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  1. Anyone who follows this topic should be aware. There is a new thread with a solution issue is related to the policy that touches the Maximum definition database age. if its turned off it'll be a problem, but otherwise it'll rectify(correct) the issue
  2. @MichalJ @Peter Randziak Just letting you both know. This is the same issue I've been seen on my side where ESET 6.5.2107 hasn't fixed. I have tested that Maximum Age thing. It has successfully resolved it. but As @fxcd said. This is definitely a bug that shouldn't have occurred. Thank you all for sharing the information @fxcd - Especially thanks for bringing it up again, as I was starting to wonder what happened to my request, and your detailed info helped me find that setting in our policy
  3. Sent it to you via message Waiting to hear back from you
  4. @Peter Randziak - Couldn't find which you were talking about (RootKit Detection didn't sound right) So I pasted everything from my local client. (EEA 6.5.2107.1) Let me know if you need anything else, or what's next.
  5. Following this topic.
  6. @MikeD, @Peter Randziak, @TomasP Hi All, For some reason, even after a clean install, I still get that message on startup, and the message doesn't disappear from the Windows maintenance window on 1703: attaching screenshot Any advice on the matter? Thanks guys.
  7. That is fresh Unfortunately, it's not a working day for me, so only Sunday it'll be in affect (which means more time for it sit well in the repo, and catch some clients' feedback Thanks for the update!
  8. Thanks Peter, This is a little off the Wednesday schedule, but understandable. I assume I'll be seeing it next week and be able to test deployments + start to fully deploy organization-wide.
  9. Thank you @foneil - looking forward to see it on eset repo.
  10. Thanks Richard, these are great news. Looking forward to install them once they hit the repo.
  11. Thanks for the Update Michal, I'll keep an eye for it on the ERA repo, I prefer to test the deployment directly from the repo as it will be the only procedure I'd like to have in work, so even if the version is a fix to the issue, I'd like to see it work through the usual procedure of installing via ERA Console. Thanks again.
  12. Hi @MichalJ Any update on the release? I'd like to know how soon I can test\deploy it in my organization to fix this issue. Thanks
  13. Hi @Mike I have some issues with ESET on mac in the past, but lately it's been a bliss on 6.4.246 I suggest checking some configuration\policy in the web console, some of the issues can be resolved due to proper policy corrections (e.g. disable web control, add to the list of exclude application: all sorts of applications like firefox,chrome,etc) I would be happy to share my policy with ya (at least what's generic and allowed to be shared )
  14. I can only suggest to work with the latest as it took away most of the problems (I don't hear anyone complain anymore, so it might be that, or might be the policy that stops everyone from closing their EEA) :->