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  1. sorry I somehow missed it, I will send you info in a few minutes. Yes it is manageable by ESMC 7.2, just the new features are not yet. Peter
  2. Glad it was resolved and thank you for keeping us posted. Peter
  3. Hello @Staj thank you for it, I will pass it to the Documentation team. Peter
  4. Hello @TS2020 First please try to clear the browser cache, cookies and restart it and try to access your ECA again. If the issue persists send me your ECA instance ID via a private message so I can check it. Peter
  5. I found https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/72/en-US/sg_server_tasks_ad.html https://support.eset.com/en/kb6900-synchronize-eset-security-management-center-with-active-directory-7x Peter
  6. Hello, the certificate replacement process is described at https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/72/en-US/certificate_replacement.html Peter
  7. Hello, the recovery key is generated locally in the browser. For security reasons no one else has access to it, you can navigate to the settings, change the password and new recovery key will be generated for you. Peter
  8. Hello @Vilket Namn, the recovery key is present in the beginning of the migration process when you log in by means of the new extension. It case be saved as a pdf or copied to a safe storage. Peter
  9. Hello @Antoine, the system reboot is required to load the new drivers as currently it is the only way to load new versions of them. Shut-down in Windows10 by default is not a proper reboot as it utilizes so called Hybrid shutdown also known as Fast startup, thus the drivers are not reloaded. As my colleague Marcos stated, the solution for this are the uPCU upgrades as those will be applied on system reboot so the old version will stay untouched and functional and on reboot the new one will be applied and so new versions of drivers will be loaded. I hope all the users reboot the
  10. Hello, we checked it, an account has been created on such e-mail. The verification message sending failed with "Recipient address rejected: Access denied". We tried to resent the message, please check your inbox and spam folders as well and let us know. Peter
  11. Hello @HeinrichS, I will try to check it. 1. Can you please send me a private message with an e-mail you used to set up the password store? 2. The migration was competed in the end so you can see the accounts correctly and the issue is only with the identity and notes, or? 3. In the old PWM do you have identity and notes saved? Peter
  12. Hello, the certificate requirements are listed at https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/72/en-US/certificate_mdm_https_requirements.html I would start with checking if it the one used meets those... Peter
  13. Hello guys, in case you are willing to trouble-shoot it with us, just let me know I will do my best to assist and help. Sorry to hear that, the issue as you describe it sounds really strange to me. Sadly when we are not able to determine even which feature is causing the issue, it's nearly impossible to trouble-shoot it.. If you are willing to try it again, I guess the only way is a longer experiment with the combination of those 2 features enabled / disabled and observing how it behaves. In case it is caused by the Outllok plugin we would need a log from it, in case by
  14. Hello @Lockbits, I will share a script to work-around the issue over a private message. Peter
  15. Hello @Lockbits, Thank you for your report. we are checking it internally, will keep you posted. Peter
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