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  1. Please provide a couple of screen shots for clarification. I'd recommend opening a support ticket with your local ESET distributor.
  2. Do you use default firewall settings, ie. automatic mode without any custom rules? Does actually pausing the firewall make a difference?
  3. The website is not blocked by ESET.
  4. ESET Endpoint Security can be purchased for at least 5 seats / devices. However, I assume it would be cheaper to buy ESET Internet Security for 5 devices. Please contact your local distributor regarding the pricing.
  5. Please reply here, not via "Report" which serves for reporting inappropriate posts. I'd recommend opening a support ticket with your local ESET distributor and providing logs collected as per https://support.eset.com/en/kb3404.
  6. It's possible to continue with the installation despite the warning. The upcoming version of ECS will have the compatibility check updated to support v11.1.
  7. Since it's not clear what panel you are referring to, please post a screen shot for clarification.
  8. Uninstall ESET from the former computer and install it on the new one. If the computer doesn't boot or cannot be connected to the Internet during uninstallation, free up the seat via the license manager at my.eset.com.
  9. The log was extremely large (23 GB), opening it paralyzed my machine for more than an hour. As I've asked, please do not leave advanced OS logging enabled for more than a minute and compress the log next time. Try the following: 1, Use automatic firewall mode. Currently you use interactive mode and have more than 1500 rules created. Try the following: - export the current configuration - switch the firewall to automatic mode - delete all custom rules If that doesn't help, try uninstalling ESET and installing it from scratch without changing default settings. 2, PhpStorm
  10. ESET's EDR solution is ESET Enterprise Inspector (ie. not EDTD). Currently the on-premise EEI receives a lot of intel data from clients (much more than any other competitive solution as far as I know) which is why it cannot be used in the cloud easily. However, we're working on a cloud version of EEI which will be announced here as well as via other standard channels shortly before the release.
  11. As far as I know symbols are not available for the Brave browser which is a must in order for BPP to support it. Another thing that matters is the popularity of the browser and Brave wasn't among the most used ones by ESET users if I recall correctly.
  12. Still no joy. Make sure that you enable advanced oper. system logging prior to reproducing the issue and disable it prior to collecting logs. It will be enough just to provide C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Diagnostics\EsetPerf.etl.
  13. For some reason esetperf.etl is still missing: C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Diagnostics\ 0 files 0 bytes Did you actually enable advanced OS logging, reproduced the issue and disabled logging prior to collecting logs?
  14. Looks like you didn't enable advanced operating system logging as instructed. The Diagnostics folder was empty, esetperf.etl log was missing. Please remove from detection exclusions: Win32/CoinMiner.DP potentially unwanted application @ C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyMiner\cudaminer\ccminer.exe Win32/CoinMiner.DP potentially unwanted application @ * Win32/CoinMiner.BV potentially unwanted application @ C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyMiner\cpuminer-x32\minerd.exe Win32/CoinMiner.BV potentially unwanted application @ * Enable detection of potentially unsafe applications, just in
  15. Please carry on as follows: - reproduce the issue - enable advanced oper. system logging in the adv. setup -> tools -> diagnostics - after approx. 1 minute disable logging - collect logs with ESET Log Collector, upload the generated archive to a safe location and drop me a personal message with a a download link.
  16. You would have to have ESET Internet Security or Smart Security Premium installed and Anti-Theft activated in order to be able to track your notebook.
  17. You have a CoinMiner installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyMiner. Does uninstalling it make a difference?
  18. I've checked your license and didn't find any issues. It's been used on 1 computer. The license was issued by ESET Canada so it's strange that they could not find. I'm gonna reset your license key now and send you a new one.
  19. It should be possible to upgrade your existing license. Please contact the distributor who sold you the EIS license for instructions if the e-store doesn't provide that option.
  20. Unfortunately the screen shot above is blurred so I can't tell if it's the same network being detected. Try leaving only these two parameters enabled for this network identification:
  21. I was unable to find any purchased license registered with your forum email address. There is only one trial license for ESET Mobile Security. Is that correct? If not, please provide the public license ID in the form of XXX-XXX-XXX.
  22. I've inquired our Linux expert about this issue. The conclusion is that recent changes in kernel 5.8 require update of Endpoint. We're working on Endpoint v7.1.9.0 which should be ready in a few days and will be fully compatible with kernel 5.8. Regarding the tickets you've mentioned, they were created just yesterday at 10:02 and 10:57 according to the information from our colleagues in the US. Int. ref: P_EESU-716
  23. We need to know if temporarily disabling self-defense make a difference or not. Or is it the scan-on-open option that resolves the issue?
  24. Remote machine certificate is not trusted because signing certificates (CAs) are not trusted or found in system/agent database Create a new agent live installer and re-deploy it on clients. It appears that the CA certificate has changed on the server and the previous one was not saved/restored.
  25. The dialog pops up whenever a new network is detected. If you don't roam between new networks ESET should remember your choice for the given network. If you want to treat any new network as public automatically, you can configured it here: You can provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector so that I can check if various networks were actually detected and your choice was remembered. Note that public networks have certain services blocked, such as file sharing.
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