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  1. Hi all , I just find out that device control isn't enabled in the first screenshot,I'm wondering if I disabled it by mistake,or it's disabled by default. It's enabled in the second pic. Should I keep it disabled ?
  2. Dear Marcos and itman ,speacial thanks to you for helping me🥰 . I have additional questions 😟 I hope I'm not bothering you. I came across "running processes" and found that "kms-r@11n.exe" and "kms_r@1nhook " time discovery is 5 years and 2 years . there is nothing written in front of (path, size,description, company,version). does having at least ONE empty info a malicious sign of an app? Then I went to ADVANCED SETUP, and ENABLED DETECTION OF POTENTIALLY UNSAFE APPLICATIONS ,then ran a full scan .First I got this notification. After scan finished, this is the final scan tab. They are asking to "clean, delete, or no action". Should I chose clean or delete ? THANK YOU AGAIN
  3. thanks so much for clarifying. Can you explain why would "potentially unsafe apps " be disabled by default? what is the point?
  4. my version is , I don't know what is going with me. I think I have seen" Real-time and Advanced Machine Learning protection" before in my eset, but today I can't find it.
  5. Good evening, why i am not seeing this tab on my eset ?https://help.eset.com/eis/13/en-US/idh_page_settings_antivirus.html?idh_config_scanner.html When I open advanced settings I get this :
  6. Thank you so much for answering, Do you have any answer to the 4th question (in my first post) about the scan ?
  7. So if I go to "connected home monitor" and select "change the network type" , I will get this pic . If I chose "Home or office network" all my familymembers and the people who have my network password will be able to see my files and what i am surfing ? Thank you
  8. Good morning everyone, I have some questions regarding ESET INTERNET SECURITY. When I open Eset and go to "connected home monitor", I have two options.Whether I go to "continue anyway" to see all devices connected to my network but CAN'T scan my router or click on "change the network type" where I get a tab of "change network connection" and if I chose Home or office network I will be able to scan my router...My problem is that I have family members and others in my apartment I live that I don't want my computer and files be visible to them. So what should be done to scan my network and router? 2 :In connected home monitor ,why items aren't showing in chronological order?(please check the picture attached, j7nic device is placed before huawei device) 3:when a new device connects to my network,I am not getting a notification but I can see it on my connected home monitor.Why I don't get notification ? 4: about scanning,sometimes I do scan a full scan in the same day,why do scans take different time (sometimes a full scan takes 33 min, 47 )min..and why the object scanned is different (sometimes the number is 280 827,sometimes 271506 items ).Why isn't the time and object scanned the same?Is it a normal to have a different number of object scanned within the same day when I do a full scan? THANK YOU SO SO MUCH
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