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  1. This is also an issue at the end of a scan if eset finds anything. The window that comes up asking you what actions to take e.g. delete, ignore etc is very small and to see things like filenames you have to drag the Columns
  2. Not sure if it will help but in setup - network protection there is a firewall troubleshooter that shows you the latest blocked stuff and allows you to unblock them if you need to
  3. ESET detected that malware

    Why when eset detects it already?
  4. ESET detected that malware

    Read this the other day and was going to bring it up but forgot to. I can understand the issues and annoyances developers will have with pirates but installing a chrome password stealer is not the answer. They have tried to claim it was only used for those using pirated keys but as it was included by default genuine users also had this which isnt right. It takes one hacker or simply a dodgy or fired colleague and they now have all these passwords. Apparently they are already using this method to catch people but i cannot see any court allowing this considering their own method would be classed as illegal
  5. Try and use the webcam then go into setup - network protection and open the firewall troubleshooter. It should show what has been recently been blocked and allow you to unblock
  6. Currently if you have the permanent notification for eset enabled on Android it will show that eset is enabled when you drag down from the top navigation bar. I use an alarm app that when activated puts an icon in the top right corner basically next to the wifi icon. Would eset consider doing this for its android app. It would be handy and to me less intrusive compared to the current way.
  7. I think I'm endangered in Internet :(

    There's always debates on what information companies collect and hold on the public. There are tools like VPNs but software even security software can have bugs so nothing is ever 100 percent safe. Most hacks these days however tend to be social engineering, basically tricking people. Always hover over links in emails to make sure they go to where they say and even if the link seems safe if it looks suspicious or is something like banking just delete it. You can always go to the website directly or contact your bank to be safe. A lot of websites lately have suffered from data breaches so while having a good strong hard to guess password is a much it becomes pointless if you reuse that password on multiple sites. During a data breach passwords are often put online and/or sold on black markets. The first thing someone will try to do is access other accounts using the same login details. If they get access to your email account even if you used different passwords they can often use your email address to prove they are you and change passwords for other sites. To be safe id recommend two factor authentication where available. You can also use popup blockers and tracker blockers to try and get some privacy. While some sites may block them i often use temporary email sites when signing up to sites im not sure of
  8. This topic interests me because a lot of people have asked Eset to do a behaviour type protection which would basically check for possible suspicious activity and then ask the user to decide. I can understand why Eset are reluctant because when you look at the certificate issue you will see why - people who are not technical don't always like to choose an option and will worry when they are given a popup what the reason behind it is and then will worry if they pick the wrong option.
  9. @Marcos this is something I have brought up a few times with screenshots included. It would be handy to have a way to maximize this window rather than having to constantly drag things along to read filenames. If you have things organised like me with folders within folders and so on filenames can become long
  10. Windows Event 490

    Not sure about the error but just in case you wondered esent although similar in name is a Microsoft process and has nothing to do with eset. I believe i have seen esent alerts in event viewer in the past and wondered if it was eset related at the time
  11. CompatTelRunner.exe

    I don't know a lot about the site but it seems to look at indicators. A lot of genuine stuff can look suspicious so I wonder if that site looks for possible suspicious actions - it's not actually a virus though so it isn't on VT
  12. Best thing might be to open a support ticket. They will probably need logs to. As others have mentioned are you running any other security products alongside eset?
  13. Cant scan C drive

    This sounds similar to a bug myself and another user seemed to come across. I had to reinstall eset to fix this
  14. Might be related to what @Marcos posted in this topic
  15. I noticed a search seems to suggest it may spam some phones and some av's seem to detect it as bad
  16. Eset nod32 does not contain a firewall so while it will not block this anymore you will lose protection options. Best thing to do is create a support ticket.
  17. notification for new version

    Its on here You could also open a support ticket as mods often miss stuff on here
  18. Malware Information

    The fact eset is in the filename makes me also wonder if it is a false positive
  19. Sadly yes it is still a mess and something i have brought up plenty of times. For example due to the way rules are managed in the order they are listed or something like that you cannot arrange them by name. I wouldn't mind if they at least removed the "allow communication for" part so it started with the filename and the icon to identify it quicker. I did hear they plan to overhaul it at some point. Any news on this @Marcos?
  20. notification for new version

    You can suggest this in the suggestion area. Im not sure how long it should take to appear.
  21. Not sure what could be causing this. Might be best to open up a support ticket
  22. Description: change the way update is displayed when installing or updating to a newer version Detail: when updating to a newer version via the live installer the latest updates are downloaded. The user will be alerted after installation that an update has not been ran yet. However if they run the updater and already have the latest updates as no update has been ran the alert telling the user no update has been ran will remain. I have seen many confused by this not realising they already have the latest version. This alert should be either removed or reworded into a way that lets them know that they have the current version
  23. Would it not be better to word this differently @Marcos. I have seen a few people confused thinking this means the update isnt working not realising it simply means they already have the latest version. Something like latest version already installed or simply having it class the update as complete rather than stating no update has been done
  24. notification for new version

    Its not an issue it can take a long time for it to update via product so just update manually
  25. I read about this the other month but the stable version of chrome has just been released with a handy new feature. Now you can set chrome to block website redirects. You may have seen these when your on a website and suddenly the website changes to something like a fake virus warning. Now you can prevent this from happening although it isn't apparently enabled by default for every user but it appears the plan is to at some point have it set as enabled by default. You can however enable it - copy and paste this into chrome's navigation bar chrome://flags/#enable-framebusting-needs-sameorigin-or-usergesture Then use the drop down menu of the highlight part and select enabled. It obviously doesn't prevent people from being phished and common sense and good security practises will always help but I do think this will be handy. hxxp://