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  1. Hello forum users! Today we are announcing a brand new feature on our forum – Reputation ranks. For quite some time we wanted to have a system that would automatically mark content posted by reputable users, so that it would gain trustwothiness in the eyes of anyone who reads the posts. By launching Reputation ranks we not only achieve that, but they also serve as a motivation for you, our users, to reach higher levels and have a more prestigious rank next to your username. The ranks are awarded automatically based on the number of Kudos you have earned from other users (whether it was for posting an interesting link, or a solution to an issue somebody experienced). Thus, we also encourage you to use the voting system and award a Kudo when you see a quality post. There is no limit on the Kudos you may give and it lets the user know their post was interesting or helpful – it’s basically saying ‘thanks’ – and you may help somebody reach the next rank as well! With that being said, here are the actual ranks and their Kudo ranges: Kudos Rank 2500+ Grandmaster 1000-2499 Master 500-999 Wiseman 250-499 Senior Advisor 100-249 Advisor 50-99 Consultant 20-49 Senior Contributor 10-19 Contributor 6-9 Rising star 2-5 Trainee 1 Novice 0 Newcomer After some time, we will evaluate the usefulness of this feature and we may also ask you to provide your feedback in a short survey. We hope you enjoy this new addition to our forum! Regards, Tomas
  2. Hello, Let me point you to this post with further explanation.
  3. Hello, Regarding issue no.1, I will contact you via a private message. Regards, TomasP
  4. Hello Jimbo151, We run a dedicated channel on our knowledgebase just for customer advisories (you can also sign up to receive them as soon as we publish a new one). A statement on this issue has been available there since two weeks ago, you can find it at Regards, T.
  5. Hello all, I was just informed that after several various attemps, our developers have finally managed to reproduce the issue on one specific hardware configuration, so we may start working on a fix. Our special thanks go to @plex for providing the detailed description and the reproduction steps! Thank you for your patience so far. Regards, T.
  6. Hello, If you believe the file or app is being marked as malicious by our product mistakenly, you can follow the steps at hxxp:// Regards, T.
  7. Hello, The domain is used by our product to perform URL checks. To speed the process up and make it more lightweight, it runs on the DNS protocol. Thus, the entries are OK, they are not traces of malware. T.
  8. Hello, If you believe the website is being blocked mistakenly, you can follow the steps at hxxp:// There are no other steps to be taken and if you have already done that, you do not need to submit it again. The decision to block or unblock is solely on our malware research team. Regards, T.
  9. The issue was fixed. Thanks again for the report. T.
  10. Hello, The error ACT.33 shows up when a license is used in a country/region it was not issued for. (Some licenses have a country lock, as part of our license leakage prevention program.) I assume the license was not purchased from an official ESET reseller - many times licenses on auction portals (like eBay) are sold by companies or individuals who bought them in a different country and are trying to make profit by selling them again, without being authorized by ESET to do so. In cases like that, you can only ask for a refund of the license - and in the future, always make sure you only purchase ESET licenses from official sources. Regards, T.
  11. Hello, We have identified the most probable cause of the issue and we are currently working on a fix. As for the alternate IP, it is our backup server, so once the issue is resolved, please remove the entry from the hosts file, so that you connect to the main server again. Thank you, T.
  12. Thank you for the report and for the information on what worked for you. We are looking into it with high priority. T.
  13. Hello enduser, The points have been counted and the winners announced, so it is not possible to enter anymore. However, do not despair! It is very likely we will repeat this initiative in the future, so if you stay on the forum, you will find out when that happens. Oh, and most of all - welcome! T.
  14. Hello, It is too bad you resorted to the last option before consulting the situation here, there are several options of restoring access, they are described at and Should you need any further assistance, feel free to ask here, or contact your local ESET support office. Regards, T.
  15. Hello, According to my information, the detection is correct, as the file restricts access to popular websites, what most people would evaluate as an unwanted behavior. T.