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  1. I did get the game free the other day via epic. If I can I will try and download it sometime this week possibly Wednesday or Thursday and try and see if the same happens and if I can locate the issue
  2. Only other thing I can think of if the last thing doesn't work is to disable as much setting wise as possible and launch the game. If the game does launch and has no issues start enabling each setting individually and testing the game and seeing if it still works. This might be more time consuming but at least it could help identify which setting is causing the issue
  3. Did you try disabling hips and adding a performance exception? Your best bet might be creating a support ticket via the website as this can be tracked
  4. Updated today to the stable version of build 2004 and haven't seen any issues. Seem to be slowly rolling it out now
  5. As far as I'm aware once eset is installed defender should automatically get disabled to avoid any clashes. I don't really have any experience with group policy but could it have caused more issues? Also what version of eset are you running? Some old versions did have issues where it would take while for Windows to determine eset was on
  6. Is 20h1 out yet or is this the insider version? I've never used the insider versions because there's always been issues with multiple AVs due to their changes although I knew 20h1 has been getting close to a release
  7. I don't know a lot about software development or how eset fully works however I presume what your working on isn't released, possibly not signed etc. What I'm getting at is I'm wondering if eset and possibly augur its machine learning technology could be blocking your own stuff because it is unknown and so doesn't have anything to check it against. https://support.eset.com/en/what-s-new-in-eset-version-13-home-products#AML If you check that link above there is a screenshot where you can change the levels of esets protections e.g. aggressive, balanced etc. I'm no expert so this might not be the issue just wondering if it could be linked
  8. The problem is that everything is flawed. As Marcos himself had said no AV can ever be 100 percent. Flaws will always exist and if cyber criminals and governments find them they probably won't report them and actually use them. It all depends i suppose on the risk e.g. if a government agency finds a flaw that could put themselves at risk they may need to report it. Its one of the reasons I dislike the idea of backdoors purposely placed by organisations at the bequest of governments. People can say the if you've got nothing to hide but they tend to forget if a backdoor does exist there's nothing stopping other people finding it. I do also think some people however worry too much and also want stuff that needs information without giving information. Take live grid for example. If people avoid sharing information then it becomes harder for eset and other AVs to offer quick responses to things such as new malware because sometimes they have to see it in the wild first. Some want all these features but with a lot of things you need to make compromises. I've seen people wanting searches e.g. on mobile devices be more personalised e.g local results without giving personal information and that makes no sense
  9. Your best option is to generate a log via the method posted by Marcos. The log will hopefully show eset what has caused the issue and allow them to fix it
  10. Although the popup is for eset windows which is confusing unless the user is using an emulator for android on windows. There is a play store link that also shows an error so possibly it has been removed which is suspicious
  11. I've seen this asked a few times so wondering if there should be a pinned post kind of thing
  12. I think he wants to try it on his new computer first before removing it from his old one but isn't sure if this will work if his license is only for 1 computer
  13. I wonder if he means the splash screen that can be disabled in advanced setup
  14. I'd also avoid using multiple security products as they could actually put you at more risk by causing conflicts especially when more than one are being used as realtime scanners
  15. This might be the case as I've not looked into it in a while but wondering if it would be helpful to have a warning displayed when using it basically informing the users what you have stated above or something similar. When the feature came out before it went public I tried it not knowing what it would change as there wasn't a lot of information and then couldn't reverse it or find out what it had changed
  16. I can't answer for eset but wonder if they have those stuff shown by default as they are less technical while as the ones hidden by default are for more advanced users e.g. system inspector. I have mentioned it would be handy for more customisation. For example allowing you to choose what you see when you right click on the eset tray notification e.g. if your a gamer and use gamer mode a lot it would be handy. Same with the firewall troubleshooter which I find is quite hidden. I do know however customisation is not a priority which I do understand
  17. I don't use Ccleaner anymore due to past issues and privacy concerns however I noticed on their forum one of the mods mentions it shouldn't be classed as a PUA anymore as for over a year it has stopped adding I believe they said it was a Google toolbar. Not sure if this is true, if that was the only thing that classed it as a PUA
  18. Are you saying someone is hacking your network? Have you ran the scan on eset to check your network is secure
  19. I'd like to also point out that while there are active users on here e.g. Itman, most users only sign up when they have an issue and then never post again. Most users never have any issues so never both to sign up so while you may mostly see people asking for help, the majority of users have never had an issue and so you won't see them on here. I suppose people are better at complaining than praising.
  20. I gather your issue is with the online version. As far as I know it is not installed and deleting the files normally fixes it. You mention you can't install eset due to the posts about issues with eset. Which issues are you meaning? If you've experienced an issue normally reporting it gets it fixed. Generally speaking I've always found eset stable
  21. What's it saying on the homepage and setup part as it is saying there are problems in that bit?
  22. I can't answer for eset but I know stickypassword which esets password manager is based on are planning to do this although it seems delayed.
  23. As Marcos mentions double check RDP settings. I'd also password protect eset settings. A typical RDP attack generally involves people breaking in and being able to disable eset because there is no password for it. I also see you have other security programs which could also cause issues
  24. I have seen a couple of emails in my main outlook.com inbox folder and not the spam folder which claim to know my password and thought I'd share this scam. They also claim to have got this by infecting me while apparently visiting adult websites and capturing me via webcam. The purpose of this email is to threaten the user with exposing personal videos if they do not pay up a fee in bitcoins. Obviously as soon as I saw the email I knew it was fake but seeing a few in the last few days I did a google. Firstly if anyone does receive this email just delete it. They do not have any compromising videos and it is all just a scare tactic. However to make the email seem genuine it tries to include one of the users passwords. Generally the password isn't even one of the users but I've read some are receiving emails with a password the user uses. Apparently they are using multiple breaches to gain passwords with the idea to personalise the email and make it seem real. You can check if your have an account on a site that has been compromised by putting your email in at https://haveibeenpwned.com/ however note that the email is still fake, they don't have any information. If the password is a one you are using they have just used this to further trick you but I'd recommend changing your passwords to make sure no one has them. This isn't actually new and forms of this have been going on for years.
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