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  1. Got a quick question my Eset Security interface looks a little different to me. It looks a little more spaced out on things. I will leave screen shots of what I"m talking about. The first picture is what it use to look like and now the second is what it looks like now.
  2. Under malware scans I noticed under on demand scan for smart scan, computer scan, in depth scan and context scan under the on demand and machine learning protection has a check mark use real time protection settings potentially unwanted applications is off and so is potentially unsafe application is turn of. Just wondering if I need to change those and not have a check mark there? I will post a screen shot.
  3. Thank you Itman!! I take no offense it has been driving me bonkers.
  4. In event viewer I get a kernel tracing of event id 1 the backing-file for the real-time session DefenderAPiLogger has reached its maximum size. As a result new events will not be logged to this session until space is made available. Does this effect eset and can I safely ignore with warning?
  5. Yes they are related to eamsi.dll. I just thought those only happen if you shut down or restart your computer. But I have done neither of those two things of shutting down or restarting my computer today? Thank you Itman
  6. I have had my computer on all day and I just noticed under audit failure event 5038 I had 6 audit failures at 2.42 pm. I have not restarted my computer or anything. Is this normal?
  7. Okay thank you Itman!! Now how to a report a false positive. or will they look on here
  8. Well I don't know how to fix it and I'm scared I have malware on my computer. I did scans and no malware or viruses
  9. I type pogo.com and then I click sign on and I get that message. Then I look in filtered websites in eset and there is the message
  10. Well I have tried chrome and micro soft edge and they did not give the warnings!! I only see the warnings in firefox and waterfox
  11. Can I still play pogo on Firefox while this is being blocked or should I use google chrome.
  12. This happened about detection engine 22480 and someone just messaged me on here and said they had the same problem.
  13. Well I know on my brothers computer the same thing happens. This did not happen this morning when I got on my computer and used firefox. I noticed this happened after an update!! So how do I fix it?
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