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  1. Hello @Proactive Services, sure, I will send you the details via private message in few moments. Peter
  2. Hello William, thank you for taking part, you already have a private message with access details. Peter
  3. Hello @Jimbo151, have you tried to specify localhost addresses so Remote computer? The localhost addresses are not routed, so no need to be afraid of exposing it to the network / Internet. Peter
  4. Hello guys, I opened a ticket with the dev team to check the logs provided by @Camilo Diaz In case you have the logs (as described by Marcos), or are willing to record them feel free to provide me with them so I can have them checked... Regards, Peter
  5. @SandipThanki and @Jean M, thank you for your willingness to participate, I will send you a private message with details in few moments. Peter
  6. Hello @Acc-Eset, well running the ESET security products in Chroot is not supported, even if you do not notice any issues with it that does not mean it actually works properly. Chroot is a feature that can be "enabled" for selected processes. According to chroot(2): In particular, it is not intended to be used for any kind of security purpose, neither to fully sandbox a process nor to restrict filesystem system calls. So it seems the way to resolve the issue is to configure the Chroot to exclude the ESETs processes. Please share the results with us, Peter
  7. Thank you for sharing, just updated mine 😉 Peter
  8. Hello @Jimbo151, I spoke with our macOS support guy and he told me that the issue is already know to us. Some changes in the personal firewall functionality caused blocking of the localhost connections 😞 The issue can be resolved by creating a rule to allow the localhost connections. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, Peter note for us: P_EES6M-5377
  9. Hello @howardagoldberg, I noticed similar behavior during Connected home scan. The issue (feature) is caused by the Android permissions i.e. if an application wants to know the SSID of a WIFI, the permissions to read location had to be granted and the Location services enabled... Peter
  10. Hello @Louis69, very well then 🙂 The splash screen just shows a banner with the current version, can you share a screenshot of it? the Update now button combines functionality of checking for module updates and application updates as well in the latest versions. Regards, Peter
  11. I guess that the system has been rebooted since the patching, so please share the installation log so we can check it.
  12. Hello guys, I would first try to upgrade to the very latest version 6.8.300.0 to see how it behaves and in case the issue will occur again, please proceed according as Marcos advised. Peter
  13. Hello, is usually caused by issues with connectivity to our licensing authority edf.eset.com mostly by proxies on way... the error should be connected to expired BETA so we would need to see the public license ID of the license and the exact type and version of the product... Peter
  14. Hello Peter, I guess the patches are not installed, see https://help.eset.com/ees/7/en-US/?sysreq.html "Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1 with latest Windows updates (at least KB4474419 and KB4490628)" Regards, Peter
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