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  1. Thank you for reporting. I will keep you in loop.
  2. Here is the log collector before i re-register again, hopefully this helps 🤨 eis_logs.rar
  3. FYI. Its the same system and internals, the only thing that was changed which was 5-6 months ago was Strix 3090 GPU Thank you
  4. Attached is the requested log. I also sent you PM with password for the archive Thank you eis_logs.rar
  5. Is there specific location you would like me to upload the log? Thanks
  6. Since I have provided Marco with my registration key, for my future reference I would still like to hear if there is reasonable explanation to why this would accrue twice within a month.
  7. For two years now things have been good with my ESET, maybe a little things here and there, nothing concerning at least nothing yet, and this could be a legitimate glitch. But I I'll keep eye on it😉
  8. I should have made clear that I can re-register and it works OK, but this is the second time that ISS got unregistered.
  9. Forum address is different from my eset registration. I will PM you the license registration now.
  10. All of the sudden, I got ESET window telling me to register my product. Normally I wouldn't posted if it happens once, but this is the second time within a month. Is there logical explanation? Thanks
  11. itman!! by accident I deleted the whole thread I was going too mark as solved and it turned out deleting 😄 Here was my responds to you before deletion: That makes sense, otherwise, why using the learning mode. Last night I even went to a length of reloading image of windows where there was nothing installed but updates only, then installed ISS and set on learning mode, this was done solely for test purposes to see if perhaps after the latest windows update 20H2 which I just got few days had some negative effect on ESE itself. While I installed some of the apps and then adjusting their settings I let them go online, ISS would show each app reaching their server with window notification with exception of HWiNFO that did that quietly, but after reading the "Learning Mode" and how rules are defined and applied I can see reasoning behind it. Thank you itman, you've been a truly great help. Have a wonderful day This thread can be closed
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