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  1. Also you may have issues if using eset and malwarebytes and AVG all together on your phone as they may conflict with each other
  2. Not all I don't think. Some just use a text message so as long as you have a mobile phone to receive the code you should be able to activate it. Some such as banking also have phone call options. You can also get apps that work on computers as well as mobiles. I use one called authy which I have on my phone but also pc and as a chrome extension
  3. Most including those using it don't really understand and can rely too much on it
  4. Is it for any links or just while in google search? If it's just google go to the google site and type something then hit the setting and make sure "Open each selected result in a new browser window" is unselected. If its all links while it may seem odd make sure the CTRL key isn't stuck.
  5. Could it not block them before it wa able to encrypt then you wouldn't need to decrypt?
  6. Sounds like a bug @Marcos . Noticed you said the setting has to be changed manually on each computer but it appears that eset displayed it as off because the original that had the settings copied from was set to off so the versions using the copied settings displayed it as off while actually not being off.
  7. Is smart mode okay for an average user? Same for the hips rules in the link?
  8. Not sure if its anything related to the link below. I have seen things posted suggesting that on boot up there is a delay where windows doesn't detect eset straight away. Does the error go away? This might suggest it is just delayed at detecting it
  9. May have mentioned this before but i would love an option to change what shows when right clicking on the eset icon in the taskbar. E.g. user could add areas, settings etc. that they used more often for quicker access
  10. I will also add that while the forum is used frequently for bugs and such eset does still recommend opening a support ticket - don't think this was a bug but I have seen some people forgetting this option exists.
  11. As long as by helping you just mean advice about using eset etc. then I cannot see why not. Obviously if you used your website to help users download it illegally (which I'm not insinuating you plan to) then that would be a different case and would be blocked
  12. I just did a Google of TNod - it appears to be a program used for illegal purposes so I recommend removing this asap
  13. As mentioned I'm not sure if any/many av's can do much about this right now. It relates to something I have been saying for years - too many people rely on their AV too much - for example I use Windows 10 because it's security is far better than previous versions and I think anyone using older unsupported OS's e.g. XP are just looking to put their systems at risk
  14. Ah I see - at least if it works it will stop people blaming eset - Would there be a way to set it up possibly to do a check - e.g. so users could see a warning that RDP is enabled, hasn't got a password etc.
  15. It has probably been mentioned on here - but Itman and others have pointed out you can set RPD to get locked out after a set amount of failed logins - I'm just guessing but presume you do not have this set up as Brute force appears to have been used so adding this could avoid this in the future
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