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  1. So I edit the policy. How do I make it to take in effect again? Do I need to re-run the policy?
  2. Lastly, on the Protection type of new networks under Know Networks, by default is set to Mark as public, should it be Use Windows setting?
  3. Allow remote desktop is enabled. I have no custom firewall rule created. Just the default.
  4. Hi, noticed after installing, deploying ESET AV or Endpoint Security to computers, I cannot RDP and ping the computer name. Though I can remote using a different remote tool like Teamviewer so I know the computer is powered on. I am currently deploying client version 7.3.2039.0 via Security management Center. Thanks!
  5. Hello ESET members, I have ESET Security Mgt 7.x. I am currently deploying, upgrading ESET endpoint security, anti virus on client workstations, how, where in policy do I turn off the Splash Screen, ESET notification, Initial Scan screen from showing? Would like to make the install as silent as possible. This topic may be out but if you can point me to the right direction, much appreciated. See images below. Thanks!
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