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  1. Impact of Google Cleanup

    I presume anything removed will be added again if sync is enabled across multiple devices like people have seen with JS/Mindspark.E
  2. Eset doesn't license per a version meaning your license will work for any version of a specific product
  3. I do have Glary but don't really use it. It does seem to have a lot of options/tools though. I used to use TuneUp Utilities years ago but it became bloated and hard to disable, preferring to run into the background. Eventually it got bought out by AVG
  4. Not sure but could the others be in quarantine? Maybe they were deleted rather than just cleaned
  5. As Macros said this is to do with Microsoft. A delay may be annoying but at least Eset delivers security wise
  6. Im sure i have seen others having issues with the inbuilt submission
  7. It's only available for a couple of countries at the moment but I think they are rolling out to more very soon
  8. I persume every time chrome releases a new version it is a possibility that the banking protection will hit compatibility issues?
  9. This makes more sense than keeping smart security
  10. Firstly have you tried ticking the remember bit as by default it is set to ask every time which would explain why it is constantly asking you. However it seems the certificate has expired quite some time ago so I probably wouldn't recommend doing this. I'm not that knowledgeable in this area but persume there is risks with this possibly things like man-in-the-middle attacks.
  11. It's Beta is not out yet I'd gather at the end of the year as a guess. Usually the beta will be out for a few months so they can make sure it is stable before it goes final
  12. I do not see no action when installing a Potentially unwanted application - I think no action appears after a scan. After pressing ignore I get a windows access the specific file. I either have to exclude it which would exclude it for good I presume or disable the protection temporarily. Malwarebytes comes up with ignore or ignore once which is helpful.
  13. Is someone running an independent third party analysis? A lot of people are noting the fact that this happened not long after Avast bought Piriform with many wondering if this was Avast e.g. trying to hide stuff on users computers or maybe a disgruntled employee not happy with the takeover.
  14. Could we have an ignore once options for Potentially unwanted applications? Often I will instal stuff that might contain extras e.g. in the installer and Eset will pop up and let me know I'm instaling a potentially unwanted application. I've noticed that Malwarebytes has an option to ignore it once e.g. you want to test it but might remove it fully later.
  15. I have installed the new version for now. If it turns out Avast did it themselves probably will get rid of it. I do have Glary cleaner installed as well
  16. I've heard some other people believing it was an Avast Insider to and I suppose it is a coincidence as Avast just recently purchased Piriform. However I always thought Avast was a respected AV/Company, and used by many professionals just like Eset. I know Avast bought AVG which didn't have as good reputation in the end. So who knows. If this was Avast, which I hope not, I do hope they get caught. But I suppose it will be mainly Avast running the investigation.
  17. Any improvements are always good
  18. What do you mean? Eset should detect it. Avast should be doing more seen as they own ccleaner
  19. Interesting Samples

    My knowledge is limited but would a whitelisting program have caused issues with the ccleaner incident e.g. because it is whitelisted it could ignore malicious activity
  20. One thing that has confused me is that Avast/Piriform has not released any tools. Surely a standalone tool to detect all traces and remove them would make a lot of customers feel safer
  21. Not sure when my last backup was Sadly it's been a while. Should eset find it now if I am infected. I've not seen any warnings
  22. That article mentions a 64 bit as well as a 32 bit trojan. So did the 64 bit versions get attacked?
  23. I read a second piece of malware was launched but not activated. Maybe the behaviour seemed originally normal
  24. Interestingly I had an issue upgrading to 5.4 it kept saying something like "Error opening file for writing C:\ProgramFilesCcleaner\Ccleaner64.exe." I also had to restart the computer because it wouldn't let me delete the download as I didn't have any permissions and it wouldn't let me create any even though it was on my Administrator account. After rebooting the latest version seemed installed now and I could delete the download. One thing this incident does show is how important having an antivirus is. Many people claim they can be safe and not need an antivirus simply by visiting safe websites, using software from trusted sources etc. but this shows that even trusted sources can become infected.
  25. I'm not sure about the stuff mentioned but someone else might be able to help or you could open up a ticket. However I did notice you mentioned Smart Security 5 - I bring this up because the latest version is version 10. The way Eset licenses work is based on the product and not the version number so if you have a license for smart security it will work on all versions, past, current and future as long as it's active e.g. it's constantly renewed. While some people complain about the newer designs there's always improvements that in my opinion outweigh anything else.