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  1. It has the characteristics of ESET is a strange sentence. That would suggest it was similar to ESET but not ESET
  2. Hi welcome to the forum. Just to let you know AV stands for antivirus Welcome to ESET. I see you mentioned nod32. Have you looked into Eset internet security which contains a firewall, network protection etc. There is also smart security premium which is internet security but with a password manager and an encryption tool. Hi and welcome to the forum. AV stands for antivirus
  3. Did you install anything else as sometimes installers for programs come with extras that are often selected by default
  4. @Marcossorry to bother you again but as suspected it is a spam account. Seems accounts are occasionally being set up often posting stuff that doesn't go with the post and later editing that post to include links possibly edited later in the hopes no one notices
  5. As far as I know you can login to your account on the eset site and extend it.
  6. I have put the image URL onto a OCR site and translated it. It does seem odd
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum. From Googling online this seems more of a mac issue than eset. Was able to find this online https://applelives.com/fix-mac-error-code-43.html Also this - a list of reasons why it might be happening Incompatible file name characters - "@", "!", "#", "%", "^", and "$" Incomplete, locked, or currently open files A shared file(s) problem (no shared point) A problematic hard disk.
  8. This is the problem though - most people want their OS and AV to do everything for them and until people change their mindset about this hacks will always happen. Users have to take control of their own security. An AV is never 100 percent - if for example you keep visiting dodgy sites there's always a risk that you might eventually get infected. If you just click links in emails blindy, open attachments etc. then there is also a risk. I remember when apple seemed to suffer a big iCloud hack and started rolling two step authentication because of it but interestingly as far as I know they never admitted they were hacked and I think this is because they probably weren't and most victims feel for forms of social engineering. The problem is 2FA while handy isn't perfect - I've heard of hackers pretending to be from Apple tricking people into disabling it e.g. "There is a problem with your account but we cannot access it to fix because of 2FA, please disable." Until people start actually looking at what they are doing and questioning things there will always be hacks.
  9. But my point was the system will never be secure enough. Everything has flaws. The perfect system doesn't exist.
  10. The thing is every OS has bugs and exploits. I remember an apple fanboy telling me there where no security issues with Apple and I pointed out they'd just released an update to fix some and his reply was yeah but that means there's none now. If there hasn't been an issue found it's not that there's none there they just haven't been discovered yet. I mean how long did things like spectre and heartbleed go undetected. The update thing is interesting because when it comes to updates they have slowed down. Microsoft was doing 2 big updates a year with obviously security ones throughout. Now they seem to be doing 1 big one and then one that is like a service pack which fixes bugs and stability issues. People complained the updates where too many and often buggy. I wouldn't mind seeing more updates but instead of big ones smaller ones throughout so new features get included throughout the year but with the testing period and to avoid bugs it might be tricky. Also this is why I never recommened using an unsupported OS. Windows 10 has the best security over previous versions and with many other versions unsupported including windows 7 now, using them puts users at risk as some bugs and vulnerabilities won't be fixed. An AV for example can be useless if your using an old unpatched OS
  11. Hi the linux home section is at https://forum.eset.com/forum/27-eset-nod32-antivirus-for-linux-desktop/
  12. As the user has stated it's not how they work but if eset will block an attempt to use the exploit
  13. If you have paid for a subscription I'd recommend reinstalling and if the issue recurs collecting logs. It could be that the VPN and eset aren't working together properly but can be setup. Also identifying what is causing the issue can stop future users from experiencing it to
  14. If only it were that simple. I've seen some Youtuber tests where they basically disable things like web protection and then try to show they got infected - well yes if you disable key features there is a chance. The problem is that nothing is ever 100 percent. Here in the UK the NHS was a big victim of the WannaCry ransomware which used the ExternalBlue Exploit. They obviously have security programs (not eset, but won't name it just in case), but still got infected. I'm not sure how, but did hear someone may have opened an attachment. Problem also was a lot of their computers where using XP and out of date patches. What the problem above proves is that security is everyone's job and until people understand that things like this will keep happening. Sadly, at least for the average user, people tend to want to be able to just instal a security program and let it do everything for them. If they for example regularly go on a dodgy site and get infected - they will blame the AV but won't actually look at what they are doing and if there is any correlation. I've met a lot of people in the past who wouldn't instal any windows updates, and these also tend to be the same people who would then complain if they got hit by something they themselves failed to patch when a patch was readily available for them. It's one of the reasons I'm half and half with two step authentication - it's great and can be a lifesaver but it's not a golden bullet - people want solution that will protect them but they don't do anything to protect themselves. Remember the weakest link in security is generally always the human.
  15. Not sure what could be causing this but I'd recommend collecting logs and creating a support ticket. If something is causing it to slow your computer they may be able to identify and fix it
  16. Sorry but connectwise and teamviewer are completely separate programs. @Marcosnot sure it this is possible spam. Apologises if I'm wrong just a new account with this as their first post and seemingly mentioning a program not to do with this topic
  17. You can add extra licenses but no idea if you'll get any discounts and you can upgrade. I presume if you want the higher version you wouldn't have to pay full price for it.
  18. I'm maybe reading this wrong but do you mean you gave the logs to someone e.g. eset or you just collected the logs and collecting the logs on its own without giving it to someone fixed the issue. If it was the second option the only thing I can think of is it was already known or recently reported and was fixed and updated at a similar time to the logs being collected
  19. Are you asking about why is eset not doing anything about microsoft and its spying? I did mention in the past if it was possible to have a feature that could control and block Microsofts telemetry. Interestingly the people behind spybot has a program that can block different programs and companies telemetry including Microsoft. Eset did say this might be hard as it might cause legal issues although I'm unsure how spybot gets around this. Also there is the problem that you could block the wrong thing and prevent stuff that should be on from working
  20. The link above for the 2020 version is for the home edition which would indicate a new version has came out recently. I don't use or have any experience in linux I just find it odd if it is legacy and no longer supported why is it being sold as a new 2020 version with nothing stating it is legacy. Maybe this is me missing something but I just find it odd
  21. No normally eset shouldn't be disabled but by disabling it you can hopefully see if it fixes the problem. If you right click on the eset icon in the taskbar there will be an option to disable the firewall. Try disabling this and then accessing the internet to see if it fixes the issue. That way we then know it is the firewall module that is causing the issue
  22. https://www.eset.com/uk/home/antivirus-for-linux/ This link says 2020 version which seems to suggest it's still being updated as its being sold and advertised as new in a way which if it is legacy is odd
  23. From what I've seen eset knows the issue and is fixing it but not for this version. Don't quote me on this as I'm unsure the details but someone did say this is a legacy product so is no longer suported
  24. Also if you go into eset network settings theres home and public network. I presume when going to work and uni the best option would be to change it to public
  25. I remember having a problem with a game, fallout 3 I believe. Couldn't play it but I'm sure I could play other games. I know it wasn't designed originally for windows 10. Patches and stuff did nothing and updates for geforce didn't help. I managed to fix by completely uninstalling my graphics card drivers and reinstalling and this seemed to work. Not sure what was causing it but if the update doesn't work try this or maybe even when installing choosing a fresh install although not sure if that option worked for me
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