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    j-gray gave kudos to Marcos in PUP not handled   
    Today we've released a fixed version of the Antivirus and antispyware module 1552.3 which addresses cleaning issues on Mac. Could you please check if PUAs are now cleaned properly?
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    j-gray gave kudos to itman in PUP not handled   
    See this thread: https://forum.eset.com/topic/19081-jsspigotb/ . Also refer to the Eset knowledgebase article link I posted in the thread.
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    j-gray received kudos from wdbrokaw in Last Connected Not Correct   
    I've found similar instances and attribute it to some form of agent corruption. I haven't found an easy way to repair the agent, but the majority of the time, simply uninstalling and reinstalling the agent resolves the issue.
    Not what I would consider a "fix", but does get things working again.
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    j-gray received kudos from BenjaminMH in Future changes to ESET Endpoint programs   
    Exactly. Though I view wake-up call more like wake-on-lan, requiring network broadcast, which is not a good practice across multiple subnets.
    I'm looking for a simple 'send policy' that doesn't require network broadcast. Even if it's a basic command I can run from the client (remotely).
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