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  1. livegrid

    it could be that you're experiencing temporary network outages as it's highly unlikely the problem would be with ESET's servers. Turn on diagnostic logging in the advanced setup and then monitor the event log to find out how often the failures occur. Install Wireshark and capture the network communication at the time when the error occurs. When done, save the pcap log and compress it. Run ELC, collect logs and upload both the Wireshark log and ELC logs to a safe location and pm me download links.
  2. livegrid

    Is the error reported only shortly after starting the OS?
  3. Check the Filtered websites log or Detected threats log for information about the application that accessed the blocked url.
  4. Marcos,

    I enabled pre-release updates in advanced setup and I still have the email IMAP sync problem, so I enabled and collected the requested logs (attached).

  5. I was able to reproduce the detection as per the instructions above and submitted the detected file to ESET's Security Research Lab. The author of the signature (it's from 2011) will look into it on Monday at earliest.
  6. Please uninstall ESET in safe mode using the ESET Uninstall tool as per the KB
  7. Did you upgrade from v9 to v11 by downloading and running the Live Installer from ESET's website? For some reason, v11 attempts to update from a v9 update folder which contains incompatible update files. Please uninstall v11 and install it from scratch.
  8. HTTP Proxy -- Is it working?

    First of all, Apache HTTP Proxy is a stand-alone product by Apache Software Foundation and there's virtually no correlation to ERA except that it's a part of the All-In-One ERA package. To list files in the proxy cache, run "htcacheclean -A -p%path%" where %path% is the patch to the cache folder. See for available options.
  9. Real-time protection is not supposed to scan email. As for email servers, we have products for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Kerio and then ESET Mail Security for Linux/FreeBSD. Other mail servers are not supported.
  10. If the issue occurs with the firewall disabled, what about temporarily disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup?
  11. I reckon this happens in automatic mode when an uninitiated inbound communication for which no rule exists is attempted. If the firewall was to notify about every blocked packet, many users would be constantly flooded with notifications.
  12. How do you know it was IDS which blocked the communication?
  13. There's a link to show details about the blocked communication. If you are having issues with DVR because of this blocked communication, you should allow it. If you don't experience any issues, I'd leave it as is.
  14. I don't think these connections were blocked by IDS. Click Unblock (Odblokuj) to create an allow rule for the blocked communication.
  15. The firewall doesn't ask about communication unless you use interactive mode or have a custom firewall rule with the action set to ask created. Try removing all custom firewall rules and make sure the firewall is set to work in automatic mode.