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  1. notification for new version

    Where is the suggestion area ?
  2. notification for new version

    In my opinion, IT IS an issue Still, dont have notification for this one too (6.5.600.3)
  3. notification for new version

    I activated my subscription december 24 so i missed this one. More than two weeks now for this release and still no notification. In fact, normally Cybersecurity notify me and I just have to accept the update. And this is what it didnt do for a while, it is not normal for me and i dont accept your explanation. So thanks for the link but i know how to find them because of that. Cybersecurity must have a button to check manually product update, NOD32 have it. If it have one, I didnt find it in Cybersecurity.
  4. notification for new version

    delayed....... dont like this, we have to be inform immediately after release and i subscribed to newsletter, dont receive anything too, maybe it takes several weeks.... but it should not too
  5. For how long do you use ESET?

    I used the 2.7 version of NOD32... So, since 10 years or more.... I am a very good and faithful customer. Now, i used an iMac and Eset Cybersecurity but i still buy NOD32 for some windows users of my family.
  6. notification for new version

    still no notification for 6.5.600 version released december 21.....
  7. notification for new version

    i am patient here and it dont resolve the issue, good luck !
  8. notification for new version

    my licence is valid until june 2019 and yes i received update succesfully
  9. notification for new version

    no, I dont use the Pro version
  10. notification for new version

    It seems i will never know..... why i did not had notification before yesterday for the 6.5 version and for ones before
  11. i am with OS X 10.8.5 and cybersecurity and had no notification about the two new version release. why ?