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  1. No, it is not a normal thing. It means the local subnet IP addresses are not being properly assigned by the router; most likely due to a DHCPv4 server issue on the router. Also Eset Networking does not handle APIPA IP address assignment well. This is most likely why your seeing the blocked Network Wizard connections.
  2. Try to extract the URL associated with the "Learn More" tab in the alert w/o mouse clicking on it and post it in the forum.
  3. This in an English language forum. Use a web translator; e.g. https://translate.google.com/ , to convert to English prior to posting.
  4. Refer to the below screen shot as to how to disable Eset marketing messages:
  5. I assume this means Edge is your default Windows browser? Does B&PP open directly for you from Edge on a protected web site? If so, the issue then is restricted to only instances where Edge is not the Windows default browser.
  6. The key to determining the Eset Network Troubleshooter issues is the shown through use of 169.254.xxx.xxx IP address shown in the screen shot. If there is an issue with DHCPv4 initialization and resultant local network IP address assignment, Windows will default to assignment in the APIPA address range: https://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/apipa Simply put, there appears to be an issue with the DHCP server on your router. As for the rest of the blocks shown in the Network Troubleshooting screen shots, those all appear to be related to local nertwork traffic such as uPnP,
  7. The issue is with B&PP. If you try to connect to a B&PP protected web site from Edge v90, it won't open your default browser (assuming it's not Edge) in B&PP mode.
  8. Eset uses an internal whitelist to determine what financial web sites that redirect to its hardened Banking and Payment Protection web page. These are usually major banking sites and payment facilitators such as PayPal. I doubt your web site falls into these categories. What is the URL for your web site?
  9. Appears to be a prevalent Chrome issue. Of note: https://www.ionos.com/digitalguide/hosting/technical-matters/err-connection-reset/
  10. Actually, I would go one further on this. If automatic Gamer mode is switched off, the Gamer mode option would appear in Eset desktop icon option settings as was done in Eset earlier versions. -EDIT- When automatic Gamer mode is enabled, the Gamer mode option in Eset desktop icon option settings would be dimmed indicating it is not available.
  11. It might be some time till update module 1425 is released via regular update channel. As @Marcos posted if you want to receive ver. 1425 ASAP, you have to modify Eset GUI Update settings to use the pre-release update channel as noted in the below screen shot. Once this is changed, Eset will download all available pre-release modules in what will appear to be an Eset new release update.
  12. OK ....... Additional posting info. always helps with diagnosis. I haven't done a new installation if EIS in some time. It may be there is an issue with the initial scan processing.
  13. I will also add that Eset scans employ Eset's "Smart scan technology." Simply put, this means Eset will not rescan objects previously scan unless they have be modified in some way subsequent to a previous scan. This is also the reason why the initial scan after Eset installation takes so long to complete; nothing previously has been scanned. It is also critical that this initial scan fully complete to speed up further on-demand Eset scans.
  14. Your prior screen shot shows you have multiple Eset scans running at the same time. This will most likely screw up each scan running. Only run one Eset on-demand scan at a time.
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