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  1. Try clearing cache and disabling addons to see if any are causing issues. Also check your eset is the latest version
  2. Eset recommends you use the pre release updates for general use e.g. if it's not an important work computer. There's always a risk when using something not final but without users trying it they can't get feedback
  3. @Marcos Could this be related to the user in the post before. You show 1 or 2 user names but in the image the user posted there are multiple users
  4. Weird. Sure someone else posted something similar recently. Just to check, did you buy the license from Eset's site or another site e.g. Amazon, eBay etc. Problem with these sites is scammers will resell licenses for 1 user to multiple people which will get them blocked
  5. I should add that anything that is cracked that appears safe, could be dangerous, even if not detected. The problem is that as these are from unoriginal sources, you never know what they have done to it e.g. included hidden extras. Cracks are often used for malware distribution
  6. Eset do recommended people use pre release updates on non production computers. The reason is often they will release new versions for people to test, often fixing issues, and by multiple people using it they can test if it works and also if there are any compatibility issues E.g. they could release a pre release update to the main stable channel that could actually have issues but they weren't detected because not many people had used that version. Eset does have quality control, checks etc. But issues can happen, things missed etc.
  7. Sometimes I've noticed it isn't always jumping to the last unread post and wondered if it would be worth having an option at the top for jumping to the last reply. I've seen some forums with similar options. This would be good possibly if the user hasn't read any but wants to see the last one which might be the answer
  8. Are you a home user as you posted in the home user area but 14 is the current version
  9. They are plugged into a wall socket so I just turn the switch off when not in use. This is standard UK wise but not sure what other countries setups tend to be
  10. I've had this a bit lately. But I think it might be when I've started the computer offline and turned my powerline adapters on and it's taken a little bit to connect
  11. Have you tried clearing cache and cookies? If no good try disabling all browser extensions and if it starts working renabling one by one to find which is causing the issue I didn't understand part of your post so you could also try different browsers to see if it's just one specific browser e.g. if using chrome try edge
  12. Eset blocks dangerous websites via a blacklist, but as Marcos has mentioned VirusTotal shows no AV blocking it. Eset Will also try and block malicious scripts and scan downloads. As the site has nothing on it, it looks like you are safe
  13. I'm sure the zoom issue was possibly related to Zoom changing something using inbound connections and so those using the firewall in automatic mode would have it blocked. @Steve9143using the firewall troubleshoot wizard may fix this if this is the cause
  14. Is your other AV just an on demand scanner as if it uses real-time protection this could cause a lot of conflicts. It is recommended to only use one real-time AV due to this. Also Googling SAclient/Segurazo shows that it may be more bad than good
  15. Have you previously backed up settings and then reinstalled eset and then loaded the backed up settings? I could be wrong @Marcos but if my memory serves me correct there was a problem with this setting in the past. It wasn't being properly backed up/restored. When someone backed up the setting and then loaded it it would show as disabled but the user had to enable and then disable again as it wasn't properly saved EDIT Just found the link I remembered. Not sure if it's any good or related
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