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  1. Hello @Egon, thank you once again for reporting this issue. It should be fixed in next Internet protection module (distributed automatically along with other modules updates), expected version of Internet protection module with this fix is 1319. Regards, P.R.
  2. Hello, sadly I'm not an VM specialist so I haven't found anything suspicious in the log. To open the ticket I would start with the detailed description, the VM tool log and output from ESET log collector from the machine, on which the error occurred right after the system restart. Regards, P.R.
  3. Using ESET on Chrome

    Hello Jane, it will work in version 10.1.23x and above as Marcos mentioned. Regards, P.R.
  4. Hello Hungtt, I'm not aware of such issues so hard so say what could help as the description is a bit vague without the exact error message. Can the customer clone the VM and do the experiments there is non business critical environment? Do we have at least the VMtool log? Regards, P.R.
  5. Outlook 2010 crashes with ESET integration enabled

    Hello guys, can you please provide me with the Outlook crash dump taken with Procdump and ESET Log collector so I can check it? Regards, P.R.
  6. Hello @User , the licenses are managed by local resellers / partners. Not sure what they can and cannot do, but there are probably some restrictions to keep the data in the license database consistent. Regards, P.R.
  7. How to become an ESET Reseller?

    Hello Phoenix, for USE you may use this resources and there is a Become a reseller button :-) leading to Regards, P.R.
  8. Tired of ESET's full screen mode notifications

    Hello Phoenix, that is probably caused by the Gamer mode so to prevent that from happening, just disable it. We plan to change the detection of triggers for Gamer mode activation in the future, but as I can see your HW configuration you do not need Gamer mode at all :-) Regards, P.R.
  9. Hello @hungtt may I ask what is the actual error shown / logged? The system than crashes or just restart? Regards, P.R.
  10. Hello Egon, thank you for reporting it and the PoC as well, ee will check it here. The exclusions work, but you have to specify the domain including the wildcards like ** Regards, P.R.
  11. 6.6 and Mirror Tool

    Hello guys, the required changes has been deployed to production. Can you please try it and let us know? Thanks, P.R.
  12. ESET Remote Administrator is a complex solution that can be deployed on a various number environments. In order to help the other community members and ESET staff understand the topic better, please consider including these information in your post: Version of ERA (You can find the version of your ERA in About section of Web Console) OS type and version: OS of ERA Server (Windows / Linux / Virtual Appliance ), eventually OS of Client device, if it is part of your question. If possible, please describe the current problematic setup / desired setup you want to achieve, or situation that you are attempting to address. Thank you.
  13. Hello, the "Detection engine version info disappearing from the log" issue should be fixed in Translation support module 1636 and above, thank you for reporting it. Regards, P.R.
  14. Hello guys, I'm checking this with the responsible product manager, will let you know. Regards, P.R.
  15. Hello Blaxxz, just switch to Advanced downloads on the download site and you will be able to download the full installer. Regards, P.R.