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  1. It is due to the fact that if selected gamer mode will activate when something goes into full screen e.g. a game, video etc.
  2. CCleaner latest update

    I normally instal the main version okay with PUA detection turned on. I wonder if eset is blocking the toolbars though.
  3. CCleaner latest update

    It has gotten more reliable
  4. I have hips set into interactive mode and no plan at the moment to change that. Just curious what smart mode does then as if interactive prompts about suspicious activity and automatic does everything for you, what is the purpose of smart mode?
  5. ESET vs Ransomware

    As many have brought up there are many issues with the video. For example, the video shows it is version 11, but I couldn't see the actual version, e.g. 11.1, 11.2 etc. Also the user didn't run an update and the video is a few months old. The big problem as I have mentioned when things like this is brought up by other specific users, is that these tests can be easily rigged. No security program is perfect and I've seen people run test videos where one AV misses some viruses so they run another one to remove the leftovers and often another one and so on because no AV is perfect. I could easily make a video showing one AV to be great at protecting from ransomware by using samples I know will be detected while at the same time are not detect by another one, so that other one ends up looking bad - however I could then turn it around and find one that would now make the bad one look good and the good one look bad. As mentioned it does not help that these tests seen on youtube often do not represent real usage - for example no one should be downloading multiple malware samples and then turning off settings to make sure they don't originally get caught. As Marcos has mentioned, the fact the settings had to be disabled shows that actually the test is not showing all protection parts. Eset will always try and block users from downloading malware from the first place. Disabling protection layers will always put you at risk.
  6. notification for new version

    The general update checks for product updates as well as defenitions but eset slowly roll out versions. As i mentioned i think this could be partly to avoid everyone installing at once then a big bug is discovered. You can always manually update by downloading the latest version yourself
  7. Bitcoin miner

    Interestingly I read the latest version of the Opera browser comes with an option to block coin miners
  8. Sandboxie compatibility

    Normally sandboxie will release a newer version to address the issue. Not installing updates will put you at risk just as Marcos mentioned. Many companies and general users would not have been hit by the ransomware WannaCry if they had patched their systems
  9. From which part. Sometimes it will find updates that windows update or nowhere else seems to find but it must be getting it from.somewhere
  10. notification for new version

    As mentioned they might be delayed for a while. If you want the latest version you can update manually
  11. Complains about ESET.

    I wasn't saying the samples are hand picked my point is if you Google different test results you will see there can be big differences e.g. one test one is high and another low or at least lower. My point is that different testers will use different malware samples and so will show different results so people should avoid basing their points on specific test results. My point of real life situations is very important. Test results only show one part of the story. In real life situations most users are not going to download thousands of malware samples for example.
  12. Complains about ESET.

    The issue isn't really with the tests themselves. People seem to keep posting regularly comparing and complaining about eset if it does scores less than another AV. The point is there's no such thing as 100% protection so I'd be very wary if a test shows an AV with 100%. Also The problem is these tests use limited malware samples. You will see multiple tests from different testers with multiple results because of this. I could do a test myself let's say and hand pick samples that some AVs find and one doesn't to make that AV look bad. Yet at the same time I could do the opposite and make the same AV look good. For this reason these tests should always be taken with a pinch of salt. If you go by test results as a way to choose an AV you would have to repeatedly change your AV. As has been stated on here it's important to note these tests are not realistic. A user is never going to for example intentionally download multiple samples. I would rather go by user experience over these tests and my own experience with using multiple AVs in the past led me to and keep me using eset.
  13. Complains about ESET.

    And bitdefender used to crash all the time when i used it, closing itself. Granted i haven't used it for years but that and another issue have made me have a bad image of it just the same way most people have a bad image of norton. The thing is no one is saying people cant post results of tests but no point posting posts every time another program appears to do better.