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  1. I don't see settings for this in 1909 and I don't use virtualisation.
  2. Well that's a first. Why am I not seeing this on all the other machines that run the same set-up except they aren't new installs ?
  3. Hi all, I wanted to see if this issue would go away after a few updates but it doesn't. On boot Eset is not recognized as active and after 10-15 minutes or more, everything falls into place. This is a full clean install of a Z390-A Asus board and latest image of Windows 10 18563. I have built a whole bunch of these machines and this is a first. I must say that I really don't care about the message but it makes the customers nervous. Can anybody tell me why this is happening and is there is a fix? Thanks.
  4. Defender is set to off. Now eset is showing as active. Very weird.
  5. I have just noticed that on boot Eset shows as running and about 10 minutes later I get the warning that it's not running and when I look that is effectively the case. Marcos, any idea please ?
  6. Yes. but one is an ESET upgrade the other clean install of 0.24
  7. Message change. Still there but not as often. This is a total new install. I don't see that with my main machine with updated version.
  8. Hi all, Created a new windows install. Added NOD32 latest version 13.0.24 (new install) and I get this message every time. BOTH ANTIVIRUS ARE DISABLED 😥 I uninstalled and reinstalled but to no avail.😩
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