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  1. I'm not trying to insult your intelligence, but It doesn't seem like you put much thought before making your comment
  2. How relevant this results are, It failed simulation big time, Is it because ESET doesn't support simulation or Its having hard time comparing to a real, should I be worried 😉
  3. Ideally I would prefer to be giving a choice for a reason e.g. premature software release, still full of bugs so ultimately random user is the beta tester and suffers, but I can see a positive difference with ESET which I hope will continue. They don't rush, unlike, other developers who release new upgrades so darn often, literally every week or two (I won't mention who) so people are furies due to ton of issues. I understand that up to date security software is necessary and reputation comes a long way. If someone complains about e.g. virus attack or security breaches, and they spread bad word about brand they use into a wild, at the same time not mentioning that their security software is not up to date, It's not fair, so I can see ESET's reasoning behind their implementation. Thanks btw. Marcos I haven't receive any message from you, but that's OK, no big of a deal now. Enjoy what's left of the weekend
  4. Thanks itman, no harm done, there should be more user like you, much appreciated.
  5. I'm fairly new to ESET product and as we all know, with today's busy lifestyle we don't always have enough time to do our research to any inquiries we might have, so we reach out to more experienced users and most of the time that place would be support forums, users like you and me, and we are hoping that despite the complexity of your inquiry, no one would make feel like you wasting their time. Within a short time that I have used ESET ISS I have fall in love with that program itself, support!!... Well, that part yet to be determined. Fast forward. Recently I posted a question that was never answered and my only logical explanation would be.. It was to simple to waste someone's time or I wouldn't like the answer. I expected to get some sort of answer, rather than to make me feel like I was pretty much stupid for asking such thing, that kind of behavior it's not only unprofessional but it's considered to be rude and I'm sorry If my expression is rather harsh, but that is how I feel. I have had high hopes, and I was planning on purchasing few dozens of licenses for my wife's already pass due workstations and although I still think ESET offers great protection, my love for ESET its getting tinted, this experience made me reset my thoughts on the whole ESET idea. As I have mentioned before I have used another AV (avast PRO) for over 2 decades and although the product itself has dramatically changed and ultimately made me look for an alternative which led me to ESET, but I have to be honest, their support and that includes the users support forum was top-notch. In 20 years, not once I was made to feel that any, even the smallest question was not important enough to answer and I guess partly It's my fault that I have set my expectations on ESET to high. I can't say I felt that way always, there was a time when my questions and requests weren't ignored and I appreciated that and I thought this part of ESET's package wouldn't change. I guess, you can't have the best of both worlds right? I hope I didn't overstep. I presume that the forums section of general discussion is the place to post your experience, whatever that might be.
  6. Hello, I know this new version of ISS released I'm on, do I have to manually download the latest version in order to upgrade or eventually ISS will notify me and eventually the upgrade can be done directly through the program Thank you 😉 OK, It seems I got my answer, It shows in program itself that there is an update. Thanks again
  7. No I haven't reported this because it never really bothered me and I haven't seen anyone else mentioning until now😁😀
  8. If he's referring to the actually notification box itself whether to allow or deny certain action I can confirm that I also notice that before you get to make your click the box responsiveness is so instant, almost as if you not sure you even made the choice, maybe slight adjustment would be recommended
  9. I'm not sure if this was suggested before or is already a functional feature that I don't see it but I just came from Outpost Firewall PRO and there was a small feature that was need and I think ESET could do something similar. Because we do change or updated/upgraded software, sometimes some of the entries are no longer valid or the changes resulting in triggering different part of firewall leaving the old entries useless, would be need to have "purge" function like Outpost did to get rid of none existent or old entries, if that makes sense.
  10. Sorry don't mean to sound rude, Its nothing personal 😂 Sandbox! Like avast! when was the last time you visited avast's forum, more issues then ever before, crippled add-ons that don't do a thing but causing problems. avast sandbox is pure GARBAGE👎BSOD's, freezes and leaks and its getting worse every update, I just moved from avast after 20 years. ESET is great as is I wouldn't change a thing and avast use to be good until became bloatware full of useless add-ons that causing more grief then good. Don't ask for something you will regret. ESET has more goods than enough , live it alone 😀
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