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  1. Hey Peter, Unfortunately, this is a PC solution, I"m looking for the Mac OS X solution (eventually I have figured it via policy, but it's a good to know if such option exist)
  2. Hi All I need a command line options to force start eset web access protection and such for Mac OS X Tried to look it up, couldn't find something. and on a general thought, is there a way to force the user to not be able to disable any AV related options? Thanks.
  3. Excellent, Thanks for the quick answer Michal, i have put that tab into action as well as add dynamic group under All with the relevant entries to filter Computers with older agents. Thanks for that.
  4. +1 @Marcos @MartinK @MichalJ I'm refreshing this topic as it is especially helpful on the new ERA 6.5. is there a proper and better approach to make a dynamic group that can tell me which agents\EAV\EES isn't updated to the latest (this is counted as alerts under the installed applications) would appreciate filtering the ones I haven't done in the mass upgrade staging.
  5. well, i can think of the following two options: 1. the credential's permissions level is incorrect (though I'd assume it would return an error) 2. maybe something to do with the first setting? (sync only computers instead of groups and computers) other than that, i'm out of options really...
  6. hahah, completely understandable, I'm sometimes feeling the same when trying to figure the log :-) could be that specifically the installation on that system got corrupted and will need a fresh manual installation on that system to be able and stand better for another uninstall task. (i'm working with elimination function on these issues, trying to simulate how to solve everything step by step from all the options available, long, but QA certified ha!) Also, if you are using Device control policy that might require you to restart that computer to remove any left over drivers. and one more thing, Uninstall task on ESET 6.4 could include uninstall older AV version, sometimes you might wanna try that or the all AV uninstall option there. maybe you need to try a different uninstall procedure Fruit for thought of course, you don't have to take anything from that, and can just wait for the real support to examine and report back on the logs. :-)
  7. haha, no surprise, I do wonder though what's the cause of that. I have this weird issue on my side as well ERA 6.4 trying to upgrade MacEAV 6.2.7 directly to 6.4.168, fails on inability to find the http package (usually means no package found in the web repo) but i am able to upgrade from to 6.4.etc maybe, just maybe, if I understood your issue well, trying to upgrade from a client that doesn't have a proper uninstall client\proper msi package on repo just fails to some bug in the repository, and simple 2 client tasks, one for uninstall another for fresh installation should solve it?
  8. Thanks man, appreciate your assuring words, However, as you're aware, we (IT) LOVE to be 200% sure, even if everything should work as expected. Since these are still the first days of the roll out, I'm waiting to find more info through topics that raise in the forum, (and assist where possible) to get the grasp of the full issues that I may run into. As you say though, it looks quite solid, only the SQL seems to be a small hiccup, (I'll move on to backups soon enough and upgrade it soon after. Thanks again man, really appreciate it. Aviel
  9. any errors? (check the execution or dashboard with server tasks to see any info)
  10. @dasasdas - Could be that "USE LDAP instead of AD" function? I don't have it marked at my place
  11. @Marcos - either you get the better answer, beat me to it in a split second ;-) Nice going man, I was aiming for the Device control policy
  12. @a3pl - It all depends on the ESET configuration From experience I can share with you that the Media control policy requires a computer restart to integrate the policy into the computer. So when you upgrade such computer who is under certain aspects of ESET configuration it is required to restart the computer restart = shut down\reboot to the computer. Sleep\hibernate\closing the lid doesn't count as restart. as for a fix, check the policy of your system, see what required a system restart, usually this would also apply to upgrading.
  13. @jdashn, @MartinK - Any updates about the issue? If ERA 6.5 has some problem installing\upgrading EAV 6.5 I might prefer to delay the upgrade until a solution is found and implemented. Thanks by the way for sharing the findings, and Martin thanks for helping!
  14. @MartinK - Always stealing the spotlight buddy ;-)
  15. Sure mate I don't have either(currently), but I used to have my computer list duplicated (when I first moved to ERA 6) and occasionally when I change computer names or have this little glitches I get the same name (or one with FQDN and another without) one in the AD OU and another in Lost & Found