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  1. Thanks a lot, I have read that , but I hope that Eset will communicate more details soon.
  2. Please can somebody from the moderators explain how Banking protection works? Bitdefender´s and Kasperky´s Banking Protection do not allow Screenshots and copy to clipboard. Eset´s Banking protection allow that. So, how is Eset protecting Onlinebanking?
  3. @TomasP: My question has nothing to do with bugfixes. But I´m very interested to know, which products you will have mit V10. Is smart Security now Internet Security or do you establish a third product?
  4. TomasP Post 18 May: When can we expect new Information? I think many users are very interested.
  5. Many thanks for your answer! Will this service release be a Micro Component Update or must I download the complete Package?
  6. According to the help, only applications for which a rule exists are monitored for changes: The application modification detection feature displays notifications if modified applications, for which a firewall rule exists, attempt to establish connections. I have Automatic Mode enabled and there are no rules for Outbound.In your Post vom 28.10. you have confirmed, that also in Automatic Mode, I receive alerts for changed application: You will be asked for an action even if you don't use interactive mode. But I don´t receive that. Is this a bug?
  7. Does this mean, that Chrome 64 bit will not be supported in the future? Only Edge and IE 64-bit are supported?
  8. Hello, I have read here about some problems: https://forum.eset.com/topic/6413-excel-2016-slow-to-close-eset-9/ When can we expect a new Build of Eset V9? Many thanks for help. Thomas
  9. Hello, when I use Firewall Automatic Mode together with enabled detection of application modifications, do I get information about modified applications? Or does this only work with interactive mode firewall? I use V9. Many thanks! Thomas
  10. Many thanks, I will contact Customer Care. But I´m sure, that all Checkboxes are unchecked. Perhaps a little bug? We will see...
  11. Thank you, I have now found it under "IT". But it is also unchecked.
  12. I believe that Online Information Management is in German Language "Online Marketing".This is a category "Under 16 years". I think, that you mean that. But it is unchecked.
  13. Hi, Parental Control blocks in a Parent-Account all https-Sites. I don´t know how to solve the problem. Disabling parental control is not the solution, because I want to block some sites, where you get an expensive abonnement or something like that. Do you have an idea?
  14. @TomasP: Many thanks for your explanation. It´s good to know, that you help users immediately.
  15. Many thanks. Does this testing the new update mechanism means, that it will included with release of V9 or in Future versions?
  16. I think that Micro Component Updates are very useful. Must faster and more comfortable, because only changed files were downloaded. Will Eset V9 use always Micro Component Updates or sometimes use the old traditional Updates with downloading the whole package?
  17. When I acivate Parental Control I have to protect the settings with a password. Otherwise I always see "Attention required". When I have set the password, I have to confirm every attempt of the Firewall (Interactive Mode). That´s annoying. Any changes regarding this in final release?
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