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  1. We can't change what happened and you're unlucky that a non-authorized seller sold you a pirated license 2 years ago. Now if you're still reluctant to buy from your local ESET website then you may go to one of the authorized partner by yourself and buy a physical copy of it from there and this time make sure to register the ESET license to your ESET account. An account isn't needed but it lets you see if the license you is being used on a PC or not. https://www.eset.com/lt/platintojai/
  2. Try collecting logs and share here. Then uninstall ESET. 150 PB in a week? This is really hurting your HDD. On the forum I see another user also having similar high ram usage issue. Wait for ESET to find out the root of the problem, fix it and then install ESET again.
  3. I think he wouldn't want to change the number of maximum connection as changing this in a way makes the use of IDM obsolete.
  4. Try collecting logs and share here. It may help ESET troubleshoot the issue even though it may have been fixed on your PC.
  5. Off topic maybe, please consider ditching utorrent for something like qBittorrent. utorrent installer usually comes bundled with pup and has other risks also and as you can see it's detected by ESET too.
  6. Description: Logging of dropped packets/blocked connections in Interactive Firewall mode Detail: When I deny access to something in Interactive firewall mode there's no way to later check what site that particular app tried to connect. It would be very useful if all the dropped packets can be log so that one can later check everything and do the research if required. This logging shouldn't be enabled by default but there should be an option to enable that when the user activate Interactive mode from advanced settings. Discussion moved to https://forum.eset.com/topic/23153-loggi
  7. Description: A Manage application section like Kaspersky or an Application network rules section like Kaspersky or maybe both. Details: Currently there is no way to know which programs I ran on my PC that was trusted by Eset or not. By having an Application manager it would make really easy give a detailed representation. Eset already kind of has this but that's for running processes only but not for all the products and also this window just shows information but I can't interact with it like it's possible in Kaspersky. And for Firewall, it's possible to add rules for specific pr
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