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  1. Marcos

    Issue with my.eset.com

    Do you have any special characters in the email address which might cause it to not pass a regex verification?
  2. Yes, use ESET Log Collector which will also gather all logs from the Diagnostics folder.
  3. You are right. In EFSW, diagnostic logging can be enabled here:
  4. The advanced setup looks almost same, ie advanced setup -> Tools -> Log files as shown in the screen shot.
  5. Marcos

    Bloqueos ip (Blocked IP)

    Since this is an English forum, we kindly ask you to post in English so that moderators can understand and try to help you. If you have installed ESET NOD32 Antivirus and not ESET Internet Security or ESET Smart Security Premium, then it cannot have any effect on ping since it does not contain a firewall and thus cannot filter network communication.
  6. By Log viewer you mean the HIPS log in EFSW?
  7. Please carry on as follows: - enable advanced operating system logging as follows: - reproduce the issue with high CPU utlization by ekrn - stop logging after a few seconds (10-20) - gather logs with ESET Log Collector
  8. Don't forget to change the verbosity back to informative then:
  9. Please create a full application memory dump of ekrn when there is a cpu spike. In the advanced setup browse to Tools -> Diagnostics, make sure that full dumps are selected (if not, select that option and click ok first) and then click Create to create one. Also run Procmon and leave it logging operation for at least one minute. Afterwards stop logging, save the log, compress it, upload the archive and the dump to a safe location and drop me a message with download links.
  10. Never heard about such issue and also manually submitted files are logged: I'd suggest temporarily enabling diagnostic logging verbosity, submitting a file manually and then checking the ESET event log for possible errors.
  11. I've installed ESET Internet Security through an RDP session and the firewall was disabled after installation as expected:
  12. Marcos


    Please provide the appropriate records (the whole row) from the Filtered websites log.
  13. Marcos

    Ransom email

    If you had issues with EMS for mobile phones, you should have contacted customer care in the first place. Unfortunately you didn't mention what kind of issues you had so I can't comment on it without more info. You should, however, post in the appropriate mobile section then. And too many false positives? Why this exaggeration? ESET is known to have least false positives even according to various independent tests. Maybe you consider PUAs to be false positives but they are not. Again, more info is missing. As for the price, it differs in countries around the world. In some it may be cheaper, in the other slightly expensive than other AVs. However, multi-device packages are best if you want to save money and there are also special deals at some times when you can buy products for a better price. Let's keep the discussion to point or create a new topic in the appropriate forum where we could discuss things seriously without trolling, bashing or ranting.
  14. Marcos

    Ransom email

    Why only good? Use an excellent on like ESET Honestly, you are in the official ESET forum so comments like this are not appropriate. Users with ESET have an excellent protection that is not easy to outperform.
  15. If ESET is installed through an RDP session, the firewall is disabled to prevent the connection from being disconnected. In case of connection issues when pausing the firewall resolve the issue, please carry on as follows: - enable advanced network protection logging in the advanced setup -> tools -> diagnostics - reproduce the issue (ideally restart the system first) - disable logging - gather logs with ESET Log Collector and provide us with the generated zip file.
  16. ESET LLC provides support for users from the US and Canada. To my best knowledge,there are sanctions against Iran so they cannot sell there nor provide support. We'll need to check with ESET ME on the status of your ticket.
  17. Running "sc delete epfwwfpr" as an administrator should remove the obsolete driver. Should the problem persist, also reinstall Endpoint after deleting the driver. Also if you still have a machine with ESET NOD32 Antivirus installed that you plan to upgrade to Endpoint Antivirus, please gather logs with ESET Log Collector but select all stuff to gather so that we get also a registry dump for analysis. I'd suggest waiting with upgrade a bit until we check the logs for any uncommon patterns, such as non-default install or module location.
  18. Is the update status stuck on "Updating product" every time you reboot the machine? According to the logs, it was connecting to update servers and downloading stuff. Try holding Shift and click X to close the gui and start it again. Is the update status still stuck at "Updating product" ? As for the performance issue, does any of the following make a difference? - pausing protection - pausing only real-time protection - temporarily disabling HIPS and rebooting the machine
  19. Re-posting is forbidden by our forum rules. This was already posted here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/18637-unable-to-access-internet-in-google-chrome/ Moreover, it looks like you and Haresh2015 are the same person; creation of duplicate accounts is forbidden as well.
  20. Not sure what Sage does exactly but there is no reason for it to inject into ESET's processes. I would suggest raising a support case so that the issue is investigated. Most likely the vendor of Sage will need to be contacted with recommendations from our developers after all.
  21. No, there's no other way if you completely turn off the machine. Putting it to sleep instead of turning it off might work. Also if you run another scan and ESET has not updated modules yet, most of the already scanned files will be skipped.
  22. Marcos

    Testing new Web Control rules

    If you are creating rules directly in the program setup, changes in configuration take effect immediately. If you do it via a policy from within ESMC, you can send a wake-up call to the desired clients to enforce connection to the ESMC server.
  23. You can disable automatic exclusions completely or only for desired applications in the advanced setup. Installed applications are detected automatically so the list may look differently on your server:
  24. Marcos

    Eset File Security PDF/Phishing.A.Gen

    The false positive was fixed a while ago. Feel free to restore the affected files from quarantine.
  25. IOBit is correctly detected as a potentially unwanted application. Since this forum does not serve as a channel for disputing detections, we'll draw this topic to a close. If you want to submit a file or report a block to ESET, please follow the instructions at https://support.eset.com/kb141/.