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  1. Time;Scanner;Object type;Object;Detection;Action;User;Information;Hash;First seen here 07/08/2020 12:29:42;Startup scanner;file;c:\program files\rockstar games\launcher\uninstall.exe;ML/Augur trojan;cleaned by deleting;;;16C5E96CCC8D855B59BAAAF6EE25C051F78931B6; Had to zip the file as it wouldn't let me put an .exe file on here uninstall.zip
  2. I know there is a low bandwidth option for windows 10 but not sure if it is just related to windows updates. Turning this on could possibly help but not sure
  3. Haven't been on my PC for a few days but when I booted up today Eset alerted me that it had deleted the file "c:\program files\rockstar games\launcher\uninstall.exe" as it was flagged by Augur. Seems to be a false positive. Although why it just picked the uninstaller rather than anything else I don't know. The rockstar game launcher is for playing games like GTA. I actually installed it to see if I could pinpoint an issue being reported by another user (I couldn't) and rarely use it but pursue this is a false positive.
  4. It's very generic though. I mean why not block access to the main windows program folder in that case in case anything goes wrong or am I missing something
  5. What are the actual risks of changing the permissions and the reason it isn't accessible? I mean I could understand if the system folder was like this by default for safety but the windows app folder is confusing considering the main windows program folder is accessible
  6. Can't help you with that one sorry. A bit weird that it would be blocked. Could just be extra security The only thing is if the folder changes it may need re blocked as some apps have the version numbers as the folder e.g. app version 1.1 so when the version gets updated its now in folder 1.2 and eset was set to block or allow 1.1
  7. Id also check that link above which might allow you to get proper access to the folder. There's even a quick fix download but I'd use that one at your own risk
  8. Found this not sure if its any good but apparently has methods https://www.maketecheasier.com/access-windowsapps-folder-windows-10/
  9. Do you use the apps? If not rather than just blocking it does it not let you uninstall them? You can block most normal apps but I believe Windows store apps are different although I could be wrong. Part of the problem is they sometimes create new folders for each version. It also looks like a permission issue stopping you from accessing the folder but unsure why. Does the security tab link in the message do anything?
  10. Yeah I know they have seen it so don't really want to post on here but being able to change what you see when you right click the eset icon would be handy. E.G. You could add gamer mode, firewall troubleshooter etc.
  11. You said Reading this seemed to suggest you were suggesting 12 was the latest version when it isn't. As stated though eset won't pay for this, and as you have already mentioned yourself, putting online would be illegal. You also said in a separate post this is nothing related to your license leak issue but it would seem strange that you have that problem now you've found a hack, as if your hack may have caused more issues. It could be just a big coincidence though.
  12. Firstly this isn't really a hack just a crack. Problem is that using cracks is a dangerous game as you never know what extra stuff might be secretley included and also how long it will work. Also is their a reason all your evidence uses version 12 when version 13 has been around for sometime. Just find it odd that it is not showing the latest version. But as eset has said they aren't going to pay for this
  13. Just a heads up to let you know the user appears to be a spam bot. I've reported them as well. Seems to be the same as usual, user posts something to then later on edit the posts to add links probably hoping no mods will look back it at. Just wondering if there would be a way to have it so new users can't post links or would this cause problems for genuine users?
  14. Eset should be fine without any other security program. Some people may use other AVs as a second opinion scanner but it is important that these don't have real time protection features or if they do they are disabled as running more than one real time AV can cause a lot of compatibility issues
  15. When you say you don't like them are their issues or are you just not keen on the feature? I've always found eset while it may have some features I don't use it doesn't seem to be bloated when compared to most AVs
  16. 4 is the latest version of Linux. The reason Marcos mentioned 13 is this post was put in the nod32 windows forum. There is a forum for Linux for desktop https://forum.eset.com/forum/27-eset-nod32-antivirus-for-linux-desktop/ I cannot answer your question as don't use Linux however the desktop version is also legacy so I don't think there's any plans to update it although I could be wrong as I don't work for Eset
  17. I would have thought the support would have been where you bought it from regardless of your location now but maybe I'm wrong. Another option is to check the firewall troubleshooter which might help to see if something is being blocked
  18. The other question is did the rules that stopped working work originally? If so what would stop these from working e.g. can rules get corrupted?
  19. Just curious what does this mean? Non existing as in it was scanning for things that weren't there?
  20. I don't know about other users but I don't have a password on my phone as I use it a lot and found it more of a hindrance although I know it can be risky
  21. I'd be all for that. A version for advanced users only to avoid any issues
  22. I presume he wants some kind of password protection similar to the desktop version
  23. What method does eset use to determine the country? Could something like a VPN not be used just for paying and activating?
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