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  1. I've given that as an Example Marcos, But thank you for pointing and answering the other bullets. Can you answer 3. with a virus quarantine\some user required action process that could occur, how would the user be able to interact with such cases? Thanks
  2. I'll try to follow through with the GUI-less setup for now, as there isn't much of a choice from what I see... I haven't tested it myself yet (unfortunately COVID and other work assignment disrupted that) so I assume it's definitely GUI-less on all OS (18.04, etc) There are a few issues with it: 1. How does a user scan a customized folder when it wants to. 2. Say a virus was detected (I know, highly unlikely on UNIX, but still...) how can the user choose to either clean\delete the virus. 3. Should something disrupt the user's workflow (say firewall blo
  3. so I'm waiting right now for @MartinK to assist me here. Please reply when possible, as right now, I'm looking for how to lower the timeout events so I can send tasks on a faster basis in case something doesn't work.
  4. I think I have seen a gui of it on 18.04, which means this is a unique behavior for 20.04 @Peter Randziak, I'm not entirely sure, so i'll verify it when I can (hopefully tomorrow) But Why change a product that is known to work in a singular method cross-platform. both Windows and Mac have a GUI, why would Linux, especially Ubuntu be any different? I'm sorry, Linux have end users too, and I'm sure Many of the Linux users do not install a gui-less OS. This is very convenient for users to see what they are clicking and what is the status of their Antivirus software.
  5. Thanks for replying @Peter Randziak, Collecting logs will be difficult as COVID is slowing access down. I suggest simulating it on Vanilla Ubuntu 20.04 and seeing for yourself. Issue is as follows: Installing Agent + ESET Endpoint AV using ESMC (server task + Client task) (everything is the latest version of course) after installation is complete EVERYTHING Related to GUI won't be seen anywhere, and I'll put it into detail: * no ESET icon on task bar (the green `e`) * no ESET app can be found in the applications * trying to run on terminal the egui
  6. Thank you for the quick reply @Marcos, If I will elaborate your answer a little, I will need to create a different task and send it to the client, otherwise the same task won't work as it is already thinking it is running on the client in question. I think it would be great addition to be able and stop a task from running, finding a way to make it cancel (either ekcmd command or just a "stop" button. Besides that, I'm still waiting for an answer regarding the other major issue. ESET Endpoint for Linux is just not working on Ubuntu 20.04, no gui is displayed and there's no
  7. This is a 3 years old question by now. I have 2 client tasks that update the automatically AV software. for some reason a total of 5 machines are stuck on "Task started" (one of them is stuck on "waiting for product, so let's ignore this one) How can I cancel these job\session on these clients to rerun it again, without needing to wait for a timeout Another question, can we shorten the time out? adding screenshots Thanks
  8. @Peter Randziak @Marcos Waiting for reply from you for 14 days now. Any chance for an update on the matter? (doesn't have to be a solution, but even knowing you guys are working on it, is good enough) Thanks!
  9. @Peter Randziak - I'm back, Unfortunately, I have checked and found out the gui\ESET app itself doesn't appear in Ubuntu 20.04 (using the latest version you mentioned I can see it is running in the processes in the back (using `ps -ef` in the command line) but there is absolutely no way to find the actual gui and see what is happening with it. I carried on with uninstalling it and reinstalling 4.0.95, and it just worked. GUI and everything. Can we get it checked somehow? Thanks
  10. Thanks you @Peter Randziak I'll look into it, hope it'll be fixed.
  11. still waiting for an update here. (just keeping this post bumped and updated)
  12. @Marcos - That may be true but a new version has to be released for Ubuntu 20.04. Waiting to updates on that frontier. (Consider an operating system released 5 months ago and no support for ESET given for it..
  13. Why raise a ticket with the local distributor, isn't that something that should be investigated on a global level? (This is a generic ESMC version after all)
  14. Let me throw in another solution possible (Though it's hard to understand the security level of it) You can create a proxy in the cloud that will only be used for ESMC reports (and not mirror for AV Installation files\images to minimize the data usage costs) that way whenever the agent fails to report the local server, it use a failover using the proxy to reach it the other way around. (I managed to perfect that method in my case, where we do not allow local servers access from the external network internally.)
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