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  1. I noticed under scheduler there is a First-scan with no check mark in it. Should there be a check mark? Here is a screen shot of it.
  2. I noticed under network inspector that does not show the thing that I circled in this picture. Did they change something? It use to To display all connected devices in a sonar view, click the sonar icon
  3. Thank you itman!! If Brave is not a secured browser protection supported browser why is the Eset Certificate automatically put in because I did not add the certificate itself?
  4. I was on a website and got a popup that said trojan was blocked. I looked in my Eset its says it was cleaned by deleting. Does that mean I don't have a virus on my computer? Here is a screen shot
  5. My Eset has had no updates since this morning. I'm at Detection Engine 28754. Just wondering why there has been no updates?
  6. I went to Eset Virus Radar and it took me to Eset Research. Where can we find out what modules number was released. It used to show them at Virus radar but I can't find them in Eset Research.
  7. Mine says port 8883 not port 8888. So is there something wrong or is everything alright?
  8. With Eset Essential does that offer the firewall? Right now I have Eset Internet Security.
  9. If I want to disable this component Browser Privacy and Security, I will still be protected from malware and phishing being detected by the standard ESET module that protects the browser, right?
  10. Got a question under advanced setup browser privacy and security what does it mean by display browser privacy and security notifications? Do you need that enabled for browser privacy and security to work or can you disable it?
  11. Also under services Windows Security Center is running and set automatic delay start. So I'm just wondering if I'm protected and can stop worrying about this?
  12. So is my computer protected even with these two event id? My Windows Security Window looks like this one.
  13. I'm getting also event id 18 and 19. I'm on windows 10 Eset Internet Security Is my computer being protected even with these event id?
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