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  1. I don't have the latest hips support module. I have 1379.3 hips module but I'm also not on pre-release updates I'm on regular updates.
  2. Thank you Itman!! Everything seems to be working today. I did the ipconfig/all and everything matches my ip and subnet address. We have been having some issues with our internet provider and they been working on some stuff. So I was not a where of that until today.
  3. I have noticed when I turn on my new computer eset shows me an ipv6 address under network device. Then when I go into network protection troubleshooting I see my computer blocked incoming Netbios request. Then If my computer goes to sleep and I wake it up eventually under network device it will only show an ipv4 address not the ipv6 address. Is there anything I should be concerned about? I'm not computer wise on technical side of the computer. I still have access to the internet when it is just the ipv4 address and the blocking does not affect anything on my end/
  4. Has the fix come through regular updates yet because I have not seen a change on my side? Do I have anything to worry about with 96 system changes that were made?
  5. I just noticed this under logs files events. Anonymous statistical information was sent to Eset. This I have just noticed today that this has been happening since Dec 3. I did not change any of my settings. Is there a way to turn off sending information to eset and is it safe to do so? What kind of information is being sent?
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