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  1. Archiving topics

    Hello, Later today, we are going to enable archiving feature on the forum. Topics with no new responses within a 2-month period since the last response will be archived - meaning they will be accessible to read as usual, but will not accept new responses and will be labeled as archived. We have decided to implement this in order to ensure that old issues don't mix with new ones, which, despite having similar symptoms, are caused by different things in most cases. Also, submitting a separate new topic for a new issue will remove doubts, which could arise now, about whether the poster is experiencing all of the symptoms described in an old issue, or just some of them. Additionally, new topics are easier to notice than revived topics, so this has the potential to improve the response rate as well. We hope this new feature will make navigating our ESET Security Forum easier for you. On behalf of ESET staff, TomasP
  2. Forum Feedback

    Hi planet, thanks for the heads up. We have modified the visibility of the groups. I have also removed the image from your post, so that the groups are not visible there. T.
  3. Reputation ranks - feedback survey

    Thank you all for your participation, the survey is now closed. We will evaluate the results and keep your feedback in mind when designing further forum improvements. Regards, T.
  4. Hello, Currently it is not possible to disable this notification, but we plan to implement the switch in a future product version. Thanks for the understanding. T.
  5. Hello forum users, Earlier this year we have launched a new feature on the forum – reputation ranks – in order to mark reputable content, reward quality posts and motivate our users to engage on the forum (you can read more about the reputation system here). Some time has passed and now we would like to collect your feedback on it. We would greatly appreciate if you could participate in a short survey that will help us understand your experience with the reputation system so far. The survey is available on the following link: (now closed - see below). Thank you! Your ESET Security Forum team
  6. Forum Feedback

    Hi again and thanks for the feedback. However, we have decided to keep the forums as they are, because ESET Cyber Security and ESET Cyber Security Pro are more like ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus, which have their separate forums as well. ESET Internet Security is much more similar to ESET Smart Security, than ESET Cyber Security is to ESET Cyber Security Pro. Thanks for the understanding! Tomas
  7. Forum Feedback

    Hello guys, Thanks for the idea. I'll run it by our staff team and get back to you. Regards, T.
  8. Forum Feedback

    Thank you, planet, for reporting these issues. I have fixed them so they should be OK now. T.
  9. Introduce yourself

    Hello, First time posters need to be approved by the forum staff. You are now ready to post. Regards, T.
  10. @TomasP: No answer? And no Information? In the following weeks, there should be a newer build available, containing all the recent bugfixes, being another step closer to the final release. As for when that happens, you have to wait and see, for the time being
  11. Hello, with v10, there will be new product line-ups so that everybody can choose the product with the features they want. More details will be announced later on, so stay tuned!
  12. It means it stays at the top of the list so that everybody sees it.
  13. Hello, Our developers are looking into the issue to find out what could be causing the behaviour, so as soon as we have any new information, we will let you know. Regards, T.