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  1. notification for new version

    It seems i will never know..... why i did not had notification before yesterday for the 6.5 version and for ones before
  2. i am with OS X 10.8.5 and cybersecurity and had no notification about the two new version release. why ?
  3. Happy to know it is possible this way, it is just bad i didn't find it, it was more easy in earlier time. Must be more easy to find with a link in the download page and name "previous version"
  4. Issue can happen if you use many malware protection and decrease computer performance. May be it is Sandboxie that is not compatible with Nod32 and not the opposite ! You can find and download nod32 10.0.390.0 with a google search but not from the Eset web site. It is at your own risk. Uninstall your actual version, reboot and install the one you want. But if you got from other site the nod32 web installer, you may not succeed. I didnt test if it works. Some years ago we can download any version of Eset product from the web site, now i didnt find how we can.
  5. eset update email

    Do you really send email like this to your customer or it is phishing ____ ESET <> jun 30 à 12:07 PM À Corps du message Continue to receive ESET updates: Register now. View online Hi there, Due to Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL), by July 1, 2017 we need your permission to continue sending important email communications, including: Product renewal and update notices Tips on keeping your identity and online accounts safe Special offers and discounts IT security news Register your email address to keep receiving these valuable updates after July 1, 2017. REGISTER NOW The ESET Team To manage your preferences, click here. To unsubscribe from all ESET emails, click here. ESET respects your privacy. ESET North America | 610 W. Ash Street, Suite 1700 | San Diego, CA | 92101 | USA
  6. worse install language

    wow !!! Congratulations to find that, i didnt know it exist french canadian in preferred language. Language changed, restart and tadam !!!! Cybersecurity is now in french without intall it again. thanks !!
  7. worse install language

    yes, my iMac is in french, i use french for almost all my software. French version of Cybersecurity is ok but french CANADIAN version is always in ENGLISH. It is a weird mystery !!! I received an installation files from Eset Home support and no change, french canadian version results in an ENGLISH Cybersecurity after a clean install (delete, restart, install).
  8. worse install language

    bravo !! but it dont work here !! All other software is installed in french here with no problem but not Eset Cybersecurity french canadian version. The french one is ok, dont know why.
  9. worse install language

    if not, moderator is supposed to move this post to the right place. And Marcos posted here in september 2016 so..... Yes, i am quite sure i did submit this issue to home support and i just did it again
  10. worse install language

    Eset seems to give a damn but it did it again.. FRENCH canadian version finished in ENGLISH version as previous french canadian version. This problem is still not resolved since September 2016 or earlier...
  11. (from french text translate by Google Translate) hxxp:// If you see this address, DO NOT ACCEPT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SURVEY! The Videotron Internet provider is not associated with this survey, which is what my complaint was answered. You can copy and try, it leads to the google site, proof that it is a dummy site that leads elsewhere without showing it. I reported this fraudulent site to Eset in early March (I do not remember how, but I got an answer that it would be submitted to the right department). Cybersecurity still does not react a month later.. Why ? The survey is false, it only serves to lead us to accept samples for minimal delivery costs but then it charges us nearly $ 200 per month for unlimited time without our knowledgeable permission. It is probably not easy to know what is happening behind this dangerous address, but you manage to warn us for other sites, then .... React please !!!!
  12. no update notification

    ??? I am not sure to understand.... You mean Eset have as issue with upgrade so you blocked the notification ?
  13. no update notification

    I know how to do but you dont answer my question. I cant understand why there was no notification. NOD32 have to be always in the better protection, isnt it !!?? So why no notification to the user? Version 9.0.408 i used is suppose to notified I look all the settings and nothing block update notification. In fact, I find no setting to activate it either so what..... I remember that previous version notified when program update were available and there was a setting for that. More weird..... manual update search in NOD32 version 9 and i am notified that there was NO update... (v10 is available !!??)
  14. no update notification

    I have a 64 bits windows 7 pc here with NOD32 v.9 and no notification about v10 update which is released october 2016. why ?
  15. dont want OS update notification

    many days later, an update for Canon printer appears in App Store..... It could be the one Cyber Security notified me to install, and not OS X update. Weird that Cyber Security notified me for an update that it was not currently available for days !! Wow Eset, i was annoyed but now i am really impressed !!