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  1. Only thing with using bogus contact info would be that if any issues happened and the user had lost their license keys it could be problematic. One advantage with having an account is license recovery. As you mentioned if it is a privacy issue creating something like a new Gmail account just for that could be the way forward
  2. Also just to add eset won't scan any password protected files and files locked by the OS. There is an option to run the scan as an administrator which may help but you'll always get files that cannot be scanned
  3. Should note that BitDefender VPN is based of Hotspot Shield which has had some controversy in the past
  4. I do generally agree with you, usage wise. However it's important to note how important VPNs can be for people like journalists and similar things, especially for those in countries where freedom of speech is often squashed. Privacy is a big selling point of VPNs. A lot of AVs/security suites are going down the VPN route. I think that if eset did do this, maybe adding it to the premium version would make the most sense, the premium version basically being the version with the extras, that way those just wanting the main security side of stuff wouldn't be forced to pay extra.
  5. Can I ask what version of eset are you using?
  6. Its good to hear. I haven't got an issue with the design of the product overall but as stated the firewall rule area for an example is very non user friendly so any improvements is a win.
  7. As shown on this recent post the firewall rule area is simply badly designed and something that I and others have brought up multiple times. Apparently it is something they are looking into The biggest annoyance for me is the fact rule names have uneeded text in front of them. What would work best is seeing the program e.g. program.exe and having an icon alongside this so users could see what program it was clearly. I get why we can't view the rules by name like it once was due to the rules working by order but we should at least be able to read the rules in a far more user
  8. Did you email support which could help? The problem is that supporting all non mainstream browsers can be problematic, costly and time consuming. So unless multiple users tell them they are using a specific browser they probably won't support it. While is the liked of chrome, Firefox, Edge and so on are mainstream with lots of users
  9. I believe its to prevent spam as the forum had some spam bots creating posts then often quite a bit later reediting them to add spam links. I think only mods and very active users can edit things now
  10. Not sure about banking protection but eset protects all browsers just some features won't work. Often it is because of the browsers popularity but you can create a support email and suggest it
  11. Surely blocking eset rules will in turn block things such as updating meaning you won't have the latest signatures and bug fixes. I get people want to be in control of their computer and connections and privacy etc. But surely with an AV you give them access to all your files technically anyways so you should trust them. Yes I know some AVs have had issues in the past but Eset have always been very transparent and also give you clear options to disable things e.g. marketing and usage collection etc.
  12. Sorry I'm maybe reading this wrong as I've just skimmed through the posts but you mentioned exception which makes me think the malware was put into an exception to begin with. I could be reading this wrong but I've seen a lot of YouTube tests doing things like this - They put an exception on a piece of malware then remove it - the problem is that the exception shouldn't be there - in a real life scenario there would be no exception and possibly esets web protection and other techniques would detect the malware depending on how it was delivered.
  13. Is there no way to make the search work on more than the first page as this would be a start
  14. The insiders generally are for people who are very active and take part in multiple posts, troubleshoot etc. The insiders need also to regularly give feedback about changes, bugs found etc. However as Marcos has mentioned 14 will be rolled out in the next few days
  15. I don't mind the colour. Usability is more important to me. Although a lot of programs are adding dark themes
  16. As mentioned you can get stuff that protects from certain things but you won't get a real time antivirus scanner
  17. I know I've mentioned this before but would it take a lot of work just to remove the "alllow rule for" part. I know having the icons of the app is handy but might not look right with the metro design but having just the name as program.exe would be a start. As the op has stated there is already a column telling you if the rule is allowed or denied so this part doesn't really make any sense as an option or design choice
  18. Yeah I have also seen some programs, not just related to AVs, change their UI each year and then charge for an upgrade. I've seen quite a few programs do this but there wasn't really anything new but the new UI made it look like there was. Although this isn't a problem with eset as your license entitles you to any version including future ones.
  19. As Marcos has mentioned all AVs will need this update. This isn't an Eset issue as such. Also while I get many have issues with Windows 10 e.g. privacy concerns, as OS's get discontinued they stop receiving fixes and become vulnerable. I've always compared using an old AV with an unsupported unpatched OS like having a high tech prison that has a massive hole in the fence, something could get through. It's a sad situation. I think there are tools to block windows 10 privacy stuff but the risk is in blocking important stuff
  20. As Marcos mentions the logs seem to suggest you are not using Eset. These forums are only for people with eset e.g. they have eset and need help with removing a virus etc. If you are using another AV you will need to contact them or a general computer forum
  21. Thanks the new feature is really handy. As for the missing option it was included until the recent update. Before this update I had some issues when I'd read everything from a forum but on the homepage it claimed I hadn't so using the mark as read option was the only solution but since the update this issue hasn't occured
  22. Maybe I'm reading into your statement but does it mean eset possibly could include one in the future or is considering one etc.
  23. I'd like to add it appears the mark forum as read option isn't actually gone but doesn't show when using a mobile device, or at least when using Chrome mobile (shows when using the show desktop version option)
  24. Did you try via device manager. Going through all the printer stuff in there and searching for updates on each
  25. Really interesting read. New there where some dodgy ones out there e.g. possibly collecting and selling information but didn't realise how many where owned by the same company. Not surprised though to see some also own review sites
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