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  1. Very strange: things started working as they should (could save an exception) on all my Win 10 machines. That lasted about 10 days. Now they are all back to losing the saved exception on a reboot. Don't know if it was T-bird updates, ESET updates, Win 10 updates, or ??? All my Win 7 machines continue to work as they should. I've seen the problem @ pop.att.yahoo.com as well as zipcon. Never mind whether the certs are bad or good. The problem is that I CAN'T SAVE AN EXCEPTION, even though I check the "save" box in the T-bird pop-up. Still hoping for more help/suggestions/sympathy, Z.
  2. Dan hasn't changed his documentation in the 15+ years I've used Zipcon as my ISP. Tbird has been fine all that time, and is today - apart from this ESET/Win 10 issue.
  3. If I turn off SSL filtering in ESET I can save an exception. Agreed that getting the ISP to fix the cert is the best option - but that's not possible. I've already had that conversation with them. My only hope at this point is to get ESET to fix the Windows 10 issue - or to turn off filtering. thanks again, Z.
  4. Another great try - but no joy I do note that the zipcon ESET sub-entries get added each time I try to save another exception. It's like the existing exception isn't recognized after a reboot. Or something...
  5. Thanks for that. Interesting thing to try that I hadn't thought of. It didn't make a difference. Neither did running in Admin mode - in the hope it was a permissions thing. Z.
  6. Roger that. If I thought not doing SSL scanning was a good option, we wouldn't be having this discussion I have to go back to why Win 10 but not Win 7? Z.
  7. I haven't modified anything. My _guess_ is that I get a new "webhosting.zipcon.net" added to the ESET entry every time i _try_ to add a new exception. Thanks both for taking the time to dig into this. Hoping the devs come up with something. regards, Z.
  8. I believe the ESET Cert in Tbird is set correctly - it matches itman's unless I'm missing something. Remote content is disabled. Marcos, I understand that I will get the warning regardless of ESET's presence. The thing is, if I disable SSL scanning I only get the warning ONCE. I select the "permanently store this exception" and I never see it again. That's with both Win 7 and Win 10. With SSL scanning enabled I save the exception and it's OK until the next reboot. It shows up after each reboot - on the Win 10 machines. On the Win 7 machines the exception gets saved (or recognized if that's a better description) and I never see it again. Sorry if I'm being obtuse and don't understand what you're telling me I just want to be able to save the bleeping exception through a reboot. Thanks all, Z. BTW if I try to add an image in-line I get "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." I can attach the same images OK. Is there a post-count threshold before I can in-line images? I'm looking around for the forum guidelines but haven't found them yet...
  9. I don't get a UAC prompt attempting to save the exception. I get what's shown in the attached image after every reboot. Z.
  10. Filtering is set exactly as shown in your screenshot. There may be something hinky about my ISP's certificate. ISTR that it's always been necessary to set an exception once. Don't know what to think about the att.yahoo exemption request showing up every time though. Still, it all works on the Win 7 machines but not on Win 10. I'm grateful for the help. Z.
  11. Zipcon is one of my ISPs. There are also entries for ESET/att.yahoo.com - my other ISP. I'll stare at the certs when I have a chance. Still very odd that saving an exception lasts through multiple restarts of Tbird, but not a a reboot. Also odd that things are just fine on Win 7 but not Win 10. Since my Tbird profiles are copies from one machine to another I tested a clean Tbird + ESET install on a "virgin" Win 10 laptop. SSL scanning triggers the same problem on that one too. Thanks much for the reply, Z.
  12. This happens when I open Tbird stand-alone. Checking certificates BEFORE adding the exception after rebooting on a Windows 10 laptop (where I tried to save the exception before rebooting): in Servers: ESET, spol.sr.o with a sub(something) of zipcon.net which is one of my servers. in Others: ESET, spol.sr.o with weveral subs of zipcon.net and secure.zipcon.net. On a Windows 7 desktop that doesn't ask for an exception on each reboot: In Servers: no ESET in Others: same as above: ESET, spol.sr.o with sub thingy of zipcon.net and secure2.zipcon.net No idea what the above means. Hopefully you do. Many thanks, Z.
  13. Hi Marcos, Not quite sure I understand your question. Sorry I'm not being clear. I want SS to scan my email. I don't want to be asked to save the security exception every time I reboot. If I turn off SSL scanning I don't get pestered on each reboot, but I do not want to turn off scanning. Thanks! Z.
  14. This is driving me nuts... I have SS9 (and 10) running on several PCs. Thunderbird is my email client. If SS is set to scan SSL connections I can't save a security cert exception. I select save and things are fine until the next reboot, then I get asked again for each email account. This only happens on the Windows 10 machines. It does not happen with Windows 7. Support has suggested turning off SSL scanning, but that strikes me as rather bad advice. A virtual beer to anyone who can help me sort this. Thanks, Z.
  15. Lenovo T420 with Win 7 64 and latest SS9, Thunderbird and Firefox. Previous SS versions worked fine. Since installing 9 I get very frequent hangs in T-bird, and less frequent hangs in FF. They last from a few to many seconds, but eventually resolve. The rest of the machine is not hung during these freezes. I don't notice any particular CPU loading during the freezes. Sometimes a "busy" spinner, sometimes not. It's usable - but just. Very inconvenient. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Z.
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