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  1. This configuration described under "Disable network connection found notifications" for Windows is missing in the Mac version, right? "Setup/Application Preferences/Alerts and Notifications/Setup" does not have a configuration item for new network connnections.... https://support.eset.com/en/kb3754-change-network-connection-firewall-setting-in-eset-windows-home-products
  2. Is there a possibility to configure a default assignment to the public "trusted zone" similarly to the Windows version of the firewall?
  3. Thats the problem… current descriptions are wrong and functionality not provided as described…. :)
  4. Thanks for clarification, @Marcos Another feature Mac user must waiting on...I suggest to adjust the website (sales page for Mac products) because the advertising box for myESET shouldn't be displayed there as it is wrong in the current form the advertising box for myESET on the website because it advertises that remote device control is possible for ALL devices the PDF manual etc. and clearly state for which products related functions are not available That would give more transparency
  5. The last screenshot states in English: Open now your ESET-Product on your device and connect the device manually. But how can I do that in ESET Cyber Security?
  6. myESET shows a section "licenses" and "devices". As written on the website and in documentation, the device section should allow monitoring of the security status of all connected devices. When I go to devices and add new devices, my Mac's are listed to be "ready" for the connection presented in a recommendation box. However, when I go further it is mentioned that I have to initiate the connection locally on my device. How can I do that in ESET Cyber Security? PS: the function is not related to the dedicated products Anti Theft, Parental Control or Password Manager. For those,
  7. That's the problem.... I am currently only testing Eset and will probably switch from Bitdefender as I don't like the Mac version. For family members, especially elderly ones, the reputation based info of TrafficLight is very helpful so I look a little bit for standalone alternatives because Eset doesn't provide sth., but don't like browser plugins from Norton, MacAfee etc. It is in question at all if I wan't to install a plugin giving another attack vector... but hard to communicate such if people are used to... Anyway, don't want to steal the threads topic, which is likely not Safari related
  8. Is there a good one for Safari? WOT plugin isn‘t supported currently....
  9. Thanks a lot, Peter! I have successfully tested this version (received from support) and can confirm that the speed was back
  10. Would be beneficial to categorize such sites into a separate category so that users will be able to block those, in my point of view....I am not affected. But for others it may be great... Categorization of Brightcloud: Proxy Avoidance and Anonymizers.
  11. But how to deal with such vpn an proxies? Isn‘t there a possibility of blocking a „proxy“ category? How is e.g. cyberghostvpn.com be categorized?
  12. Same. Opened the 2nd ticket at local support. Now I was told that they were able to reproduce and wait for a response from developers...
  13. I use Untangle NG Firewall and I am quite happy. I can block applications like your posted cybergho based on dedicated application filter etc. However, router based doesn‘t work if you are on mobile network etc. Similarly, DNS filters will not work if you change the DNS settings on your client and being outside of your controlled LAN. For sure, you could force VPN connection to home via App etc., but not if there is a possibIlity to easily delete the app. Depending on the age, they can also install a rogue access point and build their own WLAN at home thus not being detected as the child
  14. Can‘t eset block a related category? E.g. proxies, vpns or uncategorized sites? Depends on categorization, not?
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