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  1. So what does this new registry scanner look for? Potential malicious changes made by malwares like Malwarebytes or less effective than that? Will this also be integrated into ESET's removal engine? As of now, ESET's real time protection don't look for registry modifications made by malwares at the time of removal.
  2. Try blocking all inbound connection in ESET firewall by creating a rule. Does that help?
  3. ESET is unlikely to be the villain here. If you want to be sure then you should check the logs like this. Also you may check other logs like detections and HIPS.
  4. Maybe he should scan his system by Norton Power Eraser and Malwarebytes. These are very good at finding leftovers and potentially malicious registry modifications. Scan with this: https://support.norton.com/sp/static/external/tools/npe.html https://www.malwarebytes.com/ Make sure to disable the trial Pro version of Malwarebytes. Only use it as a scanner.
  5. I used it before. It's also available on Linux. If he downloaded from the original source then it's safe. He got the malicious script from cracked Adobe installer. Right, I also think there maybe something in the Startup directory.
  6. Scroll down and post more pictures here. Your startup folder is not fully visible here. Also, beore sharing enable from Options > Scan Option > Check VirusTotal.com.
  7. I think FDM is not the likely source of it. It's a malware/adware free trusted app used by many people.
  8. LiveGrid is working fine here. Don't know what's going on with updates. @Marcos should be able to answer.
  9. Only Avast, AVG and Windows Defender are the free products tested there. Everything else is paid. At the start of the article all the the product name and version is listed. And the details of the false posities can be found here. Most of the false positives by the AVs doesn't seems to be too serious. Most of the programs there are not very popular to be an issue for most people. https://www.av-comparatives.org/tests/false-alarm-test-march-2020/
  10. Sorry, missed that. Nod32 doesn't have this problem btw. Maybe you guys should try to reproduce this issue on your end with ESET IS. I can confirm Nod32 version doesn't have any issue with GTA V Online mode. I also had every ML related option set to aggressive so those are unlikely to cause any trouble. So surely something with Network protection component. If you want to keep using ESET then you may use ESET Nod32 for the time being.
  11. A vast amount of new players are playing GTA V online now because it was given away for free 2 weeks ago on Epic Games Store. So, if the issue is related to ESET's protocol filtering then it must be fixed ASAP.
  12. It could be similar to the issue someone posted few days ago. In that case follow my advice on the comment section.
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