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  1. itman would be undoubtedly the person to award for his big contribution of helping others on this forum 👌
  2. It seem to be working without issue, I can't explain what happen. If you wish, you can please close this thread.
  3. I don't see anyone else reporting such issue and I'm sure I would hear more complaining and since yesterday morning everything is running fine. I can only presume that this could have been possibly bad update installation, maybe even something to do with my windows, and the fact that you never know what to expect from windows 10 This morning I have also updated 3 of my other systems and they are all good. I have been using ESET for I think 2 years now without a single glitch, it works exceptionally well, so this hick up made me worried and on the top of that, the failing PSU I h
  4. Now I'm not sure what to think. First of all, in my very first post I said ESET 14.0.21 and I'm not sure if it that's the version was or it was and if there is any difference anyways, but that's what I have installed now since this morning and no BSOD, normally as soon as I would get on YouTube it would one after another, it wouldn’t literally let me go to desktop I have set my PC to create full dump file so if at any time it does happen I will send you the necessary files. Although, as I said earlier this morning I was updating one of my sons windows 7 to the late
  5. I’ve updated ESET to latest on another PC (win7) and this was never the issue before, but while I was reading on how to generate dump file on that win 7 PC that I just updated it BSOD on me so it seem to be related to ESET. I will first generate dump file on my main PC that I initially spoke about getting BSOD after BSOD and upload somewhere and PM you, I might do that later today. If this happens on this PC again I will do that as well, but do it one at the time. I will drop that off sometimes today. Thank you
  6. I'm still not sure if its software or hardware related as I have reinstalled to older version of ESET, yet got another BSOD. I'm going to run some tests and will report back. I have slight doubt its ESET, but lets see. Thank you
  7. Update: I knew my PSU was dying, it was obvious so I replaced it I honestly thought It was the PSU alone causing the constant BSOD's, but I was wrong. I was on a desktop for a good few hours and everything was working fine, but I realized that I was still on ESET IS 13.2.18 so I decided to update and right after reboot I was again presented with BSOD, It wouldn't even let me get to a desktop. I reinstalled it back to the older ESET IS 13.2.18 and no BSODs, so it is the latest version 14 that is problematic.
  8. My apologies for the late response, but to let you know it was the PSU that was dying. Coincidentally, the same day I have updated ESET I have also replaced new PSU that unfortunately was defective. Thank you
  9. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with ESET. It just started crashing BSOD the other day when I updated ESET, so it could be coincident. Just a minutes ago I reloaded my windows to earlier ISO which I always create before any update and still crashed, but here is the thing, It crashes only when I open Firefox, especially YouTube. I was watching video and all of the suddenly BSOD so when I restarted PC upon starting FF PC crashed again, up to yesterday everything was running perfectly fine. Now I'm testing Edge browser and PC it’s not crashing, I don’t know if this is soft
  10. Hi guys, I don't know if this is coincident, but ever since I installed new update 14.0.21 my windows 10 Pro crashing with BSOD while on YouTube, this never happen prior to update. I'm on latest windows update 2004.19041.572 Have anyone experience similar issue
  11. There is absolutely no reason to change anything about GUI, Its simple, yet elegant and easy to navigate and if that's your only gripe, your in good hands😉
  12. Here is some of my history of changes as far is AV. I have been with avast for roughly 2 decades, loved v4 then anything after that, especially started from v6 was a truly hog and whey to many false alarms...hit and miss, on top of that, even in paid version which that's all I have used adverts on adverts, trying to sell you their crapware. I have tried Kaspersky and it’s decent, but even with system like mine which is no picnic, powerful you can tell the sluggishness and slowdowns...I didn't like it. So I have tried ESET Security and its breath of fresh air. Super light on your
  13. Yes I got one as well. Its a weekend I presume that's why It hasn't been announced yet😉
  14. I'm not trying to insult your intelligence, but It doesn't seem like you put much thought before making your comment
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