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  1. Issue was resolved with ESET support ticket. The error code 1603 usually pertains to restart the server. I did restart the server but when I restarted it again with the advise of ESET support and the installation was successful.
  2. I did not get a UAC window. I just right click the AiO file and run as administrator. I was able to do so without error when I upgraded from 8.0 to 9.0 ver. I will create a support ticket. Thank you.
  3. Hi Marcos, please see attached log file sent to your profile inbox directly.
  4. Hi, I am trying to upgrade ESET Protect version to the latest and got the error code: 1603. I am updating from 9.0 to 9.1 using the All-in-one installer. I was able to upgrade before the same from 8.0 to 9.0 with no error but this time it errored out. I restarted the server where the ESET Protect resides and still the same. The machine where the ESET Protect resides also has ESET Server Security product installed. Hoping for some help.
  5. Got it. Will further check with customer support thanks! @IggyPop
  6. Hi, just want to know if when you purchase license for ESET Mail Security for Exchange Server, can you install the same license on two or more Exchange Servers that will have the same user mailbox/database set? Thanks!
  7. Hi, is it required to install ESET Server Security on a Windows Server 2019 that ESET Protect Server resides on? Will the ESET Protect Server provides enough protection?
  8. Hi, is the built-in-Policy: ESET management agent - Agent disable windows security center firewall notification has to be applied? Is this policy just to disable the windows notification? I find it odd when I upgraded my ESET Protect to 9.0 this showed on my Custom Policies. Also I applied to a selected workstations ESET Endpoint for Windows - Antivirus Maximum security policy, I noticed the HTTP Proxy usage automatically applied to all workstations. Is this by default needs to be applied? Thanks
  9. Got it. How about the initial configuration from the ESET Mail Security installation guide, setting a scheduled on-demand computer scan on the drives? Is that required or the real time scanning is enough?
  10. Just installed the latest version of ESET Mail Security for MS Exchange Server. Is it required to apply or create a policy for it? Or when ESET Mail Security is installed it will provide its basic or predefined/default protection to scan, detect the drives on the server and the database/mailboxes? Or if I apply the build in policy or create is just a matter of utilizing the in-depth features of ESET Mail Security for MS Exchange server?
  11. Hi, what is the best practice in terms of rules/policy when installing ESET Mail Security on MS Exchange Server? Is it practical to use the Built in policy in my ESET Protect: ESET Dynamic Threat Defense - Enable or ESET Dynamic Threat Defense - Submit scripts and executables - Recommended? Will be installing on an Exchange server the first time. If I don't apply any policy after installing ESET Mail Security, will I have any issues? Or is it required to apply a policy? Also would it matter if I deploy/install the ESET Mail Security via ESET Protect or install the installer .msi? Also would be best to upgrade my ESET Protect from ver 8.0 to ver 9.0 first before I deploy, install ESET Mail Security with the latest ver 9.0 as well?
  12. Did you use the ESET built-in policies for the Exchange? Like the ESET Dynamic Threat Defense - Enable?
  13. Thank you for your response Ingermar. I will create a support ticket.
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