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  1. As already mentioned by TomFace, this forum is not a means for reporting blocks. Please read instructions how to report it to ESET. In your case, you should contact ESET Adaox and legalize selling of ESET products. Having said that, we'll draw this topic to a close.
  2. EDTD is not intended to recognize / block spam but malicious files in attachment or on a disk when speaking about ESET Mail Security products.
  3. The license appears to be ok and I don't see any reason why you wouldn't have received your registration email. Anyways, I've re-sent it to your Gmail address. You could have also retrieved it through the form https://www.eset.com/int/support/lost-license/.
  4. To start off, please gather logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here. Only ESET staff will have access to it.
  5. Please carry on as follows: 1, Click Restore password 2, Enter your license registration email and click "Send code": 3, Check your email and copy the verification code: 4, Paste the verification code in the program. Also set a new password or leave it blank to remove password protection. Click Verify: 5, The password will be changed or removed:
  6. Please post a screen shot for clarification since all lists seem to have the option to import records.
  7. There's no solution for GandCrab 5.2. Currently only older versions can be decrypted.
  8. Thank you for reporting the issue and the video you've provided. We have eventually pinpointed the issue and a fix will be included in the next version of v12 products.
  9. Wildcards are not supported in file paths in HIPS rules. What rules did you create? By default no rules are needed at all and all files in the mentioned folder should be accessible and executable, ie. HIPS should not cause any issues with the application.
  10. Please follow the instructions at https://support.eset.com/kb6915/. You can unlock it yourself via a verification email sent to your registration email address and clicking a verification link as per the instructions in the KB.
  11. You can launch a secure browser by clicking the appropriate icon on your desktop and open the desired bank website in it. However, there is definitely a problem with SSL interception and certificates. As already advised, click More details and provide screen shots of the certificate details.
  12. Please try the following: - reboot the computer - without launching any application, disable SSL/TLS filtering and click OK - re-enable SSL/TLS filtering and click OK - launch a browser.. Did you get an error while re-enabling the filtering?
  13. One more thing, couldn't it be that you enabled logging of blocked operations in the HIPS setup? Check the size of hipslog.dat in the logs folder and make sure it's not big.
  14. You should reply them that the memory dump from a crash has been already analyzed by an AV vendor and Microsoft and both confirmed a bug in a VMWare driver which is unrelated to the mentioned exclusions. We at ESET are willing to help them and provide details about the problem. You as a customer of VMWare could provide them with a memory dump for perusal.
  15. Windows 10 1903 is a new, not yet released update of Windows 10 also known as May 2019 Update (aka 19H1 or RedStone 5). Also we test our products with Insider versions and I haven't heard about any freezing issues yet.
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