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  1. Please submit these files for analysis and test. the password is "infected" without quotes.
  2. Thank you for your reply also is it possible to make ESET password manager check if any of my email password has been leaked or compromised? also does ESET provide Dinamic Data Exchange protection agaist such attack and does it use deep packets inspection to filter data coming to PC and dll code injection protection? I uploaded test files when I test my protection it says that I am vulnerable could you please check these files and I am thankful for your help and I hope I helped ESET with my suggestions. Thank you
  3. This sounds like something that would require a browser plug-in, not something that can be performed while filtering the network communication via Windows Filtering Platform. As I wrote, there are currently no plans for this. Files scanned by advanced heuristics are emulated, ie. run in a virtual environment to determine the genes which are essential for smart DNA detections that describe behavior and structure of malicious files. Moreover, files resembling malware are sent via the LiveGrid Feedback system for replication to ESET and subsequently new smart detections are distributed to
  4. I have suggestion to improve ESET. Application control: monitoring important system files including hosts file, registry keys and prevent apps with suspicious behavior from modifying these files also categorize running app into categories trusted, or restricted or not trusted kind of white list and black list but more advanced. ransomware remediation: it can monitor app behavior and it's actions and take backup of these files that might encrypted temporarily and if these files encrypted by malware ESET can roll back malware action not only for ransomware but any malware can damage
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