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  1. The elapsed time is quite low (14 min. at maximum). Could you please let the scan run for a few hours and then check if the number of scanned files has grown? You could also try disabling archives so that the scan runs faster. If the number of scanned files doesn't increase even after a longer time, please open a support ticket with your local ESET distributor.
  2. We have found a bug which will be addressed in the Internet protection module 1425. You can switch to the pre-release update channel to get it as soon as possible. I expect the module to be put on the pre-release channel in 1-2 days.
  3. Big vendors are generally not willing much to talk to smaller vendors and wait with their program updates until all smaller vendors adapt to changes. Also integration into browsers other than by extensions is not easy and requires a lot of work and research on our part.
  4. I stand corrected, both Chrome and Edge have recently updated to v90 which confused me. For Chrome v90 we've added support recently and probably Edge v90 is not supported yet. I'll check with developers.
  5. Please upload logs collected with ESET Log Collector for perusal.
  6. Please add this CA to the trusted root CA certificate store to establish trust:
  7. Since your forum email address is different than the license registration email address, please drop me a personal message with your license key enclosed.
  8. ESET doesn't send URLs you visit to the cloud to determine if they are malicious or not. Only to determine classification (Parental Control / Web Control), the product queries ESET's servers about the category but this happens in an encrypted form. We scan javascript both directly in files and on execution, e.g. via AMSI on WIndows 10 or within the browser:
  9. Yeah, pico updates are typically less than 500 bytes in size.
  10. I don't have the logs at hand now but I recall that there's at least 16 GB RAM installed. However, regardless of how much RAM is installed, ekrn should not allocate too much. You wrote that after disabling HIPS you could hardly reproduce the issue. Could you confirm? Is it enough to disable self-defense and reboot the machine? Also please uninstall MBAM completely while troubleshooting this issue to rule out any effect of MBAM on the issue. Also please remove or rename the Panda driver as well.
  11. Yes, we plan to add an option to enable 2FA.
  12. Just to make sure, what is the problem actually? Asking since it was not clear from the screen shot which showed only a MBAM warning.
  13. It looks like there are only these two possibly troublesome drivers but none is loaded which should be fine (as long as it's still true and no additional security drivers have been installed in the mean time):
  14. Port 2221 is used to provide mirrored updates via HTTP: We recommend using an http proxy instead of updating from a mirror wherever possible. As for program updates, if you have this option disabled then the product can still check if a newer version is available, however, it should not install it. From your screen shot it's not clear what servers ekrn was communicating with so it's hard to tell if was this kind of communication. There is a handful of servers that various product components may communicate with: https://support.eset.com/en/kb332.
  15. The warning comes from Malwarebytes. Please make sure to uninstall it or install it only as a second-opinion on-demand scanner without real-time protection and any of its drivers running.
  16. Do you mean ESET Endpoint Security v8? V5 is a legacy version and should not be installed any more. In v8 RDP is allowed in the trusted zone by default. You can either add the IP addresses from which you connect to the trusted zone or create a new permissive rule for RDP with remote IP addresses listed on the Remote tab of the rule.
  17. Please try running the ESET Uninstall tool in safe mode and remove ESET completely, if detected. Should the problem persist, try running the EFSW msi installer rather than creating an AiO installer.
  18. For Windows server operating system we have ESET File Security (v7.3 is the latest). ESET Endpoint is not suitable for installation on servers.
  19. The button is subject to future changes. We are aware that it's a bit confusing now.
  20. Before you enable advanced logging it's necessary to narrow it down to the particular protection feature or setting that must be disabled in for the issue not to occur.
  21. This topic is not about CCleaner. In order to discuss 3rd party tools, I'd recommend visiting the appropriate forum that deals with such tools.
  22. Looks clean / grey, probably some Chinese app.
  23. You can upload them to OneDrive, Dropbox,etc. and drop me a personal mesage with a download link.
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