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  1. We are happy to announce that the BETA version of significantly improved and refactored ESET Mobile Security for Android is available via the Google Play BETA channel. To join the test please follow https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.eset.ems2.gp on your Android device, then just click on “BECOME A TESTER” button (login to your Google account may be required). In case you do not have ESET Mobile Security for Android installed, proceed to installation by selecting “Download the Mobile Security & Antivirus app on Google Play”. What's new in this BETA? -New Anti-phishing which supports more browsers and works on all supported Android versions -New permissions model requiring permissions when needed by enabled functionality -Simplified Anti-theft feature -Many improvements and changes under the hood Please give these features a test ride along with the setup wizard. When you join the program, you may apply for a 3-month premium license so you can test and enjoy the application fully. In case you experience an application crash, please select to send us the crash report. Thank you for your participation, Your ESET BETA Team
  2. We are happy to announce that the BETA versions of our products – brand new ESET Internet Security, providing multiple layers of security without significant impact on performance, and ESET NOD32 Antivirus, offering fast anti-malware – are both ready to download and test on https://www.eset.com/int/beta/edition2017/ What's new in BETA? Webcam Protection (ESET Internet Security only) – Lists all applications that have been using the webcam and allows the user to block access. Home Network Protection (ESET Internet Security only) – Shows devices connected to your network and offers a router scan to check for router vulnerabilities. Script-Based Attack Protection - Protects you against malicious Windows and PowerShell scripts. UPDATED - Parental Control (ESET Internet Security only) – Now with updated categorization. To report issues, please fill in the built-in support form or hxxp://www.eset.com/int/beta/form .
  3. Hi, I don't found how contact eset on https://eset.centercode.com/ This morning Firefox crash "translate" : "path" not make for run on Windows or have an error.please try to re-install from origin installer or contact your root user or the editor for help. Code error : 0xc000012f Thank you
  4. The ESET icon looks blurry on the taskbar (Windows 10 (x86), 1440x900):
  5. my config : windows 10 pro version 1607 x64 i have done settings to protect files in D: drive from being accessed by applications running in the computer. you can see the detail of HIPS rule here Still Aimp audio player is able to access audio file in D: drive. as you can see in pics below that there is no HIPS rule for Aimp.exe So Aimp is basically bypassing ESET HIPS rule. It means ESET HIPS does not know that Aimp is accessing file in D: drive I am aware that this type of file access exists. what i understand about it is Aimp.exe don't directly access files in hard disk. It actually asks windows OS to access files for it. From what i have noticed is that ntoskrnl.exe (NT Kernel & System ) access the files for Aimp. Similarly many other applications also accesses files in hard disk in this way and are potentially bypassing HIPS rule Interestingly ntoskrnl.exe is also not in the HIPS rule. Then why is allowed to access D: drive without asking the user.
  6. Hello everyone! I recently tried to resuscitate my old Nokia C7 phone and I encountered a big silly problem. Few years ago, I have set up a password for ESET Mobile Security BETA app and I can't seem to remember it. I really need to use the phone again, but with anoter SIM card. It's worth mentioning that I am unable to connect to the internet on this old phone - not even wi-fi! (this is why I gave up the phone) Is anyone kind enough to help a poor soul?
  7. Of late I'm getting a delay while Eset v10.0.171.0 is "establishing a secure connection" in Chrome. As time goes by the time it takes is increasing to 40 or more seconds. Disabling SSL/TLS scanning removes the problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Win 7 Pro - sp1 x64.
  8. In Interactive mode HIPS and Firewall rule gets created. But after some time, some of the entries gets invalid because the application for which rule has been created has been uninstalled or removed. Instead of manually removing the entries there should be button which automatically remove invalid entries.
  9. in Interactive mode ESET fails to create HIPS or Firewall rule Thats when ESET interface hangs and becomes unresponsive. then either i need to log off and log on again, or restart the system, after which ESET interface becomes responsive again.
