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  1. I was unable to find a license by the email address you used to register in this forum so I assume you used a different registration address for your license. First of all, do you have a license for Endpoint and server products or for consumer version? While my.eset.com serves for home users, ELA and the new EBA portal are intended for managing business licenses. If you have an EBA account created but no license added there, you could change your password to a temporary one and provide me with the email address and the password so that I could try it myself. Anyways, the best course of action would be raising a support ticket so that the case is properly handled and tracked.
  2. Most likely you had to reboot after an upgrade to the latest version 12.1.34 which has brought a fix for the issue.
  3. I would suggest raising a support ticket for customer care since further logs will be needed and to have the case properly handled and tracked.
  4. I'm sorry to hear about the issues you encountered, however, ESET's products are popular and highly awarded worldwide. I for one haven't heard about issues connected with our products that would cause disruption of user's workflow. I would strongly recommend customer care first since it sounds you are having bigger problems with your system and that are not caused by ESET that would not most likely be sorted by getting a refund and uninstalling it. Of course, a refund is possible within 30 days since the purchase if I remember correctly.
  5. I'm afraid you fell victim of a scam since you most likely didn't contact ESET through the official website www.eset.com/us that is maintained by ESET, LLC from San Diego. Firstly, ESET still supports Windows 7 and will continue to support it for the next few years. We even still offer v9 which officially supports Windows XP. Secondly, the price for ESET's products is much lower. The price for ESET NOD32 Antivirus for new customers is below $40 and even less if you are purchasing a renewal:
  6. 1, Since it was found in the WinSxS\temp\PendingRenames folder, judging from the name of the executable I assume it was created during a Windows update. 2, Probably because Windows update attempted to download and install it again and again. 3, Windows update should install it alright once it's not detected / blocked. Still, it's just a hunch that it was Windows update that generated the file.
  7. Problem je, ze ste po instalacii prepli firewall do uciaceho sa rezimu, v ktorom je standardne 2 tyzdne. Pocas tejto doby sa automaticky vytvaraju povolovacie pravidla pre vsetku komunikaciu. Po ukonceni uciaceho sa rezimu ste prepli firewall do administratorskeho rezimu, teda nove pravidla sa uz dalej nevytvarali, ale aplikovali sa existujuce. Vzhladom na to, ze napr. pre utorrent sa vytvarali velmi specificke pravidla pre konkretny vzdialeny port a IP adresu, po zmene do administratorskeho rezimu prestal komunikovat, ak sa neaplikovalo ziadne z existujucich pravidiel. Odporucal by som zmazat vsetky pravidla a pouzivat automaticky rezim. Ak chcete pouzivat uciaci sa rezim, v pripade blokovanej komunikace tento vyzaduje reviziu pravidiel a pripadne ich zovseobecnenie, tj. napriklad zrusenie vzdialeneho portu a IP adresy v pravidle a ponechanie iba 1 pravidla pre konkretnu aplikaciu.
  8. We don't know yet. If you don't want to use pre-release updates, stay on regular updates and the module will be updated automatically after some time.
  9. Dodajte nam, prosim, logy zozbierane nastrojom ESET Log Collector, aby sme mohli skontrolovat konfiguraciu a firewallove pravidla, ktore mate vytvorene.
  10. Please check if C:\Windows\Temp isn't full of redundant temporary files. If it is, delete them. If that's not an issue, enable advanced network protection and update engine logging in the advanced setup -> tools -> diagnostics, run update, then disable logging and gather logs with ESET Log Collector for perusal. You can upload the generated archive here.
  11. Product: ESET Security -- Error 1923. Service 'ESET Service' (ekrn) could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services. A Procmon log from a failed install might shed more light. I'd suggest raising a ticket for customer care and providing them with both the Procmon log and fresh ELC logs gathered after the failed install. You can provide me with a download link to the logs as well but it's important that the case is properly handled and tracked by customer care.
  12. If you uninstall the KB does the icon re-appear? Have you tried uninstalling ESET and installing the latest version 12.1.34 from scratch?
  13. If I remember correctly, it should happen after the next service release in 1-2 months. By the way, it will be uPCU, not PCU.
  14. Please contact the seller from whom you purchased your license. Since you are from the US, I assume you purchased it from ESET, LLC.
  15. What do you mean by "flash memory"? A USB stick? What version of Windows do you use? What threat was detected by ESET? Please post the appropriate record from the Detection log.
  16. Dobry den, Administratorsky rezim funguje presne tak, ako sa aj sprava na Vasom pocitaci - povoli komunikaciu, pre ktoru existuju povolovacie pravidla vsetku ostatnu komunikaciu zablokuje. Ak nastava problem s blokovanim komunikacie po aktualizacii aplikacii, overte, ci cesta k exe suboru ostava nezmenena. Ak cesta ostava rovnaka, overte si este nastavenia detekcie zmeny aplikacii v rozsirenych nastaveniach sietovej ochrany, ci je tato moznost zapnuta a ci nie su niektore aplikacie vylucene:
  17. Please gather ELC logs from the machine and post the generated archive here.
  18. What ESET product and version do you have installed? You have posted in the NOD32 Antivirus forum, however, this product doesn't contain Banking and payment protection. Do you have ESET Internet Security? The latest version 12.1.34? Have you tried uninstalling it and installing it from scratch? What version of Firefox do you have?
  19. Do you use a secure browser only for Internet banking websites? On what particular website were you redirected to a secure browser that triggered a Web cam protection prompt?
  20. Then enable diagnostic logging and wait until the error occurs without running manual update and only then disable logging.
  21. It could be that the virus infected the file improperly, causing it to be damaged irreversibly. Please supply a couple of such samples to samples[at]eset.com, ideally in pair with their original uninfected variants.
  22. If you run an application that has gui, it will appear on user's screen.
  23. This is true for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 which is not the case of itman.
  24. I'm sorry. You mentioned EDTD in your post and there was a message about unauthorized access so I erroneously concluded it was related. Please enable diagnostic logging, run manual update, disable logging and finally gather logs with ESET Log Collector and post the generated archive here.
  25. It means that you have enabled ESET Dynamic Threat Defense in a policy but in fact you don't have an EDTD license or EDTD was not activated in EMSX via an EBA account from ESMC. Please disable EDTD in policies that are applied to EMSX:
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