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  1. MIUI 12 is not a phone brand but a custom interface based on Android. What mobile phone do you have?
  2. Please check https://dontkillmyapp.com/ for instructions how to prevent Parental Control from being killed by battery savers.
  3. To start off, please collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated zip archive here.
  4. I'm unable to reproduce it. Do you mean that whenever you run a custom scan it's not logged?
  5. My understanding is that it should work the way it used to before implementing partial cleaning in archives recently, ie. the attachment will be detected, removed automatically and the action will be logged in the Detection log with details.
  6. Please run the ESET Uninstall tool in safe mode to remove possible leftovers from the unsuccessful install.
  7. I know, had the same problem. However, we would have to convert users' posts to plain text in order to be displayed properly with the dark theme which is impossible. The above example is rather an exception and 99,9% posts should be readable regardless of the theme.
  8. According to a reply from developers this should be addressed soon.
  9. This was not accusation. I too told users here in the forum that their license was misused or leaked if they complained the license didn't work and nobody perceived it as a personal attack or accusation of piracy. There were cases when they bought the license on ebay and they simply fell a victim to fraud.
  10. When I go to the purchase page on www.eset.com, I too am redirected to the local estore at www.eset.sk and cannot avoid it.
  11. Correct. A browser must be popular enough and have symbols made available for developers. Since ESET makes commercial software, the cost of updating the module to acomodate it to new browser versions must pay off from the commercial point of view.
  12. It is crucial for startup scans to run after each module update, ie. several times a day. Otherwise it could happen that an already recognized malware could run undetected until you run an on-demand scan. Startup scans should not take more than a few seconds and should not have a noticeable effect on performance. If that's not the case, we can help you troubleshoot the issue.
  13. Itman is a knowledgeable member of the forum and he's highly respected by other users. What you can do is to ask the Romanian sales for a refund and purchase from your local ESET partner then. You wrote that you were accused of piracy, however, reading the chat history that you posted this was not the case: Consultant: I am not accusing you of piracy, but there are situations when the same foreign key is sold to several customers
  14. It was @itman, not me. He's an active advanced user but not an employee of ESET and has no connection with ESET except that he helps users here.
  15. Eset.com redirects to a local authorized distributor. It is not possible to purchase directly from there unless you are a US citizen.
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