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  1. Got it . Thanks to everyone!
  2. Issue is that I might have some cracking tools and if I Enable detection of potentially unsafe applications it might start detecting those tools , since I am not very knowledgeable I'm not sure which one's are safe to exclude from Eset . If I leave it with an X and perform and in-depth scan from advanced scan will it detect any potentially unsafe apps ? My point being leave it with an X and perform weekly in-depth scans to somehow compensate the X.
  3. Thanks fro the reply A friend of mine installed me the nod32 and I guess its on default settings when I press F5 under Malware scans "On Demand scan " Selected profile - Smart scan I assume that is what u were referring to as a Smart scan ? Yesterday I did an in depth scan shows 0 threats ( happy) but would please tell me what are the best settings to adjust my av ? Should I change from Smart scan to in-depth, under HIPS the filtering mode its automatic mode, need any change ? Detection Engine - Scanner options : "Enable detection of potentially unsafe applications I have it on X - is it okay ?
  4. Hello people of the forum, So I have been running computer scan on my nod32 frequently and I always had something around 420k objects scanned. Recently I found out that it's been scanning around 310k objects any idea why ? I haven't deleted any files or anything for that matter. And what scan do you guys use the "Scan your computer or " Advanced scan "?
  5. I don't suspect malware, I just find it very strange that some settings to my systems were made especially the Windows System restore which I know for a fact that I haven't touched it ( this made me think that I might have a malware which I don't know of) . I usually don't do much besides playing games and browsing the internet on this laptop I try to keep this laptop very clean I even have a second laptop which in which I watch movies and watch sports on that because I don't want programs like uTorrent and AceStream on my first laptop . I just saw in the Uninstall or change program section that 3 programs were installed without my actual permission - 1) Microsoft OneDrive , 2) Microsoft Office Pro, 3) Adobe Acrobat Reader DC different dates, I've noticed it before that these 3 programs install themselves for example The Microsoft OneDrive was installed today by the "Install On" category and I saw it do it other times before so I assumed they are just updates, could these changes have anything to do with the changes made to the system cleaner ?
  6. Hey Marcos, thanks for the reply. The thing is that my Eset hadn't found any malware nor have I made any changes especially the mentions 2 above and I found it strange should I just reset them ? And another issue is that I can't see when or what changes where made .....
  7. Hello, I decided to check the system cleaner tool today randomly and I've encountered: "Several Windows system settings have been changed from their default state which can affect the behavior of your computer.This can be intentional or the result of malicious software on your computer.Review the changes below and reset some or all settings, if appropriate." I have 2 which are: -Windows System Restore: settings for the Windows System Restore feature, that allows you to revert your system to a previous state -System appearance: settings that affects how your system looks, such as your desktop wallpaper I haven't touched any of the above mentioned as far as I know, all I do on this laptop is to play games (steam) and browse the internet. I have been running the manuel computer scan quite often once/1-2 days and I haven't encountered anything just one PUA utorrent , ml/augur after the update , before the update it hadn't detected anything , I saw some people had this issue as well after the update . Needles to say programe utorrent was uninstalled long time ago just the file was there. The PUA was found on 30.10.2019 nothing was found since then as I mentioned I run my computer scan manualy on daily basis - nothing. My Eset nod32 didn't notify me of anything I just randomly decided to check it and i found the 2 that i stated above. Is it something that I should be worry about since I dont touch much on this laptop ? And should I reset them ? "The system appearance: settings that affects how your system looks, such as your desktop wallpaper" is this thing something connected to spying on my desktop ? I haven't noticed any changes which would alert me to check it just randomly any one of you guys have the same thing ?
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