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  1. Hello, In order to remove an account, expand it (so that the token shows) and then swipe it to the left. A red trash icon will be revealed and you will be prompted by a pop up dialog to confirm whether you want to keep or delete the account. Regards, T.
  2. TomasP

    ESET "product is outdated" nag

    Hello, This thread has steered away from its original topic, so to sum it up: v8 as good as new till the end of the year - not true, since it lacks many protection layers added since not possible to activate v8 - not true, our customer care will gladly send you your username and password based on your license key v8 ignoring the "do not offer update" settings - while it may seem like it, not true. Back in the days, if we decided to issue incremental upgrade between two builds of the same version (say v8), the users could either download it manually, or have it offered automatically. This feature was not used to upgrade between versions (such as v8 to v9). The setting always was and is honored. However, since then, we have developed a more effective way of delivering upgrades, even between versions - and in order to ensure the highest level of protection to all our users (even those on older versions who had to manually check whether there was a new version available), we backported this upgrade feature to the older products as well - thus, it is a different method that is unrelated to the mentioned setting. the analogy with the car dealership asking you to get a newer model is not accurate, since you would have to pay for the car, but this upgrade is free and is in the best interest of our users Hopefully this clears up all of the unanswered or half-answered issues brought up in this thread. Regards, T.
  3. Hello, We have recently learned of an issue that may affect your ERA Appliances. It is caused by an updated MySQL ODBC driver (Linux ODBC Connector package) and will manifest upon ERA service restart. You can identify this issue by the "Error loading data" message shown in the console, or by trace.log entries mentioning missing ODBC driver. More details, as well as the steps necessary to fix this issue (or prevent it, if you are not affected yet), can be found at https://support.eset.com/kb6760/ Regards, Tomas
  4. TomasP

    Forum Feedback

    Hi planet, thanks for the heads up. We have modified the visibility of the groups. I have also removed the image from your post, so that the groups are not visible there. T.
  5. TomasP

    Forum Feedback

    Hi again and thanks for the feedback. However, we have decided to keep the forums as they are, because ESET Cyber Security and ESET Cyber Security Pro are more like ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus, which have their separate forums as well. ESET Internet Security is much more similar to ESET Smart Security, than ESET Cyber Security is to ESET Cyber Security Pro. Thanks for the understanding! Tomas
  6. TomasP

    Forum Feedback

    Hello guys, Thanks for the idea. I'll run it by our staff team and get back to you. Regards, T.
  7. TomasP

    Forum Feedback

    Thank you, planet, for reporting these issues. I have fixed them so they should be OK now. T.
  8. TomasP

    Introduce yourself

    Hello, First time posters need to be approved by the forum staff. You are now ready to post. Regards, T.
  9. @TomasP: No answer? And no Information? In the following weeks, there should be a newer build available, containing all the recent bugfixes, being another step closer to the final release. As for when that happens, you have to wait and see, for the time being
  10. Hello, with v10, there will be new product line-ups so that everybody can choose the product with the features they want. More details will be announced later on, so stay tuned!
  11. It means it stays at the top of the list so that everybody sees it.