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  1. Weird eset kept telling me advanced os logging was on during the update
  2. I have the logs attached here. Ran them shortly after the update had began on widows startup. It did it's usual bit where it seemed to be trying to find the updates for a while but didn't take as long as sometimes - however as mentioned this varies, sometimes very quick, sometimes very slow. Very inconsistent. It started updating eventually but was stuck on 1 out of something (can't remember exactly what) e.g. 1/6. As you mentioned, I let the logs generate for a bit. Currently it hasn't finished updating but just shows Updating.... with no progress shown e.g. no 3/6, no information about size (e.g. it was showing so much kb out of so much kb downloaded earlier at one stage). So it wasn't as bad as last time but I've linked the log bellow - it's not too big but just over the limit for on here. There is a password which is just ESET (all capitals) https://easyupload.io/407a4p EDIT - a few minutes, possibly 3-5 after stopping logging the update did fully finish.
  3. This sounds like the same issue I had, which I added to the posts on here I had noticed the updates generally had been quicker as of lately, and didn't notice much system issue. However while this update occurred, the PC was very sluggish, with Google Chrome for example taking a while just to open, and browsing seemed very slow, like Eset was causing it to be slow. However I did download a test download from https://www.thinkbroadband.com/download, using the 512MB one which was a lot bigger than Eset's update. I was able to download that in about a 1-2 minutes while as Eset took well over half an hour and even crashed at the end and had to restart. The thing is I can't remember any update issues before the updates where designed to use less resources. I don't know if this feature is any good because if anything it seems to be causing more resource issues/slowdowns, like everything is waiting for Eset to finish
  4. Would that be okay even on the beta version I'm on? Also not sure if related but because of the crash went to https://www.eicar.org/?page_id=3950 to test things where okay - the first download eicar.com 68 Bytes allows me to download it and only blocks/removes once downloaded while the others block me from downloading.
  5. Had to restart but it seems to be up to date. What I might do is set the stuff ready to log but not go on my desktop for a little bit - As mentioned it can be quick someday but possibly if not been updated in a week, that could be where the issue is.
  6. I will try and do it next time - What about how long the update should take to download - now its showing 3/11 - but it's been downloading the updates for at least half an hour. Okay now Eset went 9/11 and completely crashed.
  7. Hi yeah it is a support forum but the best support is still creating a support ticket. That will always get answered. I think there is a support area within the android app which might be handy
  8. I've mentioned this in the beta forum - I haven't booted my desktop PC for just under a week and Eset while updating seemed to cause slowdowns - e.g. browser took ages just to launch. Currently it is still updating, telling me 1,639kB out of 32,731kB but it is taking ages, and seeming like it is stuck - I know it will eventually finish but from what I understood from @Marcos,once it starts downloading it shouldn't go slow, but it is. I hate to repeat stuff - and don't want to seem like I am being negative or annoying in regards to Eset, but I do feel like there is an issue with the update side of Eset. I have just went to https://www.thinkbroadband.com/download and downloaded the 512MB file to see how quick it would be, it took me, roughly a minute. As of writing this part, Eset is now 2,631kB - Is this still part of the product design? I just find it looks bad when I can download something half of a GB in a minute but it is taking ages to download something that is around 30mb or something similar. If this is by design and is part of the low resources being used, I do worry that people not using this forum may think the product is faulty because in previous versions this would have updated quick Edit - I've also noticed browsing in general seems slow right now, which I think is due to the update
  9. I'd recommend it myself. Best way I can think to describe it is nod32 will protect you for malware but Internet security and smart security premium will also protect you from vulnerabilities as well, and comes with a firewall, network scanning to detect issues on the network (e.g. unprotected routers, unknown devices). I definitely recommend internet security over nod32. The premium addition adds a password manager and a tool for encrypting files. It depends on if you'd use these. Version 15 is also coming very soon which will add another exclusive protection feature to the premium version. Sadly can't say what.
  10. Problem is that they are if I'm correct, discontinuing the home version. Apparently it costs too much to run and maintain it and it has a too small user base. I do believe they are open to it in the future if their is better interest
  11. You mentioned Avast. Do you use eset to? Using two AVs with real-time protection enabled on both is not recommended as it could slow down your system and cause clashes. If your just using Avast you'd be best using the Avast forum as this is really for eset product support
  12. As Marcos has mentioned you can disable the alert but the question really is is the extra slight speed worth the sacrifice and the risks
  13. I have previously suggested a possible troubleshooter of some kind and possibly something that could detect issues non Eset related but security related e.g. detecting if RDP is active and unsecured e.g. no password, no group policy to prevent multiple attempts. The thing is if there was something that was able to help identify and possibly fix issues it surely would be beneficial as it would mean less time. However I know it probably won't be as simple as I've described as there's probably a lot of potential issues.
  14. You'd be surprised. I've seen a lot of posts about people having issues using very old versions. Also people complaining about things like getting infected by ransomware and wondering why yet they where using a version so old it didn't come with the ransomware module
  15. Yeah as mentioned above using a cracked license is always risky. Firstly you don't know what is in the cracks. Could be infected and spying on you, stealing information. If it is a leaked license it will also get blocked and in both cases technical support won't be available because you don't have a legitimate license.
  16. I agree that those not security aware will probably not enable it in general. However with 2FA at least Eset would be doing their part. I suppose it's like saying don't open dodgy emails, people do but Eset has protections. I also find it strange that I'm sure I've seen it recommended to have 2FA enabled on posts on welivesecurity which is ran by Eset, yet eset is not using it itself.
  17. Hopefully 2FA will be soon. I have mentioned previously this will keep happening
  18. Just to note I'd not recommend using your guest name as your email address as anyone visiting can see it and it also opens it up for potential spam
  19. Again as I've said while this could be an okay move there are plenty of VPNs out there compatible with Eset. A lot of people prefer their AV to only work as an AV
  20. I'm also split with this. Sometimes using a third party thing with an AV can have benefits e.g. less development time and probably better cost wise as someone else has developed. However it means your also relying on another company. If for example Eset used another companies VPN, even if a customised version, and something wrong happened e.g. big security breach, it could damage both companies. At least with the AV company developing it they will have full control.
  21. As I've mention elsewhere the updates seem a lot quicker for me as of late. However right now I am seeing Eset is updating itself according to the icon (spinning disk and says so when hovering over it). However I watched the update myself and it finished fine with eset showing the correct update time for the last update. Running an update manually also shows there are no updates but the icon still shows as updating
  22. Nope apart from the android version. I belive you can possibly upgrade your license however. You'd need to contact where you bought it from e.g. go to your countries eset site
  23. Did you pay for the pro version? I think from what I recall automatically updates only come with the paid pro version and the free version requires the user to update manually
  24. It seems some are seeing Eset scanning for updates in the taskbar icon but eset itself in the update area isn't looking for updates. I've had issues myself with updates taking a while but I've never seen the icon claiming to be looking and eset itself not, but I've seen screenshots showing that it can do this
  25. I presume you mean you use norton 360 and eset online - if you are using eset desktop, it's not advised to run another AV with realtime protection enabled due to clashes
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