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  1. I do want to look into Linux one day. I know its gotten better but I've heard you need to know a lot of commands and drivers can be a pain
  2. Definitely. I understand some of the privacy aspects put people off. Its not something I'm knowledgeable about but I remember complaints about Cortana and location with people complaining about MS knowing this information but many seemed to use Siri which is just the same. Many people seem to want something that can basically know the user and give recommendations based on the user without giving information
  3. Saw this on BBC news about a flaw that apparently was so bad Microsoft has released fixes for XP and some other unsupported versions. Couldn't see Vista but Windows 10 is not affected. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-48295227 Am I the only one thinking this is a wrong move? Like the Wannacry fix, people who are still using XP could be just persumming next time there is an issue like this they will patch it. XP is so out of date now no matter how many fixes they release it will still be insecure. I can imagine the kind that refuse to update are the people who would complain when something did happen. I'd rather myself Microsoft just left it but I suppose some businesses still also use it with software that won't work on modern OS's and too expensive to get it sorted. People may complain about Windows 10 but security wise it's far better than windows used to be.
  4. Firstly I'd reccomend a speed test to see what speed your net is. Might be just slow in general. You could try also reinstalling chrome, clearing its cache, history etc If a dodgy AV has found an infection there's a high chance its could be a false positive. Many dodgy AVs will detect non existent viruses to trick you into buying with some even installing the virus to make you buy
  5. Doesn't malwarbytes consider it as a potential unwanted program?
  6. It could be that the user is not using pre-release updates. @Zur13 open eset - hit F5 to go to advanced options - open update, click the + symbol on profiles then the + symbol on updates. For update type if set to regular update change to pre-release update and see if that fixes it.
  7. I presume Eset was not hit as it isn't US based but it does show that nothing is ever 100 percent secure.
  8. And not to mention eset was quick to rectify it. Admittingly when I saw this post I wondered if it was another program that had been hacked and used to try and infect its users e.g. via updates etc., something i feel is going to be a common occurrence in the next few years
  9. Looks the same to me. Not sure if this is intended now or a bug
  10. I can't remember if 11 was a hog but the problem is a lot of those that used it and complained probably didn't send in any logs. Eset will always try to fix issues if it can see them
  11. Try disabling a few things then to see if something else of Esets could be blocking it. Also are you on pre-release updates which is generally recommended - Hit f5 - go to update and then profiles and then the update part in there. In the update type bit try it with pre-release selected - sometimes bugs get fixed but not always rolled out straight away to the main bit. However I'd also recommend disabling parts to see if you can find out exactly what part of eset could be blocking it
  12. Googling runtnc.net seems to show other people with the exact URL having the same issue but couldn't see what was causing it.
  13. When you said renaming did not work - do you mean it didn't allow you to rename or it did but didn't fix the issue. If it didn't allow you to rename it make sure you are in safe mode. Have you looked in the firewall troubleshoot wizard found in setup - network protection - see if anything is being blocked. In the network protection - connected networks is it set to a home network? Probably won't be what is causing the issue but I had a problem a while back with things being blocked because it was set to a public network instead of a home network. The only other thing I can suggest is disabling parts one by one and each time you have disabled one try the game. This may help to identify the issue e.g. if you disable one part and the game works you will know that that part is partly the issue. Just remember to enable them later for security
  14. Yeah it will do that as you should never use two firewalls. Think it does take some rules or something from windows firewall but not sure never really used it
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