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  1. Hello @dhanie, @trumpet2024 and @mat79, thank you for your interest, I will send you a private message with details in a moment. Peter
  2. Hello @Amonte, sure, I will send you a private message with details in a moment. Peter
  3. Preveroval som situaciu z Anti-spamovym timom. Potrebovali by sme anti-spamovy log zo server-a, ktory spravu odmietol a k tomu vyexportovany spravu po oskenovani, alebo aspon jej hlavicku.
  4. @Mysiarka, zaslite mi cez sukromnu spravu vyexportovanych niekolko sprav, ktore boli takto odmietnute. Poprosim Vas o povodne spravy, ako boli odoslane a nasledne aj o odpovede ktore sa vratili z mailoveho servera ktory ich odmietol. Peter
  5. Hello @Gregecslo, so you filled in this form https://www.eset.com/si/podpora/kontakt-podpora/ and received no confirmation e-mail, right? If so, send me a private message with copied content of the fields in that form, I will try to check it. Regards, Peter
  6. Hello @Gregecslo, I would try to submit the form again. If it fails / you won't receive any confirmation please contact you local ESET partner by phone or chat, if available... Regards, Peter
  7. In case you are interested in the ARM64 Home products BETA testing, just sign up and let us know at https://forum.eset.com/topic/27256-arm64-home-products-beta-signup/ When it comes to the license, yet you may use it for the BETA. Peter
  8. Hello @Iversen and @RonG, yes for sure, I will send you a PM with details in a minute. Peter
  9. Hello @Mike Cand @TechnikDoc, sure, I will send you instructions via a private message in a moment. Peter
  10. Hello @Eric Will, the version with full macOS Big Sur support is already released, you can download it at https://www.eset.com/int/business/download/endpoint-security-mac/ Peter
  11. Hello @Tita314, You are welcome. those are available in the help, which is available from the ETI console. I would recommend you to contact your local ESET partner to ask for the ETI trial to evaluate it. Peter
  12. Hello @Tita314, thank you for your interest in ESET Threat Intelligence Service. The offering is described at https://www.eset.com/int/business/services/threat-intelligence/ including the Full solution overview, which is available at https://www.eset.com/fileadmin/ESET/INT/Products/Business/Services/Threat_Intelligence/v01/ESET_Threat_Intelligence_Product_Overview.pdf Peter
  13. Hello @Ryan W, yes for sure. Access granted, see your personal messages inbox for further instructions. Peter
  14. Hello @Audrius, sure, I will send you a private message with details in a moment. Peter
  15. Hello @FH Chang, sure, I will send you a private message with details in a moment. Peter
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