  10. firstly HIPS is set in Smart mode. additionally i created rules for HIPS to ask for permission if any application want to access files in D: drive. But it did not gets implemented until computer is restarted. I think ESET hips is blocking the upload of image file which is stored in D: drive. Check the pics hxxp://p1.pichost.me/i/79/2038530.jpg When i try to disbale HIPS, ESET asks for password. When i enter the password it takes me to HIPS setting instead of disabling the HIPS. In HIPS rule setting there should also be "File Read" operation which could be helpful in protecting files from being read by spyware. Check the pics hxxp://p1.pichost.me/i/79/2038529.jpg
  11. Does ESET internet security 10 scans web browser addons/extension to check if it is safe or malicious?
  12. Hi I Have installed the latest Beta Product version: and I do not have the ESET firewall driver appearing in the Network adapter Properties, although Windows Security Center tells me that ESET firewall is on and windows own firewall is off. I am used to seeing ESET's firewall driver in the Network adapters properties. Do I need to repair the installation or is everything ok for this due to the Beta / Is this one of the known issues Am I meant to see the driver in the Network adapter properties The ESET Program shows no errors or issues in the interface and Firewall slider is on. Thank You for your help
  13. Hi There, As a suggestion, maybe you can move the webcam rules management in the Tools section of the main menu UI instead of having to hunt and find it under Device Control in the Advanced Menu. Confirmation of changes would require parental control password (if setup) to make any changes done to the rule set, or even enter the rule set if there's a privacy issue.
  14. My anti-theft is giving annoying popup saying that my pc is not optimized for anti-theft this problem occurred when i ran anti-theft and i asked me to enter details of login and took me to Microsoft edge i entered the details and i was logged in successfully and eset was saying that anti-theft is on , then i rebooted my pc and this pop up comes that my pc is not optimized i tried to log out in anti-theft like 10 times but it was giving me error that my login credentials are wrong and i rebooted pc 2-3 times but no solution screenshots are attachted
  15. I personally consider very important that a security solution offers protection against all kind of malware, including spywares. Well, I know a software which is sold as a Spyware named Spymaster that ESET cannot detect. Here is the address for downloading: hxxp://www.syncsoft.com.br/downloads/spymaster.html?down=on ESET Smart Securtity 9 Beta could detect this spyware professional using its HIPS module to detect as strange and non normal behavior. Is it possible to create this functionality for this spyware and other similar products on the market? Thanks in advance!
  16. Using Windows 10 preview build 10074 here with ESS When the computer starts, everything looks fine, but I notice in tray that ESET has little red triangle. When I open ESET, I see Is this a known problem or do I really need to reinstall? I've only just installed it.
  17. Will v9 have SysRescue again? I.e. the selfmade WindowsPE-based from ADK Version, not "Live"-Linux-based downloaded ISO. In current Beta there's just a Link to the SysRescue-Live-ISO. WinPE-based one had better perfomance (imho) and far better Hardware support, since you could integrate or load your own Windows-drivers. Also you could integrate other tools into your WinPE-media.
  18. Hi, Not a major problem as such, but needs to be fixed Uninstalled V9 Beta, with all modules/defs up to date as of today 29/06/15. Uninstall seemed to go fine , but leaves behind Epfw NDIS Lightweight Filter and with no internet access available until uninstalled manually.
  19. Hi All, I found that the Banking and Payment module cannot auto detect the common online banking sites thats make the module become handicap. I think ESET can refer to links available in wiki w.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_banks_in_Hong_Kong And , other the other hand, we do submit a list of bank for each region before v8 release in 2014
  20. iam installed eset and i reboot, after reboot i can't find eset icon in taskbar, this is bug ?
  21. Https scanner is not working properly. in windows 8.1 64 bit https scanner does not work . It is not able to install eset certificate properly. In windows 10 64 bit it causes internet connection failure for https websites. cyberfox web broswer unable to connect to https web server. microsoft spartan web browser is unable to start.
  22. Good day, after installing v9 Beta - Internet Security on Windows 10 build 10130 - network went down (on a Lenovo Yoga 2) Although re-installed intell drivers the wi-fi gets connected but no network activity is on (neither via normal lan connection) - could you advise how to re-activate/ make work again the network? Hope to hearing from you
  23. ESET smart secuirty 9 beta HIPS is disabled by default . i am unable to enable it manually. My config : windows 10 pro 64 bit
  24. Hi community, As I am a huge fan of ESET I am testing ESET Smart security 8. Unfortunately ESET blocks all web access from multiple browsers. It looks like my browsers can't resolve any addresses. NSLOOKUP in cmd works though. I also added my browsers with the following objects; Application; <browser path> Direction: Both Action: Allow I also tried disabling Protocol Filtering, unfortunately this did not work. I also added my browsers as exclusion to the detect modification list of network-aware applications. Thanks in advanced, With kind regards, X
  25. For some reason when I click on Running Processes, Risk Level, Number of Users and Time of discovery will not populate unless I disable the firewall. I've enabled block logging and it's not showing any results for an incorrect hit.
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