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  1. Not sure if this is an actual PUA or a false positive. Recently downloaded Medal of Honor a 2010 EA game via Steam. I'd played it years ago but re-downloaded it to play the other day and launching it I got an eset warning, possibly augur, stating something got blocked. Eset has warned me it is potentially unsafe today and given me the options to exclude, ignore etc. but the submit option is greyed out. As EA has sometimes not been the most reputable company when privacy is concerned I wondered if this was related to this but it picks the file up as BH/Crack.1 which shouldn't be the case as it was downloaded from Steam. Thought I'd post it on here in case it was a false positive. Had to zip the file as I can't upload exes directly. moh.zip
  2. This is the same person on here but with a different account which could be against terms. Also said he didn't have a license and was malware that had been on his device for a few years. I told him he would be best creating a support ticket but unsure if he can if he still doesn't have a license. He said eset drive security is this a thing?
  3. This shouldn't happen unless the normal eset wasn't set up fully. The normal version has the signatures from the online version but a lot more features, options etc. I'd recommend retrying. You might even find it better than Avast.
  4. I know a few years back a lot of companies where still using XP and it wouldn't surprise me if this was still the case. For many this was due to using stuff incompatible with newer OS's and it being too expensive to upgrade. This could be even more of a challenge if there where multiple systems and systems with hardware that would also need replaced. You often here the IT departments have complained about old systems but it often falls on deaf ears until it's far too late
  5. I do find they seem quicker but could be in the mind. I also like it for resume capabilities and being able to organise more, scheduling etc.
  6. Did he pay for an eset license? It seems odd that the computer repair person would simply give another license. I have seen a lot of people on here posting about licenses not working but it turns out they where sold a license that already had been in use e.g. a seller illegally sells a license for 1 user to multiple users. If a license that is for one machine is overused on multiple machines eset will automatically detect this and disable the license. I'm not saying this is what has happened but that it could be a possibility. Has he tried what Itman suggested in the link below? Although not sure if this will work now if it is not taking the license at all Your best bet might be creating a support ticket via the website or even sending a private message to @Marcos sharing the license key. If you can get the public license key as shown in the above link you can share that to the forum as it is safe however you cannot share the actual license on the forum (to prevent anyone else using it) Hope we can get to the bottom of this
  7. I do use FDM myself. Not for torrents, but it can do torrents to. I believe it is open source - had no issues with it myself but then again that means nothing - seems one of the better ones though. Only thing is some features are missing that some paid versions have.
  8. It's always recommended to buy your licenses from eset/eset distributors as many sold on other sites are illegal. Often this can simply be the same license being resold to multiple people which eset will detect and block
  9. As far as I know the only thing is some browsers do not support banking protection but all browsers are protected by the general features
  10. This isn't actually esets interface in the screenshot but windows security. In the bottom left of windows where the time and date area is there is a question mark and icon and next to that there is an arrow pointing up. Click the arrow which will reveal hidden icons and there will be an eset icon which is just an e in a circle. Open that and then show us what you see. I also don't know what he means by support assistant
  11. I presume the computer guy installed eset. Did your father purchase a license? The problem is eset doesn't offer a free version just a trial. Unsure if maybe he has just installed it but hasn't activated it and your father would have to purchase the license
  12. https://support.eset.com/en/kb2838-enabledisable-gamer-mode-in-eset-windows-home-products This article should explain how to enable it. You can also set it up to automatically enable if it detects a full screen app
  13. Is it just one installer for all versions now or is there a separate version to download. Just wondering if he updated manually from the website but downloaded the nod32 installer
  14. Normally the play store is generally the recommended method to download stuff. There is also a beta on the play store which I'm using but don't know if the stable has hit 5.3 yet
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