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  1. Well the title says it all how do you guys scan especially when it takes 4 hours +, my laptop becomes a bit slower while scanning but if im not on it it turns off the idle , any suggestions ?
  2. Hey itman, I saw that post but I didn't understand much 😕 . I just installed malwarebytes premium ( free trial ) to check for anything malicious. Should I disable push notifications on chrome ? What I've read on other thread was that even though I removed the program Ace Stream, there was something called roaming folder and had some leftovers from ace stream which I deleted it.
  3. Hey I just saw that I have google chrome extension called ace script I think it was off ( not sure ) I removed it and ran both malwarebytes and nod32 av in depth scan it doesn't show anything. From what I've read it's a browser extension from ace stream (which I uninstalled long time ago) and sometimes the browser extension just reinstalls itself . Anyone had any issue like this and is it a malware or something ? Not sure how long have I had it since I thought I only had ABP Plus.
  4. Thank you all for the input guys, I appreciate it !
  5. Well I haven't noticed on neither of the protected computers to have browser issues, I ran Malwarebytes premium on the not protected one it found 3 pups. one was pup.optional.defaultsearch and 2 pup.optional.auslogicsdiskdefrag , couldn't find much info on the defaultsearch one just that it's pup, nothing to worry about ( not sure about that), well Im just gonna reinstall windows on the non-protected one and put Nod32 AV , i have a free one from my internet provider. God I wish I knew the difference between internet security and the normal Nod32 AV.
  6. I thought that the Internet Security was just an extension to the Nod32 AV , I just saw the difference well I have the license for the normal AV for almost a year more. Have you heard of a router being infected that it bypasses the protection ( of my normal Nod32 AV).
  7. Hey guys so I have 3 laptops and 1 phone , 2 of the laptops I have installed paid version of eset nod32 and we are really careful not to download anything shady apps , nor to go to any shady sites as well) . The third laptop I used to download torrents , watch something online and sometimes I visit adult site(just one reputable one) I dont really download anything anymore just watch some stuff online). I've had this laptop for 1.5-2 years now , it does regular updates I just checked it win 10 and (its security windows defender I think it is, under the Virus & threat protection is all green ) I didn't really care if it had viruses or not but today it crossed my mind that all our devices are connected to the same wi-fi network, now the other 2 laptops have passwords when logging and installed as I mentioned eset nod 32 av, but my phone doesn't have any av, only password for unlocking. For all the time I had this laptop connected to my wi-fi I didn't notice anything sketchy I was just wondering how possible is it or is it possible and if u guys heard anything like this happen before ? Oh the friend that gave me the laptop isn't really familiar with IT stuff and I know that he usually gave his laptop to reinstall windwos to one of his friensd I dont know if its relevant. As I said I haven't noticed anything wrong but I just popped in my mind today that we are all on the same wi-fi network , and should I be more careful ( if so how) with that 3rd laptop, basically for live streams since I can't really invest in AV for a 3rd laptop.
  8. I tried to find the detection in tools - log files but it wasn't there is it because "cleaned by by deleting [1] " ? Could it be a problem if its deleted, but its a false positive ? And just to clarify its not a trojan , virus or anything malicious ?
  9. Does your steam work properly ? My steam was working without any problems and I just did a random scan and found the same - controller_sourcemode_switches.xml - a variant of Generik.JYMBBNR trojan - cleaned by deleting [1] my AV automatically deleted it I hope its okay ? Any idea if it is a real trojan or just a steam thing ?
  10. Yeah I just read that today and to add when f.e you google car's and there is an ad on facebook suggesting me cars. More like to see you whole internet behavior. I thought that, that was something directly targeted to me as if someone is just spying on every site i go into.
  11. Well that's the thing I don't know if I should be concerned or not. So what your assuming is that it might directed me to a tracker site which for example says "this person visits this sites" ? Shouldn't the AV detect this kind of stuff ? I have an idea where I got it from but its a site which is visited by millions of people, why it's targeted at me or its not targeted ? Why would some1 would harvest my web activities ?
  12. I mean in the end it does the same job , right ?
  13. Oh I see , so nothing to do with collecting my browser-related data, probably just redirected me there from one of the sports sites that I visit.
  14. Just did in-depth scan all good, I have AdblockPlus is it any good ?
  15. Hey people, (sorry if this is a stupid question) so I was checking my history and I just saw that I visited something called "gasurvey.gemius.com" I personally never visited this site (might be redirected) I googled it and it is something to collect my browser-related data ? Can someone more knowledgeable inspect it, because when I google it all I come to is this "gasurvey.gemius.com" and 1 more article, I never had pop-ups or anything I just noticed it in my browser history. All I understand is that someone is basically spying on everything I do on the internet ? Could someone not so retarded as me clarify me this 😕
  16. Just out of curiosity has this ever happened to any others ?
  17. Hey itman, thank you for the answer. I guess it was installed on my laptop, but just yesterday it did start upon when I started my laptop. I read somewhere that this might be caused when the app is updated or something, it is after all "Spotify" should be nothing shady about it ? Whats is your opinion on it ?
  18. Hey people , today Spotify opened when I started my laptop/win10. Just wanted to ask if this ever happened to anyone of you guys ? And what could cause this ? I never installed spotify on my laptop.
  19. Got it . Thanks to everyone!
  20. Issue is that I might have some cracking tools and if I Enable detection of potentially unsafe applications it might start detecting those tools , since I am not very knowledgeable I'm not sure which one's are safe to exclude from Eset . If I leave it with an X and perform and in-depth scan from advanced scan will it detect any potentially unsafe apps ? My point being leave it with an X and perform weekly in-depth scans to somehow compensate the X.
  21. Thanks fro the reply A friend of mine installed me the nod32 and I guess its on default settings when I press F5 under Malware scans "On Demand scan " Selected profile - Smart scan I assume that is what u were referring to as a Smart scan ? Yesterday I did an in depth scan shows 0 threats ( happy) but would please tell me what are the best settings to adjust my av ? Should I change from Smart scan to in-depth, under HIPS the filtering mode its automatic mode, need any change ? Detection Engine - Scanner options : "Enable detection of potentially unsafe applications I have it on X - is it okay ?
  22. Hello people of the forum, So I have been running computer scan on my nod32 frequently and I always had something around 420k objects scanned. Recently I found out that it's been scanning around 310k objects any idea why ? I haven't deleted any files or anything for that matter. And what scan do you guys use the "Scan your computer or " Advanced scan "?
  23. I don't suspect malware, I just find it very strange that some settings to my systems were made especially the Windows System restore which I know for a fact that I haven't touched it ( this made me think that I might have a malware which I don't know of) . I usually don't do much besides playing games and browsing the internet on this laptop I try to keep this laptop very clean I even have a second laptop which in which I watch movies and watch sports on that because I don't want programs like uTorrent and AceStream on my first laptop . I just saw in the Uninstall or change program section that 3 programs were installed without my actual permission - 1) Microsoft OneDrive , 2) Microsoft Office Pro, 3) Adobe Acrobat Reader DC different dates, I've noticed it before that these 3 programs install themselves for example The Microsoft OneDrive was installed today by the "Install On" category and I saw it do it other times before so I assumed they are just updates, could these changes have anything to do with the changes made to the system cleaner ?
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