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  1. The best would be if you could install Endpoint Security v7 to troubleshoot the issue. With EES v7 installed, carry on as follows: - enable both Network protection and Licensing advanced logging in the advanced setup -> Tools -> Diagnostics - try to activate the product - disable logging - collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here.
  2. Yes, try installing ESET with default settings and check if the problem persists.
  3. zippyshare.com is a legitimate file sharing service. Please elaborate more on why you think that your computer was infected.
  4. Marcos

    Remote Management Version 7

    The current design enables computers to be autonomous without connection to ERA. E.g. if a user takes a notebook outside the corporate network, if an active malware has been detected and a policy disconnects the machine from network, etc.
  5. A v11.2 hotfix addressing several bugs should be available within 1-2 weeks from now.
  6. You have Malwarebytes 3.5 installed. Try uninstalling it. Also I've found two suspicious applications with the name commencing with "Po.." installed. Not sure if that's something what you have installed intentionally.
  7. Marcos

    Problems with EES V7

    Thanks. Since the issue with Web Control is most likely related to Endpoint and to avoid discussing different issues in this topic, please create a new topic in the Endpoint forum and provide a screen shot or two with the errors that you are getting. I've checked the logs you've supplied and there was no mention of an error neither in ESET's event log nor the system log.
  8. In this case it's the PR_TRANSPORT_MESSAGE_HEADERS_W property which is in conflict. The property contains transport-specific message envelope information for email and this modification cannot be avoided. If email is scanned on the mail server, disable integration with MS Outlook. As of Enpoint 7.1, processing email messages will be completely revamped and will ultimately prevent sync issues from occurring.
  9. Try uploading it here, it should be possible now. Nobody but moderators will see the uploaded file.
  10. I reckon I've mentioned elsewhere that this will be addressed in the next v11.2 hotfix.
  11. Marcos


    If disabled, ESET should not continue detecting it AFAIK.
  12. Marcos

    Eset restarts windows 10

    What do you mean by page with ESET name? Do you have a screen shot? Does it look like as follows?
  13. Marcos

    Problems with EES V7

  14. Marcos


    If it's a pre-installed application which is detected, you can only disable it in the system setup.
  15. Marcos

    Global phishing campaign

    ESET continually updates malware, botnet and spam detections, provides institutions (typically banks) with insight into threat intelligence data via the ESET Threat Intelligence service, performs research and co-operates with the police and other institutions to disrupt botnets (e.g. https://www.welivesecurity.com/2017/12/04/eset-helps-law-enforcement-worldwide-to-disrupt-gamarue-botnet/), etc.