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    Depends what you want. So far Eset hasn't let me down and others are. Your best bet is to go to the eset support page and open a ticket. The forum is good for discussing stuff but it is always recommended to email them directly
  2. There's an old saying if it ain't broken don't fix it. I'm not saying if the design can be made better it shouldn't be changed but it seems like people expect a new look every year which is pointless and eset is better suited improving its protection
  3. This. While the changelog seems smaller than usual the great thing with eset is your license will work on all future versions if it is valid wi no upgrade fees. Also I've always thought other security features seemed to hold of on new features for.a big yearly release so its great to see eset is realising new features when they are ready as opposed to waiting
  4. Yeah especially when there are features that have been requested for years. I see a lot of new versions of software where they basically redesign it to make it look like they have done/added a lot of new stuff but the reality is often the new design is hiding the fact that there's nothing or not much changed. These are generally done by the type of companies who charge for upgrades. I do love the fact that as long as you have an eset license it will work on any future versions for that specific product
  5. Description: change the way update is displayed when installing or updating to a newer version Detail: when updating to a newer version via the live installer the latest updates are downloaded. The user will be alerted after installation that an update has not been ran yet. However if they run the updater and already have the latest updates as no update has been ran the alert telling the user no update has been ran will remain. I have seen many confused by this not realising they already have the latest version. This alert should be either removed or reworded into a way that lets them know that they have the current version
  6. It has been asked a lot but I don't think we will see it. The issue eset has is choice e.g. what should happen if something new and unknown turns up, could simply be an update e.g. a windows update, but if eset doesn't have any reputation for the files it will have to ask the user and it seems like they want to avoid this in case the user clicks the wrong thing e.g. allows or blocks
  7. Description: More information in system cleaner Detail: I have mentioned this previously. System cleaner is the new tool in version 11 that alerts you to system settings that have been changed from default the idea being that they could have been changed by malware. The issue is they give no information on the actual setting just the type of setting. I tested this feature by clicking to change settings hoping I would be shown the changes and able to make a decision. What would make more sense is having a way to see the actual changes and a way to ignore certain changes that the user wants to keep. Many people change things themselves e.g Windows tweakers and this feature could cause issues if they change things without realising. This could always be a more advanced option disabled by default. If this cannot happen at least have a lot for this feature so that advanced users can see the changes made. If eset is changing a Windows option it shouldn't be too hard to log the change somewhere. Also an undo feature might be handy as when I tried it out hoping i would be given options eset just changed them and with no lot I have no idea what got changed
  8. It's only available for a couple of countries at the moment but I think they are rolling out to more very soon
  9. I do not see no action when installing a Potentially unwanted application - I think no action appears after a scan. After pressing ignore I get a windows access the specific file. I either have to exclude it which would exclude it for good I presume or disable the protection temporarily. Malwarebytes comes up with ignore or ignore once which is helpful.
  10. Could we have an ignore once options for Potentially unwanted applications? Often I will instal stuff that might contain extras e.g. in the installer and Eset will pop up and let me know I'm instaling a potentially unwanted application. I've noticed that Malwarebytes has an option to ignore it once e.g. you want to test it but might remove it fully later.
  11. It's the tricky part of security. Balancing security with ease of use. Make something too sensitive and you end up blocking too much and causing issues for non technical users
  12. Description: The ability to change quick linksDetail: Not sure if I've mentioned this on here but it would be really handy if you could change the quicklinks that you see when you right click the eset icon in the taskbar. For example some people will never use the gamemode but for people who game a lot being able to add that option to the quick link would make it far easier to turn on/off. Same with other options.
  13. I use two factor authentication for a few things but I do have an issue with it. Back when lot's of people's icloud's got hacked, apple started rolling it out, but Apple never actually stated they were hacked which makes me believe a lot of the incidents where forms of phishing. I've read about phishing using two factor authentication which generally involves a hacker pretending to be from the site/company etc. Basically they inform the user that there's an issue but can't access the account until it's been disabled or they send them the code. Also if I remember correctly one phone network had issues with it's voicemails being hacked a while back. Don't get me wrong two factor authentication is great but it should never fully replace teaching people how to be secure.
  14. Isn't a virus a type of Malware? I know as well as viruses Eset finds things such as potentially unwanted programs (PUPS). As for a PC Tuner, it's been asked for before and I doubt we will see it for exactly the reason you hinted at. Eset is a security suite and should really focus on that. For cleaning and stuff there are great free programs aka CCleaner.
  15. Well, it turns out the v10 firewall rules list looks just as bleak and difficult to navigate as v9, and it's hard on the eyes, so I am re-posting my suggestion for a user-friendly list that was present in v8 and earlier. I would love this to. Being able to organise by name would make perfect sense and I don't really know why you can't do this anymore. It doesn't help having this added to the start of each application "Allow communication for ..." e.g. "Allow communication for Chrome" and so on. Most firewalls simply have the application name. Adding this text just makes it much harder to look at. The firewall rules and the fact some windows cannot be resized - especially annoying in the antivirus result window, are two things I really find backwards for what otherwise is an amazing security program