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  1. Hello guys, @itman as far as I know it should just use stronger encryption and it should be stored in a different location. @TomFace you are welcome, it our job to do so. Regards, P.R.
  2. Hello, the situation was changing quite rapidly here as well believe me (I spent more than 12 hours here yesterday due to this issue), so the communication from our side might me a bit chaotic, but we did our best. @Phil_S sorry for that, but we haven't had any other reports of BSODs so it is probably not related. In case you have a dump, please send me a download link via private message to check it. @howardagoldberg yes we agree that the update shouldn't be pushed out an we are really sorry for the inconvenience caused. I heard some discussion already about adjusting the release process here to prevent such issues from happening again. Thank you for your positive attitude to our products and your patience. @p0k3m0n not sure what exactly happened, but the settings should stay preserved after the Configuration module upgrade. Regards, P.R.
  3. Eset IS

    Hello guys, please find the solution at Regards, P.R.
  4. Hello guys, the fixed Configuration module should be available in few moments, try to run manual Check for updates or you should receive it on next scheduled update (by default once per hour) We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, Regards, P.R.
  5. Hello @pbellchambers and @troggrob , the module should be available in few moments, try to run manual Check for updates or you should receive it on next scheduled update (by default once per hour) Regards, P.R.
  6. Hello , In case it's a purchased via Google play it should be the address of your Google account's address. The process and options of password reset are described in this knowledge base article: In case you are unable to unlock the device, you can call the support to help you with the issue resolution, Regards, P.R.
  7. Hello @Mike O. it seems, that it should be sufficient to exclude the /Volumes/GoogleDrive/*.* OR the path with username. So the first one should be your choice in your environment. Regards, P.R.
  8. High Sierra ESET extension blocked

    Hello @j-gray have you tried to enable it locally? We had few reports of such issue and it may be caused by the macOS security restrictions. "Because of security reasons pressing the Allow button won’t take effect if you are connecting to the machine via Remote Desktop, or if the mouse/trackpad is emulated by a 3rd party application (MagicPrefs, BetterTouchTool, Synergy, etc.) " see for reference. Regards, P.R.
  9. Missing ESET offline installers

    Hello guys, so the installers are available again in the mentioned KB article, but won't be available on the ESET global web site. May I ask what are the reasons for you to use the older versions of ESET product, except of Windows XP support? Thank you, P.R.
  10. Missing ESET offline installers

    Hello @MSE thank you for your input, we will discuss this internally and made necessary adjustments based on the output from the discussion. Regards, P.R.
  11. Download bandwidth

    Hello @Plastic3D , we have multiple download servers available to serve the requests. From my point of view 286 KB/s is not very slow nor fast download speed. I checked the load and on last Friday the download infrastructure was not under some heavy load, so I assume it might be some connection issue on the read to your PC. If you experience the slow downloads again can you please share the speed, exact time (with your time zone) and the IP address of the server from which have you downloaded so we can check it? Regards, P.R.
  12. Hello @Mox please make these two exclusions: "/Volumes/GoogleDrive/*.*" "/Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Google/DriveFS/*.*" replace the {username} with user under which the Google Drive File Stream runs. without the quotation marks and with the *.* at the end of the exclusion definition. Please let us know if it helped you to resolve the issue. Regards, P.R.
  13. Missing ESET offline installers

    Hello guys, @mk2018 for NOD32 I would recommend you to install v.11 via offline installer. It is not officially supported and some issues may occur, but I'm not aware of any serious ones. Anyway the online installer should offer you the latest available and supported for your system, in case you would encounter any. @Ego_Dekker I will submit a ticket for KB team to correct the article, thank you for pointing on it. Regards, P.R.
  14. Hello @winram you can filter only events with path containing "ESET Security" also use the Drop filtered events option to reduce the log size than you should be able to use it for days if you have enough RAM on the system. Also please before the logging start disable Launch protected under HIPS (requires system reboot) so Procmon can log all events. Regards, P.R.
  15. Hello @govind_ind, I'm not Marcos himself, but :-) The BPP browser is sandboxed from the rest of the system and it runs as a separated instance of your browser even in case it already runs. In secured browser only whitelisted addons (to exact version) are allowed to run so from this point of view it is not designed for general browsing purposes and in some cases may behave unexpectedly, on top of that the secured browser has it's own profile so it won't behave as the browser, you are get used to,... Regards, P.R.