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  1. Hello @Serial.com, no need to get overly defensive here. @MichalJ is one of our top people and when he asks for the purpose of one's question, it is always to better understand what problem the customer wants to solve, so that his answer can be as tailored to one's specific needs as possible.
  2. Hello, We apologize for the unplanned downtime, our team of engineers is working on bringing EPC back online, some users can already access it again. Planned maintenance is usually announced in EBA. As for a status page to check any planned or unplanned downtimes, there is not currently one, but we are working on launching one in the future. Regards, Tomas
  3. Hello @Dany Bernier We'd like to check your ECOS instance and see what could be causing this behavior. Please, contact our support team according to https://support.eset.com/en/kb3742-how-can-i-contact-my-local-eset-partner-for-support and we will troubleshoot this. Thanks! TomasP
  4. Hi @itman While I can't speak for the sales offers of our US office (@CB530 explained those, as he works in that office), you will be glad to know that for the past few weeks, we have actually been planning to launch a program for our most valued forum members that includes a free license! I am sorry it was not launched before you had this experience, but as it was said, you can choose to refund the renewal and opt to purchase a new discounted license at this time. You will hear from us regarding the most valued members program. Tomas
  5. Release Date: November 12, 2020 ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security for macOS 6.10.456.1 have been released and are available to download. Changelog: Version 6.10.456.1 NEW: Web Access Protection compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur NEW: Email Client Protection compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur Remain: Firewall not compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur Remain: Device Control not compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur (All the features above are fully function
  6. Unlike companies like Microsoft, ESET operates on the base of partnership. Therefore, with the exception of a few countries, ESET does not have its own presence on the market, but is instead represented by a local company that has the rights to distribute the products and use the logo, name, domain, trademarks, etc. These companies then can sell the products themselves, as well as via a network of resellers - the prices are generally the same, so it does not matter whether the customer buys the license from ESET's website, or an authorized reseller. The redirection is not done to ESET's w
  7. Hello @disappointed, As we don't have your contact information, we could not arrange for the Lithuanian support team to reach out to you, but we got in touch with them and they responded, via us: Sorry for the inconvenience that our technical support engineer wasn't able to explain you in a proper way that the price of this license in Lithuania is equal to 92.37€ for 3 years what is 30.79 per year. Yes, our technical engineer communicated that it looks like “pirated”, as your name in chat and in license details was different; you couldn’t provide us with any purchase doc
  8. They did NOT accuse you. They commented on the license. "Looks like a pirated key" - because it was, although not by you. "That's not your license" - although you paid for it, you paid to a pirate (unknowingly), not to ESET, so you were not the person who originally bought it from ESET, thus based on information in ESET's licensing database, you are not the owner of the license, you are not the one who legally purchased it from ESET - that's what "that's not your license" means. Nothing less, nothing more. Although it may seem to you that way, in the end, they provided you wi
  9. We can only do so much for you, but if you won't let us explain the situation (or accept the explanation), we won't be able to get further with resolving this. Please, let me make it clear one more time - what they said was that the license key was pirated - which it was, according to the numerous details posted earlier in this forum thread. Nowhere did they say that you pirated it, or that you were to blame of anything, nowhere did they accuse you of anything. So I'm not sure why you yet again decided to ignore this fact and continue to claim that they accused you of piracy. They th
  10. What needs to be said is that local ESET offices don't see the details of the license, e.g. how many times it was activated. This info was only brought up by Marcos here, because only we at ESET HQ can access such data. As I previously mentioned, they literally saw no information on the license, it does not exist in their system. So when a Lithuanian person approaches Lithuanian ESET office with a license that was not purchased in Lithuania (i.e. a license they don't see in the system), there is very little they can do. And they - correctly - assumed the key was pirated by someone who sol
  11. From what I can see, they wrote "looks like a pirated key". There is no accusation there, just an assessment of the situation the license is in. Indeed, individual resellers only see the licenses they sold, so when they saw your license, they could not see it in the system, so they assumed it was bought off an unauthorized resale channel, which in most cases sell pirated licenses - even your license was used on 130 computers, so it indeed is pirated. The license itself. Nowhere it says that you pirated it, just that the license has been sold to many more people. There is no accusation of
  12. Just to add to this, I believe that if you contact them in English and explain the situation, they may be able to accommodate you.
  13. It is the basic principle of discussion forums all across the internet that anyone has access to them and people can help each other out, share their experiences, ask questions, answer questions, etc.
  14. Hello everyone, Recently we received a lot of questions about support for the upcoming Big Sur version of macOS. In order to provide our users with answers and to let you plan the upgrade procedure, we published an article with detailed information ahead of the release, you can find it at https://support.eset.com/news7604/ As new pieces of information become available, we will continually update the article. Regards, TomasP
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