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  1. I have had that for a few years, and still no go, the back up drive is not local to the machine or plugged into it, it is on the local network (yes Network Media is not checked in Real Time Scanner yet ESET is scanning every file as it is placed in the Network drive). I also have the local snapshot path excluded and the Time Machine app and the process that does the backup, and the path to the network drive where the backups are being placed. Local to the Mac drive paths work fine, but network locations are still being scanned.
  2. I have the path for the back up in the exclusions list for a long time now and ESET realtime scanner is still scanning them (local exclusions are working), the drive I am backing up to is not local to the machine but on the network (never have had scanning of network media enabled in Real-Time protection settings), the ESET scanning them is adding 4+ hours to Time Machine back ups.
  3. Looks to be fixed (tho the proxy has trouble connoting until you click protocol checking, so there might be a delay of no internet connection for a bit) with an ESET update ESET Cyber Security Version 6.10.600.0 Added: Missing Firewall feature compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur Fixed: Internet connection slowdown when Web and Email Protection is ON Fixed: macOS update problem when Web and Email Protection is ON Various minor updates and fixes that improve overall product stability and security Also macOS 11.2.2 has been released.
  4. Cyber Security 6.10.460.1 the real time system extension loads fine but not the Web and Email system extension. I did notice that it is missing from the staged extensions (where macOS 11.x loads them from). Is there a way to force macOS to load it (I approved it back in November 2020, and reinstall does not work). Do I need to copy the Web and Email system extension to the stated extension folder and run a terminal command? It started for me in December 2020 a month after people report it here in the form. Updated to macOS 11.2 yesterday and still blocked.
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