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  1. ESET support seems to have refused to read the logs and screenshots they requested I sent them (some multiple times), I still need the other forum post reopened, even tho this seems be a bug that affects Pro and non pro the same. It is so bad they closed the case (4th failed case from ESET). This bug dates back to 2 or 3 versions of ESET on macOS around February of this year or earlier.
  2. I opened a case in December 2020 and developers refused to read the logs and screen shots and videos I sent. This bug causes what should be a 20 to 40 minute back up to be around 16 hours.
  3. @MarcosSent you a message with the one I know that is blocked (it is a modem that does not have built in WiFi and only has 1 ethernet port so it would be less expensive)
  4. Does it work if you have web protection on but turn off HTTP protocol checking? (I have a ticket for none pro (Cyber Security) have sent them Wireshark logs they have asked for, this might be the same bug). I do notice that the first 2 octets of the IPv4 address are the same as what I see when it is blocked different network device brand). @Marcos Might be the same issue I have with CASE_00190599 (for Cyber Security), an older version it was not blocking the IP. I have sent the logs they asked for and a 2nd round of logs and it has been 2 weeks.
  5. ESET email server failed to process the email so I need ESET support to respond to ESET Support Case Update: 454307 to I can send the log showing the big speed change. (could not edit my other comment due to a forum bug even tho it had been less than 5 minutes)
  6. Still not heard anything in months from ESET support replied to the ticket with a log showing the big speed difference with ESET real time scanner scanning a network drive while it is being written to even tho ESET is set to ignore that path.
  7. Interesting as I grabbed the install from the ESET website (had to make sure I grabbed the right macOS app) and it upgraded fine over the old version (I make a back up of the settings as in the past I have had it where those were reset). I upgraded from the version before 6.10.700.0. My other question would be when was the last time you restarted (I do know that macOS 11.4 is due in the next few days).
  8. I got it sent to them. I also posted here as I think others might be having the same bug if they are trying to get to the modem internal webpage.
  9. Thanks, I usually have to wait about a week for them to respond and provide the cloud link they use (also I shared it via a cloud link in my email reply back)
  10. Just checked the speed via TheTimeMachineMechanic which pulls it from the logs and I am seeing speeds of around 0.37MB/s while ESET scans every file as it is transferred to the network drive on the network drive. I have also watched real time scanner scanning the backup drive in the Protection Status
  11. Strange I can't edit my last post to note that the logs are to big for email (just over 40MB)
  12. #00190599 I got a replication of it in the ESET log collector will see if the logs are again to big to send via email
  13. I opened a ticked almost a week ago but have not heard back, posted here to see if it was happening to anyone else also.
  14. For anyone else does HTTP protocol checking cause the modem admin page to fail for anyone else. Have to leave it unchecked if I want to view it (with it on it will partly load in about 1 in 1000 tries). Last 3 or 4 versions of Cyber Security.
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