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  1. Please provide me with your public license ID so that I can check what license you purchased. Do you mean that the license key cannot be used to activate ESET Internet Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Windows?
  2. Unfortunately there's very little information about the issue: an issue with my webcam disconnecting and having some sort of driver issue... What does "a sort of driver issue" mean? By webcam disconnecting do you mean that you get disconnected while calling through Skype or having a video call through another application? Have you tried disabling the firewall, Network attack protection and Botnet protection which are protection modules not present in ESET NOD32 Antivirus?
  3. The price for the service also includes an ESET license in case the user would like to use it. That said, it cannot be intended for those who have purchased a license but are having an issue installing ESET, e.g. due to malware being active on their computer.
  4. ADMINCFG has worked for us. I'd recommend contacting customer care re. this and providing them with the config. xml. If I remember correctly, import of per-user settings is not supported.
  5. It looks like the communication is manipulated by your ISP. It's redirected to http://flex.vodacom.co.za/err/?err=404 The problem is the updater receives 302 Temporary redirect from your ISP instead of the standard 404 response.
  6. ESET CyberSecurity Pro is a completely different product without many features known from Windows.
  7. I wouldn't recommend downgrading to NOD32 Antivirus from ESET Internet Security. EIS also contains network attack protection so in case you had your computer not fully patched it could stop possible exploitation of vulnerabilities in network protocols which NOD32 wouldn't. You've mentioned issues with your webcam. Have you tried disabling Web cam protection?
  8. This service is provided for non-ESET users to my best knowledge. ESET's users should have it included in the price of the product.
  9. If you have MySQL ODBC driver 5.3.13 installed, try installing its older version 5.2.7 instead. Should the problem persist, please raise a support ticket with your local customer care.
  10. We are not aware of any activation issues. Are you still getting either of these errors at the moment?
  11. Marcos


    Unfortunately you have posted in the General forum and didn't mention what ESET product and version you use either. Please provide this information. Also please elaborate more on the issue. If you open your bank's website in a browser, it doesn't open? Do you get an error? If you have a problem with opening it in a secure browser, does it work alright if you first launch the secure browser via a shortcut on your desktop?
  12. What protocol do you use to receive email? On Mac we do not intercept SSL so only POP3, IMAP and HTTP is scanned which is nowadays rarely used due to security reasons.
  13. Since disabling HIPS helped, it should have nothing to do with the firewall (IDS).
  14. That is weird because only self-defense rules blocked some operations according to the log. I assume that you rebooted the machine after disabling SD, didn't you? If that actually didn't help, I'll need to discuss further steps with engineers next week. One more thing I've noticed, you have the LiveGrid reputation system disabled. It's an important feature that protects you from new borne threats, improves performance and cleaning of threats, hence I'd strongly recommend enabling it.
  15. Does temporarily disabling Self-defense and rebooting the machine resolve the issue?
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