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  1. I'm sorry I didn't write this from these days, health problems. The problem with using RAM seemed resolved, but in the last week it has reappeared again, although not in the same form. For some reason the ESET product returned to normality and was using an average of 150 MB of RAM, increased slightly during the on-demand scan, and then returned to 150 MB of average. Last two weeks, no. It began increasing again, slowly but persistent, to 260 Mb and never diminishes, only increases. You can see it in the first screenshot. If every time week increases around 50 Mb of RAM usage I will have the same problem again in some weeks: excessive RAM usage. Second problem. It appeared that the random search for updates issue had been fixed with version But in the last few days I have observed a new randomness. In the second screenshot you can see that the computer was switched on at 22:09 hours and updated (red arrow). It should have searched for updates at 23:09, 00:09... every 60 minutes. But you can see on the yellow arrows that the ESET product searched for updates at 23:58 and has a new search scheduled at 00:58. Both in the task that is configured by default with the ESET product and in the task that I created to compensate for the randomness of the update search. One more time it searches when it wants. No updates of Windows or any other program happened during this last two weeks. I have in few programs. The ones I need and no more. And the version of the protection module is already 1425, but the date of compilation is April 16, 2021. In April it was not released the 1425, it was still the 1423. I could use the 1425 thanks to pre-release option. Why date of release is April I it was released in May? And again I have problems with the safe browser.
  2. Hello, Marcos. In theory they did, it was a very long process from July up to February. Sometimes the answers were ridiculous and even contradictory. For example, say that there is no problem and I was watching problems where there were no, and immediately then recognize that there was evidently a synchronization problem. So, there was a problem. Or say that now the ESET product doesn't search for updates regurlarly every 60 minutes but randomly (but the product still was showing in settings the search every 60 minutes). And the last one was to say that could be possible to make a test with something that I wouldn't know how to translate into English (it's a rare technicality), but that they spent a long time with this matter and closed it. BTW, I was checking last days and the version and seems fixed someway the synchronization problem of ESET that began with the version in July. Now, fortunately, it search updates every 60 minutes. I know because despite the task I created to to search for updates every 60 minutes, the update task that is configured by default with the product was still looking for updates aletoriously, so that in 60 minutes it was updated twice: one by the task created ex profeso and one random by the task configured by default. Now it search for updates only every 60 minutes. On the RAM usage, probably may of you faced two days ago the problems with Microsoft Outlook. It was fixed, but was necessary to reboot the computer... so again the usage of RAM dropped like after every reboot. I'll see what happens next days.
  3. Hello, Marcos. I did it time in July 2020 with the tech-support of ESET Spain and the result in february 2021 was "we have no idea but all is ok". So, I let it be. Just there is a desynchronization in the module of search of updates. By defect the product ESET is programmed to search for updates on having detected connection to the network and every 60 minutes from this moment until the computer is switched off or enters in hibernation. But it does not work this way. It was necessary to create a task so that the product ESET search for updates every 60 minutes. Even once in September it stopped searching for updates, there was no error message at all and the options of searching for updates were marked when detecting network connection and every 60 minutes since then. But it didn't work to search updates. The only way to repair it was to uninstall and reinstall. I also commented it here among the failures that my ESET product had suffered in recent months. Well, let's hope it dodn't happen again.
  4. Hello and thanks for answering. Yes, I checked if there are hidden files and no, thare aren't. So the ESET scan module worked as under on-demand scan (but I didn't performed on-demand scan, I literally had no time to open the ESET and perform it when it already was done this misterious scan) analyzing non-existing files. Quite strange.
  5. Thanks for your answer, itman. That's exactly what worries me, that ESET running in the background doesn't warn of such a task except if detects some malware. However, ESET worked as if had been working under an on-demand scan, but I did NOT do such. And to make it even stranger, it scanned non-existent files because the My Downloads folder was empty. Your explanation is feasible, but I'm worried that the analysis module might not work well. Since version and successive I have accepted that the update module running randomly (isn't updated every 60 minutes as configured by default and it was necessary to create a specific task to correct this failure) and that the protected browser stops working from time to time (last last month, I explained it here), but I worry that the analysis module that is the backbone of an antivirus might have some fail.
