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  1. No, apparently the IP addresses appear in the ERA console after waiting quite some time. I'm not sure why such a long delay given the information is already available in the client details.
  2. My theory is this info is queried from DNS and not from the adapter, since the adapter details reflects the correct value. Can anyone confirm?
  3. ERA Server: 6.5.522.0 / ERA Web Console: 6.5.388.0 Typically in the web console, next to each host name the IP address of the computer is displayed. I have a number of systems with agent/av installed and checking in regularly (green checkmark), but the IP address is not displayed next to the Computer Name. If I add the IP Address column to ERA, that column is also blank. When I check the details of each client they typically have only one adapter and the IP address is listed correctly there. Why does the IP address not show in the ERA console columns? How do I get it to appear correctly?
  4. FWIW, we're seeing this issue (product is installed but it is not running) on systems that have been upgraded to High Sierra until the user OK's the ESET plug-in.
  5. Backing up ESET Database

    SQL default backup location is typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\%InstanceName%\MSSQL\Backup where %InstanceName% is the specific to your environment. You can always replace 'BACKUPFILE' with an explicit path (e.g. C:\backup\backupfile.bak) or add a file extension (e.g. BACKUPFILE.bak) and search for *.bak. HTH
  6. @MartinK - Thanks for that, somehow I missed that post
  7. Normally in the device column the workstation name is displayed: 'hostname.domain.com' In some instances, I see the device name displayed as, 'hostname.domain.com hostname.domain.com' This causes the devices to appear in Lost & Found container. Any idea what is causing this?
  8. Unresolved Threats

    Thanks for the clarification. Real Time is set to 'normal' and On-demand is set to 'strict'.
  9. Unresolved Threats

    Here's a good example: Threat is detected but not handled. Scan is later performed and same threat is detected and cleaned. ERA console shows client still with two unresolved threats in the 'Unresolved Threats' column:
  10. Unresolved Threats

    I reproduced the issue and uploaded logs a few days ago, just waiting for analysis and response. I'm still lacking clarification: A threat is found, but not handled so appears as a Threat on the client. Subsequent full scans find no threats, but system still shows threats. Should these not be cleared by clean full scan?
  11. OS X - Update already in progress

    ...or is it a bug?
  12. Unresolved Threats

    Just an update: according to support, if a full scan is run and no threats are detected, Any luck with the developers? I heard from support. They think that ESET no longer detects the threats because they are no longer there (unmounted volume, etc.). Support also stated that if a full scan runs and does not detect any threats, it will not clear the threat status. So the client will still appear with unresolved threats even though no threats are found. The only solution presented was to manually clear the threat status. It seems to me that if a system scans clean, it should not be flagged critical and/or require manual intervention.
  13. OS X - Update already in progress

    Does this mean that the update task has been running for over an hour and is still running when the next update task triggers?
  14. OS X - Update already in progress

    Scheduled only has the regular update task set by policy, which runs every 60 minutes.
  15. I frequently get a small pop-up window over the ESET icon in the menu bar that says, "Update already in progress", there is a bit more text, but it disappears fairly quickly. When launched, the client GUI shows no errors or issues. Any idea what's causing this?