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  1. The problem is that the user is playing the games in a windowed mode so it won't detect as its not full screen. There are two suggestions that would possibly fix this although the first one is one I've brought up a few times and know they have seen it and it isn't probably an easy fix and certainly not a priority 1. The option to change what you see when you right click the eset icon. That way users can add things they use the most such as enable gaming mode, open firewall troubleshooter etc. While certainly not a critical feature I think this would be an interesting one as it gives
  2. Have you been in Russia? Just wondering as it would make sense if bought in one country so the app would maybe persume you where in that country still so direct you to the russian site
  3. As Marcos has mentioned without a license eset will stop working, updating etc. So there is point in having it unless you plan to renew
  4. Some other strange thing. The user above has actually said exactly the same as the other user said in the post word for word. Weirdly this tends to happen with brand new accounts with no other posts. They post something irrelevant or often exactly what someone else has said to apparently seem normal and then the post gets edited a day or so later to add spam links in the hope they go unnoticed. This account has made a couple of posts but maybe this could be to make it seem active
  5. I probably shouldn't answer this and I don't work for eset but as the above posts stated eset will not pay for this information
  6. Could chris be a name used by eset for a phantom account?
  7. Are you implying this virus has been active since 2018 on your system? I mention this as it is now 2020. Has eset been installed all the time?
  8. I had a look around and got this Your browser cannot display the file as “application/octet-stream”. File Info • MIME type: application/octet-stream
  9. Not used hips but if its like the firewall rule area i fully agree but they already know my feelings of it ha
  10. I belive the way ios contains apps means they can't communicate with each other. That's not to say there can't be bugs and ways to get around things but apple is often patching stuff. I'm an android user myself though so my knowledge is very limited
  11. I get eset might not be the best to look at but I'm confused about your chose of words, one in particular. Boring. An antivirus is there to protect users and the most important thing should be that it does its job. How it looks can play a part but really you just want a UI that is easy to navigate and familiarity does play a part and the average user will tend to leave their AV running in the background to do its job without opening it much if it all.
  12. I've tried many AVs and kept moving in the past unhappy with them but once I switched to eset I've never looked back. Doesn't hog the system, good detection and good support
  13. There's lists online but being in development things can change https://www.google.com/amp/s/pureinfotech.com/windows-10-21h1-new-features/amp/ Also if your using it there could be bugs and issues
  14. I think the user meant that it still runs every hour but in previous versions it was set to run as soon as possible if the hourly scheduled task failed but the task now is just set to hourly without the soon as possible option. So he is wondering why the change?
  15. Yeah I'd recommend Internet security which has network protection and a firewall. As mentioned Internet security can protect you from network attacks, exploits etc. There's also premium if you want the added addition of a password manager and a file encryption utility
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