  6. Thanks for your answer. I thought it too, but the point is the following: with the other problem I mentioned above, the strange ESET non demanded scan on non-existing files in an empty folder, it's obvious something is wrong. Don't know if it's wise reeabling the pre release updates that, as you said, ESET recommends use the pre release updates for general use if it's not an important work computer. It'm my main computer right now, I don't want run the risk of some issue that can affect even more. Let's check other people all issues there can be with the module. If it wasn't released with the last version of ESS there must be a good reason for that, they must be doing more tests.
  7. Thank you for your answer, itman. I positively affirm that I didn't perform a manual scan neither scheduled scan was performed. It was me the first surprised to see that message, less than one minutes ago I had switched on the computer, I opened the ESET window to see if in the last update (which is done just after detect network connection) the Internet protection module had been updated to 1425 version and the first I saw that there was an Analysis warning indicating that the analysis was complete. I thought: "Analysis? Which one?". I checked and saw that, indeed, it seems that ESET had analyzed some files on disk D, folder Mis Descargas (My Downloads), and that everything was ok, there were no malicious detections, but I repeat that I hadn't performed any manual analysis, that the files ESET says it examined (at least the three whose names are seen from the six supposedly examined) didn't exist in that folder. The folder was empty. Hardly ESET could analyze something there. And even more surprising the fact that if it was an action of the system protection module, which is always running and scanning in background without intervention of the user, there was no malware detection, ESET should have indicated nothing because there was nothing to warn about. It's quite strange. An error?
  8. Thank you, Marcos. Yes, I understand this. Just I suppossed that as we started on thi topic when a previous version of the ESET product was in use, I thought that the last released version,, would contin too the 1425 version of the module of Intenet protection. But it seems that the last version keeps still the version 1423.
  9. Hello again and thank you very much for your attention. As I said, I re-selected the normal update option. The ESET product was updated back to the old modules, but the product version is the last one,, or at least that says the ESET product updates window. The use of RAM has raised up again without even doing an on-demand scan. On the strange scan of the ESET product, there is no hidden file. It's strange because the scan says it has examined six files, but only shows the name of three of them. Why only three and not the six analysed files? Why did a message appear saying that the scan (a scan of the system protection running in the background) has not detected malicious files? If the system protection in real time had to show that there are no malware detections it would be continuously displaying such messages, so it only does so when it does detect malware. That message is really strange.
  10. When it was explained for the first time weren't released the new versions of ESS. I thought that the new module would be included in the versions or released few days ago. It seems no because I have the last version but module 1423.
  11. Thanks. Just I thought that it would be included in the versions or released few days ago. But the usage of RAM is growing again and t's weird what happened with the scan. I showed a screenshot about it. I know ESET is running constantly searching for malware, system protection runs in the background, not only when I make a on-deand scan, but it's the first time that ESET send an message telling "no malicious files found" during such search (then should do it constantly, no malicious files found, ) and showing names files that don't exist in the folder where supposedlly they were analized. I know such files don't exist because the folder Mis Descargas (My Downloads) in D disk is the folder where files downloaded from net go to and is empty. ESET couldn't analyze files there. I don't know what kind of error is this.
  12. And after returning to normal update... again I have the version 1423 of the module of Internet protection instead the 1425.
  13. Perhaps yes but something weird happened tonight, I don't know if it has relation with new version of the product or anything else. I wrote right now about it. Thanks.
  14. Thanks, Marcos. The usage of RAM raised up to 200 Mb, not very high. On the oher hand, I found out something weird tonight and is the first time it happened me with ESET. You can see in the screenshot, on starting the computer, the product ESET made by his own a scan of a few files. Result in the screnshot. The point here is that there are no files with those names in D:\Mis Descargas. Absolutelly there aren't such files. Plus the fact that it says six files were examined but there are only three names of files. What is it? Is this some error? I have still the active the pre release updates, don't know if it's relevant. Thanks in advance.
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