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  1. Based on a request by our development team, please enable Trace logging verbosity of the Agent on the machine the detection came from, then reproduce the issue and and include the log in your support ticket, as we need to see what detection in particular was sent to the console. Thanks
  2. Hello @Serial.com, no need to get overly defensive here. @MichalJ is one of our top people and when he asks for the purpose of one's question, it is always to better understand what problem the customer wants to solve, so that his answer can be as tailored to one's specific needs as possible.
  3. Hello, We apologize for the unplanned downtime, our team of engineers is working on bringing EPC back online, some users can already access it again. Planned maintenance is usually announced in EBA. As for a status page to check any planned or unplanned downtimes, there is not currently one, but we are working on launching one in the future. Regards, Tomas
  4. Hello @Dany Bernier We'd like to check your ECOS instance and see what could be causing this behavior. Please, contact our support team according to https://support.eset.com/en/kb3742-how-can-i-contact-my-local-eset-partner-for-support and we will troubleshoot this. Thanks! TomasP
  5. Hi @itman While I can't speak for the sales offers of our US office (@CB530 explained those, as he works in that office), you will be glad to know that for the past few weeks, we have actually been planning to launch a program for our most valued forum members that includes a free license! I am sorry it was not launched before you had this experience, but as it was said, you can choose to refund the renewal and opt to purchase a new discounted license at this time. You will hear from us regarding the most valued members program. Tomas
  6. Release Date: November 12, 2020 ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security for macOS 6.10.456.1 have been released and are available to download. Changelog: Version 6.10.456.1 NEW: Web Access Protection compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur NEW: Email Client Protection compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur Remain: Firewall not compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur Remain: Device Control not compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur (All the features above are fully functional on macOS 10.12-10.15, the incompatibility will only affect macOS 11 Big Sur.) Upgrade to Latest Version Upgrade my ESET Endpoint products for macOS to the latest version Important note about Big Sur support If you plan to upgrade to Mac OS 11.0 (Big Sur), this version of ESET Endpoint Antivirus or ESET Endpoint Security will provide only Real-time protection, Web access protection, Email client protection and Web Control. Firewall and Device Control will not work. Support for these will be added within the following weeks. For more information, please read https://support.eset.com/en/news7604. Support Resources ESET provides support in the form of Online Help (user guides), fully localized application and Online Help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support. Online Help (user guides) Visit www.eset.com/contact to email ESET technical support
  7. Unlike companies like Microsoft, ESET operates on the base of partnership. Therefore, with the exception of a few countries, ESET does not have its own presence on the market, but is instead represented by a local company that has the rights to distribute the products and use the logo, name, domain, trademarks, etc. These companies then can sell the products themselves, as well as via a network of resellers - the prices are generally the same, so it does not matter whether the customer buys the license from ESET's website, or an authorized reseller. The redirection is not done to ESET's website from the reseller's website, but only from other country's ESET website to the customer's local ESET website - and that is to ensure each customer can get support in their own local language, which is something ESET takes pride in. The resellers may be listed on the local ESET website, so that they can be checked by prospective customers, but in other countries, this may be done differently to fit the situation or local customs. As for Slovakia, where ESET HQ is located, we have the list published at https://www.eset.com/sk/firemna-it-bezpecnost/partnerstvo/kraje/ (it is even broken down by regions). Buying from these resellers guarantees the license is genuine and there is no shady activity involved. Buying from other resellers may still turn out okay, provided they obtained the license in the same country and don't resell it multiple times, but that is a risk we do not recommend taking. (Also, the unauthorized reseller is breaking the product's EULA, as they are not allowed to further sell the license). Suspiciously low-priced licenses are always indicators of piracy, as they tend to be purchased in countries where the prices are lower, copying the buying power of that market, and then resold without ESET's authorization elsewhere, most often to several people at the same time too. When ESET is made aware of such licenses, they may be deactivated without prior notice. A good indication of a trusted reseller is that when you purchase the license, you obtain a license key that you can register yourself in ESET's systems under your own name and email address. Unauthorized resellers generally don't have access to such "blank" licenses, so they register the license under their own name and email and only provide you with the license key to use in the product, but you can't register it on ESET's website as your own, because it was already registered by the reseller. Therefore, in ESET's database, the reseller is the rightful owner who may use the license, not you. Sorry if this was too technical or too long, I just wanted to explain the licensing and sales model properly, so that it is understood well by everybody.
  8. Hello @disappointed, As we don't have your contact information, we could not arrange for the Lithuanian support team to reach out to you, but we got in touch with them and they responded, via us: Sorry for the inconvenience that our technical support engineer wasn't able to explain you in a proper way that the price of this license in Lithuania is equal to 92.37€ for 3 years what is 30.79 per year. Yes, our technical engineer communicated that it looks like “pirated”, as your name in chat and in license details was different; you couldn’t provide us with any purchase documents. So I one more time apologize for technical engineer who explained this in a way not acceptable for you. You can get full support from the seller where you bought the license. We would be happy to have you as our customer and provide full support if you would like to buy license with support from us.
