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  1. I was in my facebook looking at a artist web page and I click on this link that was the person personal website. But it did not take me to their web page it took me to other site which I have no clue what is was. The person that I was looking at was noelfisher.net Do you think my computer is alright. I went did a scan and nothing came back as a threat or virus.
  2. So when will the detection be changed to aggressive
  3. So If I exclude and don't have path with https://cdn-*-prod.pogospike.com/* If another website has the same detection will it triggered that on another site 1, Exclude the detection on any website. The detection covers a specific obfuscation so it may be triggered on legitimate (e.g. ad-enabled) websites.
  4. Also would like to add that I use waterfox and palemoon browsers an they don't detect this. Only Firefox, Google Chrome and Edge
  5. Marco where to we go for option 2 and what do we add there 2, Add the hostname or the whole or partial url to the list of websites excluded from content filtering. However, there's a risk that other possible malware on the excluded url would not be detected if the website is not 100% trusted.
  6. What would I put for path for this one it is first class solitaire
  7. Marco when I put https://cdn-*-prod.pogospike.com/* as the path I get the warning again. But If I leave the path out and just have detection exclude it works but not this the path
  8. How to make a a detection exclusion for it? I'm also facing this issue.
  9. I clicked on a link by accident when searching the web. It said there was threat and it was removed and cleaned. Did a scan and there was no detection of a virus or anything. Here is a screen shot of the messages.
  10. Thank you for all the help. So are they looking at the running processes in LiveGrid to determine when to send a file to Eset virus lab?
  11. How do you know what file was sent all I see is numbers and letters of the file? Will they tell you if it was malware file? Are they taking this from the LliveGrid running processes section?
  12. I will leave it the way it is. But Now with automatic submission of detected samples can I set that to do not submit or leave at all samples except documents?
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