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  1. My last update was at 10:20 am eastern time and I'm still setting at 23081. Yesterday mine came through one a 7 am, then one at 12pm and other at 5pm.
  2. I noticed my computer has not updated since 10:20 am. I know I'm on 23081. Should I need to worry about anything? I'm not getting any error when clicking on look for updates.
  3. Why is that I posted my logs and when I click on it says opening eis_logs.zip a screen pops up and says do you want to open it with firefox or save. So can anyone see that information about my logs
  4. I just posted the logs here. I honestly don't know what I'm doing
  5. I don't know how to do this troubleshooting that marco wanted me to do
  6. My brother just turned on his computer and it is sitting at 23048. So we are both from Canada
  7. I just noticed that I am at 23048 but virus radar says there was 23049 and now 23050.
  8. So I don't need to worry about this. I have had no fail updates. So my computer is still be protected with out getting 22871 yet.
  9. I just noticed on virus radar that 22871 was released but I'm still sitting at 22870. Anyone else have this
  10. I still did not get 22863 and now there is 22864 and I did not get that one either.
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