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  1. I actually agree. Nothing is ever 100 percent safe but the more options generally the better. I mean using your argument you could also argue a virus could bypass the AV so is there any point in the AV? I guess eset could be worried people would presume their files would be 100 percent safe which would cause some complaints if malware did bypass it. But I still think the positives would outweigh the negatives. It's also important to note that most of the eset staff on here don't actually deal with development decisions
  2. I mean I'm wary of YouTube videos AV wise. This one at least didn't do the thing that most seem to get wrong, not showing them downloading the stuff. I belive a lot of YouTube testers disable the AVs often to download the viruses but that doesn't show the full product as web protection for example would normally prevent the virus from being downloaded in the first place. I had a quick check on your video but as it was in Russian didn't really know what was being said. Wasn't keen on the edit effect thing either as it makes you wonder if something is happening in between the transition eff
  3. You have posted twice. In the other post Marcos asks you to collect some logs which I presume you haven't done as you didn't reply? Get these logs and post them to the original thread bellow. The logs may shed some light on your issue
  4. Just thought I'd share this. Troy Hunt via his Have I been pwned site has shared a large breach, which appears to be a collection of multiple breaches, collected together. He appears to have tested some, which appear correct, but due to the large size of the data he cannot confirm all. There's also the possibility that some are from previous known breaches, and he does note some of the websites involved no longer exist. It's also good to know the latest version of Eset with the version 2 password manager can notify you of breaches in regards to accounts you have saved on there. This is so
  5. The problem is encryption on its own is a safe and an important security feature e.g. sites use it so your passwords can't be read e.g. if hacked. Cyber criminals however have weaponized it and are using it to encrypt users files and hold them at ransom. To stop this from happening again id recommend investing in an AV. Obviously I'd recommend eset ha, but its best to have some kind of protection no matter what you choose. Also backing up files e.g. to external device, cloud storage etc. can help as it means files can simply be restored
  6. Is there anything software wise you can think of that is installed on both the devices that have had the issue but not on the one that seems fine? Just trying to see if we can find something common on both
  7. Could this also be router based? I mentioned it above, the key thing being two devices have the same issue. If the router was involved it would explain how the issue kept coming back and how it had appeared on two devices. Only other thing I can think is its related to something software wise that both devices have. It seems a strange virus but what's even stranger is two devices have had the same issue. Interestingly as itman mentioned some of the registry keys on Google seemed to talk about coin mining malware. Google does seem to show coin mining malware have infected routers in t
  8. I think you might be able to do something similar using hips but hips can be complicated and isn't really user friendly
  9. This has been discussed on multiple occasions by users with the link bellow just one example. However I can't see this happening. Esets argument is that malware might be able to bypass it which would make people think there's no risk
  10. The problem is there's a lot of scams where someone buys the license and sells it on to multiple users so a license for 1 user could be sold illegally to 100+ people
  11. Do you use eset now though or you used to?
  12. As Marcos has mentioned you could backup any settings and then uninstall. If this works then eset does appear to be the issue. It the problem does occur after reinstallation you could try disabling settings one by one and testing the program which should help find out which part is blocking it
  13. Basically they have went with another company (I know who just from the design but not sure if this is public knowledge so won't say). The main 2 differences with the new version is that its addons and apps only so you can't use it directly inside eset Internet security premium and the warning about data breaches. I do belive the virtual keyboard option has also gone. It really depends on the user. I mean what is missing from this new version for you? I know there's been some issues but they have been fixing those
  14. Are you using eset or kaspersky? As mentioned this forum is meant for support for eset users.
  15. You could also try the firewall troubleshoot wizard when trying to use it to see if anything has been blocked
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