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  1. @Duane is a business trial license, which already expired,... So you should contact the ESET representative to prolong it if needed or to buy commercial ESET license. Regards, Peter
  2. Hello @Cookie Monster, I'm sorry for the delay. I meant excluding the connections by Certificate and set Scan action to ignore. You need to navigate to ESET Advanced setup -> Web and email -> click on the Edit button next to the List of known certificates -> Add -> set the scan action to Ignore -> select URL next to Import certificate from URL can enter the URL of your company auth. URL. See the details on the attached screenshot. Please let us know if it helps. Regards, Peter
  3. The issue has been resolved, you should be able to generate the offline license file now, can you confirm? Peter
  4. Dear @serlockwright, Thank you for the report, we are already investigating the issue, we will keep you posted. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Peter
  5. Hello @sujon, the license has been already added to a different account registered with k*****n@gmail.com address You can see "License is associated with a different company" in the error,... Peter
  6. Hello @BrianA_MN and @MAsterx1010, sure, thank you for your willingness to participate, will send you the invitations in a few moments. Peter
  7. Hello Peter / @Faxe, sure, invitation sent few moments ago. Regards, Peter
  8. Hello @Lanser, can you please try to switch to pre-release updates, perform the update and let us know, if it helped? If not please share your product version as well. Regards, Peter
  9. Dear @817, can you please send me the full log as a file attachment to check? Regards, Peter
  10. Hello @Cookie Monster, the most straightforward solution should be to exclude the communication with the domain by the exclusion by the certificate. Regards, Peter
  11. @Tommy1987, sure, will provide you with details in few moments via a private message. Peter
  12. Hello @trayn, good, well then PM with details sent. Looking forward to your feedback. Peter
  13. @Telemar SpA, can you please provide me with few exported samples of the rejected messages? Also provide me with with appropriate records from the spam log. You can send them to my by means of a private message with a reference to this forum topic. Regards, P.R.
  14. you can upload it to a safe location and send the download details to me and Marcos via a private message to check. Peter
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