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  1. Hi Tom... Install Java SE Development Kit 13.0.2: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-jdk13-downloads.html Uninstall Oracle JAVA SE 8 Restart ESMServer service Log in ESMC
  2. Hi Juan. However, to install the whole thing: agent & Endpoint & / or EFDE you can use the M $: Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager application
  3. Hi Juan From GPO install only agent. Endpoint you must install [auto task] from ESMC => Create dynamic group: Only Agent, Create task: Install App: ESET Endpoint from repo or local network share and run timetable: new comp in dynamic group
  4. Hi Send to me on priv logs {Log&Report =>) from FGT, where it is clearly demonstrated. Realizes. EDIT by TomasP: It is against rule 19 to ask for other users' logs.
  5. The problem occurs in every level of login: whether information or debug or warning, but only in read / write mode
  6. Hi There are no logs in access control for devices in read / write mode. When it is set: Warning, Blocking, Read Only - everything works correctly
  7. Hi Czy dobrze rozumiem, że opcje te zależne są od tego, że instalujemy ze sklepu a nie z Waszej strony? Uważam, że jak do tej pory sprawa Anty-Spama dla: SMS - brak możliwości blokowania dotyczy Androida od wersji 6.0 Telefon - brak możliwości blokowania połączeń dotyczy Androida od wersji 8.0 i tak zawsze było to przedstawiane. A teraz dowiaduje się, ze aplikacja z Waszej strony nie zawiera tych ograniczeń, ze nie jest związana z wersją Androida. Marcos - proszę wyjaśnij mi to. =================== Hi Do I understand correctly that these options depend on the fact
  8. Hi How to migrate - in that case - a license purchased via GooglePlay into a standard activation code? Edward
  9. It did not work with me: [ Work only: c:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\egui.exe
  10. I made a mistake - it was supposed to be egui.exe Problem solved. In the Start Menu, a link to start Endpoint is added, but with a wrong link. It does not indicate the file egui.exe, but esmcs.exe with the parameter.
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