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    Glad to hear it's resolved. If you would like to get protection from network attacks (typically bruteforce RDP attacks used by attackers to get into machines to run ransomware and then extort money from victims) and to get additional botnet detection to recognize communication of unknown bots within botnets as well as to get protected against exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities in network protocols, we recommend upgrading to ESET Internet Security (EIS) or ESET Smart Security Premium (ESSP). Besides these additional protection features, EIS also provides Anti-Theft and Antispam and ESSP also Disk encryption and Password manager.
  2. Since this is an English forum, kindly please post in English so that moderators and other users can understand and help you. Regarding the prompt message, it's really weird and I'd rather expect it when opening the repository in a browser. Please continue as follows: - under Help and support -> Details for customer care, enable advanced logging - run update to reproduce the issue - stop logging - collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here.
  3. Please use the product change feature under Help and support to upgrade to ESET Internet Security. You may need to change the license first in case you've received a different license key for ESET Internet Security.
  4. ESET Endpoint v5 doesn't provide sufficient protection against current threats. We strongly recommend upgrading to Endpoint 7.2 as soon as possible. In the case of Windows XP, Endpoint 6.5 is the last one that supports this OS.
  5. ESET Endpoint v5 doesn't provide sufficient protection against current threats. We strongly recommend upgrading to Endpoint 7.2 as soon as possible. In the case of Windows XP, Endpoint 6.5 is the last one that supports this OS.
  6. If manual uninstallation doesn't work, you can use the ESET Uninstall tool in safe mode as per https://support.eset.com/en/uninstall-eset-manually-using-the-eset-uninstaller-tool.
  7. I'd recommend deploying agent via GPO or using the Remote deployment tool as per https://help.eset.com/esmc_smb/70/en-US/deployment_tool.html.
  8. There are no delays in providing update files on update servers. The difference is caused by the default interval for checking for new updates which is 60 minutes. That said, it should take 1 hour at maximum for all machines to update to a particular engine version. Unlike EMSL, Windows v7 product use streamed updates to get updates against a group of threats every few minutes. However, in case of VBA malware only ESET Dynamic Threat Defense (supported by Windows Server products v7+) could shorten the reaction time and possibly recognize the malware even before it starts spreading by analyzing attachments possibly carrying malware in cloud.
  9. I assume that connection parameters are stored in agent's database for security reasons.
  10. Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector for perusal.
  11. You'll need to reinstall or redeploy agent in order to change connection parameters.
  12. As I wrote, there will be a hotfix of ESET NOD32 for Linux desktop that will address the issue.
  13. The issue will be addressed both in Endpoint and NOD32 for Linux desktop.
  14. Thank you for the heads-up, I've reported the issue to developers. Will keep you posted.
  15. Please check that you have downloaded the live installer for ESET Internet Security and not for ESET NOD32 Antivirus in error. If that's not the case, please provide a screen shot of the error.
  16. An installer for what product do you mean?
  17. Please read this before you post As stated, this forum is not the right place to dispute url blocks or detections. Please contact ESET as per the instructions above next time. As for the block, there has been malware on the website recently. It appears to be clean now so we have unblocked it.
  18. Marcos


    Please try the following: - disable SSL filtering in the advanced setup and click OK - restart Windows - without launching any application, re-enable SSL filtering - check if the issue is resolved.
  19. Does running the Uninstall tool in safe mode fix the issue? https://support.eset.com/en/uninstall-eset-manually-using-the-eset-uninstaller-tool
  20. These settings are for Endpoint 7.2. If applied to older versions, they are converted to the appropriate setting (e.g. PUA balanced or cautions detection will merely enable PUA, setting it to Off will disable PUA detection). Aggressive detection is applied only by Endpoint 7.2+. We recommend upgrading to ESMC 7.1 and Endpoint 7.2.
  21. It could be possible, e.g. if you have the drive encrypted with Bitlocker you could install Dislocker: https://superuser.com/questions/376533/how-to-access-a-bitlocker-encrypted-drive-in-linux
  22. If the issue can be reproduced within 30 minutes, you might want to try temporarily uninstalling ESET to confirm or rule out that it's somehow involved in the issue. During this time reduce the browsing activity only to bare minimum to prevent possible infection especially if you don't have Windows 10.
  23. If adding the root certificate fails, we will attempt to add it the next time the system starts. Until then, there will be issues with SSL websites because of the missing root certificate and SSL filtering enabled.
  24. You must close the browser and then disable SSL filtering, click OK and then re-enable it so that a root certificate is generated and added to known browsers and the system trusted root CA certificate store too. We strongly recommend upgrading Endpoint to the latest version 7.2 as well as ERA to ESMC 7.1.
  25. There will be a fix for the issue in both Endpoint and ESET NOD32 for Linux desktop according to the latest news.
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