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  1. Thank you, I passed your suggestion to the development team to assess.
  2. Sadly, on the RHEL based systems the DKMS is a part of third-party EPEL repository only. So we cannot add DKMS as a dependency to our software (i.e. base our software/product on dkms technology) as that would require adding unofficial third-party repositories to all our customers...
  3. Hello @Sec-C thank you for sharing this, the team responsible has a task tracked to analyze possibility of using it. Peter Note for us: P_EESU-1800
  4. Hello, the Update modules task does not check for new product version, If I recall correctly there are some plans to make uPCU available on-demand from the ESET PROTECT in the future. Do the endpoints have direct connectivity to ESET services or via a proxy? If they are on every day, I assume that it will have to be investigated via a ticket...
  5. Hello @st3fan, you are welcome. The throttling is already removed so the endpoints will apply it if you haven't disabled and have connectivity. The product checks for the new version once a day by default, the throttling was removed yesterday. Peter
  6. Hello guys, the build is now available via uPCU / Auto updates, currently with a throttling. Yes, that is an expected behavior if the throttling is set to 0% as manual check for updates overrides it. This is usally part of the rollout. Peter
  7. Hello, the Network Prerequisites are covered at https://help.eset.com/protect_cloud/en-US/?prerequisites.html the full list is available at https://support.eset.com/en/kb332-ports-and-addresses-required-to-use-your-eset-product-with-a-third-party-firewall using ESET Bridge might be an option for you as it 1. by default (when Vulnerability & Patch Management is not being used) allows traffic related to ESET's services 2. caches significant portion of the traffic to save your bandwidth So I recommend to explore this option Peter
  8. Hello @j-gray, I was informed that the NORAM Technical support team is in contact with you regarding the issues reported, I hope you will be able to resolve them together. Peter
  9. That's a pity 😞, I hope that we will be able to move forward with it, but the logs would be helpful for sure. Peter
  10. Hello @j-gray, I asked my colleagues from the Global Support Team to check it. Sorry to hear of such issues and the trouble you experience with it😞 The development team analyzed the logs and sadly haven't found cause in it seems that the activation went fine in this particular case. Do you happen to have the ECP Activation logs available to check from this case, or from another one when you observed the issue for the subsequent upgrade i.e. not from an upgrade from the 6.th generation of the product? If yes can you please provide me with it so I can provide the Dev team with it? Thank you, Peter Note for me: P_EECSM-5259
  11. Hello, thank you for your report. The error is unrelated, it means that the server is unable to connect to the Repository so it might be a DNS issue or issue with the connectivity. A senior EP developer noted, that we had such bug in the EP in the past so some versions weren't shown so it might be related. For example the is still available in the Repository. The product management team is taking care of the issue with the download widget on the eset.com, but it will take time to fix. The minor releases are are only Servicing updates so no new major features added, mostly fixes of issues so those should not cause issues, but rather resolve them, see details at https://support-eol.eset.com/en/policy_business/versioning_rules.html Peter
  12. Hello @j-gray, one of our developers noticed this thread and asked us to provide him with the installation logs (the OS install.log, usually located at /private/var/log/install.log) from the affected machine to check for the start? Can you please provide us with it? Feel free to upload it to a file sharing service of your choice and send me the download details via a private message. Thank you, Peter
  13. Hello guys, I can confirm that there is an issue with the quality of service of the ESET Push Notification Service (EPNS). The teams responsible are on it. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, Peter
  14. Hello guys, I can confirm that there is an issue with the quality of service of the ESET Push Notification Service (EPNS). The teams responsible are on it. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, Peter
  15. Hello @ash77, what is the version of the Configuration module on the server on which you are testing the fix? Have you applied the policy with the pre-release update type to it? Peter
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