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  1. Yeah I just read that today and to add when f.e you google car's and there is an ad on facebook suggesting me cars. More like to see you whole internet behavior. I thought that, that was something directly targeted to me as if someone is just spying on every site i go into.
  2. Well that's the thing I don't know if I should be concerned or not. So what your assuming is that it might directed me to a tracker site which for example says "this person visits this sites" ? Shouldn't the AV detect this kind of stuff ? I have an idea where I got it from but its a site which is visited by millions of people, why it's targeted at me or its not targeted ? Why would some1 would harvest my web activities ?
  3. I mean in the end it does the same job , right ?
  4. Oh I see , so nothing to do with collecting my browser-related data, probably just redirected me there from one of the sports sites that I visit.
  5. Just did in-depth scan all good, I have AdblockPlus is it any good ?
  6. Hey people, (sorry if this is a stupid question) so I was checking my history and I just saw that I visited something called "gasurvey.gemius.com" I personally never visited this site (might be redirected) I googled it and it is something to collect my browser-related data ? Can someone more knowledgeable inspect it, because when I google it all I come to is this "gasurvey.gemius.com" and 1 more article, I never had pop-ups or anything I just noticed it in my browser history. All I understand is that someone is basically spying on everything I do on the internet ? Could someone not so retarded as me clarify me this 😕
  7. Just out of curiosity has this ever happened to any others ?
  8. Hey itman, thank you for the answer. I guess it was installed on my laptop, but just yesterday it did start upon when I started my laptop. I read somewhere that this might be caused when the app is updated or something, it is after all "Spotify" should be nothing shady about it ? Whats is your opinion on it ?
  9. Hey people , today Spotify opened when I started my laptop/win10. Just wanted to ask if this ever happened to anyone of you guys ? And what could cause this ? I never installed spotify on my laptop.
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