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  1. Hello @Masamunnex, as the issue is easily reproducible, collect the logs as requested by my colleague for us to check Peter
  2. Hello @Masamunnex, so does it happen every time on Steam launch and works fine when it is not running? Peter
  3. Hello @T3chGuy007, As far as I know there is no plan to release EES/EEA 8.2, major release is planned but not in upcoming weeks. Peter
  4. Hello @jroseace, new build of Apache HTTP Proxy with this issue covered will be released. Peter P_EP-25295
  5. Hello @Jan Jary, just to add 0x33000001 (855638017) stands for "Blocked". If you want your EPC instance to be upgraded to a version with the issue fixed, send me a private message with your EPC instance ID and let me know if you want to have it upgraded ASAP (downtime is ~ 10 minutes) or outside the business hours. Peter
  6. Hello @mrandrew, good, I will send you details privately in a moment. Peter
  7. Hello @Ankit Upadhyay, do you see such in the Endpoints itself, or in the management console? If in the console, do you have it deployed on-prem or in the cloud? Peter
  8. Hello @Buciumeanu Bogdan, thank you for your report, the teams responsible identified source of the issue and fixed it already. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, Peter
  9. Hello @cxj05h, thank you for your report. New data sync process is being deployed and it might be an issue with it, so I opened a ticket for the team responsible to have it checked. We will keep you posted, Peter (D_CLOUDOPS-1040)
  10. Well 2FA is on the list of features to implement and we want to have it available there, but as many others so a prioritization plays the role here. Peter
  11. Hello guys, I was checking the status of the issue with ESET icon spinning and reporting that product update is in progress even though it was already completed. The issue is not yet completely fixed, so there is still work on our side to fix it fully. (P_EESW-7608) As of now we do not need further logs as it seems the root cause is known to the dev team. I apologize for the confusion as I said it should be fixed in the latest version... Peter
  12. Hello @JorgeDC and @Vampire good, I sent you the details privately. Peter (greeting from Slovakia 🙂 )
  13. Hello, 1. Yes you will be able to use the license after reinstallation and even if you would decide to buy a new computer. 2. It should not anyhow impact you protection of your parent's computers as they are on separate systems. 3. If you buy the license online, it will active right after buying it. If you need to check the offer I would recommend to contact the your reseller / partner. I hope I answered all your questions and also hope it will work for you without any issues. Peter
  14. Hello @Kei Hiiro and @Callum Skeet sure, I will send you the details privately. Peter
  15. I never said, that there is. Well for sure that is something going on and we would really want to find out what. Toe investigate it, we would need the logs I asked for, so can you please provide us with them so we can investigate the issue together? Thank you, Peter
  16. I recommend to check the update status in the Update tab in the main GUI, the status should be correct there. I'm afraid that I do not understand the "Eset attempts to update but the update hasn't started yet" part. By update you mean the phase of applying the update files? Peter
  17. Is just the ESET icon spinning and saying that Product update is in progress or you can see that the update is progressing in the Update tab in main GUI? I'm asking because we are aware of a visual bug, when the icon reports update in progress even if it already finished... Peter
  18. Hello @SlashRose, that was an issue, which was supposed to be fixed in, Changelog states "Fixed: Issue when device has been slowed down during module update", but apparently you are facing an issue with a different root cause. I admit that there might be an issue on our side or some conflict with some other tasks being done on the system. I was contacted by a principal software engineer, who is willing to analyze this so we definitely want to investigate it to reveal the root cause. So can you please 1. open the command line and run wpr -start GeneralProfile -start DiskIO -start Minifilter 2. open a second command line instance and prepare command wpr -stop trace.etl but do not run it yet 3. wait until the issue reappears and note the exact time (so we can check it it the logs) 4. wait for about 30 seconds and run the command from step #2. Upload the log to a safe location and send me the download details so I can have it checked here. Thank you, Peter
  19. Hello @SlashRose, The issue for you is that the update just takes too long, but the system is usable as usually OR do you experience system slow-down during the slow update? How long it takes to apply an update in your case? Would it be possible to get the outputs from 1. Update engine advanced logging 2. Operating System advanced logging for us to check? I spoke with a developer and he would like to check them to see where the issue is so we can address it... Thank you, Peter
  20. Hello @Jose Martins, good, I will send you the details privately. Peter
  21. Hello @SlashRose, do you have the latest version available? The issue with system slow-down during update should be resolved in + (P_ESSW-13437). If not, please update to it. If yes and the issue persists please enable the following options in diagnostics 1. Update engine advanced logging 2. Operating System advanced logging and 3. Memory tracing reproduce the issue, disable the logging, collect logs with ESET Log Collector, upload the generated archive to a safe location and send me the download details with a reference to this forum topic to check. Peter
  22. Hello @brunoalc and @jcdev, I will send you a private message with details. Peter
  23. Hello Anna, sure, I will send you a private message with details in few moments. Peter
  24. As scheduled updates run now at low CPU/IO/Memory priority, the may take longer time when the system is under load. I checked it with the dev and he told me that he seen a logs, when the update took 20 minutes to complete... Peter
  25. Hello guys, I received logs on this issue from @Lockbits and the issue is being checked by the dev team (P_EESW-7598). So far it seems to be caused by changes in our code... Peter
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