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  1. Interesting Samples

    My knowledge is limited but would a whitelisting program have caused issues with the ccleaner incident e.g. because it is whitelisted it could ignore malicious activity
  2. One thing that has confused me is that Avast/Piriform has not released any tools. Surely a standalone tool to detect all traces and remove them would make a lot of customers feel safer
  3. Not sure when my last backup was Sadly it's been a while. Should eset find it now if I am infected. I've not seen any warnings
  4. That article mentions a 64 bit as well as a 32 bit trojan. So did the 64 bit versions get attacked?
  5. I read a second piece of malware was launched but not activated. Maybe the behaviour seemed originally normal
  6. Interestingly I had an issue upgrading to 5.4 it kept saying something like "Error opening file for writing C:\ProgramFilesCcleaner\Ccleaner64.exe." I also had to restart the computer because it wouldn't let me delete the download as I didn't have any permissions and it wouldn't let me create any even though it was on my Administrator account. After rebooting the latest version seemed installed now and I could delete the download. One thing this incident does show is how important having an antivirus is. Many people claim they can be safe and not need an antivirus simply by visiting safe websites, using software from trusted sources etc. but this shows that even trusted sources can become infected.
  7. I'm not sure about the stuff mentioned but someone else might be able to help or you could open up a ticket. However I did notice you mentioned Smart Security 5 - I bring this up because the latest version is version 10. The way Eset licenses work is based on the product and not the version number so if you have a license for smart security it will work on all versions, past, current and future as long as it's active e.g. it's constantly renewed. While some people complain about the newer designs there's always improvements that in my opinion outweigh anything else.
  8. Is ESET discovering Malware ?

    I see a lot of people doing YouTube security tests where they throw everything they can at an AV. The problem is there is always a risk of something getting through. An AV is just a program and is prone to mistakes. Security starts with the user. Well apart from possibly missing out on newer technology if it is no longer supported there could also be vulnerabilities which could in turn make it useless. It's like people who still use CO which being no longer supported could have many vulnerabilities. Using an AV on XP in my opinion is like having a state of the art prison but with a big hole in the fence.
  9. Seen this the other week and forgot to mention it on here. hxxp:// Lenovo has agreed to pay US States $3.5m (£2.7m) after it sold laptops with pre-loaded adware and will also seek consumers' consent before installing such software in the future. This happened after it was discovered in 2015 that the company had hidden an advert-delivering program made by California based Superfish. This was apparently included on hundreds of thousands of computers. Called VisualDiscovery, the adware hijacked encrypted web sessions which in turn could allow for man-in-the-middle attacks. To me its an important reminder that it's not just cybercriminals that we need to be aware of security wise.

    Check out
  11. Password Manager

    The scary thing is it's not impossible. OneLogin suffered a breach that was reported back in June hxxp:// For me I use Sticky Password which is also the password manager Eset's password manager is based on. However I don't save key passwords e.g. banking. I have multiple accounts with sites and some are very strict/specific in regards to passwords. It's hard when you have different passwords to remember them all so the password manager comes in handy.
  12. New license format for 8 version

    Contact support and they will be able to sort it, probably need to share logs. If there is a problem then it's best to report it as they cannot fix an issue if they don't know it exists. As far as I know version 8 does not contain the ransomware module among other things. While the design is slightly different I do find it is as quick as previous versions
  13. Is ESET discovering Malware ?

    As shown In previous posts AV charts can be problematic. One company will show one thing and another will show another. It depends on many factors e.g. what samples are used. In my opinion all AVs are pretty similar in the end in most cases. If one misses something it will probably find something else the other ones didn't. All I can say is as an eset user ive never been infected as far as I know/remember but I also take security into my own hand, regularly make sure eset is working fine etc.
  14. New license format for 8 version

    I'm sure that any license you get will work on the current and previous versions e.g. version 10 will work with lower versions. However I'd recommend considering upgrading as the newer versions contain improvements
  15. Is ESET discovering Malware ?

    Exactly. You could move to one AV because it finds something another misses but that A/V could miss something the other finds. No AV product is perfect.