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    j-gray gave kudos to MartinK in Proxy Error from multiple clients   
    In case you are using ESET Apache HTTP proxy, it is probable that connections to port 8883 are blocked but it is not clear whether this is the issue. Could you verify configuration of:
    AllowCONNECT 443 563 2222 in httpd.conf? It is possible that enabling this port 8883 will helps AGENT to connect successfully.
    In case direct connection to EPNS servers is not possible, multiple alternatives, including port variants (443,8883) are tried to ensure that connection is made even when configuration is not possible.
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    j-gray received kudos from BenjaminMH in Future changes to ESET Endpoint programs   
    Exactly. Though I view wake-up call more like wake-on-lan, requiring network broadcast, which is not a good practice across multiple subnets.
    I'm looking for a simple 'send policy' that doesn't require network broadcast. Even if it's a basic command I can run from the client (remotely).
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