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  1. There is absolutely no reason to change anything about GUI, Its simple, yet elegant and easy to navigate and if that's your only gripe, your in good hands😉
  2. Hello, I know this new version of ISS released I'm on, do I have to manually download the latest version in order to upgrade or eventually ISS will notify me and eventually the upgrade can be done directly through the program Thank you 😉 OK, It seems I got my answer, It shows in program itself that there is an update. Thanks again
  3. I'm not sure if this was suggested before or is already a functional feature that I don't see it but I just came from Outpost Firewall PRO and there was a small feature that was need and I think ESET could do something similar. Because we do change or updated/upgraded software, sometimes some of the entries are no longer valid or the changes resulting in triggering different part of firewall leaving the old entries useless, would be need to have "purge" function like Outpost did to get rid of none existent or old entries, if that makes sense.
  4. Sorry don't mean to sound rude, Its nothing personal 😂 Sandbox! Like avast! when was the last time you visited avast's forum, more issues then ever before, crippled add-ons that don't do a thing but causing problems. avast sandbox is pure GARBAGE👎BSOD's, freezes and leaks and its getting worse every update, I just moved from avast after 20 years. ESET is great as is I wouldn't change a thing and avast use to be good until became bloatware full of useless add-ons that causing more grief then good. Don't ask for something you will regret. ESET has more goods
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