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  1. Yes I think ESET makes great security software, very light, fast and very effective, but most of all, clean from all the unnecessary add-ons that so many other AV software are stuffed with.
  2. I think I have forgot one important step and I think you know what that might be, let me try it ๐Ÿ™‚ Forgot to change the update to pre-release. I'm really starting to like ESET's products Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm considering Internet Security. Aside from 2 of my new laptops with Win10 that I just purchased I also have 1 new workstation Win 10 with several mechanical HDDs and the issue that I have reported here: still seem to exists in Internet Security. Will this be fixed as well? Thanks
  4. FYI. I just switched to NOD32 from avast PRO. On my wife's PC where she uses Outlook 2007 and on one of my systems with Outlook 2010 unless I will permanently disable SSL scanning, there is an issue with in-out emails resulting with an error. This was reported to avast team like...two years ago, still, issue persists
  5. Hey guys I have been using Outpost firewall Pro for ages, it's a great firewall, unfortunately does not work with Windows 10 Does ESET Internet Security have a good leak protection, can you create and control tight network rules e.g. deny or allow DNS, https for specific apps ext. I will still use NOD32 with Outpost Pro on several of my Win7 x64 for the next few years but I have just purchased 2 laptops with Windows 10 so I wouldn't mind using a good AV with firewall and ESET IS seem to be the best next thing. Thanks I just realize this inquiry is in a wrong section, my apology.
  6. I've been running it for 2 days now....I love it, truly remarkable AV. Thank you ESET
  7. I really like how clean NOD32 is, no useless add-ons or totally unnecessary garbage like other AV trying to impose on you, also works great with my Outpost firewall PRO. Look at the offline installer size of NOD32 and avast PRO...55MB oppose to avast almost 400MB its pathetic and after install NOD32 roughly 80MB opposed to avast PRO whopping 900MB. Ton of long time users turning away from avast due to its nonsense. Sorry to get down so much on another security software maker but they don't care how they forcing their customers and in sneaky way redirecting you to their paying websites by creating sneaky tactics even thou we are already paying them, greed does not pay off this time at least with me. After using avast PRO antivirus for 20 years I have to say I'm not going to miss them I found my new favorite AV. I really think NOD32, Its clean and slim and works great, also, support is top notch which is very important part of the whole package. Thank you guys for all your help, I'm sure to spread a good word๐Ÿ‘Œ
  8. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you very much and thank you for all your help Sorry for double post
  9. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you very much and thank you for all your help
  10. So there will be actually offline installer available for download
  11. I really should have look into all theses first before flooding everyone with theses questions, sorry guys. I can only assume that my excitement and wanting to make this work the way I imagine got the best of me and I got a bit hyper ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow I'm happy, it seem that all is working great I can navigate to main setting via tray icon or main GUI and all HDDs are sleeping I can say..It was worth the wait great fix ESET I left all settings at defaults because I'm totally new to NOD32, should I or will I benefit or is it advisable to make any changes to default settings? Any ETA on final release? Thank you Marcos and all helping me with this I appreciate that
  12. Ahh I see, that's why is disabled by default, thank you. I presume most people keep that at default
  13. I know I have to get familiar with NOD32 I have used avast for so long and even small change to different AV but with such rich futures requires some patients
  14. What is the meaning of Device control. I have been enabling that , Its OFF by default. I think I might have confuse this future. I have enabled that so I thought If I want the USB to be scan upon insertion I have the option but even with Device control disabled I still get the windows with option how to proceed and if I chose not to scan USB all HDDs are still sleeping witch I understand why scanning would wake them up. What is that future. I think I'm getting somewhere now. it seem to work OK.
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