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  1. Oh. But since Eset's interactive mode can show the domain it wouldn't hurt to log this info also.
  2. I just tried this. It works when the log is set to Information/Warning. But it only logs ip addresses not domains 😕
  3. You're right. This is for all network activity. There's no way to log blocked communications in interactive firewall mode.
  4. Can you please tell me the process of enabling that? I am looking for blocked communication logs only. As most of the things are allowed by my rules the blocked log will not be huge for me.
  5. Description: Logging of dropped packets/blocked connections in Interactive Firewall mode Detail: When I deny access to something in Interactive firewall mode there's no way to later check what site that particular app tried to connect. It would be very useful if all the dropped packets can be log so that one can later check everything and do the research if required. This logging shouldn't be enabled by default but there should be an option to enable that when the user activate Interactive mode from advanced settings. Discussion moved to https://forum.eset.com/topic/23153-logging-of-dropped-packetsblocked-connections-in-interactive-firewall-mode/
  6. This is Firefox decision I think. They got tired of issues reported by the users about certificate error thing. Most of the issues were reported by Avast and Kaspersky users. Firefox's way was definitely safer. It maintains its own store and don't use windows certificate store before they decided to do change that partially to make it easy for average users I guess. Average users wouldn't know how to manually import certificate to Firefox. But I like the way Firefox still shows that it doesn't trust the certificate.
  7. Haha no it wasn't malware testing related. This is a new installation of Windows. Maybe some sort of problem occurred after the installation of Eset. The link you shared is interesting. Malware installing fake certificate to make itself trusted.
  8. I actually checked that already. I had only one certificate in the trusted authority and it was also the same one but for some reason it was still not working. But anyway I fixed it by manually deleting it from the windows store, restarted the system, a new certificate has been created by Eset automatically and now everything is working fine. Thanks
  9. Your certificate is working fine. The message you're getting is expected. I got the new internet protection module after switching to pre-release module but my Eset certificate is still not working in Firefox.
  10. I'm attaching the logs. Maybe Marcos can have a look and identify the issue. eis_logs.zip
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