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  1. So, unfortunately, I tried your fix and it does not work. I backed up to version and no issues to report. I really am fed up of wasting almost an hour every month to deal with issues concerning updates with my AV. I've been a long time user of NOD (since the days Aryeh was with the MVP program) and I remember that it wasn't the case with NOD in the beginning. At least if someone could explain the problem and the solution expected would be appreciated. The new business attitude: ''The bigger you get the less you care.''
  2. Hi, Thanks for your reply, but I'd really like Marcos give a clear answer as to what a final fix is.
  3. Marcos, What's the fix?
  4. OK, so now we all agree it's a service and that this issue is a known problem with antivirus software. My specialty is building machines and optimizing them. I don't have any knowledge in programming or maintenance of antivirus software. This is one of the few software services that not only do I pay for but have to participate actively in it's maintenance. Now I don't have any idea why I have this error but like I mentioned before, I pay for this service to fully protect my machine and even if I don't see any known issues with the software, it is very disconcerting knowing that it is flagging an error. Some people don't believe in antivirus software but It gives me piece of mind when it works. Now it's not working properly. Marcos, what's the fix please?
  5. So, then, what is this service?
  6. No it does not. Unfortunately, the ekrnEpfw service is protected and can't be modified.
  7. Since update 11.1.42 an error in event log has started showing up. ScRegSetValueExW Event 7006 Access denied. After searching the web, I found that this error is often related to anti virus software. Kaspersky, AVG etc. have had this error. So my guess is that Eset must know the fix. I haven't noticed any functional issues but an error related to my Antivirus software is not something that I take lightly. So, Marcos, I created a specific post for this problem. Can you please explain the problem? BTW, I used uninstaller to remove and reinstall software. Problem disappears for a few hours then returns. Included, original install logs.
  8. The error that was mentioned with registry ScRegSetValueExW Event 7006 Access denied
  9. Marcos, This has not been fixed at all. When is a fix expected please?
  10. False, well, after a while. I tried every which way possible of removing NOD32 and reinstalled. True, the registry error disappears after a clean install but comes back after a complete scan has been done. I've even tried install without Live grid and the mistake is the same. I have been a long time user and I have your logo on my site (no charge). For a while, Issues come one after another. PLEASE get your act together.