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  1. As long as you receive email via POP3(S) or IMAP(S), incoming email will be scanned for malware (not for spam).
  2. Do you see also in the EBA portal that the seats were not freed?
  3. Please make sure that you have SP1 as well as the updates KB4474419 and KB4490628 installed. Without upgrade to v13 you would need to downgrade to v9 next year due to an expiring SHA1 cross certificate that cannot be renewed and only a SHA2 certificate will be used then. Therefore it's necessary to install the above mentioned updates on Windows 7 systems that will add support for SHA2 cryptographic hash functions.
  4. In order to upgrade the ESMC agent, send an ESMC component upgrade task to the client. Agent deployment is intended for initial deployment, not for upgrade.
  5. Wouldn't it be possible to use this form for activation while the issue is being looked at? https://www.eset.com/int/support/activate/
  6. ESET should not be blocking it unless you have a Device Control rule created that blocks it. Does temporarily uninstalling ESET make a difference?
  7. It was changed a few months ago; since then we do not import the root certificate to the Mozilla's certificate store but configure Firefox to use the system TRCA certificate store instead. You can disable the option for importing the root certificate automatically and import it manually to the Mozilla's CA certificate store. What version do you mean by the initial version? Endpoint 7.3.2039 is the latest and you should upgrade to it especially if: - you use Windows 10 - you have Endpoint 6.6 or newer installed but not the latest v7.3.
  8. Does this file exist? "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\pref\eset_security_config_overlay.js"
  9. An ESET root certificate is added to the Trusted root CA certificate store if SSL filtering is enabled. Please open certmgr.msc, expand "Trusted root CA" -> Certificates and make sure that an "ESET SSL Filter CA" root certificate is listed there. If so, close all applications, disable SSL filtering in the ESET advanced setup and click OK. Make sure that the root certificate is no longer present in the TRCA certificate store. Then re-enable SSL filtering and check if the issue has been resolved.
  10. Please check the Detections logs which should provide more information about the email which was detected. There should be the time of receipt, subject and both the recipient and sender logged. If you receive email through IMAP(S) and the detection was called HTML/Fraud.something, it's most likely a known issue which will be addressed via an automatic module update soon. If you have a chance to log in via a web interface to the mail server and remove the troublesome email, please do so.
  11. Did you install the latest Endpoint 7.3.2039 then and it's been running fine since then?
  12. You have a license for ESET Smart Security Premium for 1 device. In order to install ESSP on two devices, it is necessary to extend your existing license to 2. Please contact your local ESET seller.
  13. Try running a custom scan with WMI and registry unselected. You can also try disabling scanning archives.
  14. Please see my last post above and create a ticket with your local ESET support via the built-in support form.
  15. As you can see above, every AV except Defender which is a part of the OS has this problem simply because MS as a maker of Windows allows only MS dlls to be injected into processes without restrictions.
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