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  1. The connection to the cloud has been restored. I wonder if it's a point problem or related to the other problem.
  2. Don't know if it is related with the problem (problems) I have with the ESET product. Suddenly appeared two messages consecutively saying ESET has Kernel and spam Limited Direct Cloud connectivity. I opened up the ESET GUI, the notification had disappeared (except in the log I show in the screenshot) and the GUI shows now all green, no red or orange warnings. I have changed nothing in my router or computer. No updates of programs or OS (till next Tuesday I don't expect new monthly updates of Microsoft). But there is no message warning a restoration of the Cloud connectivity
  3. Hello. The only time I reinstalled the ESET product and disconnected from the Internet before the modules were installed (a futile attempt to solve whether the problems I mentioned above on version and later), then, when I reconnected internet, the ESET product couldn't be updated and I had to uninstall and reinstall again without disconnecting the internet.
  4. No, I checked and no improvement. Since last forced shutdown the memory is increasing again, slowly but continously: after forced shutdown usage of RAM dropped to 164 Mb and is increasing till 340 Mb right now. This morning was 320 Mb. I Disabled now the SSL filtering and restarted the computer, but the usage is the same than with it enabled.
  5. This is the way my ESET product was working usually. I don't have the habit of checking the Task Manager, but the times I did it moved by curiosity to see how much RAM/disk/CPU use some particular process or several working simultaneously (browser, player, antivirus, etc.), I found that ESET rarely exceeded 200 Mb. When I did a scan it would increase, yes, but after finishing the scan it would return to normal levels. And now, simnce end of March, that doesn't happen: doesn't rturn to normal levels even by switching off and restarting the computer. I have to force a shutdown or reinstall the p
  6. Thank you very much once again. We'll see what's the answer and what's the cause of the problem.
  7. Thank you very much for your support. This is what we all need, people committed to helping and improve things.
  8. Hello, Marcos. Thanks for answer. I sent you through PM the link with a new Log Collector I did just after the last event of high usage of RAM after on-demand scan. It will have more useful information than previous one, because the one I sent you first was done after reinstalling the ESET product. Also is possible comparing both logs and check differences of ESET working before and after on-demand scan.
  9. But all customers pay the same when we purchase our license. It isn't a valid argument that ESET has no interest in fixing problems for customers using a minority OS. I paid the same as you and everyone and I have the right to demand the same support. And if not, let ESET warn: "If you use the following OS (list) we won't be responsible for how the ESET product will work or solve any problems that arise". But they don't, so I have right to support. No more than others, no less than others. On the other hand, we don't know if the problem is related with the OS. Maybe yes, maybe not. S
  10. Hello. I'm getting Windows updates monthly. Microsoft will release updates till January 2023. Here it's explained: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/windows-81-support-will-end-on-january-10-2023/68a198b3-7f64-44bb-bd1d-a8099958f6a5 So, by now, I'll receive updates as usual. Last update was in March with absolute normality. On the other hand, I plan to buy new computer this year, I won't wait till 2023. But the solution to this problem isn't to buy a new computer with Windows 10 or upgrade to that OS. The problem I'm currently experiencing is related to ESET and t
  11. Thanks, itamn, for answering me, which the administrators don't do. High RAM usage is the first time I've noticed it. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry. But it is the first time, before the use of RAM was rarely exceeding 200 Mb. Nor would I worry if ESET used a lot of RAM for scan and then returned to normal. It is normal, programs and processes use more RAM during their operation. The problem is that it doesn't return to normal level, I already said: the RAM used is permanently occupied even if I switch off the computer and the only way to recover it is by uninstalling the ESET product o
  12. I did it. That's why I came here looking for help. Technical support recommended uninstall and reinstall the ESET product. When it was seen that it didn't solve the problem, the support told me "it is a problem of your computer" without asking not even a Log Collector nor any other additional analysis. Simply they washed their hands of the problem. It's outrageous. The technich computer I mentioned above told me that you can't say so lightly that it's a problem on my computer without aditional tests. Just it's that: ESET is washing their hands of the problem.
  13. Yes, you are right, it's Windows 8.1. I found out that the problem happens just after on-demand computer scan. The first time was the March 28th, after scan, the usage of RAM reached 821 Mb and 25% of RAM. I uninstalled the ESET product in Safe Mode and reinstalled it. Immediately after installation the use of RAM was 164 Mb (normal) which grew to stop at 340 Mb. (This hapened last March 29th.) Yesterday I did a new scan and RAM usage reached over 700 Mb. I switched off the computer, waited more than 13 hours before switching on. No, like the previous time , more than 13 hours later and memory
  14. The problem appeared in last days. That's the point. I didn't change anything, but ESET started to work badly.
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