  9. They did NOT accuse you. They commented on the license. "Looks like a pirated key" - because it was, although not by you. "That's not your license" - although you paid for it, you paid to a pirate (unknowingly), not to ESET, so you were not the person who originally bought it from ESET, thus based on information in ESET's licensing database, you are not the owner of the license, you are not the one who legally purchased it from ESET - that's what "that's not your license" means. Nothing less, nothing more. Although it may seem to you that way, in the end, they provided you with all the options available. They did answer this too, see: 6:03:15 PM‎ Consultant: eset is sold according to regions 6:03:36 PM‎ Consultant: and we can't renew foreign license, unfortunately Nobody said that using a key purchased in another country is piracy. Although most keys used in a different country than they were bought usually are pirated, that's not the definition. A pirated key is one that is obtained with the intention to resell it numerous times to other people, many more than the number of computers the license was originally issued for. This is what Marcos referred to when he said we enabled antipiracy measures earlier this year - as of now, we restrict the number of activations on a given license, so this would not be possible anymore. I believe earlier you expressed desire for us to restrict the activities of pirate resellers, so you will be glad to know we already do. I admit, this could have been phrased better, there's no denying that. At the same time, they had already provided you with all the information at that time, so there was nothing they could add. But surely, this could have been put differently. You can indeed use that key in other countries - in fact, you have been using it in Lithuania for two years, the program worked. However, when it comes to sales, support and renewal, you need to contact the entity that sold it to you. Let me tell you an example - you buy a microwave oven from Amazon in USA. When it breaks down, or when you need anything related to it, you can't contact Amazon in Germany and ask them to provide warranty, repair, or refund - even though they operate under the same brand, they are different entities and Amazon USA sold it to you, so only Amazon USA can provide warranty, repair or refund. That does not mean you can't use the microwave in other countries, but the seller who sold it to you is the one you need to contact if anything happens. Similarly as with the example above, support from eset.com is for people who buy the license in the USA. For purchases in other countries, each country has its own support. They are not interchangeable. You can't get support from eset.com other than buying a license in the USA. You were then probably using a Romanian IP address if that's where you ended up. I believe you can reach out to Romanian support and ask for a refund. If you explain the situation (you can include the link to this thread), there should be no issue - I believe you may contact them in English too. I will go ahead and reach out to our Lithuanian partner, explain the situation, show them this thread, so they see what you thought, that you believed they accused you - I believe they will be more than happy to settle things once and for all and provide you with good support, at the time of purchase, and in the future as well. Can you just send me privately your email address on which you can be contacted, please?
  10. We can only do so much for you, but if you won't let us explain the situation (or accept the explanation), we won't be able to get further with resolving this. Please, let me make it clear one more time - what they said was that the license key was pirated - which it was, according to the numerous details posted earlier in this forum thread. Nowhere did they say that you pirated it, or that you were to blame of anything, nowhere did they accuse you of anything. So I'm not sure why you yet again decided to ignore this fact and continue to claim that they accused you of piracy. They themselves told you, after they learned you believed they had accused you, that it wasn't like that. So, once again, the piracy comment was in regards to the license and who sold it to you, not in regards to you. I hope this puts the misunderstanding behind us once and for all and that you will see there is no reason in claiming they "accused you of piracy" anymore. As for "refused to provide me information" - again, we already explained that they provided you with all the information they had access to, they explained everything they could. Whatever new you learned about the license in this forum thread was only because we have additional access, but they didn't, so they couldn't have told you anything more, they did all they could. It is important that you understand these facts, so that we can move forward with the actual issue, because what you claim is simply not true and it was already explained several times. I know it can be difficult to see things from a different angle when you were angry about the approach of the customer support in Lithuania, so we are trying to help you understand that what you were angry about (accusing you od privacy) wasn't actually like it seemed to you and that it was just a misunderstanding - they were talking about the license, while you thought they were talking about you. I'm sure with all this in mind, you can understand that the customer support team really explained the situation and your options to you the best they could and upon contacting them again, they will be happy to guide you through the purchase process. If you'd like us to facilitate the communication and ask them to reach out to you, just let me know in a private message here on the forum, I can get ahold of them and make sure this is resolved to your satisfaction.
  11. What needs to be said is that local ESET offices don't see the details of the license, e.g. how many times it was activated. This info was only brought up by Marcos here, because only we at ESET HQ can access such data. As I previously mentioned, they literally saw no information on the license, it does not exist in their system. So when a Lithuanian person approaches Lithuanian ESET office with a license that was not purchased in Lithuania (i.e. a license they don't see in the system), there is very little they can do. And they - correctly - assumed the key was pirated by someone who sold it to you. So the conversation as you proposed it could not have happened, because they don't have the information to base it on. Instead, they explained the options based on the information available - i.e. contact the reseller who you purchased the license from, or purchase a new license in Lithuania.
  12. From what I can see, they wrote "looks like a pirated key". There is no accusation there, just an assessment of the situation the license is in. Indeed, individual resellers only see the licenses they sold, so when they saw your license, they could not see it in the system, so they assumed it was bought off an unauthorized resale channel, which in most cases sell pirated licenses - even your license was used on 130 computers, so it indeed is pirated. The license itself. Nowhere it says that you pirated it, just that the license has been sold to many more people. There is no accusation of you as an individual, the comment was made in regards to the license - because it indeed was pirated (again, not by you). I hope this explanation makes it clearer that nobody tried to accuse you, they just commented a fact on the license's state. A pirated license means it was pirated by the reseller who sold it to you - if somebody though you used cracks to get a license without paying (which, of course, we know you didn't), they wouldn't call it a "pirated license", they would use a different terminology. We provided you with all the assistance, checked the license, explained how ESET licensing and sales works, explained your options, so I hope you see the situation in this light.
  13. Just to add to this, I believe that if you contact them in English and explain the situation, they may be able to accommodate you.
  14. It is the basic principle of discussion forums all across the internet that anyone has access to them and people can help each other out, share their experiences, ask questions, answer questions, etc.
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