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  1. Do I understand correctly that a rule created in this way (with a signer) applies to a process that runs from different locations? For example, wscript.exe: both System32/ and SysWOW64. πŸ€” Or do I need to create rules, for both locations?
  2. Yes, I already know that the ESET add-on works with the browser API. πŸ‘ That's why my original question was whether ESET developers know about the problem with unreliable deletion, or if a solution is in the works. It's just that, it looks like I can't yet demonstrate whether this bug is global. πŸ˜’
  3. That's interesting. πŸ€” I'm experimenting with enabling/disabling Advanced cookie settings. So far the remains remain in both cases. I'll keep trying. I would appreciate if more users would do this test and share their results. πŸ™‚
  4. No, in standard mode. In some cases, despite the "Clear All" setting in the "Browser Privacy" add-on, cookies/objects will remain after restarting the browser. If you feel like testing, try the website: https://osel.cz (popular science). For me, 100% of visits will leave an undeleted artefact.
  5. It's a general question. In Microsoft Edge, there is an option to set "Clear all cookies" when you close the browser. Essentially the same can be set in the "ESET Browser Privacy and Security" add-on. The problem is that there is probably a bug in Edge that causes all cookies, objects, to not always be deleted. Complete deletion can be achieved by manually starting the deletion process. The question is therefore whether ESET is aware of this and whether a remedy is planned. Of course meant to correct the functioning of the add-on not the functioning of Edge.
  6. Interesting insight about the incomplete automatic deletion of cookies in Microsoft Edge: https://malwaretips.com/threads/microsoft-edge-stable-chromium-now-available-for-download.95808/page-118#post-1084663 Since ESET's "Browser Privacy" add-on uses Edge's internal processes for deletion, even when the add-on is set to "Delete All", components remain undeleted for this reason. πŸ€” Is there a plan to address this situation?
  7. Maybe I will add. By purchasing the product (software itself) ESET Smart Security Premium, you have purchased 1 of the Premium service level/package. So you can use this or any lower product - Internet Security, NOD32 Antivirus. It is the same as if you bought 1pc of the Premium level package, which would entitle you to download the ESET Smart Security Premium product/software, or any lower - Internet Security, NOD32 Antivirus.
  8. Essential, Premium, Ultimate are "packages" of services / price levels. Within them, you get the right to install and use the products that are Eset Antivirus, Internet Security, Smart Security Premium, Security Ultimate. It's a bit confusing. 😢 The thing is that for example in the Premium level you can have 5 (3,6,7 - different) products. Each different (on PC, Android, Mac) that are included in the respective price level. So you can't use Security Ultimate, but the highest product would be Smart Security Premium. In doing so, you can also use a lower product Internet Security, or Antivirus. (In this case, however, you are unnecessarily overpaying for a more expensive "package" of services. πŸ‘ At the same time, you need to be careful because the software itself has been slightly renamed. For example, the original ESET Smart Security is now ESET Smart Security Premium.... At least that's my understanding, and it is in our region. If it's different somewhere else in the world, I don't know. πŸ€”
  9. Doesn't this current testing just point to the questions in this topic? https://avlab.pl/en/protection-effectiveness-of-edr-solutions-against-internet-threats/
  10. An interesting question was asked on that link: Is there a way to configure ESET to detect such LoL bin usage ? Would it be possible?
  11. Interesting claim that real-time protection has a lower detection capability. Which scan engine settings can remedy this? Real-time protection for newly created and modified files should after all be maximum. Isn't it?
  12. You can disable "Uncategorized" in Web, Parental Controls. This will block access to newly created pages, but you should expect increased FPs. πŸ‘πŸ™‚
  13. As I understand it, in cooperation with other modules, EIS and above checks for possible malicious outgoing connections (for example, protection against botnets.)
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