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  1. What he meant is to just run the update for mbam which may fail but then go into esets firewall troubleshooter and see if there is a blocked bit on there
  2. Is it an app or the site? If it is an app it could be classed as potentially unwanted.
  3. Even the pro version doesn't automatically update anything it just has the ability to give a direct link to the programs website. It's one of the reasons I've never upgraded to the pro as it doesn't really have any benefits.
  4. I posted something about this a few months ago This was after I'd received the same email a few times although slightly different wording each time. The password it claimed I used was incorrect. As you mentioned if guessed your password correctly because it will have found a password you have used via leaks and then uses that in the email to make it seem more genuine. Id recommend checking the link Marcos gave to see if any sites you have used have been compromised and change your passwords for these sites. A good idea is also to set up two factor authentication wherever available
  5. Sumo doesn't actually update anything but tells users if updates are available. It is user populated so only knows when a new version is available when some of its users have it installed and detected by Sumo. I believe it has to be seen used by a few users before it flags. It is a handy program but can be problematic. It is bad for hardware specific things such as printers because it will say a new version is available but it might be only available for specific printers such as newer ones.
  6. Yeah i did wonder if it was the controlled folder part but after googling saw it was app based
  7. The reason I asked if you used any other AV is im wondering if something else could be involved. I presume windows defender kicks in when eset uninstalls. I don't use it myself but wondering if this could actually be the culprit which would explain why there's no issue when eset is installed as defender gets turned off. I could be completely wrong. Wondering if @itmancould throw any light on this possibility? Also have you tried when uninstalling Eset then booting into safe mode and using the eset uninstall tool which is designed to remove any leftovers. It could possibly be something has been left behind You can find this at https://support.eset.com/en/kb2289-uninstall-eset-manually-using-the-eset-uninstaller-tool
  8. Can i just ask do you have any other security programs installed?
  9. However the problem is that because these come from untrusted sources some cracks, keygens etc. can be booby trapped
  10. It seems to be part of the online reputation database (ESET Live Grid). Why it is being blocked as unsafe I'm not sure though
  11. If you go into setup - network - connected networks - what is the network set as e.g. public, home/office etc. If public, try setting to home network
  12. As said there is a reason for the block. It is bad practise to simply allow things without knowing the potential risks
  13. Sorry I meant how long e.g. when does it expire
  14. The only thing that might not work is the banking protection which launches banking sites in a specially designed browser window. However using eset without banking protection is still secure. I can't say what browsers will/won't work as I use chrome which is compatible.
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