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  1. Hello @Krzysztof, we had few such cases reported, simple app reinstallation should help, if not let us know we may share special logging version with you, which should help us to reveal the root cause on your device... Regards, Peter
  2. Hello @Md Rasel, to resolve the issue follow the steps described in this KB article https://support.eset.com/kb6570/ and let us know how it went. Peter
  3. Thank you for your very positive feedback, much appreciated. Peter
  4. Hello @Enrico / @itman, if you are able to reproduce it. can you please provide us with: 1. Processmonitor log (saved in native .PML format) with Advanced output enabled from the boot-time, from a boot where the error is being logged 2. output from ESET Log Collector utility? Please compress those two to an archive, upload them to a safe location and send me the download details via private message with a reference to this thread Regards, Peter
  5. Well that is quite strange... Thank you for keeping us posted and I'm glad that the issue is resolved. Peter
  6. good, thank you @marnee I will respond you privately then... Peter
  7. Well that is a very good question. Do you happen to have a sample of it or anything, that might help us to identify it? Peter
  8. Hello @itman, I asked our code signing guru what can be the issue, but he is currently out of office so the response might take time... Regards, Peter
  9. Hello guys, I will ask internally as I have not experience with ESMC API. May I ask why using the full ESMC is not the preferred option to manage the clients and utilize it's broad managing and reporting feature set? Regards, Peter
  10. Hello @marnee, have you installed the very latest version available? Can you please sen the dump type to complete (you can follow https://support.eset.com/kb380/ ) reboot your system and in case the BSOD happens again, compress the dump, upload it to a safe location and send me a private message with the download details so we can check it. The one you provided is only a minidump so there is nearly no data to find the root cause 😞 Regards, Peter
  11. Hello @Inegi, I would first check if the user, under which you are attempting delete / modify the tasks has sufficient access rights to do so... Regards, Peter
  12. Hello guys, we noted the issues during the weekend, the team responsible is investigating the issue. Regards, Peter
  13. Hello @Casper Stekelenburg, there is an example in C++, but generally you just need to init the ESMC API libraries and that send the messages in JSON format. What RMM do you use, if I may ask? Some of them are integrated and supported, see https://help.eset.com/eea/7/en-US/idh_config_ermm.html Regards, Peter
  14. good, thank you for the confirmation. as the Insiders are special 😉 they have the modules even before the pre-release so it goes: Devel (used in ESET HQ and Insiders) -> pre-release (users who decided to opt-in) -> standard release -> delayed updates... Peter
  15. Do you have the issue on Windows 7? I spoke with the BPP dev and it seems he is aware of some issue there... P.S. the issues with Insider version should be reported to the ESET Insiders sub-forum Regards, Peter
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