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  1. maybe a stupid idea: can you try to work around this by blocking cc in Windows firewall ?
  2. Hi just to enable me to further evangelize th people I know: what are the inpacts of Nod 32 AV compared to Smart security on a W10 x64 system ?
  3. I am perfectly aware of this, nevertheless my 5 years old AMD mobo had it from the beginning, Eset might seize this opportunity (W11 requirements) to inform its customers and, why not, supply them with a short explanatory notice, the side benefit would be a even better protection with Eset line of products (just IMO)
  4. I technically can't see any difficulty to develop or (why not) buy and make thrive such a product: the market is there, Eset have the techs it needs and strong customers asset... so why not ? I tried Proton, now using Express VPN.
  5. Hello Still my old suggestion that Eset supplies a VPN companion to ESS.... I'd like not to have to buy and use a 3rd party VPN
  6. Hello ! I hope not to be out of tune with this one that comes following the release of bitdefender VPN @ an aggressive price (2.50 €/month). Do tyou plan or intend to take the same move ? Thank you
  7. thank you Ann, it's preciseley what I've successfully done, sorry for replying so late, was away then
  8. I had a similar problem some time ago, it was apparently caused by Eset having changed traffic rules between my rig and the ISP modem/router, did not happen since on mys wife's laptop (windows 10 x64)
  9. bonjour merci de décrire ce qui s'est passé: durée restante sur la licence, messages d'erreur etc. merci
  10. MS fwall was off, no connection between pc and isp modem-router. I shall give it another try after uninstall of freedome vpn just in case essp would scramble with the tap driver.
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