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  1. In the main ESET gui, navigate to Setup -> Network -> Troubleshooting wizard.
  2. It's required for Anti-Theft to locate your phone in case it goes missing.
  3. Does temporarily disabling the firewall make a difference? If so, I'd suggest running the Firewall troubleshooting wizard to get a list of recently blocked communications. The wizard enables you to allow particular desired communication with one or two clicks.
  4. Currently we don't have a product for Chrome OS. Maybe in the future we will support it but no preliminary dates have been set yet.
  5. You'll need to use software intended for monitoring visited websites. ESET logs only malicious ones, those you block manually via the custom blacklist as well as those that are blocked by category by Web Control.
  6. It appears that the threat was handled so you can resolve is manually. If it continues to be detected, open the Firefox setup and check how automatic proxy configuration url is set. You may need to change it to "No proxy" manually.
  7. Create a new Web control URL-based rule for that website and place it above the blocking rule.
  8. You should never exclude "c:\program files" or another folder where malware often resides. Exclusions create a security hole so you should avoid using them unless no other solution is available and using specific exclusions is relatively safe.
  9. I'm sorry but your question is not clear enough. What kind of threat did you find in your network? Did ESET detect it? If so, what was the detection name? Did ESET fail to clean it? If so, what error message did you get?
  10. Please let us know if temporarily disabling web access protection or protocol filtering in the advanced setup make a difference.
  11. The domain was serving adware in the past so I would be careful about downloading the "free" software from there. If you suspect a file or url to be blocked incorrectly, report it to ESET as per the instructions at
  12. I did not get such a warning, however, the system froze after installing EEK and updating it.
  13. Before v10 you could choose from ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Smart Security and a Multi-device security pack for 4 users. What has recently changed is that ESET Smart Security has been replaced with ESET Internet Security (ESS without Anti-Theft) and a new product ESET Smart Security Premium has been added. On page there's a list of products for home users along with an overview of features that particular products offer. As I was informed by colleagues from the US: "You do not have to renew through them, it just defaults that way if you originally purchased there. What you can do is call in and let sales know you want to purchase directly through ESET and that is okay."
  14. Thank you for the heads-up. The issue has been reported to developers.
  15. To clean malware in MBR, you'll need to boot to Windows Recovery Console and run the command "fixmbr".