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  1. Thanks a lot, I have read that , but I hope that Eset will communicate more details soon.
  2. Please can somebody from the moderators explain how Banking protection works? Bitdefender´s and Kasperky´s Banking Protection do not allow Screenshots and copy to clipboard. Eset´s Banking protection allow that. So, how is Eset protecting Onlinebanking?
  3. @TomasP: My question has nothing to do with bugfixes. But I´m very interested to know, which products you will have mit V10. Is smart Security now Internet Security or do you establish a third product?
  4. TomasP Post 18 May: When can we expect new Information? I think many users are very interested.
  5. Many thanks for your answer! Will this service release be a Micro Component Update or must I download the complete Package?
  6. According to the help, only applications for which a rule exists are monitored for changes: The application modification detection feature displays notifications if modified applications, for which a firewall rule exists, attempt to establish connections. I have Automatic Mode enabled and there are no rules for Outbound.In your Post vom 28.10. you have confirmed, that also in Automatic Mode, I receive alerts for changed application: You will be asked for an action even if you don't use interactive mode. But I don´t receive that. Is this a bug?
  7. Does this mean, that Chrome 64 bit will not be supported in the future? Only Edge and IE 64-bit are supported?
  8. Hello, I have read here about some problems: https://forum.eset.com/topic/6413-excel-2016-slow-to-close-eset-9/ When can we expect a new Build of Eset V9? Many thanks for help. Thomas
  9. Hello, when I use Firewall Automatic Mode together with enabled detection of application modifications, do I get information about modified applications? Or does this only work with interactive mode firewall? I use V9. Many thanks! Thomas
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