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  1. Not sure myself but someone else may have more knowledge. Their are also a load of guides online. One thing I will say is be wary of addons. Often addons that are no longer updated or aren't well known can be vulnerable. Also make sure you use a good secure password that you haven't used anywhere else for login and enable 2FA
  2. If you exclude them should be fine. I think you can exclude them as a PUA
  3. With a PUA it is up to the user if the pros outweigh the negatives. Some PUA's are mainly annoyances e.g try to install extra stuff, hard to get rid of etc. For example the popular CCleaner program I believe comes up as a PUA as it's installer tries to get you to install extra but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its uses
  4. Really? Is that a recent thing? Years ago I used zonealarm which is part of checkpoint but I always thought they had their own engine
  5. Have you confirmed Hips is also working fine? I remember you had issues with Hips last time this happened although as you stated you tried to stop the update last time
  6. There are reputation extensions out there but I have noticed in the past that hackers can abuse them, certainly those that are based on user reviews e.g. by making false reviews to make the site appear fine
  7. The first problem is nothing can ever be 100 percent secure. AVs will protect people to a degree but they are limited like everything. The other problem is finding these backdoors and proving government and the vendors themselves knew about them. Then there's the legal issues if AVs where to openly blame someone.
  8. What I find funny is the people behind pegasus keep saying this person and this person etc. weren't being tracked by the software and the next thing they say they don't have access to customer data so can't see who/what their customers are spying on, which contradicts the previous statements
  9. Yeah they claim they are just for using on your own account then talk about accessing multiple accounts, accessing people's private information etc. I'm curious how it works or if it indeed even works
  10. Like itman I'm suspicious of any hacking tool as I'd presume they where illegal or in a very grey area. What I'm curious about is your linked article and website which claims links to Intel and Microsoft yet googling it there appears to be no links.
  11. Yeah I do have a lifetime license for malwarebytes which as far as I know is still honoured even though it's no longer offered but don't run the software. But yeah most don't offer it as in theory if everyone bought it they wouldn't be able to get more sales. Red dwarf, the British SC-FI show made a good joke about this. Their lifetime engine actually broke but as they where supposed to last a lifetime the company went bust
  12. Because of what the website hosts? The same as a website that hosts malware is itself flagged. Because your software is basically classed as potentially risky so is the website
  13. Even with a serial it could be misused e.g. someone purchases the software and uses it alongside malware to infect a user and then using your software steals their passwords. For this reason any password recovery software could be flagged
  14. Eset is blocking it with a warning as potentially unwanted due to the content e.g. password recovery tools. This is due to the fact that these tools could be misused e.g. used to hack someone else's account. For example Kali Linux a pen testing OS will detect stuff because the tools it includes can be misused in the wrong hands. TeamViewer a remote access program will also flag up when being installed as it can be used by scammers
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