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  1. Thanks for the quick reply @MichalJ So I just ran into another limitation in that short period of time it took you to reply I'm trying to get the following information: Computer name, Serial Number, CPU, RAM(total a mount), list of installed applications (Specifically looking for Java variants + Intellij products(Pycharm\idea) ) and the versions of these applications\java. I made an entire application report separately to the hardware one. but it seems that even in Hardware report I will need to break it down between CPU\RAM and even serial number each on its own report, which is
  2. Hi Everyone, I'd like to create a report that has both Hardware information (RAM\CPU\Serial number), Computer name, and applications installed on the machine. For some reason once you select something specific, the list is being cut drastically to very specific topics after that. Any chance to lift this limit and be able and product a single report with everything inside, without needing to merge these reports together in a separate process? If that doesn't exist, can that be added to a feature request to the ESET Console? That would really REALLY be helpful! Thanks
  3. Updating - I sent the logs + the extended logs (Allowing logging + collect logs again) hopefully I'll get some answers soon Thanks again @Marcos
  4. Hi, I'm reopening this: got the following error on a system I made sure secure boot is disabled: confd[35403]: ESET Endpoint Antivirus Debug: Application socket 2531725551373760: usage for user 996: 1 connection(s) confd[35403]: ESET Endpoint Antivirus Debug: Invalid CfgModuleRegisterCallbackRequest on path plugins.01000600.settings.GlobalScanner, error 7020 confd[35403]: ESET Endpoint Antivirus Debug: Application socket 2531725551373760: usage for user 996: 1 connection(s) scand[35418]: ESET Endpoin
  5. I never tried to mess around with that, so I assume unless ESET has some default to block certain repos, there shouldn't be anything blocking it. in terms of working through proxy, I have such solution deployed, but I'm limiting it to agent reporting only and not mirroring or serving as download points for app
  6. Hi Marcos, Perhaps I wasn't clear with my question. This task has ran and succeeded on quite a few jobs with the exact same AV installation. it gets a failed attempt once in a while (no idea why, the package is still the latest AV installation) and if i'll run the same client task again manually it'll work. it just needs a rerun. now that we've cleared that, any way to get that to work? Also I mentioned another status of "TImed out" Thanks
  7. Thanks Marcos, I needed to have that piece of info to resolve the issue (turning off secure boot on BIOS) such an annoying little thing, and I really had to scavenge these logs to find that bit of info about it.
  8. Hi all, I ran into the issue where sometimes an automated task failed due to a reason of "Time out" or "package not found in repository" for installing AV software. using a dynamic group and a task assigned to that group. Any chance to automate the "run on failed" until EEA\EES is installed successfully and the agent clears that "dynamic auto-deploy folder" Attaching screenshot of the failed attempt. You can see it says the task is still "Planned" to run, but it never actually run again - is that a bug? Thanks!
  9. Hi all, If anyone runs into that error, I'd really be happy to know what can be done to fix it. The eea service seems to be running, but the agent is reporting its not working. I'll skip to the bottom line. Turns out that "secure boot" doesn't mix well with it. once disabled it can work, (i noticed something in the debug logs about "kernel lockdown .7? " ) I'd love to hear the Moderators\staff for any info about it. Thanks!
  10. Hi @MartinK First, Sorry for the late reply, Regarding your points: Thank you for that, Still, if the timeout is too long for some tasks that shouldn't take this long (e.g. installing AV which fails under #1 or #2. ) In ESMC I still get a task running for up to 2 days after and there's nothing I can do to clean that status. Is it possible to clear such cases? Thanks
  11. I've given that as an Example Marcos, But thank you for pointing and answering the other bullets. Can you answer 3. with a virus quarantine\some user required action process that could occur, how would the user be able to interact with such cases? Thanks
  12. I'll try to follow through with the GUI-less setup for now, as there isn't much of a choice from what I see... I haven't tested it myself yet (unfortunately COVID and other work assignment disrupted that) so I assume it's definitely GUI-less on all OS (18.04, etc) There are a few issues with it: 1. How does a user scan a customized folder when it wants to. 2. Say a virus was detected (I know, highly unlikely on UNIX, but still...) how can the user choose to either clean\delete the virus. 3. Should something disrupt the user's workflow (say firewall blo
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