on the "Default" tab. I believe that will set the selected task back to default values. Note I haven't ever used this option so can't vouch for what it does or its effectiveness. Another possibility is some other software that is installed; e.g. Shadow Defender, is preventing the periodic Eset scheduled update task from executing properly.
  14. As long as the PC is powered up and not in sleep mode, Eset should update in varying intervals; anywhere from 1 - 5 hours. You might want to open a support ticket with your local in country Eset support source.