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  1. I've sent multiple potential samples multiple times since November 2 and none of the files have been downloaded by a malware analyst. I can tell because it shows how many times the zip has been downloaded and when they did previously it always showed the number which has always been 1 download. But like I said it's 0 for every samples since November 2. What's going on? Are the mails not checked anymore?
  2. @itmanIs it gonna help if he reinstalls Windows from an ISO and while installing remove C drive partition along with recovery, efi, partition. Then Windows will re-format efi at the start of the windows installation process.
  3. Turn it on. It's not related to ESET, it's smartscreen that's built into the system. It doesn't usually turn off automatically so not sure what happened there.
  4. Did it updated from version 13 to 14 or did you freshly installed version 14? If it's the first case then uninstall and reinstall ver 14 as suggested.
  5. The best suggestion I can give you is to not use uTorrent. It is not recommended anymore and many security software detect it as a PUP. Switch to something like qBittorrent: https://www.qbittorrent.org/
  6. @MarcosHi, Marcos. Any update on this issue? Are the devs aware of this?
  7. This is a known behavior of ESET. ESET is very sensitive about these types of sites and like you said, in my experience also the only AV who completely blocks similar sites this way. I often need to visit some not so trustable sites to watch football (The real football😉) matches during weekends and ESET blocks 8/10 of those sites with similar detection. I have to turn of ESET's web protection completely to watch matches. But I open my browser in sandboxie and ESET's real time protection gets rid of any untrusty scripts the browser saves on its cache so I stay protected anyway. Now we ca
  8. Good to see you found a logical explanation. Now ESET needs to react and fix it soon. It's been almost 5 months now.
  9. I also have this now but all are associated with todays date. So, maybe it means it only started after ESET was installed.
  10. Now I'm having random CPU usage issue with WMI Provider Host. Sorry, can't provide anymore feedback on this. I just uninstalled ESET and this problem is gone immediately.
  11. I just did and then scanned WMI only after you asked and again there's an error in reliability history.
  12. No that one was before ESET was active as an AV. As you can see, the timestamp of ESET installation and that definition update is the same. WD probably automatically updated itself when ESET was installed. After installing it took ESET more than 5 minutes to download the required modules and then to be activated. Before that WD remains active as the main AV. After that WD has been disabled automatically by ESET. Security center integration is fine and periodic scan is disabled.
  13. Hi, I'm also seeing WMI related crash whenever a WMI scan is done. The first one was during the initial scan and the next two are from custom scan. This is a freshly installed version of ESET 14. No other AV was installed before this except Windows Defender of course.
  14. We can't change what happened and you're unlucky that a non-authorized seller sold you a pirated license 2 years ago. Now if you're still reluctant to buy from your local ESET website then you may go to one of the authorized partner by yourself and buy a physical copy of it from there and this time make sure to register the ESET license to your ESET account. An account isn't needed but it lets you see if the license you is being used on a PC or not. https://www.eset.com/lt/platintojai/
  15. Try collecting logs and share here. Then uninstall ESET. 150 PB in a week? This is really hurting your HDD. On the forum I see another user also having similar high ram usage issue. Wait for ESET to find out the root of the problem, fix it and then install ESET again.
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