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  1. What Detection threshold is set in ESSP for "clean", execute enable? I'm assuming a level of "Clean" and "Suspicious"? "Highly suspicious" and "Malicious" are already blocked. I think the ability to set this will come to ESSP in time, similar to setting the "Machine Learning Kernel" level.
  2. 9) Automatic whitelist rules, known programs - Edge, Chrome, office suites, etc. for HIPS and Firewall. There is too big a gap between the user's "Allow everything" and "Define everything exactly" options. It shouldn't be completely impossible to create rule sets for dozens (hundreds?) of known programs.
  3. I have very similar feelings to "itman". I see ESET's core mission as "Bringing people the best anti-malware protection we can create". And a feature like LiveGuard in my opinion is one of the "core" features of an antimalware product, just like samples, heuristics, etc. That's why I think it should have been available in the basic (and legendary) NOD32 antivirus. I understand that it's not easy to move in a global market, but you need to be fair to your customers. Originally, the Premium version offered extra features. That is, extensions beyond the basic antimalware protection. (For example: "Do you want a password manager too? Do you want encryption on top? These things degrade cybersecurity, but are not DIRECTLY related to antimalware protection.) But in this case, the primary protection feature is offered in the "premium" package. This approach creates bad feelings with me. Unfortunately, it's similar with the cancellation of the custom version of NOD32 for Linux. Again, I understand cost optimization, developer utilization, etc. But would a truncated version of Enterprise v8 for Linux, really cause ESET to move into the red numbers? Especially when it doesn't even offer a basic antivirus for free like most other vendors? Sorry for the long entry. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  4. PUA detection, firewall and more. There are many configuration options.
  5. Is it possible to do this without losing the current settings (NOD32, EIS) ? Then how to do a rollback to the license and return to the current software settings (NOD32, EIS) ?
  6. Version 15 EIS is here: https://help.eset.com/eis/15/en-US/idh_page_homenetwork_protection.html?whats_new.html
  7. Solved for me. After restarting the router works. 🙂👍
  8. Probably even RT AX-55 will be enough. Even with EIS access is not working.
  9. As Marcos said: "Of course, if there's a big demand for a Linux product from home users in the future, we would consider creating such product." That said, there is currently no plan to prepare a HOME version of NOD32 for Linux. And I'm afraid that the "big interest" of home users is probably not going to happen. For example, also judging by the weak demand here on the forum. So the only question remains, what are the alternatives?
  10. Yes, technically it would certainly be possible. The problem is that home users are no longer profitable enough for ESET. Is that good or bad? They are developing the Ver8 Business version for the sake of "keeping up with new threats", but for home users they will drop what was there as well. Are home Linux users less at risk than business users? If so, that's good. If not, it's bad.
  11. Yes, but only until the expiration of the license (and this does not apply to Multi device licenses). Is it possible to buy a new Home license? No. So from mid-2022, home users will no longer be able to use ESET on Linux.
  12. I understand the termination of v4. But is it a problem to release v8 for Home users? After all, that's how v4 : Home and Business edition worked. Why won't it be the same for v8?
  13. It's sad that ESET is abandoning home Linux users. With the discontinuation of Ver.4, the antivirus will no longer be available for home users. The question is whether this is due to the small threat to home PCs, or ESET's small profit from them. I think that if there are threats to home Linux PCs, there should also be a protection option for them. Obviously this would not form ESET's main income, but I don't believe that if they can make the various AV free, that the HOME version, of the Bussines product being developed anyway, could not be handled. Is there really no possibility of keeping the Home version?
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