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  1. Hi Tom... Install Java SE Development Kit 13.0.2: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-jdk13-downloads.html Uninstall Oracle JAVA SE 8 Restart ESMServer service Log in ESMC
  2. Hi Juan. However, to install the whole thing: agent & Endpoint & / or EFDE you can use the M $: Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager application
  3. Hi Juan From GPO install only agent. Endpoint you must install [auto task] from ESMC => Create dynamic group: Only Agent, Create task: Install App: ESET Endpoint from repo or local network share and run timetable: new comp in dynamic group
  4. Hi Send to me on priv logs {Log&Report =>) from FGT, where it is clearly demonstrated. Realizes. EDIT by TomasP: It is against rule 19 to ask for other users' logs.
  5. The problem occurs in every level of login: whether information or debug or warning, but only in read / write mode
  6. Hi There are no logs in access control for devices in read / write mode. When it is set: Warning, Blocking, Read Only - everything works correctly
  7. Hi Czy dobrze rozumiem, że opcje te zależne są od tego, że instalujemy ze sklepu a nie z Waszej strony? Uważam, że jak do tej pory sprawa Anty-Spama dla: SMS - brak możliwości blokowania dotyczy Androida od wersji 6.0 Telefon - brak możliwości blokowania połączeń dotyczy Androida od wersji 8.0 i tak zawsze było to przedstawiane. A teraz dowiaduje się, ze aplikacja z Waszej strony nie zawiera tych ograniczeń, ze nie jest związana z wersją Androida. Marcos - proszę wyjaśnij mi to. =================== Hi Do I understand correctly that these options depend on the fact that we install from the store and not from your site? I believe that so far the Anti-Spam case for: SMS - no blocking ability applies to Android from version 6.0 Phone - no connection blocking option applies to Android since version 8.0 and so it was always presented. And now he learns that the application on your side does not contain these restrictions, it is not related to the Android version. Marcos - please explain it to me.
  8. Hi How to migrate - in that case - a license purchased via GooglePlay into a standard activation code? Edward
  9. It did not work with me: [ Work only: c:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\egui.exe
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