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    j-gray received kudos from MichalJ in Help generating a software report with user login info   
    I need to find all OS X workstations that are missing a specific app and need to know the assigned user so that they can be contacted. Also need to include the OS version, so that we can work with the specific user to update/replace the device as needed.
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    j-gray gave kudos to MartinK in Help generating a software report with user login info   
    Actually it works in a way that only "supported" combinations are possible, so once you select more and more columns, there is less possibilities to chose from. So from technical perspective, it is "by design" as required combination is most probably not available.
    What would be actually the use-case you are targeting by this report? Just to pair employees with devices that are no longer connecting?
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    j-gray gave kudos to MartinK in Help generating a software report with user login info   
    Not sure I understand correctly, but filtering devices based on dynamic groups should be farily easy: just filter has t obe added to reports:

    but there might be conflict with other settings, preventing use of such filter.
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    j-gray gave kudos to TomasP in Current versions of ESET Endpoint for Mac and ECA, ERA 6.x and ESMC 7.0 Management Agents will not support the upcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina   
    Hello @j-gray, our KB backend underwent some changes since then and, unfortunately, not all links were preserved, sorry about that.
    Here is the working link to that content: https://support.eset.com/en/news7335-11th-of-october-2019-eset-business-products-support-for-macos-1015-catalina
    However, that story is over 1 year old, all our current products for macOS run on 10.15.
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    j-gray gave kudos to MartinK in Proxy Error from multiple clients   
    In case you are using ESET Apache HTTP proxy, it is probable that connections to port 8883 are blocked but it is not clear whether this is the issue. Could you verify configuration of:
    AllowCONNECT 443 563 2222 in httpd.conf? It is possible that enabling this port 8883 will helps AGENT to connect successfully.
    In case direct connection to EPNS servers is not possible, multiple alternatives, including port variants (443,8883) are tried to ensure that connection is made even when configuration is not possible.
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    j-gray gave kudos to Marcos in PUP not handled   
    Today we've released a fixed version of the Antivirus and antispyware module 1552.3 which addresses cleaning issues on Mac. Could you please check if PUAs are now cleaned properly?
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    j-gray gave kudos to itman in PUP not handled   
    See this thread: https://forum.eset.com/topic/19081-jsspigotb/ . Also refer to the Eset knowledgebase article link I posted in the thread.
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    j-gray received kudos from wdbrokaw in Last Connected Not Correct   
    I've found similar instances and attribute it to some form of agent corruption. I haven't found an easy way to repair the agent, but the majority of the time, simply uninstalling and reinstalling the agent resolves the issue.
    Not what I would consider a "fix", but does get things working again.
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    j-gray gave kudos to Marcos in Agent upgrade task   
    You should not use the Agent deployment task which is intended for deploying agent if not installed yet. To upgrade existing agent to the latest version, use the client task "Security Management Center component upgrade" which you can assign to a dynamic group with outdated agent version, using the Joined dynamic group trigger .
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    j-gray gave kudos to MartinK in All clients are members of all dynamic groups?   
    Unfortunately you are right. Issue has been discovered during ESMC "Early Access" but was not resolved yet. As you noted, it does not respect hierarchy of groups, only results of matching dynamic group templates.
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    j-gray received kudos from BenjaminMH in Future changes to ESET Endpoint programs   
    Exactly. Though I view wake-up call more like wake-on-lan, requiring network broadcast, which is not a good practice across multiple subnets.
    I'm looking for a simple 'send policy' that doesn't require network broadcast. Even if it's a basic command I can run from the client (remotely).
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