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  1. Couldn't it be that you have the temp / tmp variables set to point to other than the system volume? If it points to C: (typically C:\Windows\temp), the issue should not occur. This problem will be addressed in future versions.
  2. Already announced here:
  3. Do you mean update of modules or the program? If the former, there's a known issue with very old and already unsupported products (v3, v4) that may occur with a recent update of the Antivirus and antispyware module. If you mean update of the program itself, what version did you upgrade from? An older v10 or v9 or older? Also it's not clear what you mean by "a lots of deleted system files" as ESET would not detect files unless they are malicious. It could be that a detection for a virus (file infector) was added and the virus started to be detected on your system but without logs it's just a speculation.
  4. If it was a general issue that would affect all users of the Russian version, the Russian partner would have already reported it as urgent. The issue was fixed in v10.1.210 to my best knowledge and in case it persists, provide a Procmon boot log as well as screen shot of your ESET gui to the customer care. I assume that the font used in the main gui might be missing and therefore a different font was used.
  5. Do you have the latest v10.1.219 installed? If so, it could be that some font is missing. I'd suggest contacting your local customer care then and reporting the issue to them.
  6. The form works for already registered licenses, not for serial numbers. I'd suggest contacting your local customer care. Also I'd never recommend buying ESET from Amazon, Ebay, etc. as someone might sell a trial serial number. Moreover, according to EULA, a license cannot be transferred to another person.
  7. The error returned is "The installation of C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\eset\bts.session\{02D83BBE-35D8-34E0-396A-45C7FD03FEDB}\.Pkg \0\ eis_nt64_ESL.msi is not permitted by software restriction policy. The Windows Installer only allows installation of unrestricted items. The authorization level returned by software restriction policy was 0x0 (status return 0x800b010c)." Please check your software restriction policies as per Most likely you have a path rule for the above mentioned temp folder with security level set to disallow in place.
  8. We can arrange a remote session if you want and I will install it for you.
  9. You cannot create such a dynamic group. The thing is that dynamic groups are evaluated on clients, not on the ERA server. That said, agent on clients evaluates membership in dynamic groups and sends this info to ERAS. Obviously it cannot send information that it hasn't connected for 2 days as the moment it sent the info it would have already connected.
  10. We're going to release Internet protection module 1311 to pre-release update servers soon. One user has already confirmed that it fixed the issue. Could you please check if you have the same proxy server configured both in Firefox and IE?
  11. Please provide me with ELC logs collected as per the instructions linked in my signature.
  12. Posts pertaining to the HackTool.Patcher potentially unsafe application were moved here:
  13. The main gui window cannot be maximized. For this reason, we have the "Open in a new window" option wherever it makes sense, e.g. for logs and on-demand scanner to name some. You can revert to default settings to make sure that you don't have logging of blocked HIPS operations or diagnostic logging enabled. These should be enabled only for a limited time while troubleshooting a particular issue. As for HIPS, you can disable logging of blocked operations in the advanced HIPS setup -> Log all blocked operations. Should the problem persist, please provide me with ELC logs as per the instructions linked in my signature. I strongly suggest using default settings which already provide maximum protection without any noticeable effect on performance.
  14. Ok,I've moved your topin to the appropriate forum. Please also answer the other questions as problems with real-time protection are known to occur after upgrade when the system temp folder is on other than the system disk volume.
  15. If you have v10.0 installed, it should upgrade to v10.1 if you install it over. Try downloading EIS v10.1 x64 installer from here: