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  1. I got the same notice and I clicked keep rules. What I want to know is if that was alright to do or did I put my self at risk of anything?
  2. I have firefox 68.0.1 installed on my computer. The root certificate for eset is in there but I was looking at something and it said Mozilla does not recognize this certificate issuer. I thought I would ask about it. Here is a screen shot of it
  3. Got a question. Instead of typing in youtube I typed yotube instead. So I get Potentially unwanted content found. Before I would get a pop notification on my desktop saying site was blocked. But now with version I don't get the pop up notification I just get the alert in the browser? Do I need to turn something on to get the pop notification on desktop?
  4. So there should be a check mark in the box to enable it right?
  5. I just updated to the new version and I remember on advance set up under update profile there use to be a place where you could enable or disable notification for virus signatures. I don't see that anymore under there but under tools notifications basic display notification about successful update there is no check mark in box does that mean that it is enable or disable for successful virus signature popup on desktop? I'm kind of confused. I'm just trying to figure out if it needs a check mark in the box to be enabled or does it not need a check mark there to see the pop about virus signature on desktop?
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