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    bEeReE received kudos from Chas4 in How to register Mac devices in myEset?   
    The last screenshot states in English: Open now your ESET-Product on your device and connect the device manually.
    But how can I do that in ESET Cyber Security?
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    bEeReE gave kudos to itman in Pre-installation questions?   
    BitDefender's TrafficLight has been a joke ever since they introduced the feature. "Each to their own" as the saying goes.
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    bEeReE gave kudos to Shompinice in Issues, Ideas & Feedback for ESET Cyber Security & ESET Cyber Security Pro   
    Please Bring Black-white icon to the menu bar instead of the colourful one.
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    bEeReE received kudos from Peter Randziak in ESET Cyber Security Pro not working for MacOS Big Sur   
    Thanks a lot, Peter! I have successfully tested this version (received from support) and can confirm that the speed was back
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