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  1. I know Eset has this and persume that Includes nod32. I'd recommend also looking Into upgrading to Internet security which adds things such as network protection, firewall etc. There's also smart security premium if you want a tool for encrypting files and a password manager.
  2. Can I ask where you purchased the license - I'm sure I've seen this problem posted on here before, and something makes me think it was from people who had purchased Eset via Micro Center, but I could be wrong
  3. I presume they will roll updates out early. Eset does recommend people switch to pre-release updates as it allows people to try things before others in case any issues. You can do this by opening Eset and hitting F5 to go into the advanced setup window. Go to the update part on the left and press the + on profiles then the + on updates - then change the type from regular to pre-release and make sure you press okay to save the change.
  4. I'm wondering if it could be for those using pre release updates
  5. Could it be only for those who have switched on pre release updates?
  6. Can I ask why - is there a reason you have removed eset e.g. causing issues?
  7. Having the password generated can help but the best practice is to make sure each account uses a different password or at least those that are key accounts are unique. As mentioned the problem with data breaches is people tend to reuse passwords so when one account is breached the hacker then gets access to multiple via the same password. If they get access to your email they can also send password resets to sites that might use a different password. Also I'd recommend using two step authentication wherever possible
  8. How do you connect to the Internet? That screenshot seems to suggest you have created a hotspot on your phone and the pc is then connecting to that hotspot rather than a router.
  9. I presume you are using your phones Internet connection on your computer?
  10. Have you tried uninstalling in safe mode with eset's uninstaller tool available at https://support.eset.com/en/kb2289-uninstall-eset-manually-using-the-eset-uninstaller-tool You can back any settings up before doing this if needs be. Just wondering if something happened to cause this during an upgrade
  11. Yeah I've tried to reach out the user before on his YouTube channel as some of the videos are alarming although can't fully make sure if it is serious or not
  12. But as mentioned you ignore the key questions. As I have mentioned many times in one video you disable key cellular stuff and then in another you wonder why that phone won't receive calls. Everything you've posted on your YouTube channel seems to be safe things e.g. default stuff but as you didn't put it there you belive you've been hacked. Yet when anyone mentions this you just post more stuff but never address the question. Again if you disable key settings on anything it will make the app play up. As the others have mentioned above the fact eset won't install on your chromebook isn't t
  13. I have tried to help you on your YouTube videos but it has went on deaf ears and you have ignored my comments in the past. All the evidence points to you not being hacked. You often show system default apps and claim you didn't put them there after a factory reset but they are supposed to be there. You also show logs for things and belive it shows a hack but the logs are normal. You also on a video disable key services for things like cellular network etc. then in another video show you can't receive any calls on that phone and claim it is due to being hacked, ignoring the simple fact you
  14. I gather what you are saying is it should be easy to unblock a website. I get your point, but if you make it too easy there's a chance users could unblock stuff without realising. As Marcos has suggest please share websites you belive are wrongly blocked. While they may seem fine if they are being blocked there is a high chance there is something malicious hidden and eset is actually doing its job blocking them @MarcosI know I believe some AVs allow you to right click on their icon and click unblock last AV but not sure if this would be considered too easy and so too risky.
  15. I only use chrome for autofilling non password information. As far as I know stickypasswords work on a few different desktop and mobile opereting systems and you can sync between them. I have it on my Windows 10 desktop and android phone. Again you can get a trial for this and the premium version of eset. Try them both and decide which one you find better, easier etc.
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