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  1. Hi all . In my security report,I found one thing cleaned. Is there any way to see what is this detection ? One more question is why the number of days is changing? ( here is how ESET has protected you for the last 4 days ) Why 4 days ? If I'm not wrong , I think the number of days was sometimes 2 ,and sometimes 30.
  2. I never ever played any games. All the devices shown in the picture I posted are either mine or belong to people I know and connect to my network. My issue is that when I clicked on " connected home monitor" the devices in (connected this month) didn't show up, Then after restarting my laptop, they showed up but other devices in (connected recently) disappeared. Now , all devices appeared,and this a pic of all of them.
  3. No,not at all. Is there any possibility that eset crashed for a moment ?
  4. No ,please look at the second pic ,the device called "j7nic" is last seen since 51 days
  5. Hi everyone, I had a strange issue with the connected home monitor.I have a habit to check it every day. When I clicked on it, I was surprised that there is no device in "connected this month" After many trials to check if the vanished devices are back, I restarted my laptop .After restarting, The missed devices re-appeared in "connected this month" but two devices disappeared from "connected recently". (two SAMSUNG devices that are found in the first pic are missed in the one below) any explanation ?this is the first time I encounter this problem.
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