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  1. Googling it shows it could be the lead is lose or possibly a problem with the monitor itself. Is there anything that has made you suspect eset? A screenshot would help. However if it is the monitor a screenshot may not show the issue and you may have to take a screenshot with something such as a camera phone. Does taking a screenshot with the printscreen keyboard button show the issue? If not it might mean it is monitor related
  2. Could it work as an option? E.g. users could be given an option to install on setup. This could be handy for those using an unsupported browser as they could keep using their browser and then launch the BPP browser for doing banking. I'm just wondering also what the difference is with BPP and a normal browser. I know it tries for example to protect users information being stolen e.g. keyloggers but wouldn't that technology be good in the browser in general. The only thing I can think of is it may disable stuff e.g. addons and other stuff that might cause issues
  3. I have an idea but it may go against what eset does e.g. not including extra stuff such as toolbars. Some software comes with their own browser. Could eset have a browser just for banking as an option. This was if selected it would instal a small browser so when you opened the desktop icon if set up it would just load esets one
  4. I know this may be a little off topic but could there be a more similar to windows that can be activated on eset for people with limited connectivity e.g. a limited bandwidth or does eset usually not use a lot of data
  5. @MarcosCan someone please ban this user. Reported another of his posts the other week. Noticed something strange as one of his post seemed to be exactly the same post I made. User is basically copying someones post and reposting and then editing at a later date to add a spam link. Possibly hopes users will not notice because the link is not originaly included but have been keeping an eye out
  6. I gather cracked software could be used to hide viruses, ransomware etc. It could even detect something on the AV but the user could ignore it wanting to use the software
  7. Did you look at the results? Try it again and if it finds anything show what it found by clicking view detailed results.
  8. Is this something that eset would ever consider. For example I have two user accounts on my pc one for me and one for my wife. I used to use the firewall in interactive mode but don't right now as I didn't want her being confused by multiple popups - so having different profiles and allowing some users to use the automatic mode and some interactive would help with this
  9. I'm not sure about the sharing part but I gather you bought a package e.g. for a few licenses as the default standard eset comes with one license.
  10. Yeah as someone has mentioned - running two AVs is always risky as both will be trying to do stuff - this is especially risky if both are realtime AVs - some users have extra non realtime avs e.g. you need to load and run a scan manually but it looks like both of yours are real time so will be conflicting. Also you mentioned the mac version - this will not work on windows - the one you have installed is eset nod32 which is esets antivirus - eset also has internet security which includes firewall and other stuff and then a premium version which has a password manager and encryption tool. I noticed you mentioned eset free - the only thing I can think of is you are running a trial - it's a while since I have ran a trial of eset but I believe it is 30 days. There is no free version, just the 30 day trial. As for AVG, I used to use it years back, but over the years found it started to come with a lot of extra stuff and try to get you to buy their other programs. It is now also owned by Avast.
  11. Have you checked the setting by hitting F5 to take you into the advanced area and going to the user interface bit - try turning it off if its on - okay it then turn it back on - I know this sounds weird but I remember a user having something saying it was enabled but it wasn't and having to turn it off and on although that was related to copying settings from another installation
  12. The thing is nothing can ever be guaranteed to be 100 percent safe. I remember an apple fan I used to know who was basically the definition of a fan boy. When i told him there would be bugs, security issues etc. And thus that's why they release patches he basically said there wasn't as the last patch sorted them and denied there where viruses even though you can buy AVs. To me if there are no bugs at the moment its because they have not been found. Some companies actually buy vulnerabilities and there is a market for them sadly. So while alarming something like this isn't surprising
  13. Yeah I don't connect wirelessly - Use a powerline adapter to get my internet to my pc
  14. Weird I have a vpn connection in my network bit even when windscribe isn't on. Although not sure if mine is public or home.
  15. From previous posts such as the one I will link it seems like act 33 occurs when someone buys a license that is for a specific country and tries to activate in a different country @Marcos may be able to confirm if this is the case. I did find this contact form https://www.eset.com/me/support/contact-support/ Googling eset contact gave me contact emails but for my country UK but there should be some for yours available
  16. Not sure if you'd be better emailing eset for this
  17. I should add I use automatic right now which might be why I haven't had any issues
  18. I think the problem is the user may be signed up for the beta version which to my knowledge has not been released. It is only released for the insider version which is separate and I believe invite only possibly from @Peter Randziak
  19. I'm no expert about VPNS but it may be risky adding the VPN to exception - What many users have found is updating the VPN fixed the issue and if this is the case it is safer than adding it to the exceptions
  20. Slightly confused by a few things - you said a few apps are loaded and taken to different sites e.g. calculator - I presume the apps are just loading and it is just the browser that loads to other sites? Also you mentioned windows setup - what did you do with windows? If you reinstalled windows completely as in reformat, then all files would be deleted unless you just upgraded or did a refresh. As mentioned by other users we will need to see your logs - what would certainly help is to see what eset is detecting as this may help understand what is happening and how to solve it.
  21. Firstly what I believe Itman was stating was the fact that if someone kept turning a vpn on and off multiple times eset might look at this suspiciously - not the enabling/disabling but the fact it was happening multiple times. I have just loaded Windscribe connected and then disconnected and noticed no massive change with eset and my system didn't crawl - and using windscribe a few times in the last few months I have never noticed what you described. While it probably won't help - make sure you are using the latest version of eset with pre-releases enabled - sometimes things are fixed that were causing multiple issues but people don't update and don't realise - it could be that eset didn't even realise the thing they fixed was also causing other issues.
  22. I believe I have windscribe installed but rarely use it but cant remember any issues. Will try tonight to see if I can see your issue. I presume you are on the latest eset version? Also is this with pre-release updates enabled
  23. I've seen some AVs in the past redesign their UI each year. I have wondered if it's partly due to the fact there may not be much difference between new versions but a new interface may disguise that. I used to use BitDefender many years ago which if I remember correctly for a while was guilty of changing things. I have no problem with tweaks to the UI which eset occasionally does but changing too much can actually cause issues as people have gotten used to the old design. Sometimes a change is needed but sometimes change for the sake of it can be a bad thing. There are a few things I would like to see added however which I have brought up. For example when you open eset on the home page area (the default area eset lands on) there is some blank space that I feel could be better utilised. One idea I had was to have the firewall troubleshooter there as it is a handy tool that a lot of people either don't know about or don't know where it is and saves clicking through options to find as its right there as soon as you open it. I also think being able to add and change what you see when you right click on the eset icon in the taskbar would be great so users could add their favourite stuff. For example someone who was a gamer and used the gamer mode a lot could add it so they could simply right click and enable/disable. Not all users would use this so having it customisable would help this
  24. It has been posted also on here seems to be possibly linked with ExpressVPN
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